Fun at the beach pt10

The second cop prodded Angel to separate her legs and then helped guide the dildo as it slid into Angel's wet pussy. Angel's head rose up as she tried to see what was fucking her. A cry of astonishment escaped her as she saw the big dildo being pushed from the dyke's pussy into her own. The second cop was holding her around her shoulders and back as Angel struggled on the big black cock. But it was no use, the thing was deep inside her and it wasn't coming out.

She tried to relax and let the thing slide in her, but it was so big that it was stretching her to her limit.

"Come on Thelma, give her a good fucking. Look at her, she wants it bad. Give her a good one," Florence said to the seargent.

"Oh yeah, I'm gonna fuck this little slut's cunt real good," she said as she pushed the dildo in and out of Angel's overworked pussy.

Angel was crying out now as she felt the enormous thing stretch her lips as wide as they would go. It hurt, but she also felt herself building again as the dyke fucked her relentlessly. In and out the thing moved as it pushed and pulled at her insides. The second cop who was holding her still, let her lie back realizing the girl needed to stretch out. Once she did, the girl built up very rapidly. The girl's arms flew up and her hands reached out as her slim little body was racked by a huge orgasm. When the seargent heard Angel's moan of pleasure, she too began to cum. She pressed her pussy down onto Angel's as the black cock dissapeared, half in Angel's smooth pussy and half in the big cop's hairy cunt.

Angel bucked again as the deep push of the dildo made her cum again. Florence held her down on the cot as her body shook and convulsed. Angel was almost desperate now, the thing was too big she had to have it out.

"Please, please stop." she begged, " that thing is too big. I'll do whatever you want, but please take it out of me."

The seargent stopped pumping the girl and looked at the Florence.

"Whatever we want. Now that sounds like a good offer to me," she said as she pulled the dildo out of her cunt first.

Angel was lying there and could see the thing still buried in her own aching pussy. Since the second cop was still holding her, she couldn't reach to pull it out herself. She waited and watched as the seargent took it with 2 fingers and slowly, achingly pulled it out of Angel's tortured pussy.

Angel's head fell back on the cot, finally relieved that the thing was out of her.

"Well now sweety, you said you'd do whatever we wanted. So, come and get a mouthful of this," the seargent said as she held up one enormous breast.

Angel lifted herself up and turned towards the seargent, who let herself lean back against the wall. Angel moved up between the big dyke's legs so that her slim stomach rested against the cop's hairy pussy. She could feel the stiff hair as it ground against her belly.

The cop was holding her own enormous breasts and shoving them at Angel.

"Go ahead slut, take your pick," she said as she pushed the nipples at Angel.

Angel brought her hands up and took a grip on each side of the woman's massive breasts. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and sucked a dark nipple into her mouth. She felt the black hairs around the nipple sc**** on her tongue and it almost made her gag. Angel kept her wits though and began to suckle the big woman.

The other cop stood back as she watched this gorgeous little girl they had picked up do the nasty with the seargent. It was a sight to see -- the slender girl laying over the top of the enormous dyke with her mouth suckling the big breasts.

Florence could see that the sarge was getting off pretty well. Her eyes were closed and she was lying back as the gorgeous model licked and sucked at her breasts. It went on for several minutes this way, until the seargent reached down and took the girl by the shoulders. She pushed the girl down, making Angel slide down the woman's body.

"Go lower, I want your mouth on my pussy," the big cop demanded.

Angel slid further down until her mouth was right in front of the woman's big pussy. Angel put one hand on each thigh as she guided her mouth to the woman's cunt. She found that the big woman was already very wet and could feel the woman's juices smear onto her face.

Angel pushed her tongue into the woman who responded with a loud gasp. Angel knew what she was doing and she did so with gusto. It wasn't long before she had the big dyke cum once, twice, and then a third time. After the third, the big seargent either passed out or fell asl**p, Angel wasn't sure which.

She did realize all of a sudden that the other cop had been fondling her rear end. She lifted her head from between the seargents legs and looked at the other cop.

"That feels good. Your hands are very warm," Angel told her.

Angel rose up on her hands and knees. She wiped her face with part of the sheet and then let her legs separate as she posed like a cat.

"You can touch me if you want," Angel told the cop.

Florence wasted no time as she came alongside Angel's sleek body. One hand went under Angel's stomach and began to knead the girl's flesh. The other hand went to her lower back and then moved slowly over the curve of Angel's smooth ass until it reached each slender leg. Then it would go back to where it started.

Angel stayed on all fours as she felt the woman's hands moving over her. She felt the hand on her stomach move forward until it was covering Angel's breasts. She felt the hand slowly take her breasts and massage each one. It did feel so good.

The cop moved closer as her other hand slid between the girl's legs. Angel felt a finger as it pushed on her sex, looking for her opening. The woman's other arm had wrapped around Angel's breasts and held her firmly as the finger pushed inside her.

Angel gasped as she felt the new penetration, but the deputies finger was smaller and far gentler than the dildo had been. The cop worked her finger slowly, making a circle and moving in and out. She felt the girls hips move as she began to ride the cop's finger. This girl is a real spitfire, the cop thought.

She slowly continued to finger-fuck Angel and Angel was enjoying every moment. As she stood on all fours, she could feel the cop holding her firmly around her breasts and could feel the warm finger as it moved in and out of her. Responding quickly to this gentleness, Angel built up quite rapidly and she came right away.

The deputy held her up as her body climaxed. Finally, the electricity passed from her and the deputy helped her turn around and sit down. Angel's long hair was stuck to her back, held their by her own sweat. The deputy noticed little beads of sweat on the sweet girl's chest and stomach too. She helped Angel settle back and lean against the wall.

"You sure are something little girl," the deputy said to her. "We ain't never had a girl in here like you before."

Angel almost laughed at this. Maybe it's because you've never brought anyone in here who was willing before, she thought to herself.

Angel felt a lot of her composure coming back. She pointed to a cot in the next cell and asked the deputy if she could go over there and lie down. The deputy unlocked that cell and helped Angel over to the cot. The lovely girl stretched out as the deputy spread a blanket over her naked body. As the deputy sat next to her and stroked her face and the back of her neck, Angel went off to sl**p.

The next morning, some of the folks walking near the sheriff's office were surprised to hear the roar of an engine and the squeal of tires as a big fancy car stopped in front of the door. Two men in very expensive suits jumped out and ran straight into the sheriff's office.

"Excuse me but I have a writ here that authorizes the immediate release of Miss Angel Enriquez," the older of the 2 men said loudly.

But the 2 men stopped as they looked around the room. To their amazement, the deputy and Angel were sitting at a table sharing a pot of coffee. In a nearby cell, a large woman was sprawled out on a cot, fast asl**p. Was this the sheriff? A uniform was lying there. The 2 men looked at each other totally unsure of what was going on.

The deputy put her cup of coffee down and stood up.

"Well gentlemen you can put your little writ away because we got things under control. Just had a little case of mistaken identity that's all. Ain't that right Miss Enriquez?" she said to Angel.

Angel smiled at her slyly and said, "Yep, we got that all cleared up last night when the sergeant and the deputy interrogated me."

The 2 men looked at Angel who now was in perfect shape, thanks to the shower the deputy let her take in the officer's restroom.

"I'm free to go now right?" she said as she winked at the deputy.

"You sure are. You be a good girl now Angel, you hear?" the deputy called out as Angel walked out the door.

The 2 attorneys stood there, totally dumbfounded as to what had occurred here. Then they realized their client was free and maybe they would be paid after all. So they ran outside and helped Angel into the backseat for the ride back to Miami.

As they drove away, Angel realized that it was Friday morning now and her darling Emi would be home and waiting for her. She sat back into the seat as she let one of her hands rest between her legs. An outstretched finger moved under her skirt so she could touch herself as she closed her eyes and thought of her darling girlfriend.
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