It was a cool crisp Halloween evening and I had been giving out candy and treats to all the ghosts, witches and monsters in my neighborhood from my spookily decorated doorstep. After a few hours, my candy supply was running out and the trick-or-treaters were becoming fewer. As I extenguished the candle in my jack-o-lantern and began to bring in all my holiday props, I noticed two young women walking down the sidewalk toward my direction. I couldn't recognise them at first because of their costumes, but as the pair aproached my doorstep, I saw that it was Lydia and Kimi. They were the two best friends of my next door neighbor's daughter, had recently graduated high school with her and I knew them both well. Lydia was the goth/emo girl of the neighborhood and always wore wild looking clothes and dyed her in hair different colors, but for this Halloween she was dressed as a gothic vampiress. she stood at about 5'5", 115 pounds with a petite thin figure and had curvy hips and a small A-cup bustline. She had her shoulder length dark hair highlighted with blue tips and was wearing a tight curve hugging long black dress that was frayed at the ends and a cute little pair of white fangs hanging over her red painted lips. Kimi was the daughter of a Japanese couple that had immigrated to the states a few years ago and opperated a local mom and pop convenience store in town. She was dressed as a super cute babydoll with a short blue ruffly dress and had her long black hair pulled up in high set pigtails with white ribbons and wore little white socks with heels. She was about 110 pounds and a little shorter at 5' tall with a stacked petite curvy figure and round perky B-cup tits. So, what are you two young ladies doing out on such a spooky night?, I asked them with a smile. "We just came to see if you have any treats for us.", they responded playfuly. I told them that they were welcome to have my leftover sweets and invited the two inside. I went to my kitchen counter, bagged up the remaining candy and started back to my living room where I had left them only to find a sight that made my jaw drop. Their cosumes were loosly strewn across my coffe table and the two girls were going at it on my sofa with Lydia's tongue burried in Kimi's sweet bald snatch and Lydia's tight beautiful ass and pussy up in the air. The bags of candy fell from my hands to the floor and I instantly put my face in Lydia's pierced shaven cunt from behind and began licking her hard and deep. Lydia and I had recently become fuck buddies, but she had never before brought a friend with her. Especialy one as luscious looking as Kimi. The two switched places and Kimi's sweet asian ass and smooth pussy was presented to me while she returned the favor to Lydia. I hungrily licked her tight cunt and sucked her little clit causing her to cum explosivly with a loud squeel coating my chin and face with her hot juices. By now, my cock was hard enough to hammer a nail! I stood up and removed my pants and underwear revealing my raging hardon to them. Lydia dropped to her knees and began skillfuly sucking and throating my engorged rod while her friend Kimi shyly watched smiling. Kimi had not yet been with an American man, though many of the local boys tried desperately to get her. After a few minutes, Lydia pulled my hard cock from her sweet mouth with a loud wet slurping sound and looked at Kimi. "Now you try, it's realy fun.", she said licking my pre cum from her lips. Kimi knelt in front of me, looked up at me nervously and took my swollen cock in her hand sofly stroking it. "Just wet your lips and suck it like I did., Lydia instructed her. Kimi licked her lips, opened her sweet mouth and wrapped her small pouty lips around my huge cock and began hungrily sucking and bobbing her mouth back and forth looking up at me with her cute long pigtails swinging. Seeing her sweet asian face blowing me caused my cock to fatten up even more almost stretching the corners of her mouth out. After a few minutes of fucking her cute face while Lydia fondled her from behind, I was ready to bang the hell out of both of them! Kimi slowly pulled her mouth from my cock with a loud sucking pop sound and smiled up at me sweetly. I moved my living room table to the side and Lydia got down in a doggy style position offering her hot wet pussy and ass to me. I penetrated her sweet cunt and started pumping her hard and deep causing her to claw the sofa cushions and moaning loudly as her friend Kimi put her round puffy nippled tits in my mouth. Kimi watched me bang her friend for a little while in a few different positions and maturbated her tight pink pussy. "Are you ready for some of this?", Lydia asked her breathing shallowly from our hot action. "mmmmmmmmmm, yes, I think so! ", Kimi excitedly responded. I layed Kimi on my sofa, spead her long legs and started rubbing the head of my hard cock through her sweet pink lips. I slowly pushed my swollen rod into her squeeky tight asian cunt and started fucking her with hard thumping thrusts causing her to scream with pleasure and cum repeatedly. As I banged Kimi's sweet pussy from a few different positions, Lydia masturbated herself analy with the big smooth handle of Kimi's plastic lolipop. I pulled my cock from Kimi's wet cunt and retrieved a bottle of lube from my bedroom. Lydia looked at me, smiled and again assumed a doggy style pose as I let Kimi lube up my cock. I entered Lydia's tight ass from behind and steadily pumped her with long deep penetrations making her cum with shuddering moans. "I've never done that before.", Kimi said with an excited smile. "Does it hurt?", Kimi asked curiously while watching me drill Lydia's tight pink ass. "Just a little at first, but then it feels SOOO fucking good!", Lydia answered her in a heated labored breath. After hearing her cum a few more times, I pulled my hard cock from Lydia's ass. "Come on Kimi, It's time for your first assfuck.", Lydia told her. "Every girl should at least try it once., she said. "Well, okay." kimi responded nervously. Lydia lubed up my cock for her inexperienced friend and I layed her on the carpet and bent her legs back. Don't worry, I'll be gentle., I assured her. I slowly pushed my huge rock hard cock into Kimi's tight little pink asshole. "OOOH!, YES!!!", she screamed and I saw her eyes and mouth open wide with a shocked look on her face and heard her start squeeling with pleasure as I began fucking her analy with long deep strokes. After a few minutes, I then sat on the sofa and Kimi took my hard rod in her ass in a reverse cowgirl position and vigorously bounced up and down cumming repeatedly with loud heated screams. "That's right! Fuck that big hard cock with your tight little ass! You know you love it!", Lydia hottly said to Kimi while masturbating and watching her friend ride my engorged shaft. "mmmmmmmmmm, it feels soo good!!", Kimi said with a whimpering moan. Hearing Lydia say that to her friend in such a hot tone and after listening to Kimi's excited squeels of pleasure and feeling her tight sweet asshole stretched around my rod agresivly fucking me, I was ready to blow a huge hot sticky load all over both of these girls. I lifted Kimi's tight ass from my cock and the two girls knelt in front of me with their faces together sticking out their tongues waiting anxiously for my hot blasts of jizz. I stroked my cock a few times and unloaded my pent up cum all over both of their pretty faces in huge thick spurts. Seeing my cum cover their sweet smiles and noticing a big glob of fresh goo hanging from one of Kimi's long dark pigtails was almost enough to make me rock hard all over again. They kissed eachother swirling my jizz between their tongues, cleaned my cum from their faces and hungrily ate it all. Lydia and Kimi then looked up at me smiling sweetly and said in unison, "Happy Halloween!" OH, It damn sure is!, I responded with a huge satified grin.

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3 years ago
excellent story very visual
3 years ago
Wishing you an absolutely spine-tinglingly ghoulish halloween!

Erin, Shanti & Tiger
3 years ago
a great reason to go out walking on Halloween night
3 years ago
what a horny halloween.. i loved the "does it hurts" from kimi and the final facial cumshot haha
3 years ago
Sounds like you got the treats. Great story.
3 years ago
those were some hot little tricks
3 years ago
Sweet, so I see they got both trick and treats...