The Adventures of Alice

This is one of many stories written by me for a friend.
She enjoyed them very much and i hope you do too!x

Comments and feedback very welcome

The weather was cold and it was already dark when Alice left work so she quickly turned up the heat in her car and lit a cigarette as she pulled out of the car park.
It had been a long week, Alice was tired n looking forward to a bath and some dinner as she drove home so when her car started playing up her heart sank. Just as she feared about halfway home the engine cut out so seeing a small layby just ahead she put on the hazard lights and rolled to a stop barely making it off the road.
Instantly she felt the chill of the night now her heaters had stopped. With a sigh she rummaged through her bag looking for her phone, then she stopped, remembering she had left it charging this morning and had forgotten to bring it

Just as she started to hit the steering wheel in a rage she saw some headlights in the rear view mirror as what looked like a van began turning into the layby.
Alice didn't know what to do, half relieved to see another person and half terrified about getting murdered as the vehicle rolled past she looked and saw it was actually a mini bus. The bus stopped about 20foot infront of her and two blokes immediately jumped out from the side door and started peeing into the bushes. One of them looked over to Alice and then shouted something to the other people in the van. A wave of terror shot through her as the drivers door opened and a man began to get out. He was dressed in a plain t-shirt, combat trousers and boots and have a shaved head. Despite her racing heart Alice couldn't help but notice he was quite handsome and very well muscled. As he walked towards her he waved and smiled, when he was next to the car he leant down
"Good evening Miss, is everything ok?"

Still a little unsure Alice replied "Erm well my car has broken down..."
"You phoned anyone? I'm a mechanic n happy to take a look for you if you want?"
Alice didn't want to say she had no phone and the man had a nice face n seemed very genuine so she just said "Yes please" and popped the bonnet.
The guy said "We're on our way back to barracks so I'll just tell the boys" and jogged back to the bus. It was then Alice noticed they were all dressed the same and realised they must be in the military. He said something to the other lads then jogged back and gave Alice a smile as he lifted the hood.
"Try and start it love"
Alice turned the key and nothing happened
"You got a flat battery I think" he said as he walked back towards Alice's window. "I can jump it for you, I'll get the cables" but as he turned he saw Alice shivering "Jesus girl! You're freezing in there! Come and hop in the van n I'll put the heat on for you!"
Alice hesitated....

"Its ok we're all Army boys, you're not in any danger."
The mans smile was very reassuring and he had been so polite and helpful and she was sooo cold that despite her better judgement Alice opened her car door and got out.
The man just stood there and looked at Alice slowly from her feet to her face, his mouth dropped slightly open.
"Are you ok?" asked Alice
"You're very pretty. Sorry, its been awhile since I saw a pretty lady. You're very pretty. Sorry." Alice couldn't help but let out a little giggle of joy, she suddenly felt empowered and very arroused "You don't need to say sorry, I'm flattered. Thank you. Now, you mentioned heaters?"
With that the chap nervously laughed, turned around and walked back towards the van, he opened the door and leaned in telling the other chaps that "This lady has broken down and is going to wait here while we jump start it"
Alice climbed into the van and was hit wit the smell of men,not a bad or unpleasant smell at all - she could practically taste the testosterone!

The boys were all silent as she sat down and turned around to say good evening to them. They mumbled a hello in reply but the same look that came over the first chap was now on all their faces. They were just slowly looking from her face to her body and back. There were four lads, all late 20's early 30's and another chap who had gone to help the first guy. One of them asked Alice what happened and she told them she had just finished work and her car had broken down, another asked what she did and she told them she was a nurse. Well if they were quiet before this really shut them up and Alice felt a rush of self confidence as she realised they all wanted her.
"So its been awhile since you boys saw a girl I take it?" She moved her hand and opened her coat slightly exposing her neck. All their eyes shot to her skin and she smiled and licked her lips. They nodded. Alice turned on the seat so they could see her legs in her tights and uncrossing them she put a hand on her knee.
"So do you like what you see?"
They all nodded again in unison "You're bl**dy stunning love!"
Said one and Alice noticed the two lads on the seat closest had moved their hands to their laps as they looked at her. "Thank you" purred Alice "...well seeing as you've been kind enough to rescue me I'll show you some more if you like...?"

"Yes please!" They replied in chorus. With that Alice slowly opened her coat and started unzipping her top to reveal her bra, she smiled at the men all now watching her every move transfixed by her gorgeous figure. She reached into her bra and scooped out her big tits cupping them and pinching the nipples turning herself on even more. The lads infront of her had unzipped their trousers and pulled out their cocks and started to rub them slowly, both were solid and good sized and before she could stop herself she had bent forward and put her mouth over the one closest. He gasped as her warm lips slid down his shaft and she felt him get even harder in her mouth as she began to lick and suck the head of his cock. Moving so she was kneeling infront of him she started to suck him for all she was worth as she felt hands stroking her tits and arse and pulling up her dress.
Alice was lost to lust now, all she wanted was to let these men satisfy themselves with her body and vice versa. The hands gripped her and lifted her so she was kneeling in the middle of the seat, her tits were being groped and she could feel hands on her arse sliding between her thighs making her moan onto the cock in her mouth.

"Fuck me! Please fuck me!" She blurted out and instantly the lad behind her tore her tights and pulled her panties to one side. She felt his fingers on her clit and then his cock on her pussy lips, with one good thrust he was balls deep in her and an almighty orgasm exploded in Alice's pussy as he started pounding her for all he was worth. The man she was sucking started bucking and shooting his cum into her mouth holding her hair and pushing his cock down her throat. Alice swallowed it all and the man pulled her face up to his by her hair and kissed her really hard and deep as he squeezed her nipple. He turned her face away from him and instantly another cock was pushed into her mouth. The guy who was fucking her slapped her arse hard and shot his cum deep into her. No sooner had he pulled out than another guy had replaced him n started fucking Alice really hard and fast.
Orgasm after orgasm was tearing through her as she sucked and then she heard the van door open and the other two guys just stood there looking at her bent over the middle seats getting fucked from behind and sucking off the two blokes in the back row. It took them about 2 seconds to get their cocks out and start wanking and this just turned Alice on even more.
One of them sat next to her on the seat and lifted her onto his lap. He rammed his cock right up her tight little pussy and stretched open her ass, before she could protest the guy who was fucking her from behind pressed his cock against her wet little asshole and started easing himself into her tight little hole. The other guy got infront of her and started wanking over her face. Alice had never felt so dirty or so turned on and as the two cocks inside her started finding a rythum the guy she was sucking started to fuck her face harder n moaned he was going to cum. Alice just moaned in approval and felt his cum shooting onto her tongue and filling her mouth. As soon as he had pulled out another cock was presented to her lips and she eagerly took it straight to the back of her throat.

Her tits were being sucked and her arse slapped as her holes were getting filled from every angle. Alice pulled away to groan in ecstacy n with that the two guys fucking her started to really pound her and she knew they were going to cum. The guy she was sucking told her he was gona cum so she opened her mouth as he started spraying jet after jet onto her face and tongue. Another massive orgasm tore through her body and this set both guys off, one shooting deep into her pussy the other one cumming up her arse.
Alice was shaking all over as the guy behind her removed his cock from her arse. She could feel the spunk all over her face and she wiped it into her mouth licking her fingers clean with a smile.
"Thank you boys!" She said as she slid off the man underneath her.
"You're cars working again" he replied.

Alice just smiled and climbing out of the bus with her tits still out and her dress hitched up to the waist she blew a kiss to the boys and started back to her car with a smile.

Mr N xx
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what a fucking whore:(...i approve
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Horny Alice
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I think I like Alice ;) More adventures cumming?