It had been a long day at work and I got home and took a much deserved hot relaxing shower and sat down in front of my tv as I began to settle in for the evening. After a little while of listening to the mind numbing chatter of some celebrity gossip show, I began to dose off. Suddenly my door bell rang waking me from my nap. I answered the door and saw that it was Ashley's mom Donna. (read my previous post: Unexpected visit) She and Ashley's father Tom had been divorced for years, but were still close friends and she would frequently visit. As good neighbors we were all friends and often had cook outs together and had a few beers and laughs. I invited her in from the cold and we smiled at eachother and embraced in a warm hug. I offered her a seat and asked her how she was and what she was doing in town. "Oh, I'm doing okay. I just came to get the rest of Ashley's things to take to her dorm room.", she said in a tired voice. I asked her how her daughter was doing in school and began to make conversation. After a few minutes of chatting, Donna reached into her purse and pulled out a small book with an open lock on the cover. "I was gathering Ashley's things and found her diary in her bottom drawer.", she said in a curious tone. "I always respect my daughter's privacy, but you know me. my curiosity got the better of me and I just could'nt resist reading it.", she admitted. "It seems there are quite a few pages in here written about you.", she said with a sexy smirk on her face and looking over her reading glasses at me. What would she possibly write about me?, I asked trying to sound innocently surprised. Donna began to read aloud all the things her daughter Ashley had written in explicit detail about our sexual encounters the previous summer with an amused grin on her face and looking up at me from the little book periodicly. Knowing that our friendship was surely ruined, I began to appologise. I explained to her how the first encounter with Ashley had taken place and said that I just couldn't resist. "The little hot ass!", Donna said shaking her head with an amused giggle. "Well, I can't blame her. She gets it from her Mother, you know. she's always liked you and to tell you the truth, she's not the only one", she admitted in a sexy tone. There had always been a mutual attraction and a quiet sexual tension between between Donna and I, but neither of us had ever acted upon it. Donna was an incredibly hot 40 year old milf. She stood at about 5'11" tall and weighed about 140 pounds with a curvy well built body that could stop traffic. She had long wavy dark hair and had sexy little streaks of grey here and there that flowed with her locks and a hypnotic pair of hazel eyes that could talk a man into almost anything. She was wearing a tight pair of ass hugging blue jeans and an almost see thru white blouse opened just enough to reveal the cleavage of her still round c cup breasts. She rose from the chair accross from me and straddled my legs sitting on my lap and putting her arms around my neck. "Reading that about you made me realy hot and I'd love to see for myself what all the fuss is about.", she said. "You did pretty well with my daughter. Do you think you could handle me?", she asked in a heated lusty tone. Our mouths instantly locked in a feverish passionate tongue kiss that lasted for minutes. Donna then removed her blouse and took off her bra leting her big beautiful tits hang in my face. Her breasts were still perky with sexy tan lines and big thick nipples surounded by huge puffy pink areolas. I grabbed her breasts and began sucking them like I was starving. She burried my face in her tits and threw her head back with a satisfied moan. I rolled her over on my sofa and began kissing my way down her flat sexy belly. Donna smiled with excited anticipation as I opened her jeans and lifted her hips up pulling them and her little thong panties to her knees. Her pussy was even more beautiful than I had always immagined it. She had it trimmed short with her dark brown pubes shaved in a sexy straight wide patch and had just a hint of pink lips showing. I pushed her long legs back and saw her beautiful cunt nestled between her thighs like a warm juicy peach. I burried my wet tongue in her hot pussy and started licking her fast and deep causing her thighs to tremble. I finnished removing her pants and spread her legs wide and began agresivly eating her sweet snatch making her let out a loud scream of pure extasy as she exploded her hot lady cum gushing in my mouth. "Oh damn, I haven't came that hard in years!", she said with a labored breath breathing shallowly. "Let's see that big hard cock of yours I've read so much about.", she said sitting up and licking her sexy full pouty lips. Donna pulled down my sweat pants and my raging hard on jumped out at her. "mmmmmmmmmmmm, nice!", she said, taking it in her hand and softly stroking it. She began to kiss the head and ran her tongue around it. She then looked up at me and opened her mouth taking the entire length of my swolen cock all the way down her hot throat and beagan hungrily sucking and deep throating me causing my eyes to almost roll back in my head with pure pleasure. Watching her full pouty lips slide back and forth on my rod had my cock so hard I could have struck a match on it. We took our hot action to my bed where we got in a 69 position. I sucked and licked her sweet pussy as she continued to skillfuly throat my hard cock with passion. After a few minutes of that, I got up and moved her sexy round hips to the edge of my bed, spread her luscious thighs and rubbed the head of my raging boner up and down her pussy. "Oh yes baby, fuck me! fuck me hard!", she begged in a hot lusty breath. I slowly burried my hard rod in her hot, but still tight cunt and banged her with hard steady strokes causing her big tits to bounce as she wrapped her legs around my waist and began cumming repetedly. She then got on top and ground her hips and rode me fast and hard. Seeing her big beautiful breasts bounce and feeling her hot pussy tighten around my cock each time she climaxed was awesome. I then told her that I wanted to bang her doggy style. "Ooooh, I love it from behind!", she answered. Donna got down on the bed room carpet on all fours and the sight that greeted my eyes was absolutely jaw dropping. Her beautiful ass and pussy waiting for my hard cock was luscious! I banged her from behind with hard thumping thrusts causing her ass cheeks to jump and making her claw the carpet as she came explosivly with a loud excited moan. "I want you in my ass.", she said hottly. She stood up and retrieved the bottle of lube from my dresser drawer obviously knowing just where it was from reading her daughter's diary. she walked back to me with a sexy smile and gave me a sudden shove putting me on my back on the floor. Donna lubed up my cock and straddled me rubbing her tight asshole on my hard rod, then took it in and started riding me. Seeing her tight ass stretched around my cock and the hot expresion of pleasure on her face as she rode me realy had my bl**d pumping. After a few minutes of that, I rolled her off me, put her back on all fours and fucked her sweet ass from behind while squeezing her tits. Hearing her moan and scream with pleasure each time she came had me ready to blow my load. I pulled my cock from her ass and Donna turned around on her knees, threw her head back, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue and began stroking my rod waiting excitedly for my hot jizz. I shot my cum on her hot sexy face in huge thick spurts crossing all the way into her dark hair and covering her lusious pouty lips and tongue. Donna cleaned my cum from her face and hungrily swallowed it all. "Damn, I needed that! I haven't been fucked like that in a long time.", she said in a hot satisfied tone. We took a hot shower together and had a little more fun in the bathroom before getting dressed and siting and chatting for a bit. "Well, I better get going. Ashley's expecting me.", she said. I told her that it was good to see her again, thanked her for the hot time and told her to drop by again sometime. "Oh, you can bet on that!", she said with a sexy tone and sweet smile. Donna comes by two or three times a month and we have hot heated sex every time. I was beginning to suspect that my neighbor Tom knew what was happening, then one day as we were talking accross the fence, he reached out and gave me a friendly fist bump and walked back inside his house smiling.

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