The way i like to be treated...

One night, You call me on my phone and ask me to come to Your place. i feel excited, because every time i see You, i have a hell of a good time :-) So, i hurry to come to Your place as soon as i can.
Once at Your door, i knock. I can hear You say "come in", so i come. Without any other word, You say "Naked!". So i undress. "Quickly" You add. I undress as fast as i can. "Seems like you're horny. Good boy. Turn around" You say. So i turn around and my back is facing You. i can hear You come closer. Then, You firmly squeeze my ass cheeks. "I'm gonna have some fun these, you know? Very soon. But first..." You say. Then You grad my hair and f***e me down on my knees, and put my face against Your crotch. "Lick it" You say. i can feel a bulge growing under Your underwear. i start to lick it. The more i lick, the the bigger is the bulge.

You push my head away from You, lower Your underwear and pull my head back to Your cock. i don't need any command to know what to do. i spontaneously open my mouth to swallow Your growing cock. "Good boy" You say, "you know perfectly well what to do, huh?". You play with my head, pulling it against Your stomach, then pushing it away. First slowly, then faster, and deeper. You can hear me choke. You can feel my mouth filling with slime. You keep playing with my head like this. Your cock is so hard now! i can feel its head pushing against the back of my throat. i can barely breathe, but i don't care, i just like it that way!

Then You stop. "Enough for the foreplay" You say. You pull my head up to make me stand up, and You turn me back. "Bend over" You ask, and i bend over.i can feel You open my ass cheeks and pread some cold lube in between. You're putting a lot of it. You're even putting some inside my asshole. With Your finger You play a bit with my asshole, then, You start pushing the head of Your hard cock against my anus. i can feel it's hot, and big. You push more until the head slides in in a quick movement. Then You pull it back ang push it in again. You do it several times. This makes me realise how bis is the head of Your cock.

Suddently, You push Your cock all the way inside me. i can feel it's all inside me. It's so big! It's a bit painful, but i don't think of it. i only think about Your pleasure. You're humping me now, deep and slow. i'm still on my feet, bending over. This way You can play more easily with my ass cheeks, slap them, spread them, see Your cock go in and out at every move of Your hips. "You like it, slut, don't you?" You say. i answer "Yes". "You better like it, because, whether you like it or not, I'm going to spend a lot of time in your anal slut ass" You answer.
You stop. You pull me back and i can feel You're trying to sit me on something, You maybe? Yes, You're trying to have me sit on Your cock. "Please my cock with your ass, slut" You say. i start bouncong on Your hard cock. Up and down, From the tip to the bottom of Your cock. It's become less painful, and my cock is starting to harden as well. This is so arousing to know that You're inside me, having pleasure with my body, with my ass hole.

You push me away. "Go on all four on the bed" You command. So i do. You go behind me and plunge Your hard cock inside my asshole, once again deep and slowly. But You start humping me faster than before. i can feel Your hands holding my hips very tightly. You're going faster and faster. Then You do some quick deeper moves inside my asshole. Finally, You step back.

"On the floor" You say. So i sit on knees, on the floor. "Open up" You ask. And you put Your cum-filled condom in my mouth. i start chewing it. "You like its taste, don't you? Good boy! You're a good cumslut. Now leave". So, i put on my clothes, with Your condom still in my mouth. And i go back home, still chewing the reward for the pleasure You could take from me.
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I want to do that too
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more please