I am a 17 year old girl. I would like to consider myself pretty good
looking.Well when i was a junior in high school I discovered masturbation.
I go to an all girls catholic high school and I have a group of friends
that I am close with. Well we all pretty much discovered mast. when we
were juniors. We sometimes talked about it.About our orgasms. I love when
we talked about it. Well I have boyfriend and i am straight. Well, my
friends and i sometimes would masturbate in front of each other or in the
stalls in school together. No one touch each other. Do any girls or guys
do this?One time we masturbated at this girls house in a circle. I never
got aroused looking at the other girls. I did get aroused by their moans.
Well one day I was in the library in our school, the period right before
lunch. My friend Emily and I were doing a project. At our school were wear
a school uninform, which consisted of a skirt and a blouse. We had to get
a book, and it was on the top shelf. She went up the ladder and was
looking for the book. Emily is a girl who is absoluty gorgeous and all the
guys love her. When she went up the ladder and was at the top I could see
up her skirt and her beautiful black bush was protruding out of her
g-string underwear. She was up their for a few minutes, I never got so
horny at a girl ever. My vagina started getting so wet. She looked down at
me to see if got the right book. I didn't relize she look down because I
was staring at her vagina. She notice and gave me a smile and got down
from the ladder. We went to lunch and then to our next period. At the next
period, I could not help myself. I was so horny and my vagina was soaking
wet now thinking of emily. So I went to the bathroom to relive myself. I
made sure no one was in the bathroom. I took off my skirt and my panties
and i started to masturbate. Someone walked in but I didn't notice. Then
someone pushed my door open. I was so embarrassed, it was Emily. Emily
said what are you doing. I was stunned I could say anything. She said were
you doing this to me. Without hestitation and to my surprise, I said yes.
She gave me a smile and went to kiss me. She said that she had locked the
door and knew what i went to the bathroom for. We kissed and I put my
hand on her breast. She took of her blouse to reveal the most beautiful
pair of breasts I have ever seen. I started sucking on them. We were then
both naked in minutes. We were in the 69er postistion. I have never even
give a blown job, but I was eating out a girl. She tasted unbelievable. We
both came a the same time. Her juices tastes so good. We went back to
cooking class 25 minutes late.
60% (10/6)
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5 years ago
nice story.
5 years ago
Wow! Did this cause you to become at least bi?