accidental fantasies

It had to be the freakiest of freak accidents. Both cars ran the red light, trying to beat the yellow and the came together right in front of me, sending both cars sk**ding towards mine. I slammed on my brakes and thankfully received just a mild bump as they came to a stop.

People were running everywhere and it seemed like only seconds before the sirens could be heard in the distance. An officer had me move my car to the curb and I sat there, shaking, my head on the steering wheel. I wasn't hurt, just frightened and relieved that they missed me.

Suddenly, a rather attractive man of about thirty-five or so appeared at my window and inquired as to my safety. I told him I wasn't hurt but he insisted on checking my pulse. As he held my wrist, a strange feeling, a warmth if you will, came over me. I can't explain it, I just had no fear or anything. It was as though I had known him all of my life. Obviously, my pulse was racing and he suggested that I needed to get out of the car and stretch so I could take a few deep breaths, which I did. It helped a lot. As I stood there, I noticed that he was staring at me. I'm certainly no beauty, but I'm happy with myself. I was grateful, though, that I wore my favorite outfit. Medium blue slacks and matching jacket top with a light blue blouse under it. With my auburn hair and brown eyes, I looked great.

When he offered to buy me some coffee while they cleared the wreckage and cleaned the street, I gladly accepted. The coffee shop was just a few yards from my car so I could watch it in case the police wanted it moved. I ordered a cappuccino while he just had regular coffee. He was good at getting me to talk about my f****y and I felt the stress leave my body. I told him of my ailing husband and his long recovery. I told him of the affect that his illness had on our daughter who was sixteen and had been putting on weight because she ate when she was worried.

As we left the coffee shop, he walked to my car with me. He took my hand as I got in and smiled. "You're husband will be fine in about a month," he said. "He's a lot stronger now and you'll see a big difference in him when you get home."

"How could you possibly know that?" I asked.

"I've had a lot of medical experience and I'm sure you'll find that I'm right. Talk to your daughter. She's only about fifteen pounds overweight. Tell her to eat one of these a day and to watch what she eats and she'll be lean and mean in about three months." He handed me a package of Mint-O-Licious butter mints, something she loves. "Only one a day," he said, "or it won't work."

"I wish I could lose weight that easily," I remarked.

He smiled at me and patted my hand. "I wouldn't worry about that," he said. "Besides, your clothes wouldn't fit and your pants would fall off."

"I didn't mean instantly," I replied, "just easily."

"You'll be fine," he said, "it just takes a short time."

He walked away and disappeared in the crowd. A few minutes later, an officer came over to tell me that I could leave and just stop down at the police station at my convenience to make a statement.

It was hot in the car and I slipped off my jacket before I pulled away from the curb. For one reason or other, I became aware of my blouse feeling like it belonged to someone else. I had never noticed how baggy the sleeves were on my arms and when I looked in the rear view mirror at a light, the whole blouse looked baggy and downright absurd. I felt ridiculous to say the least.

When I arrived at the house, I put my car keys in my purse and suddenly found an envelope sticking up from the top of it. Puzzled, I opened it and found a short note. "Be careful when you get out of your car or you could be very embarrassed when your pants fall off." I laughed because I thought that he had just wanted to make me feel good. When I got out of the car, however, I had to grab at my belt because my pants fell down to my knees!

Holding them up, I ran into the house and ignored my husbands greeting as I ran into the bathroom. My God, I looked like I had lost thirty pounds. My bra and panties didn't fit and my slacks just fell off when I let go of them. I looked like I had when we got married twenty years ago. My daughter was at school so I did something quite bold, at least for me it was. I stripped everything off and walked into the den where my husband sat, reading. His face was a picture of pure lust. I hadn't seen that look in his eyes for years. I turned slowly so he could get a good look and went over to kiss him. His hands were all over me, and he pulled me down onto his lap. There was absolutely no doubt of the effect it had on him. I unzipped his slacks and pulled his cock free, stroking it slowly. I had to have him inside of me. I lifted myself up and eased myself down to onto his erect cock and we made slow and glorious love. It was the first time in months and he didn't last long but I loved every minute of it. I could satisfy myself later. He needed the reassurance at that point.

"I had the strangest thing happen today," he said later, "I was sitting here and all of a sudden, I felt so great that I got up and took a few steps. In fact, I walked all the way out to the bathroom and back without my walker or anything. It felt great and I was hardly tired at all when I got back."

"Sheer coincidence?" I wondered. I told him that I had to take a shower and find something to wear as I got off his lap and headed for the bathroom to retrieve my clothes. As I started up the stairs, I looked over at him and saw a very satisfied look on his face. I could hardly wait to make love to him some more but I was concerned about his health. I didn't want to stress him too much. I showered quickly, then looked at my reflection in the full length mirror on the bathroom door. My breasts hadn't been that firm in at least fifteen years. In fact, they actually looked perkier than I had ever seen them. Curly brown hairs lay below my flat stomach and there wasn't a sign of cellulite on my thighs. There was a make up mirror on the vanity and I held it so that I could look at my ass. Hot damn, I looked good. I was getting turned on by my own body.

I pulled the belt from my slacks and as I did, another envelope fell to the floor. I opened it up in sheer wonder at how he got the envelopes into my purse and now my slacks without me even knowing about it. I opened it and found another note similar to the first one. "I hope you forgive me," he wrote. "I have this fantasy about you and I together. You may want to be naked and lying on your bed when you read this. Just lie back and close your eyes and let your imagination take over."

I turned it over a couple of times, looking for something else but there was nothing. As I stood there however, a warm feeling moved over my body and I felt as though someone were touching my face. The longer I stood there, the more flushed I became and without giving it a thought, I stretched out on my bed and closed my eyes.

Warm soft lips caressed my ears and forehead. Kisses were placed on my eyes, my nose and my cheeks before my lips were wrapped in heavenly kisses and a tongue probed between them. They were sucked gently into his as I felt his hands move over my body. He stroked my shoulders and arms before beginning to softly trace his fingers down over my chest. I opened my eyes but of course there was no one there in the room with me. I suppose that if I had kept them open, none of the rest would have happened. However, I didn't want it to stop so I closed my eyes once more.

His touch was like a feather as he moved over my breasts and surrounded them with his big warm hands, lifting them, kneading them gently before taking my nipples into his fingers to press them and twist them. My breathing became labored and I moaned my appreciation as he pulled them out and pinched them. The he let them go and I felt his warm, moist lips surround one of them as he sucked it into his mouth and tongued around it. I was on fire but I didn't want it to end. He nibbled at them and kissed my breasts, taking little nips of flesh into his mouth and sucking on them.

As he continued kissing them, his fingers had begun probing into my navel and I pushed into them. No one had ever done that before and I never knew how erotic it could be. Then his hand moved downward and softly moved over my pubic hairs. I tensed and moaned in anticipation of what was to be and spread my legs to him. At the first caress over my labia, I pushed up with my hips. I was ready. I wanted to be entered but it was not to be. Not yet, at least. He passed over them several times and each time, I tried to get him to enter me but to no avail. He finally parted them and traced up and down, opening them to his touch as I mewled loudly and dug my hands into the bedding. Then it happened. His finger tip slowly entered into me and withdrew then re-entered before moving into my wet opening. A second joined the excursion and they moved deeper into me and began slowly stroking in and out while turning and twisting. I felt the orgasm building long before it hit me. Just I began to climax, he pinched down on my nipple with his free hand and I screamed into my pillow as I came harder than I ever remembered.

Now he moved down to place his mouth over my clit and begin sucking it from it's hood. He rubbed it with his fingers then licked it with his tongue before once again sucking on it. All the while, his fingers remained inside of me, moving slowly in and out, and twisting, bending his fingers to touch new places.

Suddenly, he removed them and moved to place his mouth over my entire vulva, moving his tongue over me in wide circles. Then he sucked me into his mouth. He milked my labia like a spring calf, pulling me into his mouth before releasing me. His fingers spread me open and his tongue attacked my clit and then moved into me. For what seemed like hours, he licked and sucked and nibbled at me until I threw my hips into the air and cried out in orgasmic bliss.

After I came down, I felt him move closer and felt the tip of his penis moving over my labia. Then he began to enter me. There was no tentative moves, he was in me in three strokes. He had to be at least nine inches long and I cried out as he rammed it home, his balls slapping on my body. He began steady strokes and I thrust into him, stroke for stroke, driving into him, wanting more as he picked up speed. His thrusts became for f***eful and at times painful. He had unbelievable stamina and I came twice more before he pushed deep into me and slammed it in several times. I felt him pulse within me and before long, he withdrew. I felt his lips on mine and he was gone. I lay there panting, spent completely. The bed was soaked through with our fluids and I toyed with my nipples as I came back to reality.

"Thanks," I said softly, "come back whenever you want."

I showered and found some clothes in the back of the closet that I had worn many years ago. They too were large on me but they didn't fall off. When I went down to fix dinner, my husband asked if I was all right and I said that of course I was. He said that he had heard me moaning and wanted to come up to check on me but couldn't.

"I just dozed off and had a very vivid dream," I replied. "I'm sorry if I worried you. I guess I was more tired than I thought."

I told him of my experiences in town, leaving out the part about my mysterious stranger and how he had given me my youthful figure once more. When my daughter came home, she was in a great mood.

"I've decided that I'm going to lose weight," she said. "There's a new boy at school and he's real cute but he didn't give me a second look. It made me realize that I needed to get rid of some of this stuff." She poked her stomach as she spoke.

"This is going to sound really stupid," I replied, "but a friend of mine gave me something for you and told me that you should take just one each day. He said that if you do that and watch what you eat, you'll lose all that weight in three months or less."

She looked at me for the first time and shook her head in disbelief. "Mom, you are a fox!" she cried. "What happened? I want some of what you took."

‘I didn't take anything, honey," I replied, "I had a bad scare and this is what happened, I guess."

"Someone scare me quick," she said, as she ran up the stairs.

"She has a basketball game tonight," I said. "Is there something that you'd like to do while she's gone?"

Richard looked at me and grinned. "Several things," he said, "and I think that you'll like the way I've changed.
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2 years ago
Nice plot, and the magical tranformation on the protagonistc body and everything around here gave to the story a nice turnabout
4 years ago
Intriguing story line, and well written as usual. I can't wait to read the next chapter!