My First Slave Contract

Master/slave Contract No.: MS0001

THIS AGREEMENT made the 2nd day of October 2013.


The Master
Name: [legal name]


(herein called and referred to as “Master”, “He”, “Him”, “His”, “Sir”)


The slave
Preferred community name: Mox
Name: [legal name]


(herein called and referred to as “slave”, “he”, “him”, “his”)

The slave will be in service to the Master in accordance with this Agreement during the period (herein called the “Term”) commencing on October 2, 2013 and ending on December 20, 2013.

The slave will commit to seeing his Master a minimum of 48 hours per month as an average over the three month Term. Such that, the total number of hours of meetings divided by three (3) is no less than 48, by the end of the Term.

A schedule is found in Appendix 1, as prepared by the slave, to showcase general availability and timing.

When the slave addresses his Master, he will end each thought with “Sir”.
The slave is never to use the word “okay”.
Upon arrival of the slave at the Master’s house, he will immediately strip naked, after entering the door, leaving only his socks on and place his belongings in an appropriate location.

The slave is to obey and serve his Master to the best of his ability.
The slave will make an effort to meet his Master frequently and arrive on time.
The slave will be willing to accept appropriate punishment, as seen fit by his Master, for any reason the Master deems is required.
The slave will not seek pleasure or gratification and will rather serve to please his Master.
The slave will follow all rules and protocols set forth by this contract and that set of his Master.
The slave will be responsible for asking for water, justified rest, or notifying the Master if something is wrong.

The Master will use the slave to His pleasing but, while doing so, will do everything within His power to train, educate, instruct, shape and mold the slave into the best slave possible.
The Master will ensure the safety and wellbeing of His slave during all sessions.
The Master will respect the slave’s limitations, as described in this contract, and will not breach the hard limits outlined herein.
The Master will occasionally ask the slave to speak freely, with no risk of punishment, regarding the slave’s current state of mind and body.
The Master will ensure a safe word or signal is known during play.
The Master will issue punishment to the slave whenever He desires.

Soft Limits
In no particular order
Eating/injesting cum
Chastity outside of scheduled play/meeting times
Electric Play
Oral on anus
Ass to mouth cock play
Ice/cold play over 5 minutes in length
Objects larger than the slave is prepared to take in anus
Cock and Ball Torture
Sounding/Urethral play
Unprotected anal sex

Hard Limits
In no particular order
No d**gs, alcohol or smoking
No Needles/Knives
No bl**d
Excessive pain or torture to Ball/Testicles/Scrotum
No Fire play
No death play
No severe asphyxiation
No hair removal outside the genital and nipple Areas (ie. lower leg/arm or head hair)
No breaking the law, or unlawful acts
No dramatic loss of circulation
No tattoos or piercings
No significant bruising or breaking of the skin
No permanent marks/scars that could last over a month’s time
No publically visible marks (ie. around the head/neck/forearms/legs/etc)
No urine/feces play
No piercing or permanent tattooing
No licking of feet, floors, dirt, etc.
No being caught/seen in public naked or with an obvious kinky-bdms-related item.
No photography or video of the slave that includes his face.

A session lasting more than 8 hours shall be considered extended play.
During this type of play, the Master will ensure the slave is nourished appropriately to mitigate health-related issues (i.e. starvation, decreased immune system due to lack of nourishment, etc.). The slave will ensure he is appropriately hydrated.
During extended play scheduled for 24 hours or more, the Master will do his best to ensure the slave gets adequate sl**p and rest to maintain good health and mental awareness.
During extended play scheduled for 24 hours or more, the Master will allow the slave to keep good hygiene by letting him shower/bathe, brush his teeth, wash his face, and shave. An enema would be preferred if anal play is involved.
Prior to extended play beginning, the slave may request for specific times to check his phone or computer with reason. The Master may accept or refuse the request.

The slave, at no point in time, shall be asked to provide official, unofficial or copies of transcripts, records, government documents, licenses or bills to his Master.
The slave’s academic, career, volunteer, f****y and social network, are excluded from this contract. The Master will not seek to interfere or get involved in such matters.
The slave’s phone and computer are excluded from this contract and is to remain for private personal use of the slave.
The slave shall be fiscally independent from the Master. The slave, at no point in time, shall be demanded to purchase or pay for anything. Nor, is the Master expected to purchase anything either. Any purchases made by either the Master or the slave, for the other, would merely be an act of kindness.

The slave will only sexually play (including oral) with individuals who are free, and proven to be free, from STIs/STDs.
The Master will ensure the slave’s safety and good-health is a top priority during the time the two are in session together.
The slave will notify his Master if he is feeling sick or not healthy enough to play. In this case, play will be rescheduled at a mutually agreeable date and time.
The slave will not be asked to do a task that puts his personal health and safety in danger.

Sufficient and appropriate lubrication during anal play will be used on the slave.
If being addressed by name, the Master will address His slave as “Mox” or “mox” in any communication private and public.
No significant play will occur if either the Master or the slave is in a non-sober state of mind.
The slave may arrive at his Masters home with a metal butt plug inserted.

After this contract is signed, amendments may only be made if both the Master and his slave, in their right minds, and outside of a play session, mutually agree to do so. A written document signed by both the Master and his slave will be required to make the amendment.

A Renegotiation phase will begin after the last scheduled November play session. During this time, the Master and slave may discuss the option of continuing or extending the existing contract for a new Term, revising the contract’s wording, or a combination thereof.

The contract becomes void if any of the Hard Limits or Exclusions is breached.
The Master may render the contract terminated at any time by having some written document signed by Him.


This contract has been mutually agreed upon and the two parties hereby agree to be bound by the clauses and limits of this contract for the Term.
By signing below, You/you have read and accept the terms and conditions outlined in this contract and accept to abide by all that is stated within.

Master: ___________________________________ Date: __________________________

slave: ___________________________________ Date: _________________________ 

Appendix 1:
Tentative Play/Meeting Schedule:
Wednesday, October 2; 12noon – 6pm (6 hours)
Monday, October 7; 12noon – 6pm (6 hours)
Tuesday, October 15; 12noon – 6pm (6 hours)
Friday, October 25; 8:00pm – Sunday, October 27; 8:00pm (48 hours)
Total of Tentative Hours in October: 66 hours

Monday, November 4; 12noon – 6pm (6 hours)
Friday, November 8; 8:00pm – Sunday, November 10; 8:00pm (48 hours)
Tuesday, November 19; 12noon – 6pm (6 hours)
Monday, November 25; 12noon – 6pm (6 hours)
Total of Tentative Hours in November: 66 hours

Monday, December 2; 12noon – 6pm (6 hours)
Monday, December 9; 12noon – 6pm (6 hours)
Tuesday, December 17; 12noon – 6pm (6 hours)
Total of Tentative Hours in December: 18 hours

Average number of hours per month:
((66+66+18))/3=150/3=50 Hours

Note: The calculation shows 50 hours as the average per month over the three months. This provides some leeway to achieve the contract’s 48 hour minimum requirement.

100% (3/0)
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