A Primitive Hope Ch. 03

My heart levitated in this gratifying new experience. Never before had I imagined such wanton conduct, let alone act on them. I was becomming an entire new being... one that held the most precious of all libidinous traits of a open minded woman. Fiona was to be my first, and certainly not the last woman I was to bed from this point on. This initial experience unlocked the door to a much sweeping state of existence. One that would forever determine the course of the rest of my life.

Fiona and I spent the night together with my healthy frame lost in her arms, tucked amidst the brawn of her graceful embrace. I couldn't sl**p much due to the life changing events... at times throughout the night, I awoke to see Fiona's restful slumber... assuring myself this was not just a dream. I studied her entire body this time... still fascinated by the lack of hair on her body. How could anyone live like this? Was this a decision she made for herself, or was it f***ed upon her at some point in time? I was so curious about what made her who she was. I found myself deeply aroused by her this untamed, yet beautiful look...

My fingertips trailed among the lines where her eyebrows once were. Nothing more than polished flesh now. I wondered if I could ever bring myself to do such a thing... not just shed all of my hair, but to allow my body to become a bastion of strength and awe. She must have worked out everyday to be in such great shape. Although her manlike voice certainly wasn't the result of this... she must have been on some type of medication to be this way. I've read stories about how bodybuilding can affect one's bone structure and cardiovascular system... this was simply amazing. I found myself desperately curious about this; wanting to sample the life of a mighty woman of graceful power. Images began to swirl in my mind of my lengthy tresses being shed. Sharp razors heinously stripping away my eyebrows... losing all of the reminders of a previous life that held so much pain and heartache. My mind drifted off to my slumber with such arousing ideas... And it would be the last evening I would spend as Kristen; at least the Kristen everyone knew back home.

Chapter III: A New Beginning...

I'm not quite sure how it all came to happen, but the next thing I remember was waking up inside a vast, dimly lit repository. Groggy from sl**p, I attempted to lift my head; only to find my neck bound against a table. Baffled, I tried to shift about, discovering that my entire body was securely chained to a vertical platform. A blinding frosty light cast down upon me from the ceiling as I struggled to break free. Still a bit shaky, I then beheld a crude metal apparatus secured to my face. Two lengthy steel rods held my mouth agape with a cold, bland ball of steel stuffed inside. I could do little else but moan in distress... What the Hell had happened? The last thing I remembered was spending a wonderful evening making love to a muscular hulk-- now this? How could she have allowed this to happen?

At least with my peripheral vision, I could make out that several IV's d****d from my arms. Three different drip bags hung from metal stands, feeding me God knows what into my body. I moaned in horror, trying to cry out from the realization that I was possibly being d**gged. Now those thoughts of sapphic pleasure abandoned my mind as I wanted nothing more than to leave this dreaded place of bondage and captivity. It was dreadfully frigid in this empty underground room. Being completely nude, goose bumps sprinkled over my body as I began to shiver in fright. It was then I heard a colossal metal door creak open; frightfully echoing throughout the barren room. I could make out that two people were coming in by their footsteps. My platform was twisted about by some mechanical device below as I make out who my captors were. To my surprise, my eyes at long last saw Cindi... and not the young pretty girl I once knew either. There she stood, utterly bald just like Fiona was... dressed in savage shreds of fabric that carelessly clung to her robust frame. It looked as if someone had crudely wrapped the fabric around her in two sections that hardly covered her chest and groin. Her frame resembled Fiona's, yet her girth and size was much larger and more defined. Throbbing bl**d vessels embellished her granite like muscles. Deep, rigid valleys of muscle adorned her calves, her thighs... Her buxom chest she once had now been forfeited in favor of raging muscle. It was short of absolutely sick how ripped my beloved and gentle friend had now become. I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing. With Fiona, I didn't think that any woman could be much larger than her... and yet, here my friend stood, now bursting in sheer power.

The woman that accompanied Cindi was somewhat older than us. She looked radiant in her age, which I guessed to be around her early to mid fifties. Unlike Fiona or Cindi, this woman sported a short, burred flattop that apparently had been bleached blonde. She too held a deep dark tan that accentuated her barely noticeable wrinkles. She wore a sharp white suit that buttoned down her healthy chest. I could tell she too was some type ofbodybuilder, yet her size held nothing of the girth that Cindi possessed. Elegant diamond jewelry graced her hands and neckline, featuring a gorgeous sapphire diamond which hung amid her deep, tempting cleavage. She carried a folder in her left hand, keeping her other free.

"Is this her?" asked the older woman.

Cindi nodded yes, evidently submissive to the peculiarly alluring older woman.

I could tell she was more than likely the one in charge of this entire compound, or whatever this Hellhole was called. The Matriarch stepped forward, closely inspecting my body. Opening the file, she took out a pen and began writing in it.

"You said divorced, right?" she barked at Cindi.

Cindi nodded yes.

"She left him, or he left her?" she replied.

"He abandoned her, Madam." replied Cindi in a hushed tone.

The leader nodded to herself, jotting down notes in the file, which obviously belonged to me. Stepping around my platform, the Matriarch continued her examination. Squeezing the pudge on my stomach, she wrote again.

"Get her out on the rocks." commanded the woman to Cindi.

I sat completely still, frightened beyond belief. What the Hell was going on in here? What kind of upside down world had I gotten myself into here? Did Cindi willingly give herself to this state of reality? What went wrong?

"Return her belongings." snapped the Matriarch.

I sighed, feeling my breath bubble between my lips and the stifling ball stuffed in my mouth. This must have been some type of orientation into this deranged existence.

The Matriarch then grasped my eye lids, examining my eyeballs with a bright flashlight. She inspected each one carefully.

"Start her on the vitamins." she ordered. "Strict protein diet for the first 30 days, then up to solids."

I tried to convey my fear to this stranger with my expressions, since that was all I was capable of. Yet my efforts were in clearly in vain as she quickly stepped away. To my surprise, the leader soon stood in front of me to address me; now as a person.

"Consider yourself now an a****l of the lowest order." she said.

"You have been stripped of all privileges normally associated with human beings. But now you are not even that, so you might as well get used to it. You will re-learn everything all over again... You will be taught how to walk, how to defecate, even how to think. In time, you will be the strongest woman here. You came here to learn, to grow. Here, we will tear your mind, body and soul apart, but you... you will build yourself back up again to be the most perfect being known. This simply isn't a haven for sexual gratification contrary to what you and Fiona experienced last night. That was simply a test. A test for us to determine your eventual outcome. Your friend here has vouched for your character, so I have chosen her to lead you along your process of reconstruction. You will be given a new name; one that I will decide on at the end of your building period. Until then, you will be known as nothing. A mere blotch of nothingness on the heels of feminine existence. You will not be addressed, nor will you be referred to as anyone with a singular identity."

With that, the leader turned, and briskly walked out. Now Cindi and I remained alone as the crude metal door slammed shut. Falling into a pattern, Cindi quickly got to work as she lowered my platform so that I was horizontal. Desperate for any words, I tried to make eye contact with my friend in hopes that she would free me. Yet none came as my head was hoisted upward, resting on some thin edge. I couldn't tell what was happening as I heard lots of activity around me. Suddenly, a loud humm deafened my ears as I could tell that my hair was being sheered off. Long, careful strokes garnished my skull as I felt my lengthy tresses of blonde hair being shed. I began crying as she wiped away my once proud mane. It felt terribly disgusting what she was doing to me. Yet in the despair, my mind began pondering what the leader told me moments before. Perhaps this was some awkward technique of healing me? Making me whole and pure again? Possibly this was truly the best thing for me? After all, Cindi and I had such a wonderful conversation on the phone just two days prior to my arrival. Yet thinking back, I now recall her expressing deep concern for my recent misfortune. She could tell I was devastated by my ex-husband's departure. Maybe... just maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all? Admittedly, I was fascinated by Fiona's structure the previous night, and pondered the thought of myself as a bald woman. I sighed, taking some comfort in what was happening to me.

The sheers continued their ferocious task of removing every strand of my hair. I heard several clumps fall to the ground below. All that was now left was a head full of sharp bristles, which now were lathered with rich foam by Cindi's skillful hands. My tensions slipped as I basked in the gentle actions of my dear friend. I sensed her apparent love and concern for me in each gentle caress upon my skull. She then placed a razor to my jagged flesh, scrupulously running it back along the sphere of my head. Long gentle strokes of the razor removed all stubble, leaving only sleek bare skin in it's wake. It was distastefully erotic what I was now feeling in my heart. I was actually finding myself enjoying this transformation.

After rinsing my now bare skull, Cindi brought herself around to remove my recently waxed eyebrows.

"Oh shit, she's really going to do this." I thought to myself as Cindi wetted my brow, and took a straight razor to the hairline.

Several glances were shared between us as she gently flicked the razor over my skin. The sound of tiny hairs being shorn echoed in my ears. The sharp noises somehow soothed my weary mind. Perhaps it was the thought of Cindi doing this that provided the finesse I needed at this point. My heart ached to reach out for her... to break these chains and embrace my long lost friend. Perhaps she would transform me into a powerful b**st that could break free of this repression? My thoughts were quickly doing the math... I started to see a sliver of truth in this process. Maybe this was their own unique way of finding one's true destiny? What seemed to be odd and insane to most others conceivably had an fundamental basis for their actions. I wanted to find out... I wanted more.

After my shave, Cindi took the IV's from my arms, and carefully bandaged my punctures. She still hadn't spoken a word to me since our initiation begun, yet our expressions were becoming more and more of an unspoken language between us. I couldn't believe I was finding pleasure in being robbed of my identity, but my fears were qualmed in Cindi's loving gestures of elegant love. The way in which she touched my flesh, the manner in which her tender gaze fell upon my own... Once the initial fright had worn off, I slipped further and further away from myself; at least the Kristen I once knew. Maybe becoming someone new wasn't such a bad idea after all? The old adage of 'getting away from it all' certainly held a much more poignant meaning for me.

I watched her every move with scrupulous curiosity. Watching those muscles contort with such proficiency and ease... There was virtually no semblance of the feminine features I once knew. Yet within those eyes I could ascertain she was nevertheless in there, now just a much more purified being. I wanted to ask her what had happened... what led her to here, and how she manifested this power. Nothing was spoken as she began to undo the locks securing my body down. I gasped, realizing I could possibly make a run for it. I could flee far from here and go back to my world of hopelessness and solitude... My God, why would anyone wish that upon themselves? There was no way I would escape from this place. Especially not now considering my appearance. With each passing moment, I was more and more Cindi's compliant toy to do whatever she so desired.

The cumbersome chains were set aside as Cindi guided me to sit up. The moist fragrance of her flesh floated by me as she loosened the huge steel contraption that was fastened to my head... The metal ball slipped out, coated with my saliva as Cindi tactfully placed it on the workbench nearby. I questioned myself how many times she had done this. Or perhaps I was her first. Yet sitting there with nothing to cover me, I faithfully remained... bare breasted, and fully unveiled... not motioning one inch for fear I would lose Cindi forever. I didn't want that. Not now at least.

I didn't cry out in panic, nor did I choose to run. I remained, transfixed on my long lost friend. Turning around, Cindi took my hand in hers as she skillfully directed me from the rustic platform. Now motionless in front of each other after so many years... no separation. No distance. No questions. Our hands remained entangled as our hold tensed. I could perceive her affection with each short-lived second. Our silent, absorbed interaction started to speak clearly once more. She let go of our hold to reach up to her rags, only to loosen them... gradually, she bared the virtuous temple of inspiring power-- folded the fabric up to carefully set it aside. I beheld that solid chest, her lean groin that evoked a hungry sigh from my appreciative gaze. Her body drew closer, sensing the heat from her stately flesh. Our arms obligingly held each others' as a prolonged gaze ensued. How I wish I could have seen what this spectacle must have looked like... two bald women, arm in arm... obviously taking delight in ultimately being together after many years.

My hands elevated higher along the billowing hills of her muscular arms. Breaking our stare, I watched as my delicate hands traveled along; lingering over the skin. Looking back at Cindi, a smile met my mesmerized expressions. I answered with a thin smile as her arms seized my ample body into her embrace. Now I was hers... This moment of sensual contact convinced me that there was no going back. Harsh, rigid muscle crushed together with my Motherly, plump skin. Swaying my head, I watched my large breasts come against her sculpted chest. My heavy bust flared out as we both sighed from the stunning vision... This was so unbelievably erotic to see... let alone feel as Cindi's courageous hands found their way to the small of my back. Our breath grew feeble, as did our hearts...

"So much power." I thought to myself. "So beautiful."

It was all I could possibly endure. Our faces drifted together, brushing cheek to cheek as a kiss became immanent. I felt those demanding hands slither up my shoulders as our faces motioned closer... I knew she wanted to kiss me. It was a reality that needed no words. We both knew it was unquestionable. Her warm breath swept across my blushing face... staring into those trusted, reassuring mahogany eyes I so valued. My fingertip scrupulously traced her pouty lips. I held my breath... she halted hers as well. Almost there... so damn close. It was crippling us both... we had to seal ourselves together. It had to happen.

"Cindi." I breathlessly whispered.

"My Kristen. My true love." she replied in a tone matching mine.

Her assuring hold seized me as the last word flowed from her lips. My eye lids sealed with a gasp... now was the moment where our relationship would be fully consummated. This kiss wouldn't be hurried, nor would it be without meaning. It would be the kiss of all kisses... the lone act of solidity and devotion. And together our lips came, ever so faintly at first... Delicate flutters of flesh against flesh... What woman in her right mind could resist such awe? Such truth? Cindi's lips met mine with tender reward. Her fingertips pressed into me, twisting her head slightly for a deeper kiss. Unlike my first kiss with Fiona, this was far more meaningful. This held the conviction and righteousness I had longed for my entire life. Her mouth parted wide, accepting the slick tongue now begging to fill my mouth. With rich gusto, her tongue not only came into my mouth, but was slippery grasped with my eager lips, forming an "O" shape about it. My hands clutched her bare skull so as to keep that tongue inside me. Then an unexpected lunge came from her as her zeal overcame her senses. Smashing her mouth to mine, Cindi wrapped those guns around my waist; lifting my entire body in her arms. I knew I wasn't a light weight, yet was amazed that she evoked no signs of struggle or strain as she turned me about. We were like a married couple, cavorting around as if on their honeymoon. I rewarded her guileless efforts by lifting my legs up to wrap around her waist, locking my ankles behind her ass. Cindi cooed in delight, and rammed her tongue down my throat... I could tell our kiss was growing in intensity and fervor... the fires of sapphic rapture were set ablaze as she easily clutched my wide hips. She growled into my mouth, apparently pleased with how my flabby full cheeks felt in her palms.

"You like my ass?" I asked.

She simply nodded yes.

"It's yours." I came back by suckling her chiseled chin. "It's always been yours."

Another raspy groan exited as I tightened my legs around that handsome waist, hungrily knawing her jaw and chin in with savage determination. Cindi kneaded my cheeks apart and together several times as she carried me from the inspection area. All worries or fears vanished as we made our way to a more intimate area of the dark warehouse. Her idea of 'intimate' took something to get used to however... she carried me into a large repair room filled with engines. Massive diesel and gasoline powered engines that were being overhauled. The smell of oil and gasoline permeated my nostrils as Cindi and I stepped down into a large grease pit. The narrow and seemingly tiny space was perfect for our copulation... I simply didn't care wherever we ended up at. I had to make love to this woman...

She slammed me against the wall in f***eful might. With my neck exposed, she sank her teeth deep into my neck. My eyes bulged open, staring up in fearful ecstasy.

"God, Cindi." I cried out as her groin met mine in a series of rampant, hungry thrusts.

My hands gripped those rock hard shoulders as I felt her womanhood press against mine. In the hazy mist of passion, I noticed several chains dangling down into the pit. It must have triggered something in Cindi, because she clutched one of them as she swiftly wrapped them around my wrists. Large shackles of steel tightly bound my skin as Cindi grasped the other end of the chain, hoisting me up from the floor. It all happened so brutally fast, yet was welcomed by every thoughtful deed she blessed me with. With my wide, hour glass body now fully hers, Cindi brought her face between my unencumbered breasts, clutching each heavy knoll in her hands to smother her face. Urgency demanded action... action demanded reaction. And I was going to give her that by any and all means.
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The complete make-over goes very deep! ;-)P
To be re-born as a power woman as well, I assume?
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This is soooo hot got to read the rest.