mysterious neighbor Chapter 11

We spent a glorious evening together and my angel made me so proud. She was the hit of the evening, and after dinner, Professor Whitworth asked her to say a few words.

"It is an honor," she said, "to be with such a talented group. You should all be very proud of what you have done. Now, I challenge you to do even better because I will be back at the spring showing and I want each and every one of you to amaze and dazzle me. This is your senior year, and a wonderful opportunity to launch your career, whether it be in sculpting, painting, or teaching. We need good art instructors who really care about their students so thank you to those of you going into that career.

I came here today to conduct some business and to see what you've accomplished but also to spend some time with a woman who has amazed me in so many ways. Since she is a student here, I have a feeling you'll see more of me, and Professor Whitlow has generously offered me an opportunity to serve as guest lecturer from time to time. That is such an honor to me, I can't refuse, so thank you, Professor. I accept your kind offer."

After dinner, we went to Jennifer's hotel, where she had a very intimate room reserved for some quiet time together.

After we all had some coffee or wine, we sat in a semicircle in front of the fireplace. Jennifer and I sat in the middle, on a long sofa, with Mom next to me.

"I know you all have a lot of questions about me and my relationship with Sherri but we'll have a lot of time to get to know each other better," she said. "One thing I want you to know is just how deeply our love goes. We've already hurt each other terribly and survived because we both knew that we are going to be together the rest of our lives. It goes way beyond the sex, and I'm not going to go into that. We love each other heart and soul. When we're apart, I ache to hear her voice and feel her touch. All she has to do is touch my face and my heart falls apart. Don't ask me to explain it, because I can't. All I ask is that you grow to love me one-tenth as much as you love Sherri. I've seen that love tonight and I want to be part of it."

She turned to my mother then. "Julia, you've honored me with your acceptance. Now, I want to be your friend, but I promise you, your daughter is now, and will always be, the focus of my life and I will safeguard your trust with my every breath."

After an hour or so, she bent to whisper in my ear. "Stay with me tonight"

I snuggled into her and nodded. There never was an option.

We got to her suite about midnight. As soon as the door closed, we came together with an embrace and kisses that were not only passionate, but loving.

I noticed that she had a veranda and pulled her in that direction. "Can we just hold on to each other for a while?" I asked.

We stood on the veranda, under a full moon, declaring our love for each other over and over, then we went inside. I slowly undressed her and led her to the bed.

"You made me strip for you on the phone before you let me have phone sex with you, but I think you need to lay there while I do it in front of you. I want to make you mad with desire before we make love."

I almost made it, but It didn't work. She jumped up and threw me down to rip my panties and bra off. Our love was passionate, loud and wild and covered the entire king sized bed. She'd try to get away from my tongue and teeth and I'd try to get away from hers but neither of us wanted to admit we were done.

We lay next to each other later, wanting more but accepting that we needed time to recover.

"Is it going to be this way every time we get together?" I asked.

"You mean trying to eat each other up?" she asked. "Probably."

"I'd better find my own apartment then,"

"I wanted to talk to you about that," she said.

"About what? Getting a place of my own? Honey, I can't afford it and there's not much around the school that you can get now. All the better places are full, some of them with a waiting list."

She sat up on the bed and looked at me, taking my hands in hers.

"Sherri, listen to me. I know we said we'd be fine through this year, but I lied. I won't make it without you, and I don't mean phone calls either. I need to be close to you so we can truly share our lives. I want to do things with you, attend your school activities, go to dinner with you, sit together while we watch movies, or whatever. We have fantastic sex when we're together but I want more."

"I know," I said, "but with your tours and school and your studio out east, and.."

"It's not out east," she said.


"I hope you won't be upset with me," she said, "and I shouldn't have done it without you."

"Do what?" I asked.

She squeezed my hands and looked into my eyes. "I bought a place in the hills overlooking town. It has a big master suite with windows that look out over the whole valley and a veranda that....."

"Wait, wait, wait. You bought a place? In the hills? Why? When? Oh my god, you didn't. You shouldn't. You didn't have to do that."

"Yes I did, Oh honey, don't you see? It's only a thirty five minute drive to the school, and we'll have a beautiful studio and we can be together every night and every weekend. Oh, Sherri, please don't be angry or upset with me. I just couldn't bear the thought of being so far away from you."

"You are such a goof," I said, "why would you think I'd say no? But what about your schedule? I mean, there are times when you're on the road for weeks at a time."

"I'm doing some scheduling," she said.

"No!" I said, quite firmly. She got such a look of surprise that became disappointment and I saw a sadness there that hurt me deeply.

"Oh honey, I know you're excited, and I love what you did, but damn it, Jennifer, you're the hottest thing on the art scene and this is your hour. You are not making changes for me. You beat me over the head about my education and by god, you're not giving up your future for me."

"Damn it Sherri. I was hoping you'd be so excited."

"Oh darling, I am," I said. "I'm insanely excited but I won't let you throw everything to once side to make it happen."

"Sherri, all I'm doing is to select the galleries that offer me the best use of my time. That's all."

I must have still had a look on my face because she was reading some inner thoughts that were lurking there.

"What's wrong, honey?" she said.

"It's all too perfect," I said. I keep waiting for you to say 'but this or but that.' It's too good to be true"

"It's all true," she said. "Come live with me, Sherri Darnell and let me prove how much I love you."

"Oh god, Jenn, you don't have to prove anything to me. Of course I'll come live with you. Oh my god, I can't believe it."

We moved into the new house a month later, but before we even moved into it, she had some special plans for us.

We'd been measuring rooms, and making notes of the things we wanted to do to make it our home when she went to the fridge for some wine she'd had chilling. A few minutes later, she called me to come out on the patio.

Our patio is made of natural stone and granite surrounded by shrubbery. It's about the size of your average living room with a stone fireplace on one side and the grill area on the other side. A very large granite topped table sits in the middle of the grill area and two other tables are located nearby.

When I joined her on the patio, she was standing near the granite table. She had turned all of the lights off so the only light was from a three-quarter moon.

She waited for me next to the railing that overlooked the city far below. Lights twinkled like fairy dust and the look on her face was one of pure love and desire.

She took my hands in hers and kissed me.

"We've made love here already," she said, but tonight is going to be special. I've got the room all ready and we're spending our first night here."

"This could be a long night," I said.

"I hope so, but I've arranged for a special ceremony to make it officially ours."

"Oh?" I said. "And just what does this ceremony consist of?"

"You'll see," she said, turning me toward the table.

A blanket lay folded up on the table with a pillow at one end and one to the side of the table.

"Let the ceremony begin," she said, as she began stripping me. When I stood naked in the moonlight, she motioned for me to get on the table, on my back. A small pillow was put under my head and my feet were spread with my knees up. Then she tied my hands and ankles to the table. I was now helpless to resist whatever she planned.,

I was then f***ed to watch her slowly strip in a tantalizing dance as she moved around the table, just out of my reach.

"In the tradition of consecrating a sight," she said, "I must sacrifice a young virgin to Sappho. It is first necessary to cleanse the virgin with the mystic juice of the g****."

She then began to drizzle wine over my face and down over my body, pausing to lick and suck it off my breasts. When she reached my pussy, she spread me open and poured it into me, then slurped hungrily at it. Of course, by this time, I was in a state of arousal that bordered on desperation. She then turned me over and poured it all the way down to my heels, spreading my anus open to receive the "blessing," followed by her ritual removal with tongue and lips. She turned me back over again when she was done, with my knees up.

"By order of Sappho," she said, "the sacrifice must be performed using the Sapphic saber, a weapon of great efficiency. However, it is my duty, as keeper of the saber, to ensure that the virgin is pure enough to please Sappho through the use the holy purifier."

She pulled a dildo from her bag of tricks that was similar to the one she used when I lost my anal virginity, but a bit larger and a bit longer. She proceeded to push it into me without a lot of ceremony or preparation and I wasn't expecting it.

"Oh fuck," I yelled. She quickly pumped into me a half dozen times but refused to keep going when I asked. Then she raised my hips to push it into my anus but at least this time she prepared me with her tongue and some lube. She did about eight or ten strokes, but then she left it in me when she let my hips down again.

"It's time," she said. "Sappho accepts your sacrifice and promises a heavenly journey"

What she pulled from the bag this time frightened me.

"Oh my god, you can't be serious," I yelled, but as I struggled to sit up, she pushed me back down.

"The sacrifice is not to resist," she said. "It will be as it must be."

The dildo she held had to be nearly a foot long, with a bulbous head that was about inch and a half thick. The shaft behind that had spiral knurling that ended in a cylinder with several buttons on it. I decided that there was no way she was putting that in me, but of course, I relented eventually. .

"Mercy will be shown the sacrifice if she accepts her roll."

"How much of that goes in?" I asked.

"It remains to be seen," she said, as she pressed it against me.

"Easy, easy," I said, as it was worked deeper and deeper into me. When It was in a ways, I could feel the pressure of the two dildos pushing into each other which only made the one in her hands feel that much larger.

I grabbed hold of the tabletop and held on for dear life when it began to touch spots that had never been touched. I have no idea how deep she went, but just about the time I was going to tell her to stop, she paused and changed position. She must have pushed one of the buttons because I felt it begin to move inside of me as she fucked me with it.

It felt like it was swelling up, turning around a few times and then turning the other way. After a few minutes of that, she turned the vibrator on. Every once in a while, her hand would bump the dildo in my ass which brought a cry from me and lifted my hips off the table. When she started driving it into me faster and faster, the dildo in my ass moved more and more until I almost flipped off the table. At a critical point in my rise to orgasm, she pushed the bunny ears onto my clit, My ass flew off the table, trying to throw off the demons that were destroying my body. Over and over again, I pushed skyward, then collapsed back to the table...

"Oh god, it hurts," I screamed, straining to break free. With a final primal scream my back arched painfully into the air then collapsed as wave after convulsive wave of spasms moved over me, each to another cry for mercy,

At some point, I became aware that she had untied me and I hadn't died in that fiery inferno.

I slid off the table but found that my knees wouldn't support me so I pulled The blanket to the ground and lay on that to complete my recovery.

She squatted beside me, mumbling some crap about Sappho and I didn't care. She passed me some tissue to wipe my sweat filled eyes, but I wiped my battered pussy.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Stopping the bl**d," I said.

"You're not bleeding," she said.

"That's easy for you to say. You're cervix isn't the one that's been destroyed."

She handed me a glass of wine which I sipped on for a few seconds. "I'm still sort of shaky inside," I said.

"That's a good thing, isn't it?"

"How can we complete the ceremony?" I asked. "I don't have a saber. I left it at home."

"I know, "she said. "I planned on it."

She cleaned the dildo that had so recently been buried in my cervix and snapped it onto a strap-on, then reached into her bag to come up with another toy of about nine or ten inches. A molded head was followed by a series of seven round balls that were molded onto the shaft, each ball slightly larger than the one before it. The last two were quite large. About half of the core was hollow, into which she slipped a slim vibrator that just barely went in.

I wanted her on the table but she wanted it from behind. I sort of liked that idea too because I could get good leverage to really pound into her when the time was right. The dildo was lubed up and I worked a lot of lube into her anus with first one, then two fingers.

"Do you know how to use that?" she asked.

"If I didn't know before. I think I've figured it out, That looks so tempting I might have to try that myself later."

I was surprised at how difficult it was to get the strap-on into her but with lots of strokes and a firm grip on her hips, I soon had her begging me to slow down. Now it was her cervix that was being abused and she complained just as loud as I did. Once I had a good rhythm going, I started working the balls through her anus. As each one popped through, she yelped but it wasn't long before only the handle was visible. I decided that the usual strokes in and out weren't necessary with that dildo because moving the balls in and out of the sphincter might get painful, so I used short bursts of quick, short strokes, which seemed to be extremely effective. In the meantime, I was driving hard into her with the strap-on. When I felt she was getting ready, I pounded into her pussy as fast and as hard as my ass could move and I popped one of the bigger balls out of her ass. She cried out but I just kept the same short, rapid stroke pattern up until I pulled the second one out. Each time she got close, I popped out a ball until only three were left in her.

She raised her ass up higher and told me to fuck her harder.

My hips were getting tired but I really wanted to send her flying so one by one, I pushed the balls back into her until even the handle was part way in. Then I grasped her waist and leaned against the handle while I rammed her hard, deep and fast. Every stroke slammed the dildo into her ass She tried to pull away from me but I held on tight and slammed even harder. .

"Oh god, I'm commingggggggggggggggg. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck."

With the last cry, I popped the two larger balls out and she dropped to her knees. The strap on pulled out of her but the dildo in her ass was held tight. I pusher her onto her arms to begin lapping at her pussy juice, which kept bubbling out of her. When she began to calm, I took hold of the handle and began moving it in a circular pattern.

"No, no, no, oh god, stop, Sherri. Oh fuck, I'm coming again. Oh my god, oh my god, I coming again."

When she exhaled loudly, I popped two balls out and she came again.

"Enough, enough" she said. "No more, oh god, no more.",

I pulled her down to lie next to me while I coaxed her through her afterglow and back into the world again.

"My god, Sherri, that was torture."

"Sappho should be excited about the sacrifice," I said.

Eventually, we got up and went into the house and sent to bed, sl**ping on an air mattress covered with a comforter and a light blanket.

In the morning, she woke me with sweet kisses to my face and lips.

"Well," I said, "at least we both survived the sacrificial ceremony."

"Not quite," she said.

"Excuse me? "

"Well, " she said, "There's one more part we need to take care of before you head off to school."

"I'm almost afraid to ask you, but now what?"

"We both completed our individual sacrifices, but there is a final bonding ceremony that seals our love for all time."

"Oh, this is going to be a good one," I said. "How can I go to school if I can't even walk?"

"I think you'll like it," she said.

She reached behind her to get a fat, double-ended dildo of about twenty-four inches.

"Damn, Jenn, don't you have any that weren't made for elephants?"

"It's not that bad, honey, and you're the one that decides how much you can take."

I groaned in protest, but I really did want this. We went butt to butt at first, but then she wanted to switch so I pulled my knees up and she slid into me, until I finally said she had to stop. Her body was twisted so that her left leg was over my right leg and her right leg was under me. Little did I realize that by being on her side that way gave her the ability do hammer it into me no matter what I said. We came like a head on train wreck but then I glanced up at the clock.

"Shit, I've got to go. If I'm late, you're taking the rap."

I showered quickly and dressed, putting tissues in my panties to catch our fluids which still seeped out.

I ran over to kiss her good bye.

As I drove, I called her.

"I hope your happy. I can't stop leaking."

"Look at it this way," she said. "That just means it was great sex."

"Well, tonight its going to be my way. No toys, no bells and whistles, just good wine, good music and sweet sex in the moonlight."

"You sound like someone I could fall in love with," she said.

"I hope so, Jenn, because I'm hopelessly in love with you."

"Go to school," she said. "we have the rest of our lives to love each other."

I felt so warm inside. It wasn't just two women in lust for each other any more. We were facing the world together. It was nice to be a "we" and an "us". Really nice."

To my fans. This was a hard story to write, but only because of the emotions involved, and I haven't decided whether to continue this series or not. What do you think? Thank you for the kind comments. That's what keeps me writing.
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2 years ago
OMG. You just cannot stop now. I can't even believe it myself but for the last two chapters i had tears in my eyes. Please do more
2 years ago
awesome stories please continue
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Loved it continue
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You have a wonderful talent and gift! Thank you so much for sharing this great story with us. I couldn't click to the next chapter fast enough. I really hope that you keep this series going. I'm gonna start reading some of your other stories. Again absolutely wonderful!