A teachers erotic adventure pt5

Oh, Peggy, "Jennie said tiredly, "If it's alright with the guys, I'd very much like too. I'm too tired and exhausted to be any good at it right now," she said looking at the two husbands who seem only a little disappointed. "Maybe we could plan it for another time, okay," the little English Lit teacher suggested to the obviously disappointed husbands.

Looking at Jennie, now slumping from tiredness and exhaustion, the two husbands quickly relented and agreed to call it an evening

Slowly a relieved Jennie rolled over on her stomach, and then began to slowly, wearily to climb to her feet.

Within moments her friend and fellow teacher, Peggy and Jennie retired to the Master Bathroom to rearrange themselves and clean up. A few moments later the men could hear them laughing and chatting with each other.

Randy and Jennie Martino left for their home a few moments later. Arriving home, they quickly checked on their girls then went directly to bed, where they enjoyed sex to the fullest as they talked the night away about the evening's activities and about a future meeting where the girls, Jennie and Peggy would present the guys with their long awaited final Erotic Present.

The Saturday Morning Phone Call

Saturday morning, Jennie Martino received an unexpected call from her friend, the Math Teacher, Peggy Chan.

"Are you all right after last night?" Peggy asked, concern registering in her sultry voice. "Yes, I think so," Jennie replied thinking to herself, 'How nice of Jennie to call. I want to be nice to her; after all, we still have to work together.'

After talking for a few minutes, as Peggy was hanging up, she laughed and said to Jennie, "You know our two husbands really owe us big time. I just hope your husband, Mr. Martino enjoyed our little 'get together' last night' as much as a certain Chinese guy named Mr. Chan did.

Jennie laughed lightly into the phone, once again her delightful lovely self, she answered, "Oh, he did, He did!"

Peggy laughed into the phone, "Hey, Jennie, I wonder who would have really won, if you and I had agreed to go through with our little Confrontation?"

After a long pause, Jennie laughed and answered her, "Peggy, I know the guys would be disappointed, but I hope we never find out."

"I agree," Peggy replied affectionately in her low sultry voice.

"Okay," they both chorused, "See you Monday morning at School. Bye.
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3 years ago
Great series!
3 years ago
wow, hot story, loved it..thx.
4 years ago
Great story ... All 5 parts. Wish someone would make it into a video clip.
4 years ago
Somewhat of a letdown, after a great sequence in Part 4, but overall an arousing story, well told.