At the Theatre Ch. 2

Chapter 2 of 2 - a hot story by a very sexy lady...

Standing with Robert in the small but tasteful lobby area of the theatre, I felt hot and flustered, even with a flute of excellent champagne in my hand. My thighs felt sticky beneath my skirt, and I wanted a shower to clean the residue of the orgasm I'd had just minutes before in my seat. In addition, my nipples were still hard and insistently pressing against my blouse, attracting the attention of some of the others in my vicinity. In a normal situation, I would have been mortified to show such sexual excitement in public, but given the location and the scenes just recently presented, my feelings of shyness were submerged in the encompassing atmosphere that seemed to breath sex and lust.

The performers from the first two acts, now dressed in street clothes, circulated through the thinning crowd, chatting amiably as we drank the astonishingly expensive champagne. No doubt they were paid a commission on what we spent. It was amusing to learn that "Bruno and Lydia" were married, and even more piquant to observe that it was she who was clearly the boss of their ménage. I supposed that was the recompense for being speared by his massive organ. "Ingrid" proved to be a jovial Dutch girl who had excellent French and spoke excitedly with Robert about places in France she'd been on her last holiday. I myself exchanged a few words with "Astrid", an English boy who'd come to Amsterdam for a sex change, but had been refused for the final surgery. Without the platinum wig and wearing a rather stylish dress, she could certainly pass for a normal woman on the street.

All this time, I was longing to see Sophie. She had lodged herself in my brain and could not be expelled from my thoughts. When I had nearly finished my second glass of wine, and most of the crowd had dispersed, she and Cameron at last appeared. Sophie saw us and came straight toward Robert and me.

She addressed me directly, "Hello! Do you speak English? Ah! Vous êtes française! Bien! Je parle français beaucoup mieux que je ne parle anglais." Her school-perfect grammar made me smile. She continued in French, "I was hoping you would be here. I saw you in the audience. Did you like the show?"

My mouth was dry looking at her. Dressed now in a shirt and jeans, she looked innocent and angelic, with her blonde hair falling straight onto her shoulders, her clear skin free of makeup, and her light blue eyes gazing into mine. "It was incredible. I don't really know what to say. How can you do that? It's amazing." I trailed off confusedly.

"Not so incredible. Almost any woman can do it without difficulty, with practice and a good partner. I myself could show you. Is this your husband?"

I introduced Robert, who took her hand and raised it to his lips in an over-gallant gesture. He offered her a class of the champagne, and when she accepted he went to the bar to fetch it.

"Not my husband, but perhaps better than one."

"Are you on holiday?"

"Yes, from Paris. A birthday trip."

"May I ask how old?"


"That is a good age. I will be twenty soon."

"Where did you learn French? You have an accent I can't place."

"Romania. We all learn French at school. It is a language very close to our own."

"And how do you come to be ... here?"

"You mean in Amsterdam, or how I come to be performing sex acts in such a club?" She laughed, showing small even teeth. I go to university in the Hague. This is to make money, and for my own enjoyment. Does that shock you?"

"It's beyond my experience."

"I do this only a couple of times a month. Cameron and I switch off, so that the next show it will be I who puts my hand into her. The rest of the time I study, or have private audiences with those who appreciate what I do."

"It looks so painful, and it must do some damage."

"That is untrue. When the muscles are young and well trained, they retake their accustomed form very quickly. If your Robert were to fuck me tomorrow, he would say I was as tight as a virgin. And in either place." She took my hand, and looked at it closely. "Your hand is quite small, smaller than Cameron's. It could enter my vagina easily. It is the same size as mine, and I could do the same to you, although more slowly and carefully. The sensation of another woman's hand inside you is incredible, something to know and understand. I think you have been with women before, yes?"

"Yes. How can you tell?"

"I am never wrong. The way you were looking at us during the show made me sure. And the fact that you are here speaking with me, even when the others have all left."

I could not deny what she said, nor could I deny the evidence of my still-hard nipples pressing against my shirtfront.

"I can tell too that you were excited watching me. Did you have an orgasm in there?"


"But one orgasm is not enough. You will go back to your hotel and Robert will fuck you, perhaps several times, and you will sl**p late in the morning and miss your plans for the day. But it will be worth it. What hotel are you at?"

"The Pulitzer."

"Very expensive, and very nice. Some day I wish to have money to stay in such hotels. How long will you remain in Amsterdam?"

"Four more days."

"That is good. I remain for another two days. Here is my card. Call me if you want me to come to you. It will be expensive, but your lover can pay, and he can participate if that is to your taste." The card was nicely engraved with the word "Sophie" and a telephone number.

Robert arrived with Sophie's champagne. "What's this?" he said, taking the card from my hand.

"My calling card, Monsieur Robert. I was proposing a visit with your charming friend here. She can tell you about it if she wishes. Now I must go. Au revoir, and merci for the champagne." Sophie and I embraced lightly, kissing the air beside our cheeks, while her breasts pressed into mine. Then she took the glass from Robert and glided from the room.

"What did she mean by a visit?" Robert demanded.

She meant to come by the hotel and perform sex acts with us. You have more experience with these things than I, surely."

"Do you want her to?"

"She is really beautiful."

"That is not an answer."

"She said it would be very expensive."

"That is still not an answer."

"What do you want me to say? She fascinates me, but she is frightening as well."

"Let me know tomorrow if you are still afraid. For now, let's go back to the room."

At the Pulitzer, it was as Sophie had predicted. Both of us were hot with passion, and as he pumped me from behind, I imagined it was Bruno with his enormous cock, then Cameron's hand, and then Sophie's that penetrated me. My orgasm came quickly. Robert sensed my climax and paused his assault as my cunt contracted around his cock.

"I love it when you cum on me that way. Like a little glove. Now I'm going to enter your petit cul. Think about how that woman could stretch it wide with that tool, until even that brute Bruno could get in easily."

He brought the head of this cock, slick with my juices, to the entrance of my rosette and pressed. I felt the head enter, and strained to relax so that he could pass without pain. In my mind, I wanted to experience the pain of being opened as Sophie had been, but lacked the will to undergo it in reality. Fortunately Robert was gentle, and when at last he was buried full length within me, I felt no more discomfort than usual; I was able to withstand more minutes of his pounding, while I reached between my legs to massage my clit and pussy, and even to grasp his balls as they flopped against the lips of my cunt. When at last his scrotum tightened and his groans signaled the impending climax, I too was near to my orgasm, and as his semen spurted deep inside me I was overcome by waves of pleasure that collapsed my knees, pulling him down with me onto the bed.

As Sophie had predicted, our transports and the late hour at which we finally slept caused us to awake when the sun was already past its midpoint. Robert ordered room service, and we ate leisurely abed. While we finished the meal with a final coffee, Robert picked up the card that I had dropped on the bed table. He looked at it reflectively, then passed it to me.

"What are you thinking about?" I asked.

"A dangerous question ma chérie. You were quite taken with that Sophie this morning. What were you discussing?"

"This and that."

"I can imagine. Shall I give her a call?"

"I don't know. What about you?"

"I'd like to fuck her myself. You wouldn't be jealous?"

"I would be. But I'd like to fuck her as well. We would both be jealous afterwards."

"I believe you might be the one who is fucked. She wants to fist you."

'Yes. And I her."

"That will hurt."

"She says only a little, at first. Her hand is small. You said 'will', not 'would'. Are you going to call?"

"If you command me to."


Our room had two telephones, so I could listen to the conversation.

"Allo." The voice was heavy with interrupted sl**p.

"Sophie? It's Robert. From Paris."

"Robert? Who?"

"We were at the show earlier. Sonia and I.'

"Yes, sweet sexy Sonia. I remember."

"Sonia and I would like to see you again."

"That could be interesting. But it must be tonight."

I nodded.

"Sonia is enthusiastic. Will you come to the hotel?"

"Of course. You are at the Pulitzer, yes? I will arrive at seven, and we shall have the entire evening available. But Sonia told you that I have expenses?" She named an exorbitant sum, more than I made in several weeks, but Robert agreed without quibbling.

True to her word, Sophie met us in the hotel lobby precisely at seven. She looked even more the fresh, innocent teen, with her clean face and straight golden hair. She was dressed demurely, In a flowery blouse and white trousers. She carried the sac Cameron had used onstage, plus a larger plastic suitcase. Robert took these from her, and we e****ted her to our room. Robert had ordered a bottle of white wine, and we each took a glass. She went to the window, which overlooked the Prinsengracht canal.

"I love Amsterdam. Someday I want to have a house on a canal, and look out every day on a scene like this."

I replied, "I have the same goal, to have an apartment in Paris that looks out over the Seine. You don't want to go back to Romania?"

"Someday. But not now. Now I study. I will be a lawyer."

Robert spoke up. "I started to become a lawyer, but it was too long."

"That is all in the future. I'm sure you didn't ask me here to speak of such things. Now you should give me my fee, in case we are too tired afterwards to consider it."

Robert smiled. "Your sense of business is admirable." He withdrew his wallet and handed her a sheaf of guilder notes.

"I am such a bad business woman that I will trust that the amount is correct," she said shoving the bills into a hip pocket.

I had been eyeing the sac. "Is that what I think it is?"

"Yes, Sonia. Does it make you afraid? All those terrible instruments of torture."

I couldn't think of anything to say.

"Don't worry! You will not suffer any more than need be, unless you ask. Do you like pain? Does Robert beat you? Shall I?"


"We shall see. For the rest of the evening, both of you shall do as I demand. D'accord?"

Robert laughed. "I always do what beautiful women command."

I nodded cautiously.

Sophie opened the larger case, and took out a tripod and a video camera. "You will take back to Paris a recording of our adventures tonight. Sometime when you are older, you can watch it and remember when you were young and alive to new possibilities." She mounted the camera before the foot of the bed, and looked through the viewfinder. "Now, I want you Robert to undress Sonia, as I command. First her shoes!"

Robert knelt and slowly removed one pump, then the other, caressing my calves and giving a little kiss on one instep.

"Now stand! Undo her blouse." I was wearing one of my best, which had short sleeves and was fastened at the nape of my neck by two buttons and a zipper. Robert pulled the ends from my skirt and undid the fastening. Sophie commanded, "Now pull it forward over her arms." He did so, so that it fell to the floor. I had on a strapless brassiere, which was the next to fall, so that I faced the camera with bare breasts, the nipples tightening under the room's cool air conditioning.

"You are already excited, Sonia. Good! Your breasts are very beautiful, and I am anxious to suck them. Now, Robert, undo the skirt!" This garment too fastened in the rear, and soon it fell to the floor, leaving my black silk panties as covering. "You are very lovely, Sonia. You have nice hips, and I know your pussy will be lovely as well. But that will be for me to discover. Now you will undress Robert."

Robert's disrobing went more quickly and did not stop with his briefs, so that in short order he was quite naked. Sophie continued to operate the camera and to direct us. "Very nice, Monsieur Robert. You seem very fit, and your cock is not a bad size. Stroke it Sonia, so that its full size is recorded. Not too much, as we will have need of Robert's vigor later on." After some moments of delicate manipulation, his penis was at full staff, the foreskin pulled tight and the head purple and swollen. "That is sufficient for now, my Sonia. Robert must now operate the camera."

Sonia commanded me to undress her next while Robert recorded the scene. Under her blouse was a simple white cotton bra, which on being removed afforded a first clear view of her breasts. I had not gotten a true impression of them at the theatre, as she wore the shelf bra, but now they stood proudly, round and perfect with the pink nipples pointing slightly to each side, surrounded by small aureoles. Her trousers were quite tight, and I had to peel them down her legs. Again her panties were simple white cotton. The same fine gold chain looped around her hips as the night before. I commented on the muscles that were sharply defined in her stomach and legs.

"In Romania I trained as a gymnast. Eight hours a day, until I grew too tall."

"You are my height."

"That is tall for a gymnast. And my breasts are too big. They want girls who look like little boys. Now spread your legs!"

Standing beside me, she slid one hand down my belly and under the elastic of my panties, exploring my secret curls and inserting the edge of a finger into my slit, already growing moist. "You are excited already. That is very good." Her skilled hands pulled the panties over my hip bones and let them fall to the floor, where I stepped out of them. Standing behind me, so that the camera captured my full frontal nudity, she cupped both breasts and massages them, squeezing my nipples into hardness. This treatment was delightful, and I could see that Robert was enjoying it, stroking himself lightly as he watched through the viewfinder.

Next it was my turn to finish undressing Sophie. She sat on the edge of the bed, facing the camera, as I slowly pulled down her panties, exposing the lovely pussy I had seen earlier. I could not resist being down to lick its folds with the tip of my tongue. Sophie commanded Robert to move the camera closer and to the side, so that my oral ministrations would be clearly recorded. Aside from the long inner lips that extended out like little brown petals from within the glorious rounds of the outer, there was nothing to indicate that some hours earlier her cunt had been gaping wide, red, and swollen with the speculum and then the fist of Cameron. Now all was neat and closed, beginning to glisten with the first hint of moisture. As my tongue began to play around its hood, the small pink clitoris began to arise and peek out from within its protective folds, while Sophie stroked my head and murmured words of encouragement.

Abruptly Sophie pulled my head away from her lap, saying, "That is sufficient for now. We have each had a taste of the pleasure to come, and that must not be rushed. Now, I have a job for Robert. We will go into the bathroom, and he will shave you clean as a schoolgirl."

Robert grinned, "I have always wondered if she would do that."

"You never asked," I replied. "Let us see." I was feeling lightheaded from the wine I had d***k and my erotic thoughts. In the bathroom, Sophie ran a quantity of warm water into the large tub, so that when Robert and I were seated facing each other, legs intertwined, the water just came halfway to the opening of my cunt. Sophie herself coated my belly and thighs with Robert's shaving cream and handed him a razor, with which he began to sc**** away the dark curls. As he neared my pussy itself, he proceeded delicately; but with the pressure of his hands stretching the outer lips, I could not resist stroking my erect clit and moaning, close to orgasm. Sophie stood above us, filming every movement. And when she proclaimed my shave complete, she reached into the tub to penetrate me deeply with her index, so that I came hard, clamping her finger.

"That is good. Orgasms are excellent at relaxing the muscles inside. You will have several more this evening I am sure."

Robert and I were commanded to rinse and dry each other and to return to the bedroom, where Sophie had positioned a small sofa before the camera. I was instructed to lie down on the sofa with my head and hips supported by a number of cushions and pillows. A couple of soft bath towels covered the sofa's seat as protection for any bodily fluids we were to emit. Adjusting the camera's viewfinder as she wanted, Sophie climbed onto the sofa facing me on her knees, so that her back and bottom were positioned over the end of the sofa furthest from my head.

"Now Mademoiselle Sonia, I am going to put my mouth onto your cunt, and eat you until Monsieur Robert comes. It will be his choice to fuck me or to pleasure himself, and I trust he will try to prolong his pleasure and yours as long as possible."

Robert had not intention of passing up his chance at Sophie, and soon his cock was pistoning in and out of her cunt, each forward stroke pushing Sophie's face and tongue hard into my pussy. "Is it tight enough for you, Robert?" she taunted. "I told Sonia this morning that it would be as a virgin's."

Robert was evidently enjoying himself, and the pace of his stroked was measured to delay his crises to the last possible moment. "Deliciously tight Sophie. So incredible. Is you ass also so tight?"

"Equally Monsieur. You may try it as soon as you have finished where you are, but do not return thereafter." With that thought, Sophie turned her attention to my own ass, licking all around the rim and then up to my clitoris in long strokes, before penetrating my rectum easily with a finger slick with my juices. I jumped slightly as she entered. "I think someone has been here before me, no?"


"Robert has been there. It gives you both pleasure. When was the last time?"

"This morning," I gasped, "after the theatre." At the point I came again strongly, clamping my anal ring around her finger and feeling a fresh effusion of liquid seeping from my vagina and running down between my asscheeks.

"Another nice one, dear Sonia. You are very wet. Do you always cum so hard? " She removed the finger from my ass, and licked the liquid from between my thighs and labia. Then she looked up at me, her face slick with perspiration and her mouth breathing in little pants. "Robert is doing a marvelous job, and I will cum in a few moments." She closed her eyes in concentration, and began to moan more loudly, until finally a squeal escaped her lips.

Robert stopped his pumping and looked down, saying to me, "She gushed again like this morning. It was incredible." He removed his cock and came over to me, showing how the entire area of his cock, pubic hair, and thighs were glistening wet. I reached our to take his cock and move the head to my mouth, tasting the slightly acrid musty flavor. It seemed delicious and awful at the same time.

Sophie, now recovered from her own orgasm, began again to incite another in me. licking feverishly all around my cunt and clitoris, penetrating both of my openings with tongue and fingers. Without prompting, Robert returned to his station, sliding his slickened cock deeply into Sophie's ass in a single stroke. Whether this caused her pain I did not know, as her ministrations did not cease, and within minutes I came for the third time. I was by now thoroughly "fucked out" and wanted a rest, and fortunately the pressure of Sophie's anus on Robert's shaft brought him to a climax.

When Robert had softened and had withdrawn from her rear, Sophie returned me to a sitting position, and herself beside me, our thighs pressed together. She paced her feet on the seat and spread her thighs slightly, so that she could feel between them. A finger dipped into her ass brought up a coating of Robert's sperm that was seeping out onto the towel. Licking the finger clean and sighing, she dipped again and brought the finger this time to my mouth. The taste and odor were not displeasing as I would have suspected only a few hours ago.

Sophie smiled at me saying, "Your Robert performs well, and his semen is copious. You are a lucky woman if he pleasures you half as well as he has done me just now."

I had recovered my sense enough to be complimentary as well. "You were fantastic. I came ever so hard."

Sophie arose and went to shut off the camera, as the video tape was now full. She loaded in a fresh tape, but did not restart recording. "Now we should try to relax even more." I was so 'relaxed' that I was not sure I could even stand. Sophie poured three more glasses of the wine, and we three sat together on the couch, sipping the wine in silence. When our glasses were empty, Sophie reached into her sac and brought out a small wooden box, which proved to contain some brown cigarettes. "I find these are very helpful before my shows, to relax the inner muscles even further."

"What is it? Marijuana?"

"A very mild hashish. It will not harm you." She lit one and took in a breath, then passed it to me. I took a cautious puff and passed it on to Robert. When the cigarette had burned down to a tiny mégot, I was light-headed and very drowsy. We three lay back silently for some time, perhaps an hour, until Sophie got up to search once more in her magic sac. The small case she retrieved proved to be a manicure set.

"You have lovely nails, but they are much too long for what we will do next. I will trim them." I was powerless to resist as she clipped and filed each nail in turn until only a small half-moon of white remained at each tip. Robert regarded us groggily, but said nothing. Sophie ordered him to start the camera once more.

She took out a bottle that proved to be the clear lubricating fluid I had seen Cameron use. She coated her hands liberally, and then mine. "If you are going to introduce your hand into a lover's secret depths, this is what you must do; the nails short and smooth and the hands slick. Sitting back on the couch, she again raised her feet and spread her legs, demanding that I kneel between them.

"Now I will start to spread myself apart and to introduce my own hand. But it is not possible for me to put it in very deep, as you see." She had three fingers in almost to the knuckles. "Now it is your turn. Bunch your fingers together, with your palm up. She held her inner lips apart, and my four fingers slid in easily until I felt resistance. Her cunt walls felt hot and smooth and muscular. "Now bunch them together tightly and tuck in your thumb!" I did so as I pressed more deeply, but felt resistance and was reluctant to be more f***eful. "You are kind to be so gentle, but you are not hurting me. I want you to move your hand in and out so you are fucking me like a big cock. Push a little harder each time! You will see." As I did so, Sophie released her labia, which curled over the edges of my fist. As I pumped slowly, she caressed her clitoris and moaned with each inward thrust of my arm, and I felt that her pussy did expand gradually, so that soon I was inside almost to the ball of the thumb. More minutes passed, and eventually my fingertips touched the back of her passage, so that I could feel the firm opening of her cervix. She opened her eyes and smiled at me, caressing my hand. When I looked down from her face, I saw that my entire hand was embedded in her to the wrist.

"You see my dear. It is not so difficult. Now you will do as Cameron at the show. Twist your hand slightly as you move in and out a little at a time. When I tell you, pull your hand out, but not before." I did as she ordered. As my hand worked, she rubbed all around her clit with one hand, and pinched her nipples with the other, biting her lip and gasping with each stroke. For me the sensation of the heat and moisture surrounding my hand was incredible.

"I am very close now, Sonia. Fuck me harder!" I increased the pace and pressure. "Harder still!" I complied. "Yes! Yes! Pull out ... NOW! I yanked my hand from her vagina, and as she thrust her hips forward, the same clear fluid shot from her and splattered my face and chest. Another thrust, and a smaller jet bedewed her thighs and down onto the towels. A third and final feeble quantity seeped out as I leaned forward to take it into my mouth. The fluid was watery and had a not-unpleasant musky taste. I lapped what I could, cleaning the inside of her vagina as she slumped down, stroking the top of my head.

Before the climax, Robert had moved closer to position the camera for a clear view and had watched while stroking his erection. Sophie now ordered that he shut off the camera. And after some more moments of recovery, we all showered together. Robert wanted to fuck Sophie as we stood under the water, but she demanded that he wait, as he would be needed for our final scene.

Once dry, Sophie and I smoked a second hashish cigarette, but Robert was forbidden to share. The smoke had the same sedative effect as before, and when Sophie asked if I was ready, I merely nodded calmly.

Sophie positioned me on the sofa where she had been. The towels were now stiff with our dried fluids, but I did not care. Sophie took from her sac a plastic flanged dildo of moderate size and lubricated it. As Robert started the camera once more, she brought the head to my anus. "This will open your ass. It is important that both passages be very relaxed and calm." I willed my sphincter to relax as it entered; the lubricant felt cool and pleasant, and I felt no more discomfort than from Robert's cock. She then took out the metal speculum and let me hold it. I had always disliked these at the gynecologist, and preferred the plastic ones. "Don't worry, my Sonia. I use this at the show for effect, but I will not with you. Here is the normal kind." She went to the bathroom and warmed it under the flow of hot tap water, then returned to slide it into me.

The feeling in my cunt was no worse than usual at the doctors, even as Sophie opened it gradually. With the plug in my ass, the sensation of being totally full overcame any feeling of pain or trepidation. At length, Sophie announced, "This is the normal opening. I can see your cervix very well. Robert brought the camera around to peer deeply inside.

"I have never seen this before," he whispered. "You are beautiful like that." He leaned over to kiss my lips.

Sophie brought over a hand mirror and positioned it so I too could look inside myself, as well as observe how both of my openings had been stretched wide. I thought she would remove the speculum and insert her hand, but I was mistaken. "Now I need to open you a little more, and it may start to be uncomfortable." As she turned the screw further, I felt a burning sensation arise, and I inhaled sharply as each turn increased the pain and the pressure. Sophie leaned down to gently circle my clit with her tongue, so that the pleasure I obtained from her touch offset the pain I was beginning to feel more and more.

At length she stopped turning the screw, and the pain gradually dulled, though not the pressure of the blades that held me open. As I lay back, trying not to move my legs, Sophie poured a quantity of the lubricating fluid into my gaping cunt. "There is a bit of anesthetic in this product." It felt cool and soothing, and I felt that I was able to relax the slightest bit. "Now we will wait some minutes as your pussy becomes accustomed to being expanded so much. Try not to move."

Robert stopped the camera, and came over to sit on the floor next to Sophie, so that both had a clear view into my depths. Sophie leaned over to him and whispered something that brought a smile to his face.

"What are you saying, you two?"

"A surprise for you, but a secret one," replied Sophie. But while we wait, wonder if Robert will oblige me with his mouth. I have had the pleasure of feeling his penis in my cunt, but not his tongue." These words were meant equally to inflame my senses, but Robert was not loath to obey. The camera was positioned to record their actions, and immediately his head was between her legs as she lay back on the carpet and caressed her breasts and pinched both nipples. It was not long before she clamped her knees to his ears and gave her characteristic tiny orgasmic squeal. I couldn't tell if she had squirted into his mouth, but when he raised his head his cheeks and lips were shiny with her fluids.

While they were so engaged, I watched enviously and stroked my own clit. The discomfort within my vagina eased somewhat, but I was far from any orgasm of my own. Sophie, recovering quickly, noticed what I was doing. "I think we can proceed to the next stage. You are being very brave. I wondered if you would go this far, and having done so it would be a shame not to arrive at the end." Aimed the camera at me once more, she removed the speculum and felt inside my pussy, which remained very open and loose. "Good!" She then took from the sac a latex glove and placed in on her left hand, the coated it liberally with the lubricant.

"This is always best the first time. The rubber is very slick, and there is no danger of snagging anything." With Robert filming again up close, she introduced her hand palms up between my open lips, and her hand slid in easily half way. "Now, Sonia, this requires courage. It must be you who completes the journey, which is near at hand. Take my wrist and pull my hand into yourself. There is no hurry."

As she said, the end of this journey of discovery was 'near at hand', a pun I did not comprehend at the time. I grasped her wrist and pulled, then released and pulled again. Over and over, and although I did not at first see much progress, after some minutes I saw that her hand was further into me. Robert was watching intently, and Sophie smiled into my face with her loving innocent blue-eyed expression. As for me, I was all sweaty concentration. Bit by bit, more of the fist disappeared on each inward stroke, but mostly I looked back into Sophie's face. At last, I felt as if I could take no more, and when I looked down, I saw that her hand was in as far as the wrist.

"Very nice, my Sonia. You have arrived at the first stage."

First stage?

My thoughts must have been obvious. "Yes. My hand is completely inside you, but you have not had pleasure from it as yet. We will rest here a while, keeping still, while your cunt becomes habituated to its new contents."

I was not anxious to do more, and lay back.

Sophie leaned forward to kiss my lips, then sat back quietly. We remained in that position, and after some long minutes I felt the pressure decrease somewhat as the inner muscles relaxed further. When she deemed that enough time had passed, Sophie slowly pulled her gloved hand from me. At her order, Robert zoomed the camera to show how my stretched pussy lay open, swollen and red as had Sophie's. Sophie then reached down to pull the dildo from my bottom. Watching the video later, I was surprised to see how it too remained open. Sophie commanded me to turn so that my breasts were pressed over the low back of the sofa and I was on my knees, with my bottom sticking out in plain view of the camera.

Sophie sat to one side, brought her hand again to my cunt opening, and pushed it fully inside. There was some discomfort, but it quickly diminished. She then began a slight twisting motion of her hand, alternating with a fucking motion. My sensations were more of pressure than either pain or pleasure. As the minutes passed, I felt the faint beginnings of a pleasurable sensation, seeming centered deep within. Sophie appeared to realize this from the sounds I was making, and said, "I believe you have a very nice G-spot. Do you know it?" I had heard of this area, but had never found it in my own explorations. "You may touch yourself now if you wish. I think you will cum very nicely eventually."

As I reached down to find my pleasure spot, I felt Robert mount on the sofa behind me, straddling my legs and Sophie's arm, so that in a matter of seconds he had penetrated my ass deeply with his cock. He leaned over me, holding my shoulders and licking my ear as I tried to accustom myself to this double filling.

Sophie said, "This is the little surprise we have prepared for you. When we are finished you will have accomplished what few others dare try." Now as she moved her hand in and out in short quick motions, Robert began to apply long steady strokes. When I watched the recording later, I was astonished at how I was able to accommodate both intruders. But in the moment, all I could do was hold tightly to the sofa's back with one hand, and rub my clit with the other, as I gasped and groaned as never before.

"I can feel your hand against my cock," Robert said in surprise. "Incroyable!"

Incredibly too, my orgasm came very fast, so that Sophie felt my inner walls compressing against her hand. She withdrew it slowly, increasing the pleasure I felt as my passage was allowed to contracted further. Robert too ceased his motion, remaining buried within me.

"Robert," Sophie said, "Mademoiselle Sonia has had enough stimulation for the evening. Please withdraw and I will see to your pleasure." As he did so, I slumped down onto the sofa and curled into a ball. Afterwards I saw that she took him directly into her mouth and sucked him to ejaculation, swallowing all of his offering and cleaning his cock thoroughly with her lips. Finally she turned to the camera and mouthed the words, "Sonia, je t'aime." The video ends there.

I awoke the next morning in bed with Robert, somewhat sore but undamaged. My vagina returned to its habitual condition within a day.

No one's hand has entered there since.


Yesterday I sat on a bench in the Champs de Mars, watching my son's pony ride. A woman with a small c***d in a poussette sat down beside me. I took little notice of her until she spoke.

"Excusez moi Madame, but I'm sure we've met before." Her French is flawless, but the accent revealed it not to be her mother tongue. She is slender and well-dressed, the blonde hair worn in a bun, the eyes clear blue behind wire-framed glasses, and only some fine creases about the eyes proclaiming entry into her thirties. Memories flooded my brain.

"We have met. Amsterdam twelve years ago. I could never forget you, Sophie. I am Sonia."

"Sophie was my name then. I'm sure you'll understand it was not my true name. Je m'appelle Nadia." We stood and embraced, kissing the air three times in true Parisian style. "That is your boy? He is very handsome."

"Yes, my Julien. He is eight. And this is your daughter?"

"Emilie. Two years. Your lover in those days, I forget his name, did you marry?"

"Robert. We married some months after Amsterdam. He is Julien's father. But we are divorced for some time. And you, married?"

"No. Emilie is a present I gave to myself. Her father doesn't know of her, and I never see him now. We live alone."

"You are brave. Do you live in Paris now?"

"Yes, I work at UNESCO. I'm a lawyer."

"Ah, so you finished your studies. Did you ever get your place on the canals?"

"No. That is unimportant. I have an apartment that suits us very well. And you? Did you get yours on the Seine?"

"For a while, yes. But as you say that was not important. Robert provides for Julien, and I have a good post as well. We are content."

"I'm sure you have lovers. You are still beautiful." Sophie/Nadia was direct as before.

"I was never beautiful like you. As for lovers, I am like other women and have certain needs. But there is no one at this time." I too can be direct. "Did you know I fell in love with you then? A true coup de foudre. I dreamed of you for months. I called your number, but it was disconnected. And I watched the videos, very often, imagining I was with you again."

"The videos? That was from a different epoch almost. Do you still have them?"

"Yes. Somewhere. I haven't watched in a long time."

"I would like to see them. I must tell you that I too loved you then. And for that reason I disconnected my mobile and quit that business. Cameron was very displeased with me. I had saved enough money to make it through my studies, just enough. You did that to me."

"Come to dinner!"


"Tomorrow, at my place. I will find the videos, if you are sure you want to see them."

And so now I finish this tale, awaiting Nadia's ring at the door. My feelings for her are as strong as all those years ago, re-awakened on that park bench. Perhaps we will continue what began in that theatre and hotel room.

I pray it is so.
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3 years ago
a truely outstanding 3 part series of erotica. did the author continue or write if them after the meeting in the park