Dear Denise

Dear Denise,
The last time we spoke, you asked me about my first experience
with another woman. To answer your question, no- it wasn't planned.
Really the first time, I was very young. As I grew up I tried to keep
thoughts of my first, buried under a torrent of fantasies about boys.
Don't get me wrong. I liked, and still do like sex with men.
However, I have come to realize that sex with another woman can fulfill
me in ways that sex with a man cannot.
Women are far more gentle, and yet more passionate than men.
Men generally have a****l passion all the time. But a****l passion can
wear on you, and be over far too soon. When a woman becomes passionate,
it is more special, more personal than with a man. With men, it often
seems that they might as well be having sex with themselves. I have had
sensitive male lovers, but they are the exception, rather than the rule.

My first experience with another female was when I was 13 years old. My
friend Jennifer and I were very close. We had gone through the first
ravages of puberty together. We watched ourselves and each other as our
bodies were transformed from slim, almost boyish forms-- to a more
awkward, almost lanky body. Which was at times embarrasing, and yet at
other times wonderful.
I watched Jennifer as her chest was transformed from flat and
small nipples to small mounds with larger brown nipples. We confided in
each other about our first period -- the excitement, the fear, the mess.
I watched my own vulva as it grew downy fuzz along the slit, and up
toward my stomach. God did it itch!
We shared our new bodies with each other. I can recall Jennifer
showing me her fuzzy pubic hair. Our bodies were new worlds to explore,
and we were partners in that exploration. It was not long after that we
became aware of each other's sexuality.
My first experience with masterbation took place at this time as
well. I found that touches and strokes to my body produced unusual
sensations. I remember my first orgasm well. I was in my room late at
night in bed. I had been touching my vulva, stroking my pubic hair. I
was aware of my clitoris previous to this, but this time it almost begged
for my attention. As I nudged it with my thumb it swelled and sent
shocks of electricity into my limbs.
I shook with excitement as I felt a now familiar dampness seeping
from my vagina. As I caressed the folds of my labia, I felt pleasure in
warm waves. Finally, there was an urgency, a threshold of pleasure that
had stopped me previously. At this point, safe and alone in my room, I
began to cross that threshold.
As I continued to stroke my clitoris, contractions began in my
lower stomach and groin. They rapidly began to build up, until I feared
that I might burst. I was afraid that I would wet myself due to the
pressure building in my crotch. Finally, I abandoned myself to the
pleasure, and my groin pulsed with exctacy. Later, as I lingered in my
wetness, I realized that a bridge had been crossed-- a bridge into adult

I shared my experience with Jennifer. She was intrigued, as she had
never climaxed before. We were both curious as to the physical nature of
sex. We had heard about it, whispered by boys in the school yard. We
were aware of references to "fuck", "cocksuck" and "69", but we didn't
have a clue as to what these words meant. I vaguely recall thinking that
a man inserted his penis into a woman's vagina, and peed, thus creating a
baby. I don't suppose I understood why people had sex until I started
experimenting with my own body. It was then that I understood, and
wanted to find out more.
It happened that Jennifer's father had a collection of
pornography ranging from magazines to videotapes. We began to look at
these when her parents were away. The pictures of nude women fascinated
me. I gazed longingly at the women, with their large breasts and hairy
vaginas. I wondered if I would ever reach that state (Trust me, I did).
When we watched the videotapes, we were fascinated by the
mechanics of sex. We were turned on, but I don't think either of us knew
why. We were shocked to see just how big a penis could get. It was even
more shocking to see that penis entering a woman through a small hole.
We watched as the man pushed his way into the woman, while on top of her,
beside her, behind her, and with her sliding onto him from above.
When Jennifer began to touch herself during the film, I watched
her hands creep under her shirt and down her pants, to play with her
fuzzy privates. Her face grew flushed as she caressed herself, her eyes
upon the couple engaged in a rear entry position. I could almost see her
passion build as she stroked faster, and deeper into herself.
It was then that two women in the movie began to have sex. We had
never heard of such a thing! We watched closely as a woman buried her
face into another woman's vagina. We saw the woman moan with pleasure.
Finally, Jennifer lost all control and pulled down her pants and
panties, to push her hand against her wet mound. I watched, and I admit
that I too had put my hands down my pants to feel my own dampness. She
moaned and squirmed as she felt the buildup of her first orgasm. She
asked for my help because "I had done this before". I obliged...
I sat down next to her, and started playing with her vagina. She
removed her hands from herself, and let me work on her. She had her eyes
closed as I examined her little mound. It was red and wet. Fluid was
already seeping through her opening. I saw her clitoris peeking through
the folds of her slit. I put my finger against her clit and began to
move it.
She moaned as a moved my finger. She played with her nipples as
I moved my hand more. She glanced over at the television, where the two
women were still at it. She asked me to "do that". I was a little
worried. I could smell her cum, musky and heavy. I wondered what it
would taste like. But I bent down and touched my tounge against her clit
softly. The taste was remarkably sweet. I decided that It wasn't so
bad. I began to lick at it, as I would an ice cream cone. She moaned
loudly and her pelvis pushed forward as she came for the first time...

I think it was then that I first began to be turned on by other
women. The sight of seeing Jennifer, her legs spread wide, her fingers
wet with cum, her face as I licked her clitoris, still remains with me today.

Soon after, Jennifer and I parted ways. I think it was because
everytime she saw me, she felt ashamed of what we had done. Everytime I
passed her in the hallway, she avoided my eyes. Perhaps she was
remembering that afternoon at her parent's house.

At any rate, Denise, that was my first experience. My next experience
was with a boy. But that is another story...

94% (17/1)
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1 year ago
That was a sweet and sexy story.
3 years ago
that reminds me of my first time.
4 years ago
so hot & sweet
4 years ago
What a great story. I really enjoyed it, thank you.
4 years ago
very nice!
4 years ago
A pr fect "True Confessions" story. Well written and exciting. Young lesbian experiences are the best!