diary pt5

When we were both naked, she ground herself against me, keeping my body prone on the ground with her hands pressed against my chest. She kissed and licked a slick path down my chest, torturing my breasts with her sweet mouth. I needed to touch her but she wouldn't let me. She kept my arms firmly on the ground, pushing against my wrists as her hips moved faster. She was close, I could feel it deep inside. Her thrusting became frantic as she lowered her lips to my ear and began to whimper. This is what kept me up at night. This scene, these sounds, these smells kept sending me over the edge of delirium while she kept her distance in her anger.

Her hips were moving to a tune of her own making, accompanying the sounds she was emitting. When it had gotten too much, she released my hands, using the floor as leverage to thrust harder and faster into me. Taking advantage of my freedom, I pulled her hips closer, matching her thrust for thrust. It didn't take long for her to succumb to the pleasure, and I went right along with her. Her moans increased in volume and her teeth made their mark on my shoulder when we both shuddered in ecstasy. It was that good. I licked my lips in contentment and laid a soft, wet kiss on her glistening shoulder.

"I must be going crazy," she whispered after a little while.

"Then the loony bin must be filled with ridiculously happy people," I couldn't help but offer my two cents.

She chuckled warmly and cuddled closer. "Go to sl**p, dumbass. We have a lot to talk about in the morning."

"Where have I heard that before?" I asked quietly, since Jeanie was already well on her way to La-La Land.

It felt good, perfect really. We were perfect together. And it was destined. No other explanation would make sense. Only one thing seemed to be missing; now where the heck did she put that diary?
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1 year ago
A little more detail on the love making would be wonderful. The story is deliciously dirty. I sometimes pick up new ideas from reading these. We all have our "go to" moves. I love sucking and licking her clit at the same time finger fucking her while my other hand explores and caresses her.
3 years ago
This part was painfully too short. lol

Loved it. :)
4 years ago
diary pt6? :)