I was in town one day and doing a little grocery shopping to pick up something for dinner when I noticed a familliar pretty face walking toward my direction. It was my cute asian friend Kimi. (Read previous post: Happy Halloween) She and I were good friends and had many hot times together. We embraced in a warm hug and I asked her how she was doing. "Oh, I'm doing pretty good. I went by your house trying to find you, so I was hoping you were here.", she said with a cute smile. Well, you found me sweety., I said with a smile. "Do you remember me telling you about my little s****r Tia in Japan?", she asked. Yes, I think so., I responded. "Well, she's here. She arived last night. She just turned 18 and I told her about all the good sex we were having and she's realy eager to meet you.", she told me. "Do you mind if we come over tonight?", she asked with a cute grin. mmmmmmmmmm! Darlin I can't wait!, I said with excitement. "Is there anything special that we can wear for you?", she asked me. Well, you know I'm a sucker for the asian schoolgirl look., I told her. "OOOOOH!, I have just the thing!", she said. "See you about 6?", she asked. I'll be waiting., I said with a big grin on my face. I rushed home, ate a quick dinner, dressed in nice clothes and began expecting my hot visitors. My doorbell rang at 6 sharp and I answered it. The sight that greeted my eyes was almost too good to be true. The pair of girls were standing there dressed in cute Japanese schoolgirl uniforms. Kimi was 20 years old and almost too big for the look standing at 5' tall and 120 pounds, but her clothes hugged her sweet curves and it still looked hot on her. Her s****r Tia was a tiny little thing standing at only 4'9" and weighed only 100 pounds, if that. Tia was wearing white knee high socks with heels, a short pleated skirt that stopped midway on her thin thighs and a white shirt with a ribbon bowtie in her collar. Both girls had their long dark hair pulled up in cute pigtails. Kimi had her hair in pink ribbons, while her s****r had hers up in cute big sunflower ties. I eagerly invited them inside and Kimi began to introduce her s****r to me. Pleased to meet you., I said kissing her small hand and trying to use my best charm. "He's the one I was telling you about.", Kimi said to Tia with a cute giggle. "He has a realy nice big cock! We're going to have a lot of fun tonight.", she told her. Tia shyly looked down at my crotch with a cute little smile on her pretty face. I sat on my sofa and the two girls stood in front of me beginning to undress. Kimi quickly took off everything but her long white socks as Tia just shyly stood there smiling. "Well, what are you waiting for? Do you want him to fuck you or not?", Kimi sharply asked her hesitant s****r. "Don't be shy. Take your clothes off and show him your body., she told her. Tia unbuttoned her shirt and dropped it to the floor revealing her small A-cup tits with big pink puffy nipples. Then she removed her skirt and little white panties showing me her smooth shaven tight pink pussy. My cock fattened up at the sight before me and my mouth began to water just looking at her. "Well, I'm going to get this party started!", Kimi said dropping down on her knees in front of me and opening my pants. She took out my rock hard cock and gave it a kiss, then began hungrily bobbing her mouth up and down sucking it while Tia watched. Tia's small mouth was watering watching her older s****r skillfuly suck my rod and was licking her lips in anticipation. After a few minutes of blowing me, Kimi pulled my swollen cock from her sweet mouth with a loud wet slurp and looked at her s****r. "Well, you always said you'd love to feel a big hard cock in your mouth. Here it is s*s. Suck it.", Kimi said hotly to Tia. Tia looked at me sweetly smiling and leaned forward kissing the head of my raging hardon, then licked her small pouty lips and opened her mouth stretching it around my engorged erection. Kimi put her hand on the back of her head and pushed it forward filling her s****r's sweet mouth with hard meat. Tia looked up at me and began sliding her lips back and forth hungrily sucking and slurping my cock with loud wet noises while Kimi watched smiling. Seeing her cute asian mouth straining to contain my huge hard rod had me in pure extasy! I stood up, gently grabbed her cute pigtails in my hands and started agressivly fucking her sweet mouth pumping my cock in and out. Kimi giggled and smiled while watching her s****r get her mouth stuffed and rubbed her wet pussy masturbating. After a few minutes of that, I pulled my raging hard cock from Tia's mouth making a wet sucking pop sound and told her to lay back on my sofa. I sucked her small tits and slowly kissed my way down her petite body toward her sweet bald snatch. I spread her long legs and began burrying my hot wet tongue in her sweet pink asian cunt sucking her little clit and licking her deep to a screaming gushing orgasm. "MMMMMMMM!, I want some of the big hard cock!", Kimi said in a lusty tone and offered her sweet pussy to me in a hot doggy style position. I mounted Kimi from behind, shoved my swollen rod into her tight cunt, took her long pigtails in my hands like reins and started banging her hot pussy hard and deep with long thumping thrusts. "OH YES! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME HARD!!!", Kimi screamed loudly as she began to cum explosivly. Tia watched me fuck her older s****r while rolling her nipples between her finger and thumb and diddling her little pink clit. After banging Kimi to repeated orgasms, I was ready to see how her s****r's tight little cunt felt stretched around my hard cock. I pulled my rod from Kimi's wet pussy and looked at Tia. Are you ready for a hard fuck?, I asked her. "OOOH, YES!", Tia responded with excitement. I layed her back on the sofa, spread her legs, rubbed the head of my swollen erection through her tight pink cunt lips and slowly burried the entire length of it in her squeeky tight wet snatch. "OH FUCK!! YOUR COCK IS SOOO DAMNED BIG!! IT FEELS SOOO GOOD INSIDE ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME DEEP AND HARD!!", Tia screamed as I began giving her long deep rythymic penetrations filling her all the way up and slapping my ballsack on her tight little ass. Tia started repeatedly cumming hard with loud squeels of pure extasy as I agressivly banged her hot sweet pink pussy. "I told you it feels good!", Kimi said with a giggle watching her s****r take my hard rod in her tight juicy snatch. I pulled out, layed on the floor and Kimi got on top and rode me hard and fast to another shuddering orgasm. Kimi got off of me and Tia stood over me straddling, put my engorged cock in her thight cunt and started bouncing up and down impailing her pink wet pussy on my raging manhood. Watching her petite body fuck me, seeing the look of absolute pleasure on her face and listening to her loud squeels of extasy was so fucking hot! Tia's pussy was so damned tight that it was litteraly sucking my cock with hot wet sounds as she furiously rode me bringing herself to countless screaming orgasms and was beginning to moan and talk in Japanese. I couldn't understand a word of it, but it sounded hot and caused my cock to fatten up even more stretching her pussy further. "In English pease, or he can't understand you.", Kimi snapped. "Your Big hard cock feels so good! I want more!", Tia said in a shallow labored breath. "Time to get down to buisness!", Kimi said holding my bottle of lotion in her hand with a sweet smile on her face. Tia pulled her tight pussy from my cock and looked at her s****r with a surprised look on her face. "Is that what I think it's for?", Tia asked Kimi. "Watch and learn, little s****r!", Kimi said with a lusty sweet naughty smile. Kimi lubed up my rod and straddled me taking my hard cock into her tight ass and rode me bringing herself to loud gushing orgasms as Tia watched with a look of horny curiousity on her cute face. Kimi lifted her ass from my rod and looked at her s****r. "Time to get that tight little ass fucked!", Kimi said to Tia with a big sweet smile. I got up and sat on the sofa with my cock raging hard with anticipation of fucking her tight sweet ass. Tia looked at my swollen hardon and shyly smiled bitting her bottom lip. Tia mounted my lap in a reverse cowgirl position with her small feet on my knees and lowered her tight ass onto my lubed rod. She let out a loud scream of pleasure as my rock hard cock dug mercilesly into her tight sweet pink butthole. I reached under her and took her small asscheeks in my hands and bounced her up and down furiously giving this sweet young asian blossom an assfuck she would never forget as long as she lived! "OH YES!!! FUCK MY ASS WITH YOUR BIG HARD COCK!! IT FEELS SOOO GOOD!! I'M CUMMING SO HARD!!", Tia squeeled and whimpered with lustfull delight as I impailed her tight asshole while Kimi watched smiling and giggling at her s****r's reaction. After a few minutes of that, I was ready to coat both of their sweet asian faces with a fresh load of hot cum. I lifted Tia's sweet tight ass from my cock and they both knelt before me waiting for it smiling sweetly with their mouths open wide in anticipation. I gave my rod a few last strokes and sent thick long jets of hot jizz down both of their throats and all over their sweet smiling faces. They wiped my cum from their faces and fed it to eachother sucking it hungrily from eachothers fingers. "Thank you. That was awesome!", Tia said sweetly with my jizz dangling from her cute smiling face. "Do you still want to go back to Japan to live with your Aunt?", Kimi asked her s****r Tia with a sexy cum covered smirk. "FUCK THAT!! I'M HERE TO STAY!!, Tia quikly responded. Welcome to America, Tia, Welcome to America!, I said with a huge satisfied grin.

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She made me cum too
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You are a craftsman -- able to write! I would have loved to be a fly on the wall.
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Great Story !!!
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i love it
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Nice continuation
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Great sequel!