mysterious neighbor Chapter 4

With our fingers intertwined, we lay facing each other, sharing tender kisses as we gazed into each other's eyes.

"I guess I didn't misunderstand your feelings about me," she said.

"Not in the least," I said, knowing this was what I'd really wanted for a long time but couldn't allow myself to accept it. "It's all I've thought about ever since I first saw you naked, reaching for the sun like that. I fantasized about how you would feel next to me. When we were masturbating together, I climaxed to the thought of your tongue on my clit."

"Was it as good as you thought it might be," she asked.

"Much better." I said. "Impossibly better. I have never, ever experienced an orgasm like that. I have to check to see if my anus is inside out though."

She laughed, but I didn't resist when she rolled me to my stomach, spread my cheeks and probed into me.

"Nothing wrong back here," she said, continuing to explore my rectum with deep, twisting probes. No one had ever done that to me, although I'd explored a bit with my own fingers, and my boyfriend tried to take me there without any permission or preparation. It felt glorious and I never wanted her to stop,

"Do you want me to stop?" she asked as though to read my mind.

"No," I whispered. She slowly worked a second finger in, twisting into me. I felt her move as she slid her leg between mine and started rubbing into me. It was too much. As exhausted as I was, I still had the energy to move through my first anal orgasm. It was different, not as hard, but just as beautiful if not more so. I almost cried when she pulled her fingers out.

She got up and went into the bathroom and returned with a cool wet towel which she used to bathe me so gently I almost went to sl**p. I was destroyed, but unbelievably, I wanted more.

She lit the candles on the mantle and In the soft glow of their light, I studied that beautiful body. When I had the strength, I moved to her and began kissing her as my fingers explored her body, feeling every swell, every curve, every inch of her. I raised up to see her better and she opened her legs to me that I might see the clean shaven slit that I'd been dreaming of. I studied it thoroughly, spreading her open without penetrating, and blowing soft kisses over her clit, only slightly revealed from under its hood.

I worshipped at those two beautiful breasts and blackberry nipples with fingers, tongue, lips and teeth as she whimpered with need. I rolled her onto her stomach, moving my fingers through her crease, tenderly swirling them around the opening as she tried to thrust into my finger. Rolling her over, I remained between her legs so she ended up with her hips raised up, resting against my legs, with her legs suspended over her body, I'd seen this position in a porn flick once and decided it was a perfect way to serve up my first serving of Sapphic delights.

It was a bit difficult to work my face into the proper position, but when I did, it was all worth it. Her pussy was right in front of my face, spread open to me and I dove into it. I sucked, I licked, I kissed, I nibbled, I whipped my face back and forth across her pussy which drove her absolutely mad. She groaned, she moaned, she cried out my name when I drove her mad. She had no problem using the f word when she got close, and she screamed it loud when I wet my fingers and whirled them around and over her clit, something that always gets me off, She came loud and hard and I was there to suck away every drop of cum that oozed from the beautiful pink pussy. I let her relax while I toyed with her pussy just enough to keep her fired up, then I flipped her over and gave her the same anal pleasures she'd given me.

By the time she calmed, we were both ready for some rest so it was no surprise when we slipped off to sl**p.
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