She likes women pt2

Two more weeks passed, and although Sue and I had discussed the date with relish on several occasions, no other mention of sex was made. I knew Sue was getting it a couple of times a week from Jay, so I knew she didn't need sex from me, and she didn't ask for it. Meanwhile, I became obsessed with Susan's body. Once, in the first week after the date, I dawdled in the bathroom until Sue went ahead and peed while I was in the room. The brief glimpse of that red-gold triangle as she wiped between her creamy, freckled thighs, so tantalized me that, as soon as she left the bathroom, I had to sit on the toilet and beat off. Another time, right before bed, Susan and I chatted while she painted her toenails. As I lay on my tummy on the bed, watching Susan in the chair across from me, I began to have fantasies about kissing her feet and nibbling at her toes. Then, of course, I'd lightly caress her ankles with kisses, moving slowly up her graceful calves - and that's when I realized where this fantasy was leading and I f***ed myself to think of something else.

It was the night I found myself sniffing wistfully at the panties she'd dropped on the way to the shower that I decided that something had to give. I had to have more sex with her, but I didn't know how. But even that much of a decision made me feel better, because at that moment I threw out all the guilt. Well, most of the guilt. I was still terrified of what Susan would think when I told her that I wanted to fool around some more - or was that even the way to go about it? As it turned out, I got a really lucky break.

Susan's parents were away for the weekend, it was Friday night, and neither of us had a date. As Susan snapped off the bedside lamp, I knew that this might be the best opportunity that I'd ever have. I had it all planned out, exactly what to say. I would touch Susan's hip with my hand and whisper her name. She would turn over and I'd tell her how I'd decided I wanted to really wanted to make her feel good for turning me on to Rodney, who was taking me out on another date next week. Then, I'd basically seduce her with words and so on. Instead, to my surprise, I found Susan cuddling up to me and whispering in my ear, "I really need to ask you for a favor, Kathy, but I'm worried about something. I love you, cousin, and I want you to love me." She kissed my cheek.

I huskily said, "Of course, I love you Sue! What are you talking about? What's the favor?"

She kind of withdrew a bit, and still whispering said, "I'm really incredibly horny tonight and, well, I've been afraid you were a little freaked out when we fooled around, ya know, a while back? I mean, you haven't said anything about it, or about wanting to do it again. I mean," she pleaded, "would you love me any less if I asked you to fool around some more tonight?"

My heart was beating so loudly I couldn't hear myself think of what to say. So I borrowed a little from my plan, "Susan, I love you, I really do. You've been so sweet to me that I'd love to make you feel good." I drew her to me and kissed her before I whispered, "I really liked making you come last time, Sue, and if you asked me to, I'd make you come the way that Jay did on our date." Actually, I'd of begged her to take her pants off if I thought it would work, but I instinctively knew that Sue would frighten away if I didn't get a commitment out of her first. I had to make her ask me, or later she would look down on me or something. I'm not sure how I knew this, but I knew it had to do with dominance or something like that. Looking back, I don't know if any of that was really true, but it made sense at the time.

My heart sank a little at her surprised reaction. I'd hoped she wouldn't be shocked by the idea. "Oh Kathy! I wouldn't ask you to do a thing like that! Just feel me up, and then I'll do you, okay? Or the other way around, I mean, you don't have to go down on me, or anything drastic!"

But I wasn't about to give up. I murmured, "Okay, Susie, just relax, and I'll make you feel really good." As I said this, I was pulling off her tee-shirt. Before I touched her, I leaned close and gave her a light kiss on the lips. Then I gently stroked her breasts and felt her body relax - or perhaps I should say that her tension shifted from the wrong places to the right places. After a few more slow, easy kisses, I let my hand slide down her belly to her panties. Her legs were spreading even before I got there. The moment I slipped my hand under the elastic band I began a trail of kisses down her neck to her chest. She didn't stop me from kissing her breasts, in fact, I felt her fingers wind into my hair and clutch my head to her when my mouth formed over her left nipple and began to suck. As I felt my finger making her wetter and wetter, I knew it was time to ask her again.

"Susie," I whispered, moving my lips close to her ear as I slowly slid my finger in and out of her vagina and upwards, oiling the area around her clit but not quite touching it, "I bet my mouth would feel real good down here," I narrowed the circles around her clit a little - enough to make her gasp, then I added, "I think I'd really get off to it, if you just asked me to do it." The tension was just too much for poor Sue, and I could well imagine the doubts in her mind, since I had been tortured by the same doubts for weeks. But Sue is a very sensualistic a****l, and I knew when I heard her weakly murmur okay that I could get more of a commitment than that.

"Aw Sue, honey," I breathed in her ear as I gently rolled her clit sheath between my fingers, "You know what I want you to ask me. It would turn me on to hear you say it."

And she did know! She knew exactly, and after a long pause, she said it. "Please eat me, Kathy, eat my pussy. Now!" I quickly moved down her body, drawing the covers away and pulled her panties down. I didn't give her any time to change her mind. My only regret, as I knelt between her legs was that it was dark, but I was aware that asking for the light would be asking too much, at least this first time. The smell of her filled my head like perfume as I began to lightly kiss her slit. She didn't have much musk to her scent at all. My own pussy didn't smell as much as my mom's did. As previously mentioned, I frequently peeked in on my parents and smelled my mom across the room and her smell was powerful and unmistakably pussy. You could walk into my mom's bedroom ten minutes later and it would still be obvious a woman had been having sex in that room. My own smell was a pleasant musky smell, but mine was much, much milder than my mom's. Susan on the other hand, smelled almost like a flower or something. It was sweet and sexy, almost like a d**g. Greed overcame me much too quickly and I started licking inside her and spreading her lips with my fingers so that my tongue could plunge even deeper inside of her. When I started gently sucking her clit, her thighs tightened around me, and I felt her fingers slip into my hair to pull me into her. While I sucked and massaged her clit with my tongue, I stroked her hips with my fingers, and she sighed and moaned, "Yes, yes, Kathy, suck me, eat me, fuck me!" she cried, getting louder and louder. Her hips thrashed and threw me about but I hung on to her clit mouthing it, loving her bucking more and more as her orgasmic frenzy grew more violent. Suddenly, she raised her knees higher and slid her toes over my shoulders, her hips were still except for a deep, building shudder which finally shook her whole body and made her cry out in a single, high pitched wail. She bucked wildly and spastically a few times before her hips settled, her chest heaving several long sighs. Her hips still trembled and jumped a little as I reluctantly bade farewell to her pussy with a few brief but sincere kisses. Then while she recovered, I gave myself the pleasure of kissing her curvy, freckled legs, all over her legs. I'm not ashamed to admit it; I even sucked all ten of her toes, one at a time.

She just lay there, still catching her breath as I slid up beside her and whispered, a little coyly, I'm afraid, "How was I Sue? As good as Jay does it?" She giggled a little, "I'm afraid that was better than Jay, Kathy, maybe it was even too good. How would you feel about doing that again every now and then?" I knew she was being facetious, that she was still under the impression that I had just gone to such lengths only to please her. She really didn't suspect that I had done it as much for me as for her. And I knew that now was a good time to level with her, while she was all mellowed out in the afterglow.

"I'll eat you any time you ask me, Sue. I liked it. Very much, Sue. Very, very, much!" And I kissed her, a long, deep french kiss. She understood me all right, but it took her a few moments. Then she sighed and just said, "Oh, Kathy!"

Suddenly, explanations were gushing out of me. I told her about how I'd started seeing her differently that day that she had sat naked in the bathroom and shaved her legs in front of me. I told her how I had become fascinated with her body as a sex object as if I'd never really seen it before. She kept silent throughout the whole thing and afterwards, so I finally had to ask, "Do you still love me, Susan? My sweet, sorta cousin? Now that you know that I'm hot for your body?"

"I don't know," she moaned, then hastily amended, "I mean, yes, silly, I love you more than ever. What worries me is how I feel about it. I mean, I already want you to do it again. Do I feel different about, Jay, though? I don't think so, but then, I just don't really know!" I could hear the start of tears in her voice, and it was easy enough for me to imagine what she felt. So I hastened to smooth over her fears.

"What was it you said about taking fun where you find it?" I giggled, trying to lighten the moment, "I mean, I still look forward to getting a good fuck from Rodney if he can ever learn to keep it hard long enough!" It worked. A lusty laugh burst out of Sue's belly as she remembered how boys are. I mean, most of them are really sweet dears, but you usually have to remind them that a girl has needs, too.

"But Kathy," she said after she had caught her breath, "Why do you like doing that to me? Don't you feel weird about it?"

I had to laugh, "Chile, now you know the real reason that I've been weird these last few weeks! I had to decide if I was just queer or not. But to answer your question, I bet I enjoyed that as much as you did, and hell knows I don't feel weird about it now. By the way, your pussy smells really good, and you taste wonderful! Oh yeah, and I don't want to lay a trip on you either, Sue. You don't have to be faithful to me, or any of that other junk. We're just going to be closer cousins from now on!" I laughed again, and she laughed with me. I knew that I had said the right things. Suddenly, Sue sighed and said, "But what about me?"

We both sobered up instantly, because I knew exactly what she meant. She didn't know whether or not she wanted to go down on me. I'm sure she wasn't excluding the possibility from her mind, but I'm also sure that she had serious doubts about how she'd feel about doing it. Would she, in fact, be repelled when it came down to actually putting her head down there, smelling me, tasting me? Of course, I'd had the same doubts, all the way up until when I really did get close enough to smell her. Then I remembered that there had really been one more moment. Right with the smell had come the thought, am I in the wrong place? But from that moment on, the doubts went out the window, because the answer my libido gave was YES, this is the right place! Then suddenly I had been drinking the woman-smell of her through my nose, and I became even more anxious to drink it into my mouth. But, would it be the same for Sue?

Finally I put my arms around her, drew her close and kissed her. She kissed back. "Don't worry about it, Sue," I said breathlessly as our lips parted, "just feel me up tonight. Then if you ever wanna... then just do it. But I can't change about it. I want to do it to you again."

"Okay, honey," and I could hear her grin even in the darkness when she added, "do you mean now?"

"Right now," I said and then added with my own grin, "and if you really want to show gratitude and appreciation, all you have to do is turn on the light."

There was an awkward silence before she asked, "Really?"

"Really!" I groaned in my throatiest growl and kissed her.

To my surprise, she pushed me back and said, "No. It just wouldn't be right. Something else has to happen. I - I think I've got to have a first, too!" I was confused, didn't have any idea what she was talking about. I was even more puzzled when she did turn the light on, although I must confess that for just a second when I saw her snatch, I forgot everything but that red, delicious triangle. As she slipped off her shirt, leaving her completely naked, I noticed her sugar-pink nipples were already proud and erect. She blushed furiously as she saw me looking at her, then she smiled shyly as she began to pull off my tee-shirt. "No, Kathy, you had time to build up an interest in me, and I feel at a disadvantage. It's Me that needs to be looking at You differently, now." I understood and gave her a reassuring smile as I pushed her hands away. I was embarrassed as hell about it, but I knew that it would be best for me to put on a little show for her. To strip myself especially for her, to make up for having taken advantage of her by covertly admiring her body. She watched me intensely as I stripped without artifice in front of her. Now for the show, I thought.

Pretending that I didn't know she was there, I rubbed myself slowly all over. Moving my hands over my curves, I became more sensual, more and more deliberately erotic. I could feel her eyes on me. I teased my nipples a bit, although they were already hard as buttons, and cupping my hands under my breasts. Then I turned around and bent over in front of her to clear the covers off the bed. Then I turned back around and ran my hands down over my legs and hips like I was putting on lotion, then I stood over her on the bed, my feet straddling her hips and giving her a good view of my pussy. "So, whatcha think, gorgeous, do ya think I got a chance for Miss America?"

Okay, I was camping it up, but Sue seemed to like it, at least she laughed before replying, "Well, you have my vote, Kathy." She moved her eyes over me and as they settled wistfully (I hoped) on my thatch of brown hair, she added, "And if I wanted to have sex with a woman, you'd be my number one choice!"

Not an ideal choice of words, but as I lay down beside her and gave her a quick kiss, I realized that if this scrumptious redheaded creature would let me have my way with her, it didn't make a helluva lot of difference if she didn't want to reciprocate. I still felt like I was getting the best of the bargain. "Don't even think of going down on me if you don't feel like it, Sue," I said gently, stroking her breasts with my right hand. As I felt her nipples harden against my palm as it brushed them, I whispered, "I want to make you come again." Then I kissed her.

"Nope," she said, and kissed me back passionately, "It's my turn!" Whereupon, she rolled me on my back and began running her hands over my legs and hips. I doubled my pillow under my head so I could watch her as she spread my legs and lay down between them, her breasts just touching my hips. She slid up my body so that her pussy pushed against mine and I automatically raised my knees to settle her closer into me. I put my arms around her as she settled her breasts against mine and leaned over to kiss me. She kissed me long and sensuously, our tongues rolling around together, exploring each other's mouths. Then she moved her head down, slowly kissing each breast while rubbing each of hers in turn against my moistened crotch. I began trembling when she ran her tongue down my belly and kissed my thighs. She looked at my pussy briefly and spread it with her fingers, then she lowered her face to my anxious pussy. Gasping my pleasure, I watched her eat me, and she watched me watch her. When I came, her green eyes were still locked with mine as tightly as my thighs hugging around her neck. I had never had had such a beautiful, long-lasting orgasm before, and I felt Sue sharing it with me. When I finally had to push her head away, I was so blown away by that whirlpool of an orgasm that I barely remember the feel of her lips kissing mine before I fell asl**p.

I awoke, all but cursing myself! Yeah, it was a great orgasm, but it was also a great chance to go down on Susan in the light. And I blew it. When I woke up, Sue had already gotten up, and I could hear the shower running in the bathroom. I guess I had woken up pretty much where I left off; I mean; I was still horny. So, I scrambled into the bathroom and said, "Susan, I do hope that's you in there..."

"No, it's the Creature From the Black Lagoon," said Susan, in her most guttural tone of voice. I peeked through the shower curtains at Sue's grinning, shiny-wet body. "Come on in, the water's fine," she added with a lascivious wink. I didn't hesitate, but stepped right in, and standing in the hot water, I hugged Susan and kissed her. "Thanks for the good night kiss," I told her."

It was a strange place for straight talk, but maybe the water rushing over us had to do with it. Anyway, my stomach dropped several stories as Sue's reply slowly registered. "I love you, Kat, but I've thought it over. I felt a little strange about it..." She looked a little desperate at my crestfallen expression, then hastily added, "Hey, I really get off when you do me, Kathy. It's the best, I mean that!" She paused to kiss me and hug me tighter. We were drowning in the shower, but I think Sue had been severely afflicted with a Dramatic Moment! She continued, "but I felt funny when I do it to you. I do kinda like it," she whispered, "makin' you feel good and all is really great, and well," she blushed a bit, "I even feel kinda attracted, ya know, I mean you're pretty cute, Kath." Then she sighed, "I just don't feel right, ya know, and I guess I don't want to get too involved with it, ya know..." Her voice trailed off, and she hung her head a bit.

My stomach came back to its normal place, and I even had to repress the urge to giggle. Somehow, I instinctively knew that I was still in 'control' of our situation if I played my cards right. She wanted me to assume the guilt trip for our 'lesbian' activities. I think that may have been when I laid aside my own last doubts on the subject. By God, I wasn't straight or not. I was just a sexual a****l, and there was nothing wrong with that! To win Sue's cooperation it was obvious that all I had to do was appear to become the total supplicant - her love slave. I had no objection to this appearance; in fact, I guess it's all I really wanted. And if I played it right, by using a little reverse psychology, I could have Susan loving me as a bonus!

"That's okay, Susan, I understand," I managed to say in a calm voice with a straight face. "And I like guys as much as you do, but I do feel this way about you, too. I don't want you to be faithful to me, or anything like that, and you don't even have to do it to me, it's just that," and I looked her right in the eye with my most angelic expression, although it was hard not to blink, gasp and stutter with the shower hitting me right in the face, "I still want to make love to you." I saw a slightly doubtful expression and plunged all the way, "Look Sue, it feels good, it's free, and it won't make you fat or pregnant!"

Sue busted out laughing, humor at least temporarily banishing her fears. And I had basically just promised not to interfere with her 'guy quests,' assured her that she would receive, whether she gave or not, and then I had given her the implication that she would get free sex out of me any time she felt like it. That was all safe enough for me; it was all true. I was aware that she was basically making a power play; I had read a book once about that sort of thing. She obviously wanted to have complete control of our sexual relationship. I didn't like this idea very much, however, I'm a very 'game' person. All right, competitive would probably be more truthful. But if the name of the game was conquest, then I knew just how to win it. I would start off by pretending to totally give in and accept her as my 'mistress.' But the more Machiavellian part of me knew that Sue was the one really hooked, or she wouldn't feel the need for the power play. My plan was that she would later become putty in my hands when I started teasing her with access to my goodies - the one thing that I hadn't promised! But during the meantime, I had to play the love slave... Not a role I really resented at all, in fact, I thought it was pretty sexy.
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