the summer of '09 with my s*s

This story is based on a rumour I heard years ago.

What it was like to be young, dumb, and full of cum. I was 18 in the summer of '09. In school for another 3 year's, and trying to get every girl I could.

The little town of Angus, Ontario was my home. Middle of butt-fuck nowhere. Our house was on the outskirts, no neighbors in site. Which was good for me, because when the fam wasn't home, I loved to go skinny dipping in our pool, then streak around the property a few times, before shooting a load all over the lawn.

My great fam consisted of mom and pop, my elder b*****r, and my slightly younger s****r, Jenny. When I say slightly, I mean by 4 minutes. My twin s*s. We were always very close, even from an early age. Anyways, it was the end of May. My parents were off to another Hell-hole town, and staying there for a few weeks with other f****y. With my b*o out with friends camping, and s*s out most of the time, I got ready for lots of nudity, and jerking off. At least that was what I thought.

It was after 6, and I was in the pool. Lightly playing with my dick, thinking of pussy. I decided it was time for my 'walk'. I got out of the pool, and walked around the side of the house. Just doing a double check, making sure nobody was in sight from the road, I trotted through the front yard.

"Ahem!" Came a voice. I looked up to my s*s' open window, where she stood. Somehow she snuck into the house without me knowing. Not trying to hide my light Chubb, I said to her "how long have you been home?"

"Long enough to know you spend a lot of time jerking in the pool, that it should be as pruny as your hands."

"You been watching me?"

"Yeah. I gotta admit, you really know how to last."

For some reason, I didn't feel embarrassed. I actually felt turned on. My s*s watched me in the pool. Hmm, I wonder?

"Have you ever seen me before?"

"More than you know"

I could feel my heart quicken. I WAS getting turned on by the thought.

"Like what you saw?" I asked cheekily.

"Mhmm, I did. Like, I know we're close Ben, but I didn't think I was actually attracted to you sexually"

My s*s just said she was sexually attracted to me. Instead of thinking how wrong this was, I was thinking of something else.

"Well, how bout you come for a swim with me, and we see just how much?"

"Hmm, ok" she turned from the window and disappeared. I couldn't believe that this was actually happening, and that we both wanted to do this.

She came out butt naked. Wow, even better than I thought. Shaved Pune, great legs, ass. Perfect 38D fits, and that long, red hair. She dove in, with me fast behind her. We both came up under the diving board. She was about a foot away.

" I gotta tell you Ben, iv really wanted this for a long time."

"Me too Jenny", I said. It wasn't true, but I sure wanted it now!

She warped her legs around me, then her arms. She brought her lips to mine. It was slow, passionate. I never kissed a girl like that before. She reached down, grabbing my now hard 8" dick, and shoved it inside her. No foreplay, no rubber, she mustard been really horny to go straight for the dick. My hands gripped the diving board, as I thruster her. She held onto me tightly, as we fucked. My dick was getting ready to burst, but I fought it off. I couldn't cum yet, it was too amazing. She kissed me, as she pulled me deeper into her. She was fighting of moaning, but she couldn't any longer. She broke lips, and moaned like I never heard anyone before. A moan of passion. That's when I realised it.

We were making love! It wasn't just sex, she loved me. She wanted me to make love to her. My adrenaline kicked up at this realization. I was about to cum.

"I'm gonna cum!" I yelled.

"In me, please! I want you in me!"

When she said it, it was so intense. I came, and I came harder than I ever did before. Thrust after thrust, I pumped my love fluids into her. She gasped as it filled her, she could actually feel it cuming out of me, and into her. At that second, she came herself. She screamed in pleasure, as I still thrusted into her, giving her every last drop.

I stopped. I couldn't go anymore. She still held me, tight. We began to kiss again, with such passion, I never knew I had....

Part 2 still to cum :)

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2 years ago
very nice
2 years ago
Nice one, great way to start.
2 years ago
very good start
2 years ago
Looking forward to more.