Fun at the beach pt12

"Let me speak to my friend a moment," Emi said as she headed back to Angel.

Angel watched as the girl came back to her and could tell she was about to burst at the seams.

"Angel! She thinks we're hookers! She's trying to proposition! She wants to take us back to her hotel."

Angel took a peek at the woman who was watching them as they spoke.

"Hmm, that sounds interesting. She's pretty nice looking. Do you want to go with her?"

"Let's do it. I've always wanted to be a hooker for a night."

Angel got up and the 2 girls walked back over to the woman. Emi introduced Angel and they sat down. The woman repeated her story about being here on business and invited them again to her hotel. It was obvious as they were talking to her that she was lusting after the 2 girls. As she spoke, she would reach over to pat Angel's thigh or stroke Emi's shoulder.

They all finished their drinks and then headed for the door. The hotel was only 2 blocks away and they walked there easily. The woman led them to the elevator and to a room on the top floor. Angel knew that the top floor of this hotel was reserved for very high powered guests and was very private.

The woman showed the girls in and then fixed drinks for them all.

"I'm so glad that you have joined me," she said as she walked over with the drinks.

She passed a drink to Angel, then brought the second to Emi. She held it out in such a way that Emi had to make eye contact with her.

"You are a most exquisite c***d. May I ask how old you are?"

"I'm 19."

"Mmmmmm, yes, a very wonderful age," the woman said, obviously zeroing in on the teenager.

She circled around behind Emi, placing her hands on the girl's bare waist. She let her hands move around to the front of the girl's smooth belly. Her fingers spread out over the skin, pressing and kneading the sweet flesh. Still standing right behind her, she pulled the girl up against her so that she pressed against Emi's back. A hand traveled up and passed over the girls diamond covered breasts. Emi wriggled in the woman's grasp as she felt the touch on her breasts. The woman then moved both hands up and took the girl's breasts in her grasp. She pulled the girl hard against her as she took a good feel of the girl. A small moan escaped the girl's lips.

"Yes, you like that don't you," the woman said as she released the top from the front. She opened it allowing Emi's breasts to spill out. Her hands quickly covered the bare flesh as her fingers pinched the girl's nipples.

"Mmmmmmm," Emi moaned again, louder now.

Angel decided it was time to jump in. She stepped up and was facing both of them. Her hand reached up to stroke Emi's cheek as she spoke to the woman.

"She is a lovely girl isn't she? She's my girlfriend you know," Angel said to the woman in a soft alluring voice.

"She's your girlfriend?" the woman replied, still working her hands over Emi's breasts.

"Yes, she is. But I like to watch her with other women. Do you want her? Do you want to strip her and have her body?" Angel said, her voice having a hypnotic effect on the woman, who was becoming more aroused by the second.

"I do want her. Please let me have this girl."

"Yes, you can have her. In fact, I will help you strip her."

Angel reached down to the front of Emi's pants and began to unbuckle Emi's belt and then unbutton the pants. She reached up and took one of the woman's hands, bringing it down and to the top edge of Emi's silky panties. The woman felt the waistband and quickly slid her hand underneath, moving towards the girl's pussy. Emi's back arched involuntarily as the fingers slid over her moist sex.

"Omigod, Angel, I'm your girlfriend. Why are you giving me to this woman?"

"Emi, I've been wanting to watch your sweet little body be taken for a long time. I've wanted to sit back as another woman enjoys your body as I do."

Angel winked at her her unbeknownst to the woman who was enraptured with the girl's firm breasts. She continued to remove Emi's pants, pulling them down the slim legs until she finally took them off over the girl's shoes. The sweet girl was now in just her panties but the woman was pushing those down now too. Angel helped by pulling them down and off.

Angel began talking to the woman again.

"I can tell you what she likes. I can tell you what to do to her. Do you want me to?" she said softly to the woman.

"Yes, yes, tell me."

Angel let one hand brush over Emi's breasts, causing the girl to gasp.

"You see, she likes her breasts to be caressed, very softly, like the brush of a feather. Turn her towards that mirror so she can watch you."

The woman turned her in front of a big floor to ceiling mirror and now could see herself with her arms around this young naked girl. She felt a rush of adrenaline as she realized that this girl was about to be hers. Following Angel's prompt, she brought one hand softly over Emi's breasts. The teenager squirmed as the woman's touch excited her.

"You see, she can hardly stand it. It makes her pussy wet when she is touched that way," Angel whispered to the woman. "Touch her. See if she is wet."

The woman watched in the mirror as her fingers slid over Emi's smooth belly. Her fingertips lightly danced over the girl's small dark patch of hair and then lightly pressed on the tender lips.

"Oh yes, she is wet. I can't stand it. I must have her."

Angel could tell that Emi was very aroused now. The way she wriggled in the woman's grasp and the little moans that she made were a dead give-away. In fact, the sight of all this was making Angel pretty hot too. She looked around the hotel room quickly and figured out where the bedroom was. She guided the two towards it, the woman still keeping the girl in her grasp.

Angel went inside first and yanked the quilt off the bed.

"Get her on the bed. Make her get on her hands and knees," she commanded.

The woman pushed Emi to the bed and the teenager crawled to the center. Angel stared at the delicious site of her. The tanned and dark-haired teenager, totally naked, on her hands and knees. The girl's smooth round ass totally exposed and vulnerable to the woman. The tender lips of the girl's sex barely visible between her legs. Angel could see goose-bumps on the skin of the girl's long smooth back as her body responded to the woman's touch.

"She's your's now. Take her, take her," Angel told the woman.

The woman was on Emi like a jungle cat. She kept Emi on her hands and knees as she began to take the girl in earnest. Angel watched as one of the woman's hand slid down between Emi's ass cheeks, the fingertips teasing the girl's dark bud. The hand went further still and Angel could see a finger sliding over the girl's moist pussy.

Angel heard Emi cry out softly and realized the woman had taken one of Emi's dark nipples betweeh her fingers and was pinching and twisting it roughly.

"Yes, that's it. She likes it rough. Make her beg for it," Angel whispered to the woman.

The woman pinched her hard again and Emi cried out as the delicious sensation went all the way to her pussy. Her hips were nearly bucking as the woman's finger played at her slit. The teasing had made the girl so wet that Angel could see a little beads glistening in the dim light.

"Please, please, stop teasing me. Take me. You have to take me," Emi begged.

The woman was about to do as the girl asked, but Angel stopped her. She whispered something to the woman who nodded quickly. She disappeared for a moment into a dark closet. When she reappeared, she was wrapping a large strap-on around her hips. Emi, facing the other way, could not see what was in the works for her.

The woman went over to the unsuspecting girl and ran her hands over the girl's golden rear end as Angel knelt in front of her.

"Are you ready Emi? Do you want to be taken now?" Angel asked her.

"Yes. Please do it, do it now!" she breathed.

Angel nodded at the woman who grabbed the girl and rolled her on her back. She pushed Emi's legs apart and guided the tip of the strap-on to the girl's pussy. Angel was laying right alongside the girl and reached out to hold her face.

"Relax babygirl, let it inside you," Angel whispered to her.

The woman slowly began to penetrate the girl and Emi's back arched in response.

"Oooooohhhhhhhhhh," she moaned as the dildo shoved it's way into her young pussy.

"Relax baby, don't tense up," Angel told her.

"Oh yes, I have you now. My cock is inside you and I'm going to fuck you good," the woman growled as she began to pump the dildo in and out of the teenager.

Emi was overwhelmed with sensation now. The woman would push the dildo deep into her and then pause for a second as she moved it from side to side. Then she would pull it almost all the way out, so far that the tip would just brush the girl's lips. Then it would shove back in causing a low moan each time.

Emi was rapidly building now. She reached out to the woman's shoulders and pulled her down on top of her. Their two bodies came together with the woman continuing to pound the girl. Emi was holding on for dear life as the cock fucked her relentlessly. Finally Emi made a low sound and rapidly increased in volume until she was screaming. Her fingernails dug into the woman's back as Emi rode out a very intense orgasm. It took nearly a minute before the girl became quiet again.

The woman slowly pulled the dildo out of Emi's steaming pussy and stood up to look at the passed out girl. Angel also rose up off the bed and was starting to go into the bathroom to get a cool washcloth for her friend. The woman reached out and grabbed her by the elbow.

"Where are you going?" she demanded.

Angel spun around towards the woman, her golden hair falling around her shoulders.

"Uh, I was going to get her a cloth to cool down with," Angel replied.

"She'll cool off on her own. It's your turn now," she said as she pulled Angel to her.

Angel let herself be pushed up to the wall as the woman's hand yanked at the clasp of her bra. It opened quickly and Angel's perfect breasts burst free. The woman waisted no time taking them into her hands, pinching and squeezing as she had done with Emi. Angel wriggled against the wall as she endured the woman's attack.

The woman kept her pinned against the wall with one hand as the other attacked her belt and pants. The woman was skillful as she removed both very quickly, leaving Angel's naked body exposed to the woman.

She pulled Angel in front of another mirror and wrapped her arms around her as she began to fondle the squirming model.

"Oh yes, you're even better than the c***d. I'm going to take you now and fuck you."

Angel whimpered as she felt her nipples pinched and twisted by one hand. The woman's other hand had descended to stroke her smoothly shaven pussy. She could see in the mirror that the woman was going to dominate her just as she had done to Emi. She saw in the reflection that Emi was still passed out, lying with her arms and legs a jumble on one side of the bed.

The woman's fingers were pressing on Angel's pussy, teasing her and getting her ready for the dildo. Angel squirmed in the woman's grasp, knowing that the thing that fucked Emi into u*********sness would soon be fucking her too.

Angel cried out sharply as two fingers shoved into her pussy.

"You're very wet Angel. You must want it real bad."

Angel didn't reply, she didn't have to. Her body was doing all the talking by the way she moved and shook in response to the woman's groping. The woman steered her to a dresser and made her put her hands down on the flat top. The woman slid in behind her and with no warning, entered the excited girl from behind.

Angel arched her back up and one hand came off the dresser as it tried to grab between her legs. The woman shoved the hand back down and continued to push the cock into the girl. Angel's perfect round ass moved in circles as she tried to take it's length. The woman watched as the thing disappeared into Angel's golden rear end. She pushed it as far as it could go and then leaned over, letting her upper body press on Angel's back.

Angel could hardly stand as she felt the woman's weight on her back while the big dildo moved slightly in her ass. The woman's arms wrapped around her breasts and held her tightly as the cock began to move in and out, fucking her ass slowly.

"I'm fucking you Angel. Do you feel my big cock in your ass? Do you feel it fucking you?"

Angel didn't say anything. She couldn't say anything. The big cock moving in and out of her ass had all her attention. The woman had total control of her body and held her in an iron grip as she shoved the cock in and out of her. Angel squirmed as she could feel it almost all the way out, but then shove back in just at the last second. She felt herself building in a way she had never done before and the woman sensed it to.

She pulled the girl's body upward still keeping her arms around the girl's incredible breasts. In doing so, Angel was pushed that much harder onto the dildo. In fact, she was almost on her tiptoes as if she were dangling on the cock.

The new pressure shoved her over the edge and Angel felt herself bucking as the orgasm slammed her. The woman clutched her tight as she kept the cock deep in the girl's ass. The ride lasted more than a minute before the woman sensed the girl was coming back down.

She pulled the cock out of Angel's ass and guided the girl to the bed to let her lie down. The woman took a seat in a nearby chair to rest. It didn't take long before Emi began to rouse herself. As she did, she was surprised to find Angel passed out next to her. She was even more surprised to find the woman coming over her again, the cock finding it's way back into her still wet pussy.

Her own carnal desires overwhelmed her as she let the woman fuck her again and again. In fact, both girls were at the mercy of the woman. With her cock that never got soft, she fucked both girls all night long, finally stopping when she saw the sun peeking in through a curtain.

Since the woman was checking out of the hotel that morning, she had packed most of her things the day before. It took her but a few moments to dress and throw the rest of her things in her last bag. Still thinking that Angel and Emi were hookers, she left $1000 in cash lying on the bed between the 2 spent girls.

It was 4 hours later when the maid entered the room to clean. The startled cry she made brought maids running up the hall to investigate. A small crowd formed as they looked at the 2 still unconcious beauties sprawled across the bed.
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