One day as I was buisy doing chores around my home, I noticed my next door neighbor's smoking hot 18 year old daughter named Missy in my driveway. She was a very cute girl standing at 5'4" tall, weighing about 110 pounds with a petite curvy slim body. She was wearing a short blue mini skirt, a white tube top that hugged her small round perky breasts, her long blonde hair pulled up in cute pigtails and had on frilly white socks with heels. Missy was bending over looking under my car and I could see her little white panties cutting up her sweet looking ass and pussy. The sight of her like that had me drooling! I walked out to see what she was doing. Can I help you, sweety?, I asked her. "Oh, Hi Mr., I've lost my cute little pussy and can't seem to find it. I've looked all over and don't see it anywhere.", she said with a cute innocent sounding voice sticking her bottom lip out poutingly and looking at me with her pretty blue eyes. "Where are you little pussy?", Missy sweetly cried out bending over exposing her luscious young backside to me and looking around. Seeing her like that and listening to her say those words was driving me fucking nuts! Oh damn! I'm going to help her find her cute little pussy alright!, I thought to myself. Maybe it's in my house. Come on inside and we'll see if we can find it for you., I told her. "Oh, thank you Mr.!", she said with a cute grateful smile.

We began looking around inside my home and I watched her bend over down on all fours looking under my furniture calling out to it. Seeing the print of her sweet teen cunt through her panties and her tight round ass cheeks had my cock raging hard in my jeans. Finnaly, I could no longer resist. Oh, Here it is!, I said. "Oh realy? Where?", Missy asked excitedly. I wet my middle finger in my mouth, reached down, pulled her panties to the side revealing her sweet bald teen cunt and slid it deep inside her. "Oh, but Mr., That's my.....", she said with a sweet whimpering surprised gasp. Oh, I know. It's beautiful!, I said interupting her and finger banging her sweet young snatch. I pushed her skirt up, pulled her panties down and began to eat her pink luscious cunt from behind causing her to let out loud whimpering moans and shudder all over with excitement as she quickly reashed her first gushing orgasm. I removed her clothes, layed her on my carpeted living room floor, spread her legs and continued to expertly tongue her sweet bald cunt. "MMMMMMMMMMM! OOOOOOOH MR.!, THIS FEELS SOOO GOOD!", Missy cried out with a cock hardening sweet moan as I sucked on her pink clit gently chewing on it. She squeesed her small pink nippled breasts in her hands, licked her pouty lips and ground her hips in my face as she flooded my mouth with hard squirting gushes of cum.

Okay darlin', It's your turn., I said to her. I stood up and Missy got onto her knees kneeling before me and looked up at me licking her pretty lips with an excited cute smile. I opened my jeans and pulled out my huge fattened raging hard cock and hung it out in her cute face. Missy took my rod in her small hand and began softly stroking it. Okay sweety. Let's see what you can do., I said to her. "Oh Mr., Just watch!", she responded in a heated lustful not-so-innocent tone looking up at me with a naughty grin. She wrapped her pouty lips around my huge hardon and began hungrily sucking it bobbing her head up and down throating it. I gently took her long blonde pigtails in my hands like blowjob handles and started agressivly fucking her cute young teen face. Watching her lips slide back and forth on my manhood and listening to those hot wet slurping sounds had me rock fucking hard! After a few minutes of that, I pulled my cock from her sweet mouth, finnished removing my jeans and underwear and picked her up in my arms causing her to grin and let out a cute excited giggle as I carried her to my bedroom. We got on my bed in a 69 position and I licked and sucked her lusious pink snatch as she continued to skillfuly suck and throat my raging hardon.

After making her cum in my face a few times, I rolled her off of me, layed her down with her head on my pillow, grabbed the headboard suspending myself over her and put my fattened cock back in her mouth. I began bouncing up and down fucking her sweet young face and she layed there hungrily sucking me with her hands on my hips pulling me toward her. By now, I was ready to fuck the hell out of this hot teen cutie! I pushed my cock deep into her throat, gave it a couple of pumps and pulled my rod from her mouth causing a wet sucking pop sound. Missy looked up at me and gave me a hot naughty grin licking my pre cum from her pouty lips. I moved her hips to the edge of my bed, spread her long sexy legs and began rubbing the head of my hard rod through her tight pink cunt lips. Are you ready to get your sweet little snatch fucked?, I asked her. "OH YES! MR! FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG COCK! I WANT YOU INSIDE ME SOOO BAD!", she responded in lustful short heated breaths. I watched the extatic expression on her cute young face as my hard throbbing cock slowly burried into her hot wet cunt all the way.

Missy wrapped her legs around my waist, put her arms around my neck and gently bit into my shoulder with short labored muffled moans as I began to pound her tight teen cunt with deep hard strokes. I put my arms around her, stood up with her holding on to me, grabbed her ass in my hands and bounced her up and down on my rod fucking her in a standing position. "OOOOOH! YES!! FUCK ME MR.! FUCK ME HARD!!", Missy screamed with lustful delight and a big cute smile. I layed her back onto the bed, pushed her legs back and banged her with deep pounding strokes slapping my balls on her tight ass. "OMG MR.! I'M CUMMING SOOO HARD!!", she loudly squeeled as her cunt clamped tight around my shaft and I could hear her juices squirting. I rolled over and layed there watching her bounce on my cock riding me while grinding her hips and moaning sweetly. I banged her tight young cunt in a few different positions bringing her to several screaming orgasms before finnaly ending up in a doggy style position. I drilled her from behind slamming my fattened hard cock into her juicy young snatch as she lustfuly rocked back and forth on all fours meeting me in mid stroke and clawing the bed sheets. Missy looked and sounded sweet and innocent, but nothing could be farther from the truth. This girl was a hot horny little piece of ass!

As I continued to fuck her sweet pink lipped cunt from behind, I lubed my middle finger up with some lotion and slowly pushed it deep into her tight puckered pink asshole. Missy instantly responded by grinding her hips, biting my pillow and letting out a sweet extatic loud moan. Would you like to feel this big hard cock in your tight little ass, girly?, I asked her with a huge grin on my face. "OOOOH!! YES MR.! FUCK MY ASS!! PLEASE!!", Missy sweetly begged in short labored breaths. I pulled my rod from her cunt, turned her over and handed her the bottle of lotion letting her lube up my cock. I then pulled her hips to the edge of the bed, bent her legs back and pressed the head of my raging hardon against her pink asshole. I watched the sweet wide eyed extatic look on her cute face as my cock dug into her tight young ass. I began fucking Missy analy with long deep penetrations causing her cunt to explode with hard intense gushes. "MMMMMMMMMMM!! YOUR BIG FAT COCK FEELS SOOOO GOOD IN MY ASS!! I'M CUMMING SOOO HARD!! FUCK ME MR.! FUCK MY ASS HARD!!", she sweetly cried with a loud lustful scream and a big cute grin on her face.

I put missy down on the floor on all fours, shoved my cock back into her, grabbed her long blonde pigtails and started mercilesly drilling her tight young teeie asshole. After a few minutes of watching my huge hard cock plunge her sweet pink ass and listening to her cock hadening whimpers of delight, I was ready to blow a huge hot load all over this cute little tart! I'm going to shoot my cum right down your sweet fucking teenie throat and all over your cute little face, girl! Would you like that?, I asked her in a horny agressive tone. "MMMMMMMMMMMMM!! OH YES!! SQUIRT YOU HOT STICKY CUM ALL OVER ME!! I WANT IT SOOO BAD!!", Missy sweetly begged. I pulled my fattened cock from her ass, turned her around on her knees and started giving my rod the finnal strokes as she sat there with her head back, her mouth wide open and wildly flicking her tongue around anxiously waiting for my load. With a loud moan, I explosivly shot several long sticky thick spurts of hot jizz all across her sweet young smiling face into her blonde hair and down her waiting throat. The sight of her cute cum covered grinning face was absolutely mind blowing!

"MMMMMMMMMMM!! THAT WAS AWESOME MR.!! THANK YOU!!", Missy said with a hot satisfied tone and looking up at me with a cute smile as she wiped the fresh cum from her face and hungrily sucked it from her fingers. She got cleaned up, dressed herself and opened the door to leave. As she stepped out, there sat the cutest most adorable little tabby kitten on the steps crying up at her. "OH THERE YOU ARE! YOU HAD MOMMY SOO WORRIED!", she squeeled with sweet excitement as she picked it up and began cuddling it. "Thank you for helping me find my....Ummm, cute little pussy Mr.", she said with a hot lusty tone and a cute naughty grin. Glad to help. Anytime darlin', anytime!, I responded with a satisfied smile.

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3 years ago
All's well that ends well.

Missy talking about her "pussy" reminded me of this innocent girl that I knew in college. She was into James Bond films and she kept saying that she couldn't wait to see his latest film called "Octopussy"...
3 years ago
great story!
3 years ago
That was good
3 years ago
3 years ago
Another nice story.. You certainly have a great way with words...Thanks for sharing