At the Theatre Ch. 1 part 2

second part of the first chapter - see my profile for chapter 2

Her companion, Madame Cameron, was somewhat older, possessing sleek auburn hair pulled tight into a bun and a shapely tanned body. Cameron wore a simple black cocktail dress cut high above the knees, with a scooped neckline that showed only the brown rounded tops of her breasts. Although pretty, she was in no way comparable in beauty to her companion. She carried a canvas gymnasium bag, which she set down next to the chair.

The blonde girl sat down languidly in the chair, with her buttocks pushed forward to its front edge, and hooked her legs over the chair's arms, so that the area between her thighs was clearly exposed by the overhead illumination. In this position, the thong passed cleanly between her prominent outer lips. Cameron knelt beside her and passed her hands gently over Sophie's vulva, pressing the thin cloth deeper into the cleft before passing a forefinger underneath in order to penetrate up to the second knuckle. Sophie smiled innocently at us and lightly caressed the head of her companion. After some moments of such intimacy, Sophie raised her hips and legs, allowing Cameron to pull the thong forward and off. When the garment was removed, and her legs were back on the arms of the chair, we all had a clear view of Sophie's lovely cunt lips and anus. Within the swollen outer lips, the inner lips showed flaccid, long, and moist, like pale pink petals with darker brown outer edges, slightly agape with moist inner flesh showing within. Her vulva was clean-shaven save for a fine rectangle of pale hair, posed just above a small pink clitoris just visible protruding from under its hood. I thought it the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen.

I could no longer resist spreading my own thighs and rubbing my pussy through the leather of my skirt, an action that served merely to increase my erotic state. Robert noticed my excitement, and lowered his hand into my lap, where he pulled back the hem of my skirt so that his middle finger could trace my slit through the soppingn wet cloth of the panties. I managed to control my breathing somewhat as I watched the brunette open her sac and take out a tube, from which she squeezed a thick, clear liquid onto her hands. Within seconds she had coated her hands on both sides with the gel, and then squeezed more onto her fingers, which she then used to penetrate Sophie's exposed asshole. Sophie responded by raising her bottom even higher, yielding access to first one, then two, and finally three fingers that probed and turned, opening her wider and pushing the lubricant ever deeper into her rear passage.

Judging that she had sufficiently prepared her partner, Cameron produced from the sac a large, shiny metal object in the form of a butt plug, having a rounded bulbous shaft that narrowed before widening into a flange. Without ceremony, she pushed the object into Sophie's open anus, which spread even more to receive it as the widest diameter passed inside and then closed again, so that only the flange prevented it from entering entirely. Sophie gasped as it went in, though otherwise she remained silent and smiling.

Cameron's attention now turned to Sophie's vagina. She retrieved from the sac a metallic device that she held up for the audience to view. All we women recognized it as a speculum, and a nervous titter ran though the room. Cameron introduced the instrument between Sophie's labia, and while Sophie herself spread the inner lips apart, pushed it fully into her depths. Sophie exhaled deeply as it entered; evidently the two metal probes in both her orifices produced some sensations that could not be entirely contained. I know that the site of these instruments protruding from her cunt and ass had an effect on my own pussy, as I felt more of my fluid seeping into my panties.

Cameron slowly turned the screw of the speculum, widening it and stretching Sophie open wider millimeter by millimeter. Sophie's breathing seemed to come faster, and she licked her lips nervously as the machine pushed the sides of her cunt further and further apart. My own breathing came faster as I watched, both in fascination and empathy for the stretching she was undergoing. Yet she still held the onto her labia and said nothing. When at last Cameron ceased to turn the screw, both Sophie and I exhaled with relief.

From the sac, Cameron took a small object which I recognized as a sucette, or rather a lollipop, a red ball of hard candy attached to a stick. Cameron took it into her mouth, moistening it with her saliva, and the pushed it deep into Sophie's gaping vagina, twirling the stick with her fingertips until the candy was certainly coated with whatever mixture of fluids and mucus were to be found in those depths. Slowly withdrawing the candy, she presented it to Sophie, who obediently accepted it into her mouth, closed her lips around it, and showed every sign of enjoying the mixed flavors it must have offered. While the blonde girl sucked on the sweet, Cameron next found in her sac two fine gold chains with a sort of clip on each of the four ends. She attached one of these clips to the extended inner lips which Sophie still held between her fingers, and then then clipped the other end to the gold chain encircling Sophie's waist. When she had attached both chains, the girl's inner cleft resembled a bizarre construction site, with all of the metal constructs found there. Cameron then stood up, and taking the candy from Sophie's mouth and into her own, gestured as if presenting her handiwork to the audience.

After some applause from the spectators, Cameron knelt down again and loosened the speculum, allowing Sophie's vaginal walls to relax somewhat. She next grasped the flange of the plug protruding from the blonde's anus, and slowly withdrew the metal shaft, which she handed to Sophie. The girl seemed to know what was expected, as she immediately took it into her mouth. This act caused a murmur to spread through the audience. While deformation of one's sex might seem erotic, tasting the contents of one's rectum seemed disgusting to me at that time. Nevertheless, we did not have more time to contemplate this fact as Cameron withdrew the speculum and from Sophie's cunt and immediately pushed it into her now vacant anus, still gaping wide from the plug.

Again Cameron operated the screw, widening Sophie's ass and causing her to groan softly. As Sophie's right hand was now free, she began to caress and circle her clitoris with her fingers, as if the pleasure thus derived would overcome the pain caused by the stretching she was experiencing.

When Cameron judged that Sophie's rectum was at its maximum expansion, she took the candy pushed it deeply within, so that nothing more could be seen of it. I suspected from this that Sophie would get another taste of her back passage before the act was over. At this point, I was both horrified and fascinated by what was happening before me. Robert was staring fixedly at the stage as well.

The brunette now spread more of the lubricating fluid on her hands, and kneeling close to the chair inserted two, then three, then four fingers into Sophie's pussy, the entry to which was still spread wide from the effects of the speculum and the chains attached to the strectched inner labia. While Cameron rotated her wrist and f***ed her fingers ever deeper, Sophie continued to stroke the area of her clitoris and Cameron's hands as well, breathing heavily and emitting little groans and squeals. As Sophie had been stretched well open by the speculum, Cameron was quickly able to penetrate all four fingers to the knuckles., and thence by rotating her hand seemingly spread her even more.

I was both repelled and fascinated by what I was observing, and while my eyes were fixed on Sophie, she seemed to be staring directly at me as well. I had hiked my skirt high on my hips, and began to work my fingers around, under, and through my panties, oblivious to my own odors that arose to my nostrils or to the otherse seated around me.

At length, Cameron tucked her thumb under her other fingers, and penetrated deeper until her entire hand up to the wrist was enclosed inside Sophie's cunt. Sophie was now groaning quite loudly, one of her hands working her clit and the other pinching one nipple, now totally erect and visible above her bra. The brunette began to work her hand in and out several centimeters at a time, like an enormous cock, fist-fucking Sophie, who now seemed to be in a trance, eyes staring and mouth groaning audibly with each stroke. This treatment lasted for several minutes, with the pace of the strokes increasing along with Sophie's squeals, until at the climactic moment Cameron jerked her hand totally out as a clear fluid spurted from Sophie's gaping hole.

I had never seen female ejaculation before, and have seldom since. This scene was enough to bring on my own orgasm, and it was only with the greatest effort that I stifled my urge to blend a scream with Sophie's as she emitted two more jets of liquid. Sophie then seemed to collapse, her arms falling loosely over the sides of her chair, and her head hanging limply to one side. The audience burst into a long round of applause, during which Cameron took several small bows while also genturing towards Sophie.

As the applause continued, Cameron detached the clips from Sophie's labia, and tucked them neatly back inside, smoothing them so as to close her vagina into a semblance of order. She then loosened the speculum and gently pulled it from Sophie's anus, bringing the candy out at the same time. Surprisingly, it was Cameron herself who took the lollipop into her own mouth while aiding Sophie to rise from the chair. Both women took a single bow before disappearing behind the stage.

The lights came up as the master of ceremonies reappeared a final time. I struggled to my feet, as I adjusted my skirt and blouse in an attempt to hide the obvious (to me) fact that I had masturbated during the show. None of the others in the audience appeared to notice, and I suspected I was not alone in having done so. Robert looked down at me with an amused expression, and whispered, "I hope you saved something for me for when we get back to the room."

"Don't worry, I've plenty left. Make sure you're ready as well."

The master of ceremonies announced that the Champagne would be served in the lobby for those interested in meeting the performers, although it might take mademoiselle Sophie some moments before she felt well enough to appear. Robert asked if I wanted to leave then, but I had an intense desire to speak with Sophie, so I said we should stay.
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