Cheerleader at the mall pt2

Oh yeah. Look at her, she wants a good fucking," the guard said.

Tati squirmed under the guard as her body was overwhelmed by the sensations it felt. She had never had sex before -- contrary to the talk at school -- she was a virgin. She had masturbated many times and had even made herself cum, but nothing as intense as she was feeling now.

The sight of what was going on was intensely erotic. The slender, pretty girl, rapidly becoming filthy from the dirty floor, being pumped by the older, heavier woman while another woman licked at the girl's sensitive breasts. The girl, sweating profusely from the sexual assault, gathered more dust and grime every time she moved.

The clerk lifted herself away from the girl and went to the desk. She too pulled out a dildo and began to strap it on. She walked back over to them and slapped the guard on the shoulder.

"Roll over. I want to get at the sweet ass of her's," she told the guard.

Seeing the dildo strapped to the clerk, she wrapped an arm under Tati's back and lifted her as she rolled over. Tati was now on top of the guard who continued to pump her. The clerk knelt down behind the girl and wiped some of the grime off her backside. Then, she grabbed the girl's ass cheeks and pushed them apart as she guided the head of the dildo to the girl's unprotected anus.

Tati felt the woman handling her ass but didn't realize the new way she was about to be taken. When the dildo shoved into her ass, the girl almost passed out. She exhaled in a burst as she felt the dildo go into her sweet backside. The girl was sandwiched between the two women now, her pussy and her ass filled with the slimy dildo's. So as not to hurt her, the women slowly ground the dildo's into the girl rather than pumping her hard.

The sensation of it all was to much for the virginal cheerleader. She came two times in succession as her body was overwhelmed. But the women kept it up, still fucking the brunette teen with no remorse. The dildo's pushed in and out of her slowly building her up time and time again. It seemed to go on forever and the poor girl almost passed out several times.

Finally, after more than 90 minutes of it, the 2 women pulled the dildos out of the spent girl. Once the clerk had gotten out of the way, the guard pushed the sweaty girl off of her and back onto the floor. Tati laid there on her stomach, even more of the filthy floor sticking to her.

The two women cleaned themselves and got dressed again as they joked about their latest prize. Poor Tati laid on the floor passed out, oblivious to them.

The two women then gathered her up and put her skirt and vest back on her, not bothering with her bra and panties, which they stuffed into a drawer that was filled with other bras and other panties from other young ladies who had made the mistake of shoplifting. Then, they carried her out a back door into the mall parking lot. They had looked in her purse for her car keys so they could find her car in the empty lot. The sat her in the passenger seat still passed out.

The next morning, Tati woke as the sun hit her face to find herself half undressed and in her car. Her body was covered with dried sweat and the grime from the storeroom floor. Her she had her uniform back on, but her vest was open and her bra and panties were gone. She reached under the vest and touched her tender nipples as she remembered how the 2 women had chewed on her. Then, she felt between her legs to her red, swollen pussy. It was so tender that she could barely touch it without cringing. But then she realized how tender she felt on her backside. Rolling in the seat a bit, her hand snaked around her sweet rear end and touched her anus. She jumped as she touched the recently stretched flesh.

Tati pulled her hand back as she sat and looked at the mall, thinking about what had happened to her. It didn't take her long to decide that all her future shoplifting would take place in one store and one store only.
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I hope you could do more of this lovely store :)