Hi, I really like to masterbate. I like the wet feeling between my legs.
Housework isn't all that bad especially when the neigbor helps.

One day I was cleaning my house and I found a X rated magazine in my
roommates room. This was not you're regular Penthouse, but triple XXX stuff.
I started getting real wet as I flipped through the pictures.

I decided to take a break from my cleaning and sat down on the couch and play
with my pussy. It felt real good. My mind started to wander thinking about
how good it would be to have a hot tongue licking me. I had forgotten that the
d****s and windows were open. I live by a heavy foot traffic area.

When I realized what I was doing, I looked up and the neighbor was staring at
me through the window. Tracy just turned 18 and has a hard well developed
body. She was on the track team in school so she is in good shape. I must
have startled her when I looked up because she slowly backed away. Quickly, I
leaped up and ran to the door and invited her inside. She was real nervous.

I asked her if she would like to join me in some mutual pleasure. She just
nodded. Tracy is very good looking and you'd think she was very experienced
but many guys don't asked her out because she is so good looking.

I started by kissing her on the lips, then slowly I put my tongue in her
mouth. She was almost shaking from nervousness. But I was careful not to go
to fast and scare her. After passonately kissing for a few minutes, Tracy
started to loosen up and I knew this was going to be good. She told me that
she was still a virgin. She told me that sometimes she rubs her clit, but has
never put anything in her pussy. I wasn't even sure if she had ever
experienced an orgasm.

I slowly took off her shirt and started massaging her breasts. She started
to moan "Oh, oh". I lightly brushed one nipple with my tongue. She gasped
loudly and her nipple became instantly hard. I tweaked the other nipple and I
could feel its hardness in my fingers. Tracy was sitting on my lap and she
started moving her hips, humping by leg. I could feel her wetness on my leg.
She was really horny and hot, humping my leg faster and faster. At this point,
she stood up and ripped off her shorts and started to finger herself. She was
writhing all over the floor, moaning and moving her hips. I stood back and
watched her pleasure herself.

I knew she was close, so I quickly put my tongue on her clit and licked her.
She tasted so good, she was very sweet. Her love button was standing up and
felt like a knob in my mouth. My face was wet with her juices. Tracy yelled
"Oh god, I'm coming." She came all over my face.

After it was over, I remembered that I had not drawn the d****s. So I turned
toward the window. Looking in the window, was Tracy's b*****r with the biggest
hardon I've ever seen.
52% (9/8)
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5 years ago
This story has good potential, but seemed a little rushed. It just got going well, and then it was over too soon. Kind of like my sexual experiences! ("This won't take long, did it?")
5 years ago
A tad bit short but still entertaining.
5 years ago
Are we going to find out what Tracy's brothers reaction truly was?