A teachers erotic adventure pt2

He suggested you and I wear the same soiled panties this whole weekend, then on Monday, you and I could meet in the Ladies Restroom, where each of us would slip out of our soiled panties, and put them in a 'sealed Bag. Then we could exchange panties with each other.

Then for the rest of this week, when we have sex with our husbands, they could 'sniff our soiled panties. Edwin could sniff your soiled panties; and Randy could sniff my soiled panties right while we are 'doing it.'

We could maybe comfort ourselves some during today and Sunday, and then clean ourselves with our soiled panties. This way each of our panties would smell of pussy juice." We could let our panties 'dry' right on us, each time, not even take them off at all." By Monday, our feminine smells would be 'all over them."

"WOW, Yeah Okay," Jennie giggled. "What an idea" adding "that would definitely be a sexy prelude to next Friday night," adding just as they hung up. "Peggy, I can't wait for our 'little tussle' either, I want to try you also, I've never been in a physical confrontation with another female.

It will certainly be something new and exciting for both of us. Randy and I can't wait to see how I'll do. Okay, Bye for now, you little slut," Jennie giggled.

"Okay, bye bitch," Peggy, giggled feeling very close to Jennie, as she hung up her phone. Within a few moments both females were in their bathrooms 'comforting themselves." Walking out with 'soiled panties.' each felt uncomfortable in their sopping wet panties, but knew their wet panty crotches, would dry right on them..'

Monday - back at School

Jennie arrived at school at eight AM on Monday feeling smelly and dirty. Although she was freshly bathed, she still wore the same faded white smelly 'soiled translucent stained panties' she had worn all weekend.

Catching sight of Peggy walking toward her, they smiled at each other like co-conspirators, then turned discreetly into the Female Teacher's Restroom.

"We'd better hurry, "Jennie said, "before someone else comes in. " Going quickly into separate stalls each Teacher quickly stripped off her 'soiled panties,' and slipped them into a plastic bag, Then relieved to be clean again, they each slipped into a clean pair of 'fresh' panties they had been carrying in their purses, then exited the Stalls.

Walking toward each other, they smiled their professional teacher's smile; and, silently, without a word, handed the Bag containing their soiled panties to the other woman. Peggy allowed herself a small giggle whispered to Jennie, "Enjoy, you two."

Jennie smothered a little laugh mouthed the words, "have fun!." A few minutes later Jennie was in front of her English Lit class. A few doors down Peggy was busy teaching 1st period Algebra. The School Week had begun.

Monday Evening's Erotic Discussion

"Oh, Randy," Jennie said, "I'm so tired tonight, could we please not make it too long?" she asked tiredly. Besides, shouldn't you be resting up for Friday night, "Jennie wearily teased him.

Randy looked into the tired blue eyes of the beautiful blonde female he had married and still was so crazy about. "Sure, darling," Randy said soothingly, "Maybe we can just talk for a few minutes maybe 'do it' real quick, then go right to sl**p."

Randy felt ashamed and thought to himself, 'I should be ashamed for what I would like to see Jennie do. Randy had just finished watching his lovely wife leaning over their four little girls tucking them in.

He felt a pang of regret as he saw his wife's long blonde hair falling down around her tired delicate face as she bent over the c***dren's bed.

Then in spite of his regrets, Randy felt his arousal start with the thought that his wife's long blonde hair that he so loved, would be fair game for Peggy's hair pulling skills the coming Friday night.

"I'm so tired" Jennie sighed as she eased into bed, her soft warm body melting into his in the darkness. "At least we'll have a three day weekend starting Friday,"

"Darling" she sighed, "Are you happy this year that I'm finally going to be able to give you the erotic Birthday Present of watching your little wife be a wild and wanton woman for the evening."

"Are you k**ding," Randy whispered, "I can hardly wait for Friday. Sweetheart, please don't tell me you're having second thoughts about going through with it?"

"No, Silly," Jennie whispered, her soft fingers brushing his face in the darkness. "I want to do it for you. I know how long you've looked forward to watching me 'do it" adding, "Peggy and I should be just perfect together."

"I talked to Peggy between classes at school today, and it seems we discovered we both have our periods at the same time of the month. We figured it out, and both she and I will be over our periods so we will be able to do anything you guys want to do. Even 'swap' if the two of you would like too, as well as watch us 'try it' with each other.

About the other thing, Peggy and I are both aware that you guys are dying to watch Peggy and me get down on their living room floor, roll around, put on a real little erotic show," Jennie teased. If we let you guys watch us tussle with each other we'll be able to fulfill both of your dark secret fantasies at the same time, right?," she laughed.

"Just the fact that she's Chinese and I'm Caucasian will no doubt a real 'turn on' for you guys. We're willing to wrestle for as long as you guys want to watch us, but certain elements of catfight will not be allowed."

For instance, Jennie explained ,"We're not going to hit each other with our fists." In addition, we're not going to allow any scratching. However, we are both willing to wrestle each other for as long as you guys want to watch us, and as far as the erotic thing, we are willing to 'take that as far as you guys want us to go. " Neither of us has 'ever tried' doing sexual things with another woman so we may both find that, shall we say, 'interesting,' she laughed.

Randy teased her gentle by saying with a laugh," You mean, you're not even going to treat us to 'a little' hair pulling."

"O.K." she laughed, "I'll ask Peggy tomorrow. I'm pretty sure she'll agree that hair pulling will be allowed. That way you can see whether the worn out mother of your c***dren can take a Chinese woman in a hair pulling catfight. After all," she laughed, "what would a catfight between two women be without some hair- pulling, right?" she agreed good-naturedly

I should warn you though," she giggled," I've been so tired lately; if that stocky little Chinese bitch gets me down right away, and get astride of me first," Jennie whispered, "Get ready for your first erotic flashing panty show," she teased.

"So, if she is pulling my honey blonde hair out don't expect any modesty. I'm sure my legs and thighs will be gaping open, my panties will be flashing, and you may be able to see some of my blonde pussy hair coming out the sides of my panties. There sure won't be much left to the imagination," Jennie said, "Well, maybe a little." she teased.

"And, Honey, don't worry, we're the same size, so She's going to be on the bottom some during our little tussles so you'll get to see a lot of her sexy Chinese legs, and thighs and panties. . I'll fight very hard to make sure of that," she promised. "I'm sure she's probably 'stronger' than me so it should be almost like a real little catfight.

"By the way," Jennie whispered into her husbands ear, "Before we go to sl**p tonight, I have a little extra Birthday Present' for you.

Randy felt instant arousal at Jennie's soft voice. "Hold on for just a minute," Jennie suggested. Turning on a nightlight, Jennie then, reached into their Nightstand and pulled out a clear Bag containing a soiled, still damp pair of old faded yellow panties.

"Wait now," Jennie coached her now aroused 'curious' eager husband. "Sit up, and let me get astride of your lap. Once Jennie was sitting astride her husband, she encircled his waist with her slender sexy warm thighs. She felt his 'hard rock' member press hotly against her now swelling Labia Lips. Moving slightly she felt his unruly Cock slide into 'her moist delicious depths. "AAAaa," she heard him soft moan.

"This is your 'Treat,' Jennie whispered giggling into his ear like a young school girl. "This is a special prelude to this Friday night's Peggy and Jennie Erotic show," she laughed.

Opening the clear plastic Bag, Jennie mischievously asked an excited Randy. "Can you guess whose panties are in this bag," she giggled.

"Is it Peggy's panties?" Randy asked, as amazement and disbelief registering in his voice.

"Yes," Jennie giggled, "Peggy and me exchanged panties this morning in the women's Restroom. These are hers, with her pussy juice and wee wee; and, probably right about now, Peggy and Edwin are opening 'my little present to them," which is a pair of my 'soiled panties. "Then mischievously Jennie grinned to herself in the dark, and asked, "Have you ever sniffed a Chinese girl's panties before."

"Oh, WOW," I can't wait any longer," Randy groaned.

"Want to do it," Jennie teased, already knowing the answer. "Yeah," he replied as they began to move in unison, in the age old way.

Then the smell of Peggy's womanly juices and wee wee on her fragrant soiled yellow panties enveloped them. Both were caught up in their almost insane overpowering desires. Jennie's sexual grunts and moans became louder as her aroused husband pounded her tired body almost into oblivion. Both climaxed a moment later," AAAaaa," "UUmmm." Then they were lying quietly.

As Jennie and Randy lay there in the dark still panting , with Peggy's moist yellow panty crotch still pressed against their noses, Jennie whispered to Randy, "Smelling that Chinese Bitch's 'juice' on her wet panties really makes me sooo hot and aroused!! It's like she's right 'here' in bed with us.

Smelling Peggy's pussy smell on your mouth, really turned me on " then added, "darling, let's really enjoy next Friday night, you know, I think I would really enjoy doing all the 'stuff. Edwin told you about that Chinese couples sometimes do, with that little Chinese bitch."

"Do you really want to then?," Randy breathed, almost unable to believe what he was hearing. "Yes, Darling, I want to make this Birthday your best Birthday present ever. I know you want too also, so let's really make it special for both of us and do it" Jennie breathed. A moment later, they drifted off into a deep sl**p.

Waking up in the dead of night, Randy reached over in the darken bedroom and located Peggy Chan's 'soiled' panties now almost dried.

Pressing the Chinese Math Teacher's soiled panties softly against his nose he felt his Manhood aroused a short time later he climaxed 'hard' again as he pictured in his feverish mind his wife, Jennie's wild erotic tussle with Peggy Chan, the Math Teacher who's 'soiled panties he was smelling.

That night, both couples later confessed to the other couple that they had a mind-blowing climax, as each couple sniffed and licked the translucent juice off the other wife's panties.

At school the next day, Peggy had pulled her slender attractive friend, the English teacher aside and asked, "Jennie, what did you put on your panties. Edwin almost killed me last night," she scolded her friend. "We did it so many times, I'm sore 'down there."

Friday Nights Erotic Sexual Adventure

Friday finally came and Jennie had arrived home from work. Since no one was home yet, she started getting ready for the evening's get-together with the Chinese Couple, Peggy and Edwin Chan.

After coming out of the bath Jennie stood naked in front of the mirror her beautiful soft rounded body now smelling 'fresh' from soap and cologne. 'Okay, for whatever happens, I'm ready for the evening's activities,' she thought.

As Jennie put on her white panties, Bra and slip she thought to herself; 'I can't believe that in a couple of hours, I'm going to be tussling with our Math teacher, Mrs. Chan. In less than two hours, Peggy and I will be struggling with each other, rolling around on their living room floor, probably pulling each other's hair, locked into a wild hair pulling catfight.

I wonder which one of us is the stronger woman, 'she thought to herself. Maybe, I'd better take a short nap and get ready for that stocky little Chinese bitch.

Slipping into bed, tired from a full day of teaching, the beautiful blonde haired English Teacher closed her blue eyes and drifted off to sl**p. Jennie's last conscience thought was, 'I am deathly tired; I just need to rest for a little while for this evening's coming confrontation.

Peggy Chan arrived home and quickly hopped into the shower. After bathing, the Chinese Math Teacher walked around her bedroom. Standing in front of her dresser mirror, she begin to feel the excitement. She knew Edwin was excited and was looking forward to watching the friendly confrontation she was going to have with the white wife.

Peggy knew that Jennie was a spirited woman almost her size and near her same weight, so Jennie would definitely fight back. I hope I can get Jennie down first, for Edwin like I promised him I would.

Realistically, Peggy knew because she and Jennie were almost the same size, that each of them was going to get the other female straddled several times before the evening was over. 'I just hope I can get Jennie down and straddle that little blonde Slut's white slender body.

Peggy laughed when she remembered she had promised an excited Edwin, her husband, that she would try to get Jennie, the English Teacher, down, get on top of her, and pull her brown hair so hard, Jennie would have admit she'd had enough.

Randy & Jennie Martino arrive!

Later that evening, when Randy and Jennie rang the Chan's doorbell; both, Edwin and Peggy met them at the door. After exchanging mutual hugs of affection the enormity of what they were about to do hit them.

The two couples could already feel the tension starting to build in the living room as they exchanged pleasantries, both Couples knowing the moment was fast approaching. It was obvious that both Randy and Edwin were already in a state of high sexual arousal.

It was just as obvious, the girls were somewhat nervous and reluctant, but were also anxious for the evening's activities to begin.

Breaking the tension that was increasing by the minute, Peggy decided to come immediately to the point. "Hey, we decided to set up a big bedroom upstairs. This way the room will be more 'soundproof and private. We have it all set up real nice.

Why don't we go upstairs, take a look, and see if there's anything anyone wants to change. Edwin and I thought it might be more intimate and fun for us to do it there. We also have two extra bedrooms if we should want to split up. You know, if we decide to ''swap' later, like we all talked about" Peggy said almost bashfully... "Sure, okay," Jennie and Randy agreed, "we're ready if you guys are"

As the four of them started up the stairs with Edwin and Randy, leading the way, Jennie who was walking behind Peggy, the Chinese wife, got a full view of Peggy's brown sturdy calves and brown legs as they climbed to the top of the stairs.

"She's built bigger than me," Jennie realized with mounting dismay.

Edwin opened the door to a large bedroom and Randy, Peggy and Jennie entered. The Martino's saw that the Chan's had pulled several mattress' together. Four nice chairs had been placed on each side of the four corners.

"Isn't this cozy and intimate? " Peggy asked, adding 'we think this will be the perfect place to enjoy the erotic evening we've all been planning and looking forward to all week.

"Why don't you girls go into one of the smaller bedroom and change into 'whatever you're going to wear," and then come out when you're ready," Edwin suggested.

"Yeah," Peggy laughed soft and sexy, "Come on, Jennie, this should be fun, let's go get ready." Peggy led the way as she e****ted Jennie into a bedroom.

Jennie smiled and whispered, "Peggy, I'm so glad we decided to do this for our husbands

"Come on, We'd better start getting undressed. The guys are probably starting to get impatient," Peggy laughed.

The Chinese wife then started unbuttoning her dress, then slipped out of it. Now she was down to her faded yellow slip. Peggy then slipped her feet out of her shoes.

'Ut oh,' Jennie thought, 'here we go.' Within moments, Jennie had also removed her skirt and white blouse and was now down to her tattered old Slip. Then easing her feet out of her shoes, Jennie stood to her feet.

The two females now examined each other's almost naked figure, as they stood in their bare feet, wearing just their bra, panties and old slips. Meanwhile, Randy and Edwin had quickly undressed down to their briefs and T-shirts. Then the two excited aroused husbands sat down on the two sofas, which faced the other as they awaited their two wives.

"Boy, I've been fantasizing about watching Jennie 'try it' with another woman every since we were first married," Randy said," I can't believe it's about to happen."

Edwin laughed, "I just can't wait to see that little sexy Chinese bitch of mine in a wild 'playfight' with that beautiful little wife of yours.

I think both Peggy and Jennie are going to tussle each other in their old worn out panties so we ought to get quite a show, especially when they start rolling around down on the floor, and one wife ends up on the bottom with the other wife on 'top of her"

"Since they're both from different cultures," Randy laughed, " it's going to be really erotic and exciting, watching the two of them struggle with each other, " "I can't wait to see if your Chinese wife, Peggy or my Caucasian wife, Jennie will be 'on top first.'

Hearing the bedroom door opening, the two men looked up to see their two wives, reenter the room, now dressed only in their skimpy slips. The two sexually aroused husband's felt their unruly members becoming 'hard rock' as they drank in the raw almost naked beauty of the two beautiful wives.

Both Jennie and Peggy had long beautiful hair that hung down past their bare shoulders. Their husband's sexual arousal wasn't lost on the two wives who quickly detected both husband's swollen Cocks straining against their budging briefs.

"Since we all agreed we wanted this to be a really wild erotic evening, Peggy and I are willing to go along with any erotic fantasies you two may have; if, you two are agreeable to going along with our fantasies, "Edwin said.

"Jennie and I aren't going to' have a 'real' fight, at least not at first. So remember we're not really going to 'cat fight' except maybe pull each other's hair, but anything erotic goes," Peggy assured the two husbands, adding, "Jennie, do you agree?"

Jennie smiled, and replied, "Absolutely; I promised my husband I would be a wild and wanton woman for the evening so I'm just as willing as you are Peggy, to make our husband's every erotic fantasy come true" she said firmly. "I can't wait to see which of us two women is the stronger," Jennie added.

Peggy, issued her challenge to the other female, "I think I can hold my own with you, you little white Slut" she smirked, looking over at the White female."

"I can't wait to turn my little Chinese bitch loose on you." Edwin laughed looking at Jennie.

"Oh yeah, "Jennie laughed, "Well, I'm not afraid of her."

"Okay, I have an erotic idea on how to 'start it, "Edwin laughed. "How about Peggy and Jennie, you start by having a kissing fight. This way you can start out easy, then we can see where it goes, "Edwin suggested.

The two bare shouldered slightly embarrassed women, their beautiful long hair hanging down almost hiding their face, walked to the center of the mattress and faced the other woman. Slowly, tentatively the beautiful brown-skinned female and the white female came together.
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