A Primitive Hope Ch. 04

The atmosphere seemed to perfectly mirror Cindi's demeanor. Large powerful engines, raw and untapped crude oil... manifolds askew... cylinders fabricated to thrust; their sole purpose inside an engine. All working together for the greater cause. Two beings lost amidst machinery and abrasive equipment, broken and in need of repair... Cindi was my mechanic... to repair my inoperable heart that demanded her skillful ability to survive.

My neck dangled back, feeling her hunger surge as she devoured my breasts. My mouth fell open, gasping in outrageous delight as she tugged at my left nipple with her lips. Her hands spun me around; meeting her mouth with mine in an upended kiss.

"Gonna fuck you... I'm gonna..." Cindi panted with flowing vigor.

She splayed her tongue across my forehead, grazing it across my bald sphere. Back again and again, tasting me as a feline would a bowl of warm milk. With my head now resting in her palms, her tongue feast carried through to my cheeks, my jaw... my nose. The dripping pulp of tongue engulfed each of my eye sockets... I yelped in wonder, having never been kissed like this before. I simply couldn't believe a person found me to be so gratifying. Feeling that boiling saliva and pressing organ of speech against my eye lids... the flesh left my eyes to glaze the barren vestiges of my eyebrows. Longful, open mouthed moans followed in rapid descent as she used her tongue to follow the tip of my forehead downward, along the bridge of my nose, my upper lip... my chin...

"Gonna... fuck you." Came from her lips once more.

Twisting me around a second time, Cindi knelt on the harsh, crude floor. Bringing my head up, I opened my soiled eyes to see that impressive body stooped... that sculptured back that now glimmered with perspiration. She grasped my left leg, swallowing my toes whole into her mouth. Her creamy tongue weaved beneath my toes, swaying side to side as she relished my appendages. Loud popping sounds of sucking echoed in the tight quarters of the pit... the hallowed feast found my ankles, my lower leg as hot saliva left it's torrid path. Cupping my fleshy thigh, Cindi's mouth violently devoured my chubby limb as if she suddenly went mad... frantic for deliverance... desperate for any nourishment I was willing to provide her with. Mouth agape and eyes closed, Cindi lunged forward with struggling fervor as my hairless vagina was taken hostage. I took in a long, winded breath as my entire body fractured in initial rapture. With the site of her bald skull between my legs, and the feeling of her fiery lips immersed in my folds, I brutally wailed in traumatic elation. My body fell limp to the ripples of sapphic indulgence as my cries resonated throughout the engine room. My perception blurred as billions of tiny bursts of light clouded my vision... Cindi's tongue lathered my pussy with acute precision, suckling from the folds of my womanhood...

Cindi suddenly stood from her feast, and clutched the remaining length of my chain. Blinded from her sudden exit, I watched helplessly as she lifted the chain in front of me-- f***efully shrouding the chains around my face, cramming the cold, tasteless metal bonds into my mouth. She soon had my entire face s**ttered with the bulky metal as I couldn't see a thing. No protests came as she went back to my raw pussy... my head hung low, weighted down with at least ten pounds of steel dangling from me... Tiny slivers of light made their way through the chains as I tried to see what was happening below me...

The ecstasy was just beginning... and I was willingly giving myself to this life. It was a choice I would never regret.

To be continued...
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4 years ago
This story seems to delve for new depths of shere extacy and re-birthing.
Mesmerising my mind masterfully! ;-)P
4 years ago
Great story and, more importantly, very well written. I can't wait to see where the story goes from here!
4 years ago
some of the best writing I've cum across throughout this site. I look forward to reading more of your work.
4 years ago
O M G yoou are fantastic this can't end here got to read more.