Fucking the neighbor and her son

This story is the work of fiction

All characters are above the age of 18

I'm around 6"1 weigh about 12 1/2 stone, not bad for a 48 year old.

It was a warm spring evening, just after 5 o'clock. I had been left alon in the house, no wife or daughters there. Naturally, my cock was doin summersaults at the thought of a few hours free to wank. But something was wrong...I just could't get my cock to stir. I tried porn, erotic stories and even the daytime babe channels. But still, not a stir.

I decided to bring the washing in and contemplate what to do to get my dick awake. Mid-way through the washing, I heard two faint voices coming from the other side of the fence. Having a friendly relationship with my neighbors I decided to take a look. It was my neighbor Jenny, chatting away to her son Adam. I'd always found Jenny unbelivably sexy, she was about 45, 5"10, with short wavy brunettte hair. Her boobs were around a 32C (As I'd found out by taking a peek at her bras when they were out on the line). But her best features by far were her long, luscious legs and her peach of an ass. Her son, Adam, was a 19 year old k**, but didn't look a day over 15, he has a skinny build & medium length light brown hair and about 5"7. Abit of a scrawny k** if you ask me.

Anyway, peeking through a gap in the fence I was able to see her long legs, glistening in the early evening sun. My cock began to stir. I moved a couple of metres back along the fence to some tall shrubbery. The view wasnt as good but I could see her and I could jerk my cock off.

But just as I began to wank my hopes were dashed, Jenny got up and went inside. "Oh well," I said to myself, slowing the pace of my hand.
"At least you're up now," I jokingly said to my cock. I took a step backwards, about to go inside (to probably jack off to porn) when a large stick snapped under my step.
"Shit!" I exclaimed. I peered through the bushes and Adam's eyes were searching the spot I was standing in.
"Is anybody there?" He asked, trying to lower the tone of his voice.

He got up quickly, before I had time to move; and stuck his head through the gap in the bush that I'd been spying on his mother from. With a puzzled look on his face he slowly said
"Oh, it's you. Did you make that noise? What are you doing here anyway? HOLY SHI-" His eyes looked down at my hard cock, which was standing at full mast (8 inches.) In my panic I'd forgotten to pull my trousers up and now this boy had his eyes fixed on my cock.
"Oh shit. Sorry, sorry," I pleaded, anxiously trying to pull my trousers from around my ankles.
"No, stop." He said gently.
"Come over here." In a state of shock I complied, Adam guided me over the torso height bush. Once I was in their gardern, Adam sank to his knees. Grabbing my cock in his hands he stroked it slowly, with a look of awe in his eyes he said
"I've never seen one this big before." Barely finishing his sentence, Adam engulfed his lips around my cock. I let out a pleasure filled sigh before realising that my cock was in another guy's mouth.
"Woah, woah, woah. I can't do this, I've got a wife and k**s, I better go..."
"You're not going anywhere," He ordered, grabbing ahold of my cock.
"If you leave, I'll tell my Parents, and the Police that you were spying on us."

I had no choice, I was being blackmailed into getting a blowjob. -Not the worst punishment- I thought. As Adam continued bobbing his head up and down my dick, I stroked his hair and began gagging him.
"There you go, I knew you really liked it." He said with a rye smile. It was getting towards thee time I would usually come from a blowjob, Adam had my dick nice and wet, and jerked me whilst asking for my cum. A matter of seconds before I reached my point of climax a voice called out
"Adam, Adam, where are you?"
It was Jenny, for the second time in a matter of minutes; ruining my thunder. Adam had stopped jerking me and looked around, trying to hide from his mother. But it was no use,
"There you ar- OH MY GOD?!?!" She looked on in horror as her teenage son, on his knees, held her neighbor's cock in his hand. It seemed like the awkward silence lasted hours, before Adam let out a laugh. Still slightly giggling he asked his Mum
"Want a taste? It's very good."

Jenny, now laughing, joined Adam on his knees. He handed my cock over to her and she licked the end of my cock.
"Wow, you were right, I can taste all kinds of pre-cum too." I was puzzled, but as Jenny started deep-throating my cock I didn't really care why this was going on. The ectasy grew on my face and Jenny knew it
"Come inside you two naughty boys and teach me a lesson!" She led me in by my cock whilst Adam held her other hand.

She sat me down on the sofa and ordered Adam to undress her. He didn't hold back, tearing off her skirt and blouse before ripping off her bra and panties. Adam then passionately started kissing her neck at the same time as rubbing her pussy. I sat there in amazement, jerking my cock at a mother and son going at it. Jenny managed to rip him off her and get down to her knees, ordering me over she grabbed my cock in one hand and Adam's in the other. His cock was around 6.5 inches and like him, was quite thin. Just as in the garden, Jenny deepthroated my cock before switching to Adam's. Back and forth she went, also managing to fit both our cocks in her mouth at once.
"Now, I want you both to fuck me," Adam and I looked at each other and gave a smile.

I sat down on the sofa and signalled for Jenny to get on top, she jumped aboard cowgirl position and lowered her sweet pussy onto the head of my dick. It was so tight, yet so moist.
"Oooohh!" She groaned as the full length of my cock was inside her. I lifted her up and down, aswell as thrusting myself into her.
"Fuck YES! Fuck me like the whore I am!" I fucked her faster and harder before Jenny let out a loud scream, her pussy tightened around my dick and I knew she had orgasmed.

After slowing my pace down I felt a strange feeling on my dick, I looked around Jenny only to see Adam putting his dick into his mum's pussy at the same time I was in it.
"Oooooh yeah Adam, get your dick in there too..." Jenny moaned.

It was strange at first, but Adam reached around and grabbed Jenny's tits while I got two handfulls of her juicy ass. Jenny had her eyes f***ed shut as she felt the pain of two cocks inside her.
"On the count of 3. 1...2...3!" Adam instructed.

On 3 we both began to thrust hard and fast, getting into a good rhythm. Jenny couldn't take it and screamed in pleasure
"Fuuuuuuck, you're tearing my pussy apart!" That drove Adam and myself to the edge. Giving her pussy one last pounding, we shouted simultaneously:
"I'm gonna cum!"

In the space of about 3 seconds Jenny managed to get on her knees infront of our cocks as we shot our creamy spunk all over her face. She sucked out the last drops from Mine and Adam's cocks before giving him a jizz filled kiss.
"Do you want some?" asked Jenny
"No thanks." I replied
"Well, there's always next time..."

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