A few months ago, I started dating a beautiful 26 year old girl named Lisa. She was a real looker and stood at 5'8" tall, 130 pounds and had long wavy golden blonde hair with big dreamy blue eyes. She had a slender curvy body with nice hips, a sweet tight ass and a luscious pair of puffy nippled round c-cup tits that would make any man's mouth water. She lived just down the street from me with her Hot looking 45 year old mom named Jannet and cute younger 18 year old s****r named Cindy, but Lisa always called her squirt. I would spend nights with her in her home and we would bang like crazy, but we'd try to keep the noises down as not to disturb her mom accros the hall or s****r who's room was right next to Lisa's. One Saturday morning, as we were lying in bed, we heard her mother's car pull out of the driveway. "OOOOH! It sounds like we have the house all to ourselfs!" Lisa said excitedly. "Let's go have some fun on the sofa.", she said with a sexy smile. We went to the den, both of us naked and decided to have a quick bang before her mom and s****r returned. I sat on the sofa and she knelt beside me on the cushion burrying her luscious tits in my face while I finger banged her. I felt her hand stroking my huge hardon, then suddenly felt a warm wet mouth wrap around it and begin to suck me. I pulled Lisa's tits from my mouth and looked around her to see who had joined us. Lisa also turned to look and an expresion of shock came over her face. Her younger s****r Cindy was naked and kneeling on the floor in front of us and had my raging hard cock burried in her sweet young mouth bouncing her head up and down sucking me with loud wet slurping sounds. "SQUIRT!! WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?", Lisa asked snapping at her in a shocked surprised tone. Cindy pulled her sweet mouth slowly from my raging hard manhood with a wet long slurp then licked the pre cum from her pouty small lips. "What does it look like I'm doing, silly? I'm sucking his big beautiful hard cock.", she lustfuly answered with a cute brace faced smile and her long straight brown hair in pigtails with blue ribbons. "Do you want me to stop and leave you two alone?', she asked me while twirling her tongue around the head. Hell no!, I quickly answered her in hot excitement. Why don't you join her, Lisa., I asked. She just looked at me with a stunned smile. "Okay.", she anwered. "Well, squirt, let's see what you can do.", Lisa said to her younger s****r. "Watch and learn, big s*s!", Cindy replied with an excited cute smile. Cindy opened her mouth wide and slowly took the entire lenghth of my long hard fat cock all the way down her sweet throat to my ballsack. she then began skillfuly throat fucking my cock causing my eyes to roll back in my head with pure pleasure. "WOW!!! where did you learn that?", Lisa asked her with an amazed expression on her face. She pulled my rod from her mouth with a loud wet sucking pop, looked at her s****r and smiled. "At summer camp.", she answered her. "Remember that lifeguard you thought was so hot?", she asked her. "Yes.", Lisa replied. "Well, over the summer, I would sneak into his quarters after lights out and spend all night sucking and fucking him. That's why I was in no hurry to come home.", she said with a devilish little giggle. "You little snot!", Lisa said with an amused smile and shaking her head. "Well, I don't know how big his cock was, but let's see if you can handle this one.", Lisa said to her s****r. "It was no where near this big, but I'd sure love to try!", she replied lustfuly. I sat there on the sofa in sheer extasy as the two beautiful girls feasted on my raging hardon. "Let's see if that tight little pussy of yours can handle his tongue.", Lisa said in a daring tone. "OOOH! Bring it on, baby!", Cindy excitedly answered. She stood up from her kneeling position and gave me a better look at her sweet young body. Cindy was about 5'5" tall, weighed about 115 pounds with a thin body and curves in all the right places. She had round perky little B-cup tits with sweet puffy little pink nipples, a pretty nicely trimmed brown haired pussy and a cute tight little ass atop her long legs. "Do you want to taste my pussy, Mr.?", she asked me sweetly with a cute little tin grin. Oh, bring it here darlin!, I responded. She sat on the edge of the sofa cushion and layed back spreading her legs revealing her wet pink snatch. I sucked her sweet breasts and kissed my way down her young thin body toward her pretty teen pussy. As I began to lick her sweet little cunt and suck her clit bringing her to exstatic gushing orgasms, her s****r Lisa manouvered herself between my legs underneath me and took my cock into her mouth sucking it furiously. I put my elbows on the sofa, stretched out my legs with my toes on the floor suspending myself over Lisa's face and bounced up and down fucking her sweet mouth deep and fast while eating Cindy's young tight cunt. After that, I layed on the floor and took turns pleasuring them both in a 69 position. Lisa mounted me, took my raging hardon into her beautiful blonde pink pussy and rode me fast and hard as her s****r watched diddling her little clit masturbating. "OOOOH!! I LOVE FUCKING YOU!", she loudly screamed as she reached a shuddering climax. "MMMMMMMM! can my pussy have some of that?", Cindy asked me in a cute heated breath. Lisa dismounted me and Cindy layed on the carpet with her legs spread wide in hot anticipation. I got on top of her, rubbed the head of my fattened manhood through her tight cunt lips and slowly burried the entire lenghth into her watching the expression of total extasy and unexpected shock develop on her cute young face. Cindy put her arms around my neck and wrapped her long legs around my waist gently biting into my shoulder with an excited muffled scream as I began banging her wet tight teen cunt with long full deep penetrations. I pushed myself up onto all fours suspending her light young body under me and rocked swinging her back and forth on my swollen stiff cock. "OMG!! HIS COCK IS SOOO FUCKING BIG!! I LOVE IT!! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!!", Cindy loudly squeeled with lust as her s****r Lisa watched giggling in amusement. After a few minutes of that, I lowered her back onto the floor, pushed her legs all the way back and mercilesly drilled her sweet tight teen cunt with full fast deep strokes and my balls loudly slapping her tight ass cheeks causing her to cum explosivly. I fucked them both in a few different positions bringing them to countless squeeling orgasms. "SO, squirt, have you ever been fucked in the ass?', Lisa asked her s****r with a naughty smile. "No, not yet, but I've always wanted to try it.", she answered in a horny curious tone shyly biting her bottom lip with a cute tin toothed smile and looking at me nervously. As Lisa walked to her bedroom to grab a bottle of sex lube, her s****r stood there looking at me with her hands fiddling nervously behind her back, her knees together and her perky little titties jiggling with excitement. Lisa returned, lubed up my cock, rubbed some in her ass and mounted me in a reverse cowgirl position. Cindy watched her older s****r take my fat rod up her ass and bounce up and down quickly bringing herself to a heated frenzy and squeeling with passion. "MMMMMMMMMMM!!! That looks like fun!", she said sweetly. "Well, squirt. why don't you hop your tight little ass up here and find out for yourself.", Lisa hotly responded. "Are you ready to make me a complete woman?', Cindy shyly asked me with a cute little grin. Come on up here sweety! I'll fix you!, I anwered her with a smile. Lisa dismounted me and relubed my rod for her younger s****r. Cindy took her place and slowly lowered her tight sweet small ass onto my raging hard cock. "OOOOOOOH!!", She squeeled with a loud whimper as my fattened manhood dug steadily into her untouched pink asshole. I took her small ass cheeks in my hands gently squeezing them and bounced her petite body up and down on my fat hard cock agressivly impailing her sweet sqeeky tight teen asshole. "OMG!!! HIS BIG HARD COCK FEELS SOOO FUCKING GOOD IN MY ASS!! OH' DAMN! WHAT HAVE I BEEN MISSING? I LOVE IT! FUCK MY ASS MR.! FUCK ME HARD", she loudly screamed in lustful excitement. After just a few minutes of drilling this sweet young girls ass and listening to her cock hardening squeels of passion, I was ready to blow a huge sticky load right down her sweet young throat! My balls drew up, I lifted her tight asshole from my cock and told her to kneel beside her s****r on the floor. "Here it comes, squirt! are you ready?", Lisa asked her s****r smiling. "Oh, hell yes! I'm soo ready to taste his salty cum!", Cindy excitedly responded with a huge cute grin. I gave my cock a few strokes and came explosivly shooting thick sticky white spurts of hot cum all over both of their sweet smiling faces, into their mouths and down their hungry throats. The sight om my fresh jizz coating their sweet faces and hanging from Cindy's tin toothed smile was absolutely mind blowing. Their mother Jannet suddenly walked into the room, wiped some of the cum dangling from her youngest daughter's smiling face and hungrily slurped it from her finger. "MMMMMMMMMMM!! sweet! next time wait for me too, stud.", she said in a hot tone and walked away with a sexy wiggle in her hips and a smirk on her face. Lisa and Cindy both just sat there smiling and giggling looking at eachother and at me in complete surprised shock.

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3 months ago
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it
3 months ago
Great story! Thanks
2 years ago
I was edging my cock the whole time. Wow. Fav'd I'll be reading more of your stuff.
3 years ago
nice fantasy :)
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Very hot story
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3 years ago
Great story line Monster and I am waiting to read about the 4some of you and the 2 sisters and their mom, especially with the ending you gave us....
3 years ago
Great Story