Fun at the beach pt6

Angel had gotten a call from her agent about a modeling job in Palm Beach. Apparently, some rich lady was putting on a show for charity for the women in her club. The show was to be at the woman's house and was very private. Since the woman was rich, she had no problem paying Angel's usual price for several hours of work. In fact, her agent told her that the woman had asked for Angel to bring another model with her if she so desired. This made Angel happy because she did have a girl that she was mentoring and this kind of experience would be perfect for her.

As soon as Angel got off the phone, she called her friend Emi and asked her if she was interested in doing the show. Emi quickly agreed and the two made plans to drive to Palm Beach the next day.

Emi was a little younger than Angel, only 19, but she was almost as beautiful. Being from Brazil, Emi had dark auburn hair and olive skin. She was a little thinner than Angel but her breasts were full with small dark nipples. Angel had noticed her one day while walking around South Beach and had approached her. They became friends very quickly and Angel was helping Emi to get started in modeling.

On the night of the show in Palm Beach, Angel drove her Mustang to Emi's apartment and picked her up. The ride to Palm Beach was a good one and the traffic was light. Angel had stashed a small cooler of daiquiri's in the backseat so they both were feeling fine by the time they arrived to the estate where the show was to be held. Angel double checked the address to be sure then she rang the bell at the gate.

"This is the residence of Abigail Beecham. How can I help you?" came the reply.

"Hi, I'm Angel Enriquez and I'm here for the fashion show." Angel replied.

"Ah yes, Miss Enriquez, we've been expecting you. I shall open the gate for you. Please drive to the front of the house and there is a spot marked for you to park."

Angel and Emi looked at each other -- both impressed at this reception.

Angel guided the car up the winding driveway that was lined with the 20-foot tall hedges that are common in Palm Beach. Eventually, the hedge ended giving the 2 girls their first view of the Beecham house.

"Wow," they both said almost in unison.

The house was 4 stories tall and probably at least 75 years old. The front of the house was built with multi colored bricks and was covered with lush green vines. Angel saw a sign near the front door with her name and guided the car to park there. A doorman was waiting for them and quickly helped both of the lovely girls out of the car. He showed them to the door where a very young and very pretty maid let them in.

The maid led them through the foyer of the house, past an immense stair case, and down a hallway that went to the back of the house. She opened double doors to an immense room that was set up for the show. There were about 20 tables with 2 chairs each spread randomly. A small lighted fountain was in the center and on the far side was an entryway decorated with flowers.

"Miss Enriquez, if you please, you and your friend may wait here. Mrs. Beecham will join you momentarily." the maid said.

"Thank you," Angel replied.

The maid smiled and walked towards Angel. She took both of Angel's hands and leaned forward to kiss her on each cheek.

"You are very beautiful Miss Enriquez. I'm sure that Mrs Beecham is going to enjoy you very much." she said just before leaving the room.

Angel considered that for a moment as Emi looked at her slightly bewildered.

"What did she mean by that?" Emi asked.

But before Angel could answer, a woman walked into the room. She was about 65 years old and was wearing enough diamonds to finance a small country. Angel and Emi realized this must be Mrs. Beecham.

The woman spotted them and came straight over.

"You must be Angel. I am so delighted you have joined us this evening. I am Abigail Beecham," she said.

"Hello Mrs. Beecham. Yes I'm Angel Enriquez and this is my friend Emi. She is going to work with me tonight."

Mrs Beacham took a good look at Emi and stepped over to her. She took Emi's hand in one of her's and put the other hand around her back to pull her closer.

"I'm so happy to meet you Emi. I've actually heard a lot about you. I follow the modeling business in Miami very closely. I'm a major partner in 3 international modeling firms and I am always looking for new talent. I'm so glad that Angel has brought you with her tonight."

Angel thought to herself, "Beecham! I didn't recognize the name!! This is incredible. Emi and I can score some big professional points tonight."

"Now, let me show you to the dressing room and the clothes you will be wearing tonight," the woman said as she led them to a door on the far side of the room.

The woman showed them through the door into a spectacular room that was decorated with flowers and mirrors. The 2 girls were in awe as they looked around.

Mrs. Beecham had crossed the room and was opening 2 large cabinets. The girls walked up to see what she was doing. The girls watched as she maneuvered the doors and the sides of the cabinets so that they opened totally.

"Now girls, here you will find the clothes for this evening's show. I took the liberty to get both of your sizes and then had all these things brought in. Emi, your clothes are here. Angel, yours are over here."

The girls looked inside their respective cabinets. They both realized right away that there was nothing in them except lingerie. Very skimpy lingerie. Emi looked over at Angel and caught her eye. They exchanged a look that almost made Angel laugh.

"Is everything to your liking girls?" Mrs. Beecham asked.

"Oh yes, these are wonderful. Do you have any preferences as to what we should start with?" Angel replied.

"No, I will leave the choices totally to the two of you. There are more than enough outfits, pick out what you like and I'll be happy." Mrs. Beecham told them.

"Now I hear some guests arriving so I'll have to excuse myself. If you would like to peek at the guests, you can see through here."

Mrs. Beecham opened what appeared to be a small cabinet door. The girls saw that it was actually hiding a small window that looked into the large ballroom. Mrs. Beecham then left out the main door. Angel and Emi stepped closer and looked out. They were surprised to see that the room had filled quite quickly. The girls noticed something about the guests but Emi spoke first.

"Angel, all the guests are old ladies. I don't see anyone out there who is less than 60 years old."

"Yeah, I see that too." But Angel was noticing something else too.

"And we're going to model all this skimpy stuff for these little old ladies?" Emi said with disbelief.

"Emi, remember the little comment the maid said about Mrs Beecham enjoying us?" Angel asked.

"Yeah, that was kinda weird. What did she mean?"

"Well, I wasn't sure at first, but now I think I know. Look over there by the flower arrangement on the left."

Emi moved so she could look out the window in the direction Angel was pointing. It was kind of dark but she could make out the figure of the young maid that led them in. She was standing between 2 of the old ladies holding a tray with glasses of champagne. As Emi looked closer, she realized that one of the old ladies had her hand under the girl's skirt and was clearly massaging her rear end. The girl wasn't protesting at all. In fact, something about her posture and her slight movements seemed to indicate she was enjoying it.

Emi looked around the room. She saw that there were other maids now in the room and some of them were receiving the same treatment as the first maid.

Emi stepped back to look at Angel.

"Oh. This is interesting," Emi said. "Angel all these outfits are very skimpy lingerie and we're going to model for a room full of rich old lesbians? This is some interesting job we've got here."

"Emi, this is one of the things that sometimes happens in modeling and you have to just get through it. This Mrs Beecham, I've heard of her. She's a big power in the modeling world. She can help both of us in a big way. I've had to do some shows like this in the past. The ladies get there jollies by feeling up some young beautiful girls. It's no big deal."

Emi looked out the window again and was quiet for a minute. Then she turned back to Angel.

"Okay Angel, I guess I'm alright with it."

Angel smiled and hugged her.

"Great, now lets get dressed."

The two girls went to their cabinets and began to pull out various outfits. Angel selected a very long and sheer robe that had matching panties. She quickly began to peel off her t-shirt, jeans, and her own panties. She pulled the new panties over her smooth tanned legs. She brought the panties up to her hips and adjusted them. Emi watched as she realized this was the first time she had seen Angel naked. She found herself staring at Angel's perfect round ass and her golden breasts.

She startled when she realized that Angel had seen her staring.

"So Emi, I guess you're getting into the mood," she said as she slipped the robe over her shoulders. She adjusted it to barely cover her breasts and then went out the door.

Emi ran to the window and watched as Angel began to circulate the room. The old ladies instantly devoted their attention to Angel as she walked slowly around the room. And it was well that they did, because Angel was one of the most beautiful girls that any of them had ever seen. As she circulated through the room, the ladies marveled at her incredible honey blonde hair, her long smooth legs, and the beautiful curve of her breasts.

Emi marveled as well as she watched her friend. She finished putting on her outfit which was a dark green pair of panties with a matching silk top that was just barely long enough to cover her breasts. It looked great against her auburn hair. She walked to the door, took a deep breath, and went out into the room. She was surprised that the ladies who saw her started to clap.

Emi began to circulate the room as she had seen Angel do before her. As she passed each table, the old ladies were staring at her as they had stared at Angel. She noticed the jewelry they were wearing. There was some serious money in this room.

As she passed one table, she saw a thin lady beckoning her to come closer. The lady was smiling at her sweetly so Emi walked over.

"Aren't you a pretty girl. May I take a closer look at your outfit please?" the lady asked her

"Yes ma'am," Emi replied as she stepped closer.

The old lady reached up and began to feel the silk top. She rolled the material at the bottom edge between her fingers. Emi stood still and watched. The old woman reached up with both hands and began to smooth the material over Emi's shoulders. Her hands shook slightly as her fingers moved over the silk top.

Emi had looked up and was watching Angel on the other side of the room. She was standing close another guest who was also touching the outfit Angel was wearing. She watched as she saw the woman stroke her hand over the thin material. But the woman was doing more than that. She was stroking Angel through the outfit. Her hands were going up and down Angel's waist and across her midriff. She watched as the woman untied the small ribbon that held the robe together. She pushed it to each side and then moved her hands up to Angel's breasts.

As Emi was watching Angel, she had forgotten about the old lady right in front of her. Her attention quickly came back as she felt the woman's hands go under her top and cup her breasts. Emi turned her head quickly to look down at her chest. She felt a sudden spark of heat as she felt the woman pinch her nipples. Almost immediately, her nipples hardened under the shaky fingers of the old lady.

"Well, aren't you a sensitive one," the lady said as she continued to pinch and massage the girl's breasts.

Emi was looking down and watching with amazement. She had never had any kind of lesbian experience before and now this sweet little old lady was fondling her. She had to admit, it did feel good.

"That's enough for now my sweet. You'd better continue the show. There are other guests besides me," the lady said.

Emi nodded at her and began to walk the room again. Just three table later, another woman beckoned her over. This woman was much more aggressive than the last. She pulled Emi close so that one of her legs was between Emi's legs. Her hands quickly roamed up under the top and groped the girl's breasts. Emi had to put her hands on the woman's shoulders to steady herself. The woman was rough, but Emi found herself getting aroused. She even thought she could feel herself getting wet.

The woman put one hand around the teenager's back to hold her. Her other hand dropped down from the girl's breasts and slowly descended across Emi's flat stomach to the top edge of the panties. The woman's fingers slid lightly down the center of the fabric until her hand was between Emi's legs. Her fingers pushed on the fabric until the outline of Emi's sex could be seen.

Emi was looking at the woman and the woman looked up at her as she pushed her fingers more firmly against the girl's pussy. Emi was getting very aroused now as she felt the pressure teasing her. The woman's magical fingers moved slowly up and down no more than an inch or so, but it was enough to work Emi into a very aroused state. But just as she was hoping the woman would do more, she felt the fingers withdraw.

"Now, now you pretty little thing. Mustn't keep you all to myself. There are other guests you know," the woman said.

Emi was so aroused, it took a moment to get herself together and walk away. Angel had been keeping an eye on her and walked over to her.

"Hey, let's do a change," she said as she led Emi to the dressing room.

"Omigod Angel, I can't believe this," Emi said as soon as they were inside. "That last woman was rubbing my pussy and it felt so wonderful. But just when I wanted her to go further, she pulled away."

"Yeah I know. Same thing is happening to me," Angel replied.

Just at the moment, the young maid walked in.

"Excuse me Miss Enriquez, one of the guests has made a special request. Her name is Marcela Whitman and she is one of the richest people in Palm Beach. One of the outfits in your cabinet is marked with her name. She would like you to put it on and join her at her table. She is at the back center of the room. Her table is the one with red and yellow roses."

Angel stepped to the little window and looked out. She could see Mrs. Whitman sitting at the table with Mrs. Beecham. At the moment, Mrs. Whitman was happily feeling up one of the maids, a girl who looked no more than s*******n. Mrs. Whitman was one of these ladies who has a very stout upper body and fairly skinny legs -- the body shape that makes them look very manly. At the moment, she had her arm around the girl's back and her other hand clearly inside the girl's panties. The maid was struggling to stay standing as Mrs. Whitman was agressively fingering the girl.

Angel turned back to the maid as she continued, "One thing though Miss Enriquez, Mrs. Whitman likes to play out a little game when she is here. She likes to pretend that she is very aggressive and the her partner is somewhat....unwilling. I hope you understand what I mean."

"Well, this should be interesting," Angel said as she turned back to the cabinet to find the outfit the maid mentioned.

Sure enough, it was there and tagged with Mrs. Whitman's name. Angel pulled it out and held it up on the hanger. It was actually very stunning. The top was a small vest made from some kind of net-like material. However, it was covered with what appeared to be real diamonds. The matching g-string panties had diamonds stitched to the front.

"Angel, that must be worth thousands of dollars!" Emi said.

"I know, I know," Angel replied. "I've never seen anything like this."

Angel quickly pulled her outfit off and began to put the new one on. As she stood in front of the mirror, she could see that even with all the diamonds, her nipples and her pussy were clearly visible.

"Well, I guess I know what I'm in for," Angel laughed as she headed for the door.

Angel took her time getting over to Mrs. Whitman. She decided to do a little teasing herself. So, she navigated her way around the room, getting close enough so that an occasional guest could reach out and stroke her leg or her rear end. But no more than that. Emi was watching and almost laughing as she realized that Angel had turned the tables on the guests. After several minutes of walking through the room, it was clear that every woman was transfixed by this beautiful girl who was wearing diamonds.

Finally, after quite awhile, she walked over to the table where Mrs. Beecham and Mrs. Whitman were waiting for her.

"Mrs. Whitman, I would like to introduce the star of our show this evening, Miss Angel Enriquez," Mrs. Beecham said.

Mrs. Whitman rose from her chair and Angel found she had to look up a little to face her. The woman took Angel's hand as if she was going to kiss it, but instead pulled Angel closer and kissed her on the lips.

"It's so nice to meet you Angel. I've been very anxious to get to know you better," Mrs. Whitman said.

"Thank you maam. I wore the outfit you left for me. I have to say that I've never seen anything like it."

"Well Angel, I did have that specially made for you. In fact, I was wondering if you would like to keep it?"

Angel was a little taken aback. The outfit was worth thousands and thousand of dollars. There was something up with this.

"Why don't you join me in the next room which is Mrs. Beecham's private study. We can discuss the outfit and how it can be yours."

"Okay, I guess Emi will be okay here on her own." Angel replied.

"Oh yes, we'll take good care of darling Emi," Mrs. Beecham said.

Mrs. Whitman, still holding Angel's hand, led her to a hallway and then a door to a large dark room. She followed Angel inside then closed and locked the door. On the way, Mrs. Whitman asked Angel if the maid had told her of the little fantasy game that she wanted to play and if Angel was okay with it. Angel told her it was all okay.

"My dear Angel, you look absolutely divine in this outfit. It looks better on you than I ever dreamed."

"Thank you. I'm glad you are happy with it. It certainly is unique."

Angel was walking slowly around the room as the woman sat and watched her. She would stop occasionally and pose so that the woman was getting a good look at her incredible body. The diamonds looked on fire as they stood out from Angel's tanned, smooth skin. The woman was clearly getting aroused watching the beautiful girl.

"Angel, please come her to me," the woman told her.

Angel stood still for a moment and looked at the woman. A small smile came to her lips and then she walked to Mrs. Whitman's chair. The elderly woman looked up and down Angel's body as her hands reached out to girl's legs. Her fingers slid to the back of each thigh and pulled Angel closer. Angel let herself be guided so that she was directly in front of the woman, so close that she could feel the woman's breathe on her bare stomach.
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