Fun at the beach pt4

Elizabeth was a makeup artist, one of the finest in Miami, if not in the country. She had been hired by World Elite Modeling to do the makeup for a new calendar that was in the works. Elizabeth always looked forward to working for World Elite and she was especially pleased to be on this job. Angel Enriquez was the star model for this calendar and Elizabeth had been having fantasies about Angel for quite awhile.

Every time Elizabeth was anywhere near Angel, it was as if she lost her composure. She became clumsy. She became nervous. She became anxious. After this had gone on for awhile, she found herself daydreaming about Angel. Although Elizabeth was well into her 50s with c***dren older than Angel, she found herself infatuated with the Latin beauty. Elizabeth had never, ever had any kind of lesbian experience before. Now, that she was having these thoughts, she could not understand why or what to do about it. But, she did know that Angel was going to be there, sitting in her chair in less than 5 minutes.

Actually, it turned out to be less than that as Angel opened the door and came right in.

"Hi Liz," she beamed, "good to see you as usual."

"Hello sweetness," Elizabeth replied. "Wow, is that you're outfit for the next shoot?"

Angel had known that she was going to be getting some body makeup for the shoot, so she had worn the bare minimum to allow Elizabeth to work easily. It was a lingerie set that she had bought at shop in L.A. It consisted of a very tiny top, hardly more than a band of filmy cloth that hung loosely around her chest. Thin spaghetti straps held it from her shoulders. The band of cloth, hardly more than 4 inches from top to bottom, tried but failed to cover the beautiful girl's breasts. It was wondrous to watch the girl simply breathe and see her breasts rise and fall under the thin material. The panties were no larger than a bikini panty, but were cut loosely from the same material as the top. The slightest breeze could blow them open and reveal Angel's sex.

Elizabeth almost felt faint as she took in the sight of the girl's breasts and pussy through the outfit. It was all she could do to be professional with the object of her fantasies standing right there before her.

"Why don't you get into the chair and let's get started," Elizabeth told her. "I'll start a CD for you."

On a lark, Elizabeth put on a very mellow CD she had just bought. The music was very relaxing, but the best thing was that in the background, sounds of nature had been put in. Elizabeth found it to be very restful and she thought it would be good at the moment. She also lit a nice incense wand that she knew Angel liked.

Elizabeth turned around and had to stop for a moment. Sweet, lovely Angel had climbed into the chair and was already laying back. Her slender legs were up on the footrest and were slightly parted. Her arms were stretched out and her head was laying back on the headrest. Angel's luxuriant honey blonde hair was pulled to one side and laid over her shoulder. She had already closed her eyes and was settling in for Elizabeth to work.

Elizabeth's mind raced as she took in the sight of this incredible girl. She had first met Angel when Angel was only 16 and was breaking into modeling. She had always held a special spot for her because, even as a teenager, Angel simply exuded the kind of warmth and charm and beauty that are very rare commodities. The kind of commodities that guarantee success.

Now, she found herself standing before this girl with a crushing desire to touch her. Granted, she had touched Angel many times in the past. But that had always been in the course of doing her job. She simply had to in order to put the makeup on. But this was different. She wanted to touch Angel with her hands; to stroke her, to caress her. She wanted to put her mouth over Angel's soft lips. To kiss her, to really kiss her. To run her lips over Angel's smooth skin. She stared at Angel's breasts, as they gently lifted and fell, and thought of how easily she could put her lips over each of the almost exposed nipples and suckle the girl.

Elizabeth jerked back to reality as Angel said, "Liz, are you okay?"

Angel was looking at her with curiosity. Elizabeth blushed momentarily as she realized she had been caught. She quickly grabbed up a makeup brush and got to work.

"Close your eyes Angel so I can do your face," she said, trying to sound professional as best she could.

Elizabeth grabbed up her best powder brush and began to lightly brush Angel's face. The fine brush danced lightly over the perfect complexion. Elizabeth almost laughed at how ridiculous her efforts were. This girl was so beautiful, it was almost ridiculous for Elizabeth to try and improve anything about her.

"I really like this CD Liz," Angel said. "It really calms me down."

"I knew you would like it sweetness. I bought it just for you."

Angel opened her eyes and looked up. Her wonderful smile beamed at the older woman.

"You're really sweet to me. I always enjoy working with you."

Angel closed her eyes and settled back as Elizabeth returned to work. She took one of her pencils and began to draw around the girl's pink lips. Elizabeth leaned in close to steady herself and realized how physically close she was to Angel. Her own lips were mere inches away from the lips she so desperately wanted to kiss. The girl's full and perfect breasts, only slightly hidden by the light lingerie top, were right there before her. All Elizabeth had to do was simply lower her hands and she could gather the girls breasts and guide them to her mouth.

Elizabeth caught herself. Her mind raced as she realized what had been going through her mind. She was lusting for this young girl, this beautiful girl. She felt almost out of control. She began to wonder if she could make it through this without giving in to her desire. She thought about how she was going to be putting makeup on Angel's entire body. How in God's name was she going to do it without making a fool of herself.

Angel had felt the electricity when she came in the room to be made up. In fact, she had felt that something was going on the last couple times she had been made up by Elizabeth. As Angel relaxed in the chair, she could almost feel the woman's eyes on her. She wondered how long it would be before Elizabeth would give in to her desires.

Angel shifted in the chair a bit, but kept her eyes closed. She sank lower and let her legs part. She took a deep breath so that her breasts would swell right into Elizabeth's face. She smiled inwardly as she heard a small gasp escape from Elizabeth's lips.

"Angel, I need to push your top up so that I can powder your breasts."

"Okay Liz," Angel replied.

Elizabeth reached to each side of the top and gently lifted it up and over Angel's breasts. She realized that it buttoned right in the center, so she went ahead and unfastened the buttons so she could push it off the girl. She picked up her powder brush and began to lightly trace the powder through Angel's cleavage.

She watched in awe as she danced the brush between the girl's breasts and then slowly up the rise of each one. She smiled as she admired Angel's flawless skin. She watched as she guided the brush up the side of a ripe breast to Angel's nipple. The brush circled ever so slowly and Elizabeth smiled as she watched the nipple slowly rise and harden.

Elizabeth dabbed the brush into the powder and leaned way over the girl. She leaned so far that she put one hand across to the other side of the chair and then sat on the edge so that Angel was now practically underneath her.

She went back to work with the brush, tracing it down Angel's stomach to her waist. As she lightly brushed up and down Angel's flat belly, she could see the girl's skin tighten as the brush tickled over it. She began to move the brush in long strokes, from the girl's waist, up and over her breasts, and stopped at her neck. Angel squirmed a bit as she felt the stimulation of the brush.

Once she finished Angel's upper body, she moved to the foot of the chair. She yanked on a latch and then grabbed each side of the foot rest and pushed. The latch released the section of the chair cradling Angel's leg and allowed it to split to each side. She slowly pushed each half apart and watched as Angel's smooth, tanned legs separated.

Elizabeth stepped up between Angel's legs now and tugged at the girl's panties. She found the buttons she was looking for and opened them. In another moment, the panties were off and Angel was now nude before her. Once again, Elizabeth struggled to maintain her composure as she gathered up her brush and resumed work on the girl.

Angel stayed very still, she was actually enjoying herself. Other models complained about sitting through makeup, but Angel actually enjoyed the attention and the pampering. She loved the feel of the powder brush on her skin. It was the most delightfully soft caress she could imagine.

Elizabeth sat down on a small stool -- she was so flustered she was having trouble standing. But now sitting down, she realized that she was at eye level to Angel's pussy. In fact, as she worked her brush up Angel's left leg, she kept turning her eyes to look.

Because Angel was constantly in demand for swimwear and lingerie shoots and since such clothing is skimpy by nature, she had decided some time ago to totally shave herself. In fact, she had found that a girl at her regular salon was very happy to do this for her 3 times a week. So Elizabeth had a totally unobstructed view of Angel's soft pussy. She could see the delicate lips that were pink and almost looked swollen. Being only inches away, she also thought she could smell the sweet musk of the luscious girl.

She continued working with her brush and with each stroke, got closer and closer to Angel's pussy. She scooted the stool closer as she had worked her way to the top of a thigh. She stroked the brush through the valley between Angel's leg and her belly and then crossed lightly right over the top of the girl's sex. She noticed that Angel let her legs part ever so slightly as she did.

Elizabeth was at the end of her rope. She was so totally overwhelmed by the beauty of this girl. Amazed that Angel was naked in front of her and totally relaxed. That the girl had such faith in her that she was allowing Elizabeth total access to her body. Elizabeth felt like she was living some sort of fantasy.

But then, the brush went lower and lightly kissed Angel's pussy. Elizabeth's heart almost stopped. She thought quickly to herself. Was it an honest slip of the hand or had she done it on purpose? She wasn't sure herself and she started to think how she would apologize.

But before she could open her mouth, a slight moan came from Angel. Elizabeth was stunned. Her mind raced as she realized that Angel had actually enjoyed it. She realized quickly that she was in the midst of living out the fantasies she had been having for months about this girl. She rose from the stool, went to the door, and locked it tight. She quickly and quietly returned to the stool before Angel even knew what she had done.

Elizabeth resumed stroking the brush lightly just above Angel's pussy. She watched Angel's face as the girl reacted to this almost teasing attention. Angel's hips moved slightly as she began to feel the heat the brush was causing. Seeing that Angel was enjoying this, Elizabeth began to stroke the brush straight up and down, directly over the top of the girl's rapidly heating pussy.

Angel sucked a sharp breath as she felt this new and direct caress of her exposed lips. Another much stronger moan escaped from her. Elizabeth looked up at the girl's face, but Angel still had her eyes closed and a definite smile was on her lips.

"Do you like that Angel? Does it feel good?" Elizabeth asked her.

"Yes, it feels incredible. It's making me tingle all over," Angel replied.

Elizabeth smiled with satisfaction because now she knew what she had to do. She was going to pleasure this girl, this incredible beauty. Here she was, an average 50ish woman, married, with k**s, and lying before her was this wondrous naked girl. She had never, ever touched another woman before, but now she was going to love this girl.

Elizabeth put the brush down and stood up between Angel's legs. She reached forward and pulled Angel up to a sitting position. She gently brushed the girl's hair back from her face as she wrapped one arm around the girl's back. With the other hand, she cradled the girl's face and drew it to her. Her lips slowly and gently touched with Angel's and as they did, Elizabeth felt a spark inside herself. She knew that she had just crossed a line.

Angel responded to the soft kisses by leaning her head back slightly and letting Elizabeth control her. The woman drew the girl tightly to her so that Angel's luscious, naked body was pressed into the woman. Angel knew the woman was going to take her and she let herself relax.

Elizabeth stood and kissed the girl for quite some time before she pulled her mouth away.

"Angel, I'm so sorry. I've never done this before. But seeing you lying her in front of me, you are so beautiful, I just couldn't help myself. I had to touch you." Elizabeth told the girl.

"It's okay," Angel told her. "I'm feeling very good right about now. I love how you kiss me. You must have been wanting to for awhile. Why did you wait so long?"

Elizabeth smiled at the girl.

"I don't know. All I know is that for the last couple of months, I've wanted you so bad. I just never let myself doing anything about it."

"Well, why don't you do something about it now," Angel told her.

There eyes met for a moment and then Elizabeth lifted a hand to cup one of Angel's breasts. She held it gently as she began to kiss Angel's cheeks. Her kisses worked down Angel's soft neck and over her shoulders. Finally, she kissed the fragrant skin between Angel's breasts. She drew the girl forward as she let her lips glide up the soft curve to reach a nipple. She kissed it so softly and then pressed her lips to it and pulled it into her mouth.

Angel's head leaned back as Elizabeth's suckling of her breasts brought the electric goodness she loved. She had realized from an early age how sensitive her breasts were. And any of her lovers had quickly realized it too. Elizabeth did as well. She held the girl tightly as she continued to suck the lovely girl's breast into her mouth.

Angel leaned back and placed her hands on each side of the chair behind her. This caused her chest to push forward so that Elizabeth could now easily move from one breast to the other. Angel sat as still as she could with her head leaning back and her breasts pushed outwards as the older woman moved from one breast to the other.

Elizabeth was now lost in her lust. She was kneeling on the stool so that her head was level with Angel's jutting breasts. She had both arms around the girl's waist to hold her firmly. She had begun to lick the girl's breasts -- starting at the sweet undercurve of each and finishing at the nipple. Angel would occasionally lift her head to watch the woman's tongue glide over her skin.

"Elizabeth, that is so good. You're really getting to me now," Angel whispered to her.

"Oh Angel, I want to get to you. I've wanted to love you for a long time," Elizabeth replied.

The woman was in no hurry and continued to lick and suckle the perfect breasts before her. She could tell that it was having a strong effect on the girl and that Angel was rapidly getting hotter and hotter. The beautiful girl was trying to stay still, but the sensations were to much and she could not help her squirming as the woman's tongue caressed her.

As Elizabeth continued, the licking began to evolve into sucking and when it did, Angel could no longer hold herself in a sitting position. Elizabeth let her lie back but still kept her arms firmly wrapped around Angel's slim waist. With the girl lying down, Elizabeth moved over her in order to keep up her sucking. The woman was now taking a mouthful of each breast at a time. She would suck so hard on the tender flesh that Angel's entire nipple and a good part of her breast would disappear into the woman's hungry mouth. As the woman would move from one breast to the other and renew her suckling, Angel would arch her back and moan slightly. The sweet young girl was rapidly being pushed to a wonderful place.

"Elizabeth, what are you doing to me? My breasts have never felt like this before." Angel whispered.

"I want you to feel good Angel. For so long I have been so close to you as I put on your makeup, but I never could get up the nerve to touch you. Now that I have, I want every part of you." Elizabeth told her.

"Is that why you stripped me? So that you can take my whole body?"

Elizabeth didn't reply, she simply went back to the girl's breasts. She unwrapped her arms from the girl's waist and began to push herself lower on the girl's body. As she slid downwards, her tongue continued to lick and kiss Angel's fragrant skin. Lower and lower she slid until she was finally back to sitting on her stool.

She sat up and looked in awe at the young beauty before her. This incredible young girl was nude and stretched out before her and was lost in passion. The woman put her hands on Angel's thighs and gently pushed them further apart. The girl did not protest in any way. The woman lightly trailed her fingernails up and down the girl's inner thighs from the edge of her pussy down to her knees. Angel was practically writhing in the chair as she felt this new stimulus so close to her sex.

"Oh my god Elizabeth, you're going to put your mouth on me aren't you?" she breathed.

"I want to eat you Angel. I want to put my tongue inside you," Elizabeth replied.

"Do it, do it, do it."

With that, Elizabeth wrapped her arms under the girl's smooth, tanned legs and lifted them. Her hands snaked up and over to rest on the girl's flat stomach. She spread her fingers apart and began to massage down to the top of the girl's pussy. Her head lowered slowly to within an inch of the girl's hot, moist pussy. Very slowly, Elizabeth's tongue snaked out of her mouth until just the very tip of it touched the soft lips of the girl's sex.

"OOHHHHH," Angel moaned as she felt the delicious sensation.

The woman smiled to herself as she knew the girl was now totally hers to enjoy. She used her tongue slowly and methodically to trace the edges of the girl's lips. She could tell by the way the girl was writhing in the chair, that she was getting closer and closer to orgasm.

Once again, as she had done on the girl's breasts, she started to lick the girl. With her tongue out as far as it would go and as flat and rigid as she could make it, she would push against the girl's pussy and go from top to bottom. The effect on Angel was incredible. Once second she would have her hands on the back of the woman's head and the next she would be reaching upward, as if trying to grab something that only she could see. But as much as Angel squirmed, the woman held her tightly and continued to lick the girl's pussy feverishly.

The woman could tell that the girl was so close to a breaking point. She moved her hands down slightly to grasp Angel's legs. Then she plunged her rigid tongue deep into the girl. Angel bucked wildly in the chair as she felt her aching pussy being penetrated. A small scream escaped her lips as she grabbed onto the chair arms for dear life.

The woman kept her tongue deep into the girl as her lips spread to suck in the girl's pussy. With her hands on the girl's legs, she held her tightly so her mouth could consume the girl. She knew it would not be long now. She could feel it building. The girl was openly moaning as her pussy was eaten by the older woman.
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