sl**pover discovery

I have known Kristine since 2nd grade. We were best friends. It was in
4th grade I spent the night over. That day in school the nurse told us
and taught us about puberty etc. I already had that "talk" with my mom
about sex etc. I guess Kristine didnt.
I asked her, do you know how babies are made? And she said no, and I
told her that the guy sticks his penis in the girls vagania. She was
like gross, but we were curious, so that night while we slep in her
double beds, we both took our panties off and looked around each
other's vaginas. We were very amazed. Every night we did that. She moved
away, but that 1st summer after, I was 12 I flew up and stayed with her,
this time, we didnt just look, we stuck our fingers in it. We brushed
around our pubic hair. We also played with each others nipples.
It was about 2 years later, 14, I went up again. We slept in the same
bed. This time, when we examed each other's vagina, she asked if she
could kiss it, I said yes, oh my gosh, she start to lick and kiss it and
i started to raise my hips, it felt good. I told her to lay on top of my
stomach on mine and her head at my feet. so we were in the 69 position,
i started to lick her, and tounge fuck her, we both really enjoyed it.
I asked her to go get a belt, tape, a cup of water, tissues, and a
thick marker. I told her I was going to make a didlo. I found all this
by watching HBO etc, so i put the belt on, down by my pussy and taped on
the marker, which i wiped of with water. I told her to lay still, I got
up on her and start to suck her breasts, then i kissed her down to her
pubic hair, then i put the dildo in, came back up and held her while i
fucked her. She enjoyed it, when i was done (about 10 min) we got a new
marker and she made a didlo and started to do me. When we were done, we
held each other, our pussys against, cum and pussy juice everywhere.
I told her, I was going to pee in her mouth. So i sat on her mouth,
rubbing my clit, and letting it go. She really enjoyed it. Then she did
it to me. In the morning, I woke up nude holding her. I never forgot
that night
88% (47/6)
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1 year ago
Keep posting these great stories
2 years ago
nice and so realistic! merci... :)
2 years ago
Nice short story - very erotic. It left me wanting more - particularly about how the relationship developed and the sex continued. Thanks for writing.
3 years ago
OMG! yes! the whole thing is just great
espeacially when you sat on her face and gave her a mouthful of hot golden piss! God, i bet you taste sooo good!
i have been a golden shower lover since my early teens as well....would love to have you sit on my face so i could drink all your golden love juice!!!
4 years ago
good if its a true story
4 years ago
sounds almost like a true story.
4 years ago
that could be the best thing iv ever heard thanks x
4 years ago
Short and sweet...young love, and pee too!