Day Dream

It was a rainy saturday afternoon. Really rainy. There was no way we
were going to be able to go outside.

So, we sat in Sarah's living room playing cards. Her dad was off on a
business trip and wouldn't be back until the middle of the next week
and her Mom had had to go into the office for the day. That was why I
had run over in the rain to keep her company.

I lived just two blocks down the street and we spent almost all our
time together. Usually at Sarah's house, but sometimes over at mine.
Sarah had more stuff than I did. She had a doll house and lots of board
games and her yard abutted on one of the green belts that winded their
way through the neighborhood. Her house was just more fun in general.

I was soaking wet when I arrived at her house. Her Mom was just
walking out the door, but when she saw how soaked I was she scolded me
for not using an umbrella and ran upstairs to get a nightshirt that I
could borrow. She suggested that Sarah through my clothes in the laundry
and that I borrow an umbrella or wait until it stopped raining until I
went home.

I went into the first floor bathroom and stripped off all my clothes.
Even my panties were soaked clear through. I put on Sarah's nightshirt
and a clean pair of panties and we went into the recroom and stuck my
clothes in the dryer that was hidden off in a large closet.

So, we sat in the living room playing cards. Sarah was dressed in
shorts and a t-shirt as she had no plans of going outside anytime soon.

After a while I noticed that she was sort of glancing at my chest, like
she didn't want me to see that she was looking at me. I hand't really
been thinking about it but the nightshirt was nearly translucent and you
could just make out my budding breasts through the material.

"What?" I asked her.

"Hmmm," she said, playing it cool, but turning just the slightest bit

"What are you looking at? You keep staring at my chest." She really
started to turn red now.

"It's not that. It's just, I never noticed that you are starting
to get breasts. I guess I've never really looked before."

"Yeah," I said, I looked down at what of my chest I could see through
the light material. I was actually rather proud of my new breast. They
and the recent onset of my period meant that I was truly becoming a woman.
"Aren't you getting breasts as well?"

"A little, I suppose."

"Let me see, we'll compare. See who's going to be more buxom."

"Ok," she said. She pulled off her shirt and I pulled the nightshirt
over my head. We both stared at the other girl's bare chest and then
looked back at our own. Neither of us was wearing or needed a bra yet
"Well," she said finally. "You're definately more developed than me.
Looks like you're the one that's going to be a buxom lass."

I pretended mock outrage and threw myself at her. She ran and I followed
her all around the first floor of the house. We ended up in the rec room
and she flung herself on the couch. I sort of dropped on top of her.

Now that we weren't moving, the room suddenly seemed very hot. Both
of us were flushed from the activity and breathing heavily. I got up
off her and we sat there heaving from our exertion. We sat there for
a few minutes, each lost in our own thoughts.

"Mary," she finally said and I grunted. "Have you ever been with a
boy? You know like really done it with a boy."

"No, why?"

"Just curious, I haven't either. I've never even kissed a boy."

"Yeah, me neither. I mean I've kissed my father and stuff, but I've
never really kissed anyone, not with tongue."

"Do you want to try it? Just to see what it's like?" She turned to
face me.

"With you?" I looked at her. The thought of kissing was really
making my heart beat fast. I thought it might be some kind of a joke.
"I'll do it under one condition."

"What's that?"

"We can't tell anyone at school. No one! I don't want to labeled a
lesbian for the rest of my life just because I kissed a girl once. Ok?"

"Yeah, we don't tell anyone about it."

She stood up and offered me her hand to help me up. I stood up and we
faced eachother. It was very awkward, standing there. I could feel
the flush of my face extending downards onto my chest, I hoped that my
skin wasn't actually as hot to the touch as it felt.

I took a step towards her and she sort of stuck her face forward. We
both moved our faces then and bumped noses pretty hard. Luckily, that
sort of broke the ice. She started laughing and I started laughing and
we were both rubbing our noses.

I tilted my head to one side and she tilted her to the other. I looked
into her eyes as our faces got closer together and I could see that she
wanted this as much as I did. I reached out my arms and pulled her to
me in an embrace. She responded by wrapping her arms around me as

Her bare back was burning hot under my arms. Our chests touched and
my erect nipples were pushed gently by her skin and the slight
friction on them caused me the most incredible sense of pleasure.

Our lips touched and we kissed for a long time. Barely coming up for
breath for well over a minute. First me probing her mouth then her
probing mine. Playing games with our tongues and holding eachother closer
and closer all the while.

I stopped caring about whether she knew I was excited. I could feel
my crotch getting wet and I was pushing it hard against her leg. I could
feel her damp panties rubbing against me as well.

The kiss ended, but we didn't let go of the embrace. We just stood
there a moment in each other's arms.

"That was good." I finally said. She just nodded and rested her head
on my chest. "Let's go up to your room." I suggested. I wanted to
see and feel the rest of her body and I didn't feel comfortable
undressing her in the living room.

We went up the stairs holding eachother's hands. It was almost like
she was letting me lead her. We walked into her bedroom and we kissed
again. This time it wasn't so impassioned, it didn't last as long,
but I could feel that my cunt desperately wanted to be felt, to be rubbed.

I led her over to the bed and lay her down. I kneeled by the side of
the bed and I kissed her lightly on the mouth. Then I started working
my way down her neck, tasting the sweat on her skin, listening to her
breathing as I slowly worked my way down to her left nipple.

I sucked on her nipple and she gasped with pleasure, her breathing
becoming heavier. Her right hand moving and resting lightly on his
crotch, applying the slightest amount of pressure through her shorts.
Her left hand reached up and rested on the back of my neck, pulling my
face down towards her body.

I moved to her armpit and breathed in the sweet odor. It made me
impossibly excited. I licked at the smooth skin and slowly worked my
way down her side, licking at her slightly sweaty skin and feeling her
hand resting on the back of my neck.

I reached the edge of her shorts and moved on down to her feet. I
wasn't ready to see her naked yet. I wasn't ready to take that next
step. She was rubbing her crotch with both hands as I nibbled on her
toes, gently biting at her big toes and then sucking on them one by

I could feel all the muscles in her legs tensing as she became more
excited. She finally gasped and pulled her shorts down off her crotch.
She pushed her panties down and could see her fingers slide into her
damp cunt. Her fingers massaging her clit.

I moved back up the left side of her body and stared for a moment at
her hand rubbing back and forth over her hot clit I moved back up her
body and started working on her nipple again.

Her breathing changed, she started panting and her whole body was
shaking. Her chest was covered in a cold sweat and all of her muscles
were tense. Then she held her breath for a moment and let it out in
one long exhale. All her muscles went limp and then tensed again as
her body was rewarded with orgasm after orgasm. She fell back and just
gently rubbed her crotch with one hand.

I looked down and could see her hands damp from her masturbation. I
touched my hand to hers and put my finger to my lip and tasted her
sweet juices.

It was salty and a very strange consistency but not unpleasant.

It was right then that we heard her mother's car coming into the
garage. I ran downstairs to grab the nightshirt and her shirt and she
grabbed kleenex from her bedside table to clean herself up. We got
dressed and walked down the stairs just as her mother opened the door
from the garage.

We didn't have a chance to talk about anything right then, but I
looked forward to the next time I'd get to spend some time with Sarah
alone. She owed me one.
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4 years ago
very very hot I loved it to please write more
4 years ago
i loved your story
4 years ago
This was really hot! Def. a fave.!
4 years ago
Very well done, I'm so proud of you! Very exciting and believable. I can't wait for Sarah to pay you back!
4 years ago
Lovely told sweet hot story.
Makes me very curious for part two! ;)