The Adventures of Alice

Alice was at home when she got a text from her friend asking if she was free that evening as she needed a big favour.
Alice called her back straight away to ask what was wrong and her friend just said it was to do with her hubby and she really needed Alice to help her out with something. Intrigued and concerned Alice got straight into her car and headed for her friends house, she only lived a few minutes away and when Alice pulled up outside her house she was waiting at the door arms folded and looking kind of serious.
"Hiya. So what's wrong? Is everything ok?"
"Come in and I'll tell you honey"

Over a few glasses of wine she told Alice she had been on the computer earlier looking at the history and found all sorts of kinky sites that her hubby had been looking at.
She was upset as he'd never said anything about it and felt really angry. Alice had always had a soft spot for her friends hubby and had more than once wondered what he'd be like between the sheets so she couldn't help but ask;
"So what was it that he had been looking at?"
"Well that's why I wanted to ask you over Alice..." her expression changed slightly and she looked straight into Alice's eyes "....he likes when girls dominate boys and I was wondering if you'd help me get my own back on him for hiding things from me?"

Alice was stunned. She was not expecting this. Before she could reply her friend told her she didn't have to at all but her hubby had said before he really fancied Alice and she didn't think she could do it alone.
"I've got all the gear for us both already and you don't have to even do anything unless you want to, just be there all dressed up and watch...I know he'll love it please Alice, I'll do anything for you...."
By now Alice was spinning, the wine was working and being told a man she'd always fancied wanted fantasised about her was too much. And his wife was encouraging it!
"Well ok, as its you I guess I'll help. So what do you want to do exactly?"
Her friends eyes lit up and she smiled from ear to ear
"Thank you! Thank you" she hugged Alice.
"I'll show you!" And with that she took Alices hand and led her up to bedroom. On the bed there were two sets of black pvc underwear complete with slutty heels, whips and some handcuffs and a collar and chain.
"The underwear is for you, the cuff n chains are for him" she giggled.
"What?! Where's yours?"
She just smiled and unzipped her track suit top revealing her big boobs in a latex top!

Alice had never been into the whole fetish n pvc thing but she had to admit to herself it did look pretty sexy.
"Er ok haha and what do you want me to do exactly?"
"Well when he gets home I thought we could both greet him all dressed up and basically just make him our bitch! Hehe What do you think?"
"I have no idea what to think right now!" said Alice feeling slightly bemussed by it all and also more than slightly turned on.
Her friend explained things had been a bit quiet with her n hubbys sex life and she just wanted to spice it up. She didn't want Alice to feel pressured but she was the person she most trusted to do this with and she knew hubby fancied her so would help it all go smoothly.
Alice agreed.
It didn't take too long to consider as by now she was so horny looking at all the sex toys and underwear and imagining hubby naked and being naughty she could feel her knickers getting moist.
"Great I'm so glad you want to! He'll be home in about an hour so we have time to get you changed n drink some more wine. I'm so excited!"

Alice picked the outfit she liked most, a latex corset n tiny slutty skirt with the sluttiest pair or peep toe heels ever. As her friend helped her get changed she kept touching and complimenting Alice and all the female attention was really making her horny. She was stood infront of the mirror n told to look at herself, she was shocked, she looked like a proper Mistress and the feel of the latex was really affecting her.
"Let's go downstairs and wait for our slave shall we Alice?"

It wasn't long before hubby's keys were in the door and he called hello.
"We're in here hun"
As he stepped into the room he dropped his brief case and his jaw nearly hit the floor too.
"Come here" said wifey. He walked slowly looking back and forth between the girls with a look of terror on his face. When he was stood infront of them she told him to kneel and winked to Alice. Here we go she thought. The girls stood up and started to undress hubby taking off his jacket and tie, then his shirt. When he was half naked wifey put the collar on him and told him to stand up again. Alice noticed the bulge in his trousers as he did and was very impressed, this was getting very hot very quickly she thought. Her tits were tingling inside the latex and the fact she had no knickers on meant everytime she moved she felt air against her hot little pussy.
"Now then, I know you've been being a dirty boy and as your wife I think u deserve punishment don't you?"
"Yes mistress" he replied looking half excited and half scared.
"Take off your trousers" she ordered him.
Alice passed him a cock ring and told him "Put it on"
"Yes mistress" he replied as he looked at Alice's boobs n body n legs n heels. Wifey winked at Alice and with a smile demanded he get back on his knees. She let Alice lead the way as she led him up the stairs on his hands and knees. When they were in the bedroom she sat down on the bed next to alice and told hubby to lick their heels. As he started licking Alice's heels she noticed his cock was solid hard and twitching with excitement, she rubbed her boot against it and he moaned. Then wifey started to press her heels into his nipples as she rubbed herself telling him how much they were going to use him and do whatever they wanted to him.
Alice just giggled, this was mad! She was so turned on and it was all so new she could feel her clit was begging for attention. Her friend seemed to sense this and passed her a vibrator with a wink "Let him watch you make yourself come as he licks you feet" she said. "Take off her shoes slave and lick her toes" Alice was shocked but he didn't hesitate and eagerly got to it, the second his mouth closed over her toes and started sucking she felt her pussy gush.
She laid back and felt her friend opening her legs and sliding the toy into her with an expert touch. Alice was gona cum! Looking down she saw her friend working a vibe into her pussy and starting to lick her clit as she was furiously wanking herself off and her gorgeous hubby on a chain in ecstacy as he was watching them playing and licking and sucking on Alices feet.
The orgasm was so intense Alice couldn't see for a moment and was shaking all over. She just laid back and closed her eyes enjoying the feelings rushing through her body.
"Well done slave"said wifey "as you've been so good u can have a treat...would you like a blowjob?"
"YES please Mistress" he replied still licking between Alice's toes. When he stood up Alice could see how turned on he was as precum was oozing from the tip of his cock.
"Oooh look what we have here!" Said wifey winking at Alice and gently gripping hubbys stiff cock.
"Shall we suck it?"

Alice sat up and wifey guided her head onto his cock. She could feel him pulsing and he tasted so good. She felt wifey licking along his cock so she slipped it out of her mouth and they french kissed with the tip of his cock between their mouths. Her hands were all over Alices body and she popped her nipples out and started pinching them. Alice was in heaven as she took his cock to the back of her throat. Hubby was groaning and Alice realised he would cum so she stopped sucking him.
Alice was so wet now and her friend told hubby to lay on the floor as she wanted to ride him. He lay down and she put Alices foot back in his mouth then sat down on his cock and started grinding her pussy onto him as she buried her face between Alice's thighs. This was too much and Alice went into spasm as her friend worked her tongue and fingers around her pussy and arse she tried to wriggle away but her friend held her there and went to work even harder. It was like an explosion in her pussy and Alice felt herself gush into her friends mouth. Wifey was moaning n trying to take as much as she could and when she stopped she looked down at her hubby and dribbled a massive mouthful of girly cum into his open eager mouth. She told him to swallow which he did gladly.
"How do you want slave to fuck you?"She asked Alice
"From behind and hard" was the reply and Alice turned over presenting her gorgeous ass to hubby. Wifey lined up his cock and Alice felt it sliding into her soaking pussy, she instantly started cumming again.
Wifey was encouraging him to pound her harder and she was slipping two fingers in and out of Alice's ass then makin him suck them.
"Can I come please?" He panted "come on Mistress Alice's ass" she told him
He started pumping really fast making Alice cum again then pulled out and she felt his hot cum hitting her ass hole and covering her cheeks.
"Good boy" said wifey " lick it up."
Alice was shocked but not about to complain. She felt his hot tongue licking up the inside of her thigh and across her pussy as the cum was running down. His tongue was slurping it all up and wifely told him to kiss her some. Alice watched as he kissed a big wad of his cum into wifeys mouth she moved it around and then kissed it deep into Alice's mouth with a smile.

"Good boy" said wifey "now go and get Mistress Alice and I a drink and a cigarette!"

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