Fun at the beach pt16

Angel squirmed a bit as she watched Giselle's fingers tease her breasts. She was trying to be professional and do her job here, but this woman was seducing her. Angel wasn't sure what was going on, she just knew that she was becoming very, very aroused and was loosing control of herself.

Giselle continued to play with the ribbon over Angel's breasts. She let her fingers spread out fully as she placed her hand over a ripe breast and squeezed it gently. Angel's head bobbed back as another moan escaped her. Giselle smiled to herself as she let her fingers slide down off the ribbon onto the upper part of Angel's stomach. As soon as her fingers were off the ribbon, she pushed them up again letting her fingers push underneath so that her hand slid on top of one of Angel's ripe breasts.

Angel moaned again as she felt the woman's hand cup her breast. She could hardly hold her head up as she felt the wonderful fondling that her breasts were receiving. Her mind raced as she realized that this other woman was pleasuring her. Angel thought about her current boyfriend, the first real boyfriend she had ever had. The most they had ever done was some kissing and petting with clothes on!! Now this woman was stripping her and touching her in the most intimate way.

"Yes, very good Giselle. Your package seems to be enjoying itself. I think it wants to be unwrapped now."

Giselle reached behind Angel's back to pull the tape that held the ribbon. With her other hand, she pulled the ribbon away to uncover Angel's beautiful breasts. If Angel was aware of this, she didn't show it. Her head was laying back against Giselle's chest and her eyes were fluttering open and closed.

With the ribbon out of the way, Giselle began to fondle the darling girl's breasts in earnest. She would cup them, then squeeze them, then massage them. Her fingertips would grasp each nipple and pinch causing Angel to arch her back and gasp. She smiled to herself. She knew this little girl was almost hers for the taking.

"Perfect, perfect Giselle. I think Angel is getting into it. Why don't you unwrap the rest of your package," Joanne said.

Giselle wasted no time. Her hand passed down from Angel's breasts and quickly slid under the ribbon around her hips. Her fingertips found Angel's small patch of pubic hair and Giselle paused to scratch her fingers through it. Angel could feel Giselle's fingers so close to her sex and she started to speak.

"Oh, please..."

But her voice trailed off as Giselle pushed her fingers down over Angel's moist pussy. Angel tensed as she felt the wonderful sensation. She reached up to grasp Giselle's arm, but did not push it away. Rather, she was holding it where it was. Giselle smiled to herself as she let her fingers lightly massage Angel's pussy. Her touch was so light and so slow, it could have been mistaken as the touch of a butterfly.

Angel was totally overwhelmed now. Joanne could see that she needed to lay down so she motioned to Karen. The two of them quickly approached the set and pulled the chair and stool away so that Angel and Giselle were on the thick carpet of the floor. Giselle was still behind Angel with the younger girl's body stretched out between her legs.

Giselle had brought a hand from behind Angel's back and began again to fondle the teenager's breasts while still delicately massaging Angel's pussy with her other hand. Angel was openly moaning as she felt her body being taken.

Once again she tried to speak.

"Omigod, what are you doing to me? You're a woman. This isn't right."

It was Joanne that replied as she and Karen knelt down next to the 2 naked girls before them.

"My dear Angel, it was you we wanted. We got the pictures we needed for the client, but it was really you we wanted."

"You mean you hired me so you could seduce me?"

Joanne smiled as one of her hands went to the smooth flesh of Angel's tanned legs.

"Yes my dear. We wanted you. We wanted to touch you and caress you. Lovely Giselle has been doing that very well."

Karen had taken hold of the ribbon that was still wrapped around Angel's hips and trailed down between her legs. She gave it a small tug and pulled it away from the girl's luscious body. Angel was now completely naked and stretched out before them. Joanne had moved in between Angel's legs and placed her fingers on the inside of each slender thigh.

Well, it would seem that Giselle likes to caress but I like to lick." Joanne said.

With that, Joanne lowered her head as her tongue stretched out to stroke the petals of Angel's sex. Angel's body reared back as she felt a huge bolt of electricity. She almost cried out but now Karen joined in and covered Angel's mouth with her own as she shoved her tongue past Angel's lips.

Joanne had to wrap her hands under the girl's legs as Angel's body bucked under the 3 women who were taking her. Once Joanne had a better grip, she shoved her tongue into the virginal girl's wet pussy. Another low moan could be heard from the girl's throat, but Karen's smothering kisses never let it escape into the open.

Joanne was an expert. Her tongue glided into the girl as it pushed and probed and sucked. Then she would pull it out to lick the the girl's juices briefly before it would shove deeply back in. Every time it pushed inside, Angel's body was buck and her legs would stretch tightly.

It was an incredible sight. The 3 older women had total control of Angel. Her s*******n year old body was a feast for them. One mouth smothered her with kisses, another was sucking and licking her breasts, and the third was fucking her. Her slender body was totally stretched out as the 3 women had their way. She really had never had a chance. She was only 19 years old and was sexually naive, despite her incredibly beautiful appearance. She had never met a lesbian before or really understood that lifestyle, so when these 3 women began touching her and kissing her, she was unprepared to deal with it. However,the 3 women had done this before -- many times -- and it was always the same. The sexual desires of the young girls they brought in always won.

Angel's body began to tense even more as Joanne spread the girl's legs even further and drove her tongue as deep as she could. Angel screamed into Karen's mouth as she felt the orgasm sweeping over her. Her body arched so suddenly that she almost knocked Giselle away from her breasts. But the woman kept an arm around the darling girl's waist and continued to suckle her.

"Karen, I do believe it's your turn," Joanne said as she pulled away and moved up to Angel's head where she cradled the girl in her arms.

She sat there and held Angel as Karen moved between the girl's legs and lowered her face to Angel's soaking pussy.

"Do you see Angel? Karen is going to eat you now. Do you feel her tongue on you? You're very wet. I think she's going to have to lick you off first."

Karen did just that, her tongue licking all over the girl's sex from the inside of one thigh, across her tenderness, and then to the other. Angel's body bucked and tensed all over again as the second woman began to take her. Her mind, still trying to function, realized that these 3 lesbians had lured her here. They probably knew she was a virgin and was easy prey for their seduction. But there was nothing she could do about it. In fact, she didn't want to. Her body had never felt this way before and everything that the 3 women had done to her was incredibly pleasurable.

Angel lifted her head slightly so she could watch as Giselle still suckled her breasts and Karen tongued her pussy. It didn't take long before she felt another orgasm building inside her. Again, it hit her hard and another scream erupted from her. Her body writhed almost involuntarily as she felt the wave of pleasure roll over her.

Finally, it was Giselle's turn. She crawled across Angel's nearly spent body to crouch between the girl's legs. Her long slender fingers pushed the girl's legs apart gently as her tongue reached out to Angel's sex. Angel responded as soon as it touched her softness.

"Ooooohh, please, I can't take anymore," she begged.

As Giselle pushed her tongue into the girl, it was Joanne who replied.

"Now Angel, it wouldn't be fair to not let Giselle have a turn. After all, it was Giselle who seduced you."

But Angel probably didn't hear what Joanne had said. Her body was once again overwhelmed by the delicious sensations it was feeling and all her senses were focused on that alone. The 3 women all descended on her again, her writhing body almost totally covered by them. Angel was so sexually charged that it did not take any time at all for Giselle's probing tongue to push her to another giant orgasm. The darling girl had never cum before and now had had 3 orgasms in less than 20 minutes. Her poor body was spent.

The 3 women eased off of her after she came the third time. They lightly stroked her and kissed her sweet flesh as she laid there, almost u*********s. Angel didn't move, she really had no strength to move. The 3 of them stayed there with her for several minutes until she finally began to wake up. Her eyes blinked several times as she tried to focus on them.

"What did you do to me? I've never felt like that before."

"Dear Angel, we simply introduced you to the joy of sex with another woman. And obviously, you did enjoy it," Joanne replied.

"You came three times Angel. In fact, you began to cum almost as soon as Giselle's tongue touched your pussy," Karen added.

"You are delicious Angel," Giselle said. "For such a young girl, your body is very sexual. I know that you were feeling pleasure from everything we did to you."

Angel was quiet for a moment.

"You're right. It did feel very good. It makes me wonder about myself now."

Joanne pulled the girl up into a sitting position and wrapped an arm around her.

"Angel, don't think to much about it. You're a young and very beautiful girl. You're going to have lots of sexual experiences. This was just one of them. Just enjoy them for what they are."

Angel considered that for a moment as she looked at them. Finally, her beautiful smile beamed at them and they all hugged her tight. It had been an incredible morning for her, one that would make a lasting impression on her.


Angel finished speaking and sat quietly, looking at Jennifer, who was staring back at the younger girl.

"My god Angel. You were just a baby and these 3 women seduced you? This is the most incredible thing I've ever heard."

"Yeah, it was pretty wild for me for awhile. I dumped my boyfriend about a week after that. And I did go back there for other jobs and other encounters. Not anymore though. The got into tax trouble and the IRS shut them down."

"They never found out you were only 19?" Jennifer asked.

"Nope, never did."

"Jesus!" JLo exclaimed.

"I've had some boyfriends since then. In fact, I'm seeing this guy named Jim right now. But, the relationships don't get extremely sexual. I don't feel as comfortable with guys as I do with another girl. In fact, the feelings I have for Emi are 100 times as strong as my feelings for Jim."

Jennifer cuddled up to her again as she thought about how incredible this girl was. What could have been a very traumatic experience for a young girl had instead become the defining moment of her life. Angel had grown a lot since that day.

They both were quiet for quite awhile before Jennifer finally broke the silence.

"I wish I didn't have to go," Jennifer said almost tearfully.

Angel hugged her.

"I wish I didn't have to go either," she said as she lifted Jennifer's chin with a finger. "But we still have time today."

Her brilliant smile flashed at Jennifer and Jennifer immediately understood. She popped up off the chair and took Angel's hand to pull her up. Together, the 2 beautiful girls walked back into the house, made their way back to the bedroom, and loved each other all over again.
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