Kelli and the Masseuse pt2

The hands pulled her shirt over her head. Who was this? She still could not see, but she did not stop the hands as they unfastened her bra and gently pulled it off her. The hands came under her arms and fingertips stroked at the tenderness of her breasts so lightly that it gave her a chill. She looked down and watched as the hands fondled her. It felt so good.

She had to know who was doing this to her. She turned around slowly as the hands held her close and her body was pressed into this person she could not see. A mouth lowered over hers and kissed her passionately. Her tongue pressed into the person's mouth as she let the person kiss her again and again. Finally, the grip was loosened on her and she stepped back to see who was seducing her. Her eyes flew wide open as she looked into the face of Earlene.

Kelli flew up out of her chair and screamed as she was jolted awake from her dream. She ran a hand over her face to push her hair back and realized she was covered with sweat.

This is fucked up, she thought. Now I'm dreaming of this woman taking me.

She sat back down for several minutes as she tried to collect herself. Then she headed into the bathroom and found several sl**ping pills and swallowed them down. She wanted to make sure she would be having no more dreams tonight.


It had been almost a week since Kelli had inadvertently been a witness to the encounter between her friend Natasha and that big bitch Earlene. She didn't like to get involved with other people' business, but the weird dream of her own seduction had not stopped and it was pissing her off. She finally came to the conclusion that she needed to track Earlene down and have it out with her. Kelli thought that her dream was kind of like a guilty conscious, that once she confronted Earlene, it would stop.

Kelli had done some nosing around and was able to get Earlene's home address. She decided that after work, she would head over there and confront her. She had been going over in her mind what she would say; how she knew Earlene had blackmailed Natasha, how she had f***ed her to have sex with her, how she was using the club for her little sex games. She was convinced that Earlene would be begging her not to tell anyone so she would not be fired.

At five pm, Kelli raced out of the office and jumped in her Miata. The little car across town as Kelli followed the directions she had gotten from the internet. As she got closer, she realized that she was going into a pretty bad part of town. The houses were pretty bad with lots of old cars sitting around. On the corners of some streets, groups of people were standing around and they looked at her with a lot of interest. The pretty girl in the sporty car was definitely in the wrong place.

Finally, Kelli turned onto Earlene's street. She cruised down the street for 2 blocks as the numbers got closer and closer to the address. A 2-story house caught her attention and she realized it was Earlene's address. She was about to stop when she realized that there was a Mustang in the driveway next to Earlene's stupid pickup truck.

Ha, she thought. That is Natasha's car. She is probably here cussing the bitch out herself. Good, now I can help.

She parked along the curb and headed straight for the front door. Listening for a moment, it was very quiet. Perhaps Natasha had just got there and the fireworks hadn't yet begun.

Kelli knocked on the door and waited. After a minute or so, she heard the door chain being released and the knob turning. She felt anxious as she readied herself for a big confrontation. Surely Natasha would be just inside and would need help.

Earlene opened the door and looked at the pretty girl.

"Can I help you miss?"

"Oh knock it off Earlene. You know who I am from the club," Kelli said as she pushed into the house.

She stopped short as she looked around and saw no one around. She had thought Natasha would be sitting right there.

"Oh yes, I recognize you. Kelli isn't it? What can I do for you?" Earlene said.

"I know what you're up to Earlene. I saw what you did to my friend Natasha. And I know she is here somewhere. Where is she? I want to see her right now," Kelli said f***efully as she continued to look around the downstairs of the house.

"Yes dear, Natasha is here. I can show you. She is upstairs with some friends of mine. Please, I will show you," Earlene said calmly as she took the girl's hand and led her to the stairs.

The big woman took Kelli upstairs and down a long dark hallway. As Kelli walked, she had the most profound sense that she had been here before. She shrugged it off as Earlene stopped at a door and knocked softly. Someone inside said something, Kelli couldn't quite hear what. Earlene stood aside to let Kelli open the door herself. The girl turned the handle and pushed it open.

Kelli almost lost her breath as she saw what was inside.

Natasha was lying naked on a large bed. Her arms and legs were reaching out towards each corner and her eyes were closed. Two women were there with her. Women like Earlene. Big. Ugly. Older women. And they were taking the Asian beauty.

Kelli stared in bewilderment as she watched one of the women as she held Tasha's legs apart and was slowly licking the girl's sex. Licking as if she were a mother cat cleaning her kittens. Bottom to top, time and again, the woman pushed her tongue over the girl's most tender flesh. As her tongue would pull away to start again, Kelli could see the spittle stretch between tongue and pussy. As the woman's tongue would touch Tasha each time, the girl would buck slightly and make a little moan of pleasure.

Kelli looked towards the top of the bed at the other woman. She was alternately suckling each of the girl's ripe breasts. First, she would bite each nipple and then suck hard down onto the breast, dragging as much of it into her mouth as she could.

Kelli felt a strange warmth on the back of her neck as she stared at the sensual sight of her friend.

"Wha....what is....going...on? What are you doing to her," she stammered.

Earlene spoke from close behind her. She hadn't realized that Earlene was pressed up against her back.

"Natasha is enjoying herself Kelli. She hasn't spoken to you? Well, she came here on her own and has been here for 2 days," the big woman said.

"Two days!" Kelli exclaimed. "No, that isn't possible. Natasha isn't like that. She has a boyfriend."

"Yes, she does Kelli. But, don't you have a boyfriend and you came here too?" the big woman asked.

Kelli didn't reply, she didn't know what to say or how to argue. She was so engrossed at the sight of her friend being taken by the two women that she wasn't paying attention to Earlene at all.

The big women had moved right behind the sweet girl and pressed against her back as she took the girl's shoulders with her hands. With firm but gentle motions, she began to massage the girl. She could feel the girl relax slightly in response to her skilled touch.

"Omigod," Kelli whispered as she watched Natasha writhe on the bed, obviously having an orgasm.

Earlene leaned into her from behind and pressed her mouth close to Kelli's ear.

"Ummmm, isn't it beautiful Kelli? My friends have given Natasha one orgasm after another and she has loved every one," she said as her hands moved down Kelli's arms.

"They make her cum?" Kelli whispered.

"Yes Kelli. Natasha loves it. She has been in that bed since she got here," she said.

Kelli continued to watch not moving her eyes from her beautiful friend. It was such an erotic sight. The young Asian girl lying there so submissively as the two older women used their mouths on her. Kelli felt an arousal within herself that she had never felt before.

As Kelli watched, Earlene's hands moved down the girl's arms and then from her arms to Kelli's waist. Kelli made no move to stop it even if she knew it was happening. The woman tugged at her shirt, pulling it up slighty so her hands could touch the silky bare flesh of the girl's waist. When Kelli still made no move to stop her, the big woman got bolder, pushing the shirt up so she could get her hands on the girl. As she did, she pulled Kelli back into her chest firmly.

Kelli broke her gaze from Natasha to look down at the woman's hands that were touching her own body.

"Earlene, what are you doing to me? Please, let me go. I have never done this," Kelli said, almost in a whisper.

"Kelli, I can feel your body getting aroused. Don't deny it. You want to be touched."

Kelli was quiet as she watched the woman's hands on her bare stomach. She watched as one arm wrapped around her waist and held her firmly as the other arm reached down to the bottom of her skirt and began to lift it. She could feel the woman's fingers as they slid across the skin of her upper thigh. She looked down as the woman pulled the side of her skirt high enough that part of her panties were visible. The woman's fingers eased to the hem of her panties, gently lifting it, and then sliding underneath.

Kelli's head fell backwards onto the woman's shoulder as the fingers slid over her sex. The woman smiled to herself for now she knew that this girl was hers. The auburn haired beauty was going to be her little toy to be taken as she pleased. She held the girl firmly as she eased a finger into the steaming girl's pussy. Kelli seemed to melt into Earlene's arms as she felt the woman penetrate her.

Earlene whispered into the girl's ear, "I'm going to take you into my bedroom now. It's time for me to have you."

"Earlene, please, I'm begging you. I'm not like this. I have a boyfriend," Kelli protested weakly.

"A boyfriend? I really don't care. Because now I am your lover and I can't wait to get my tongue into your pussy."

Kelli moaned and almost fell as she realized that she couldn't stop what was going to happen to her. She let Earlene steer her down a dark hallway that somehow seemed so familiar. They came to another door that Earlene opened quickly and guided Kelli through. The big woman closed and locked the door behind them.

Turning to the slender girl, she began to unbutton the front of Kelli's blouse until it was open and she pushed it off, letting it fall to the floor. Then she found the button on the girl's skirt and released it. The skirt fell easily down the smooth tanned legs to the floor. Kelli made no protest as she let the woman strip her.

Earlene took a good look at the nearly naked girl who stood in just her bra and tiny panties. She wrapped her arms around Kelli and drew her close as she put her mouth over Kelli's. She slowly kissed the aroused girl, letting her tongue ease into Kelli's mouth, pushing the girl's lips apart.

As Kelli let herself be kissed, she suddenly realized that her dream was coming true. She was at Earlene's house. She had come here to stick up for her friend Natasha, but the tables had been turned on her. Natasha was giving herself to these women and Earlene had used the sight of it to seduce Kelli. And it had worked. Kelli was now letting the big woman have her way. There was no waking up from a bad dream this time. This time, Kelli was going to be taken.

The woman broke the kiss and moved around behind the girl as she turned her to a mirror.

"I want you to watch what my hands are going to do to you Kelli. You want to see don't you?"

"Uhhh.....yes....I want to see," the girl whispered.

Earlene's hands came to the girl's chest as she pulled at the clasp of the bra. Easily and quickly it was open and she peeled the bra back, letting Kelli's breasts fall free. She eased the bra off the girl and dropped it. Her hands went back to the girl's chest as she gently cupped each breast and lifted them. Kelli watched in fascination as Earlene began to gently fondle her incredible breasts. The woman gently eased her hands from side to side under each breast, letting Kelly get a good look at what was happening.

"Mmmmmm, your breasts are wonderful Kelli. I've been wanting them for months now. I've been dreaming of doing this to you," she whispered as her tongue flicked into the girl's ear.

Kelli said nothing. She was entranced with her image in the mirror. Her slender body was in the grasp of the big older woman. She watched as the woman fondled her, easing her fingers up to pinch her nipples, making them stand up. Her mind was still in a fog and she tried to make sense of what was happening, but she couldn't. Her body was controlling her and her body wanted to be taken.

Earlene eased a hand down from the girl's breasts and poked her thumb under the waist of Kelli's panties. She pulled them down slowly over the girl's hips before letting them fall to the floor. Then she stood straight behind the girl, taking in the sight of the now totally nude girl.

She's just as I dreamed she would be, Earlene thought. She is incredible and she was so easy to seduce. Coming over here like she was going to cuss me out. As soon as she saw Natasha, she was mine to be taken.

Earlene wrapped a firm arm across Kelli's breasts and held tight as she let a finger push into the girl's pussy. Kelli gasped a breath as she grabbed Earlene's wrist and held on. She wasn't trying to stop the woman, in fact, she was pushing to make the finger go deeper. Earlene smiled to herself.

They stood there in front of the mirror for several more minutes as Earlene made sure that Kelli was totally overwhelmed by the sight of her seduction. She wanted the girl to give herself freely and let her body be taken again and again.

Finally, the big woman steered her to a bed that was across the room. She pushed the girl down until she was lying in the middle, her head propped by 2 pillows. Kelli laid there, her breathing fast and shallow, as she watched Earlene strip out of her own clothes. Once she was finished, the big naked dyke began to crawl on the bed over Kelli's incredible body.

Kelli's mind cleared momentarily as she saw the big woman about to cover her.

"Please, Earlene, you have to let me go," Kelli whimpered.

"It's to late for that my dear. I'm taking you now," Earlene said as she lowered her massive body down onto the slender girl.

Kelli almost disappeared as the big woman covered her. Her legs pushed out to the sides as the woman pushed between them and began to hump Kelli's groin. She wrapped her big arms under the girl's back and pressed her huge breasts down onto Kelli's. Her mouth covered Kelli's and she rammed her tongue deep into the girl's throat as she f***efuly kissed her.

Slender arms flailed on each side as the big woman took the girl. Kelli was so overwhelmed now that she had closed her eyes to let her arousal flow totally through her. She could feel her pussy getting so wet and so ready. She was feeling a sense of desperation in need of release.

The big woman began to slide down the girl so that her mouth could suckle the girl's breasts. Kelli arched her back hard as the hungry mouth devoured her nipples, sucking them in and teasing them with bites. The woman sucked her so hard that it seemed as though she could take half of each breast into her mouth. Kelli wriggled from side to side in the woman's iron grip as she felt the incredible sensation from her breasts.

Easing further down, the woman kissed and licked her way down Kelli's smooth, flat stomach until her tongue reached the small patch of the girl's pubic hair. She teased her tongue through it until she felt it touch the warmness of the girl's sex. Kelli let out a long low moan as the dyke's tongue pushed slowly and deeply into her.

Big hands wrapped under each thigh as the woman brought the girl hard against her face and her hungry mouth. Kelli threw her arms out to her sides and clutched the sheet as she felt a sensation that she did not know. She could feel the tongue inside her, but she also felt the woman chewing and sucking on her sensitive flesh. Kelli came for the first time in less than a minute.

But the woman did not stop. Her tongue worked the girl harder and harder, not letting her relax for even a second. Beads of sweat began to appear on the girl's tanned body as she felt another orgasm building in her. Moments later, she screamed as Earlene's tongue rammed her again, making her cum for the second time.

Kelli moaned and rolled on the bed as the tongue continued to fuck her. Her boyfriend had tried to pleasure her like this but had always failed miserably. Earlene obviously knew what she was doing and she knew how to do it especially well on beautiful young girls like Kelli.

Earlene slowed her tonguing as she let Kelli catch her breath. She wiped a big hand over her hungry mouth as she licked her lips and savored Kelli's taste. The big dyke lifted herself up and began to rummage through a dresser that was behind her. Finding what she was looking for, she slammed the drawer shut and turned back to Kelli.

She stared at the beautiful girl lying before her as she wrapped the big strap-on cock around her hips. She smiled to herself as she got ready to fuck this girl she had been wanting for so long.

Kelli opened her eyes as she realized that Earlene was crawling over her again. She put her hands up to the woman's shoulders, her fingers taking a firm hold. She was looking at the big dyke's face as she felt the tip of the cock push against her sex.

"Wha...," was all she could say before Earlene thrust her hips and buried the cock into Kelli's pussy.

The poor girl screamed and twisted as she felt the huge plastic thing shove deep into her. Earlene held herself up on her hands as she began to rhythmically fuck the sweet girl, her hips pushing down time and time again. She watched the ' girl's beautiful face as Kelli felt each new push.

Kelli let her hands drop from the woman's shoulders and fall to the bed. Her legs, pushed out way to each side, glistened with sweat. Her breasts and stomach, also glistened with both her own sweat and the droplets that fell from Earlene's massive breasts.

Earlene began to lower herself onto the girl again, letting her breasts flatten against Kelli's taut body. The beautiful girl almost disappeared again as Earlene covered her. The big dyke was unrelenting as she continued to fuck the girl.

Kelli was openly moaning and whimpering as her body was taken. Her mind was a total blur with it's only focus being the cock that was ramming into her. She came for the third time when Earlene pushed it in and then paused, holding it deep into the girl. Another scream pierced the air as Kelli was racked by the huge orgasm.

Earlene smiled again. I knew she was going to be good, she thought. She's cum three times and still hasn't passed out. I'm going to enjoy this immensely.

The pounding of the girl's tender sex began again as the dyke continued her assault of the girl. Kelli moaned and writhed continuously as her body responded to every push. Earlene had her arms wrapped around the girl's body and gripped her tightly as her hips bucked down against Kelli's pussy. She covered the girl's mouth with her own and shoved her tongue between Kelli's lips, suddenly interrupting Kelli's breathing.

The girl bucked as she desperately fought for a breath, but the sudden lack of air seemed to trigger another orgasm that rolled over the girl. Kelli wanted to scream again but couldn't since the woman's mouth still covered her own. The combination of the orgasm and her failed attempts to get more air began to wear her down and she felt a wooziness pass over her.

Earlene, sensing the girl was at her limit, began to slow her humping as she watched the girl slowly pass out. She fucked the cock into the girl very gently for several more minutes as she looked at the spent girl's beautiful face. Finally, she pulled the cock out of the girl and eased herself down onto the bed next to her.
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