For my Tgal Mistress

If one night You don't feel sl**py, that's the kind of thing i could do to help You with that:
You'd be laying on Your bed, in pyjamas, ready for bed, but not sl**p. i would take Your pants off.
First i'd put Your still soft cock in my mouth, feeling it grow bigger on my tongue and sucking it deep and fast. While i am stroking Your cock with the back of my throat i'll be playing with my ass, injecting some lube in it and then inserting a dildo, a long and large one. i would have one hand on the dildo, the other on one of my nipples, and my head bouncing fast and deep on Your pubis.
When You'l be hard enough i'll stand up and turn my back to You. You'll see how deep i could insert that very big dildo. i'll remove it in front of You and You'll see my gaping asshole craving for Your cock to fill in.
Then i would sit on Your hard cock and start bouncing on it. You would feel the pressure of my gorgeous ass cheeks on Your tighs everytime Your balls reach my ass hole: i would stretch my asshole with both my hands on my ass cheeks.
At that moment, You might do anything You want, even not paying attention to me, i'm not worth it. i'll keep bouncing on You and i won't touch my cock.
You might start watching the TV... and i'd just have to work Your cock better with my asshole so i can attract, one more time, Your attention.
Every time i loose Your attention, i can feel Your cock soften so, the more You're distracted, the longer i'd have to work Your cock.
Sometimes, i can feel Your cock get a bit thicker than usually, and i know what it means. So i contract my asshole to make it tighter, and i move faster, and deeper, again and again. i'm not going to stop.
Then i feel something hotter in me. i keep moving, but slower, with ample movement, until i feel Your cock can't stay in me anymore
Then i stand up and put a hand on my asshole. i turn again, facing You. i push out the hot fluid laid in my ass, all of it, and show You how i eat it.
i lick the palm of my hands, the fingers, one after the other. But i dont swallow, i keep it my mouth. i show You my cum covered white tongue and i wait for Your command, to know what i'm expected to do with Your precious cum.
should i swallow it? Or play a bit longer with it? i'm watching Your eyes to read the answer.
i guess You want me to play with it. This means i caught Your attention, and inside i feel some pride about it. So i spit some cum on the tip of my hand and start massaging my nipples. They are hard... i play both my nipples, and my mouth is still full of Your cum. i really enjoy it!
Then i spit on my hand once more and start stroking my cock. As You can see it, being Your dirty fuck toy really turns me on.
i keep jerking, slowly, edging myself.
Then, You can see the expression on my face violently change. i keep staring at You. Everything i'm doing is for You. That's what my eyes say.
i cum.
And my eyes keep saying "everything i'm doing is for You"
All my cum is in my hand now and i'm about to pour it in my mouth, but i can read in Your eyes Your prefer something else. Then, without hesitation, i spread all my cum on my face
massaging every inch of my skin.
My cheeks, my nose, my forehead, my lips, my ears...
my eyes, my chin...
This is my night cream, so i can stay Your gorgeous and hot dirty fuck toy.
i finally swallow Your cum. i come back to Your cock and lick it clean. No trace of cum or lube on it.
Now You feel more relaxed, and even sl**py. i leave You, satisfied i could bring You such delighful, yet dirty, pleasure before Your sl**p.
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1 year ago
wow so sexy, erotic, and fasanating