Fun at the beach pt5

But the woman only intensified her efforts. Her tongue worked the girl furiously. She would pause every few seconds to take a breathe, then her tongue would penetrate the girl once more. She could barely hold on as the girl writhed in pleasure.

Angel bucked wildly in the chair as she felt every movement of the woman's tongue inside her. It was all she could do to stay in the chair. Her luscious body boiled with sweat as she writhed and twisted.

Elizabeth was merciless with her tongue. She knew that the girl was about to burst and she continued to suck and lick the girl's pussy. She held Angel tighter and tighter so she could push her tongue deeper and deeper into the girl. It was all Angel could take as her body suddenly went rigid and a loud wail escaped her soft lips. Angel twisted in the chair as the orgasm racked her senses. Elizabeth kept up the pressure with her tongue as she wondered if the orgasm would ever end.

Finally, she sat back and just stared at the girl. The beautiful Angel was totally spent before her. Her chest heaved as she panted, trying to catch her breath. The woman stood and moved to the girl's side and she began to stroke the girl's glowing upper body with her fingers.

"Easy Angel, try to catch your breath sweetheart," the woman said to her.

After a few minutes, Angel had finally caught her breath enough to speak.

"That was probably the most intense orgasm I've ever had," she said as she reached up to touch Elizabeth's cheek.

The woman smiled at her and bent over to kiss the girl. The two held the kiss for almost a minute before Elizabeth stood up and checked the time.

"Good lord Angel, you're supposed to be out there in 15 minutes. We've got to get you cleaned up and ready right now."

Elizabeth immediately grabbed up a towel and her kit and set back to work on the girl just as someone from wardrobe knocked on the door. With a room full of assistants now involved, Angel was made up, dressed, and ready to go with time to spare.

It turned out to be a fantastic shoot and later, when the calendars came out and Angel's fans were buying them, a lot of them thought that Angel looked particularly radiant.
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12 months ago
should like to know what she tasted like
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So hot
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