Hidden Camera s****r in Law

When I married my wife I couldn't help but notice not only was she an attractive 5'4" 120 lb. hot little thing with a great set of 34D breasts, but her 18 year old s****r also had a great little body, just smaller boobs by about a cup size, and a few pounds lighter, since she had not gained her freshman 15. Our first year of marriage went by and my obsession of my new s****r in law just got worse. I couldn't stop staring at her, when she would bend over I would almost loose myself looking at her perfect ass. She is a runner, and loves to wear running shorts, her perfect little ass would press so tight against the fabric, sometimes her panties would even show just a little if the shorts had slid! I eventually started to get brave, using my cell phone I would take pictures of her bent over, she only wears sports bras, so a down blouse was impossible. Then came my first opportunity for a hidden cam experience. We were about to go on a little vacation to go skiing. My wife had booked us a room and her s****r called to see if she could stay with us in our room! I practiced for a week trying to figure out how I could leave my cell phone hidden in the bathroom for one of her showers. then the trip came along, I placed my cell phone hidden in a pants pocket in the bathroom, we had just got back from sitting in the hot tub, and she wanted a shower. I became exited as I watched her go into the bathroom and close the door, I was so close to seeing her naked, but what if she found the camera, or what if it wasn't working, my heart was beating so hard. She finished her shower at which point I said I would take one too. I went into the bathroom and retrieved my phone. I then locked the door, and got naked, I looked in the video section of my phone and there it was, a five minute video of her! she came in, stripped her top bikini off, I now knew what her great tits looked like! then she pulled her bottoms off, she wasn't shaved but you could still see a great looking little pussy. then she turned around and what an ass! I sat in the bathroom and watched the video, then I took my dick and started to jack off, I've almost never finished and cum so quick! I had finally done it! Stay tuned to hear the next hidden cam story of her taking a shower in our house!

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2 months ago
I lived in this house that had a master bedroom with a large walk in closet. There was a bathroom on the other side of the wall. I drilled a hole through my wall into the back of the forced air heat/ a/c register. About a one nice hole,then I put a solid electric cover over the the hole in the closet. My wife would leave to go to work and we had foreign exchange students staying with us for a year. The first was the best as I heard the door open and quick went into my room, laid on the floor and there before my eyes was she. Very dark pussy hair trimmed so nice with those young 18 yr old tits. We move six months later but not before I watched about a half dozen of girls including two of my sister in laws and my mother in law
1 year ago
I have an extreme sister in law lust for years...still do...many fantasies, which ive mixed with some real time happenings, ive shred these in my stories. please feel free to look and comment...
great job btw, !
1 year ago
good work! how was the nervous excitement?
more please
1 year ago
Great story, can we see the video? I have a hidden cam video of my sister in law in the bathroom as well. Check it out in my videos.
1 year ago
Hot story! I also have a sister in law who I just love.I have had some good times with her but have never fucked her and accept that I probably never will. But I sure love to fantasize over her !!