katie and lisa

This story is purely fictional and is one
of my fantasies.

There's a girl at school called Lisa. She's quite dark
skinned, like an all year tan, with long black hair
half way down her back, deep brown eyes, tiny cute lil
ears and an amazing smile. She's quite tall, about 5"9
with long legs and an athletic body. She's in my
geography class and I'd often sit with her and chat in
lessons. A few weeks ago, we went on our regular
field-trip to Northumberland where we stayed in
dorm's, with me and three other girls in my room. The
others were Sally and Natasha, another two girls in
our class, one a really pretty blond and the other a
brunette. We spent the first few days out and about,
eating in at night and playing cards and talking in
the evenings. On Thursday night though, everyone was
going to a club with the teachers a few miles away.
I'm not really the clubbing type and, when I said I
was going to stop home, Lisa immediately offered to
stay with me. I was curious why she was so eager to
but figured she just wasn't the type either.
Everyone went off at 7 and me and Lisa made ourselves
a drink and went up to our room. We sat on the beds
beside each other and talked for a while, about this
and that, then I asked her why she decided not to go.
She went red and didn't want to answer. Then she told
me that she's seen my diary which I'd packed at the
bottom of my bag and read what I'd written about her.
I have to admit I'd had a bit of a crush on her and
had said so in my diary because I figured nobody would
get to read it. I was almost mad at first but was
kinda worried how she felt.
`What were you doing going through my bag anyway?' I
asked. She was obviously scared to answer but I felt
so relieved when she did.
`I was... looking at your bra's, I was wondering what
size you were' she replied, looking away.
`Really?' I asked. She nodded and looked at me.
`Katie, are you... straight?' she asked, feeling really
unsure how to ask.
`I don't think so' I replied, then asked hesitantly
(thinking how she'd chosen to stay with me) `you?'.
The look in her eyes answered my question and I knew
now why she wanted to be with me alone. I felt I
should do something so I gently placed my hand on her
thigh, still looking at her. She placed her hand on
top of mine and gently slid it up her leg and above
her waistband, resting on her tummy. I then took over
and slid it still further as she lay back on the bed
and I shifted my position slightly so I was over her.
I could feel my heart beating as my hand slid
underneath her bra and touched against her soft
breast. She shuddered slightly at the touch of my cool
fingers and smiled. With my hand against her chest, I
could feel her heart beating as fast as mine as I
touched against her nipple, slightly erect from the
cold. At my touch, it grew even more and I circles it
gently. She sat up slightly and pulled her top up over
her head and I slid my other hand onto her other
breast as she undid her bra. She lay back again and I
bent my head and kissed the tip of her nipple. I
looked up into her eyes and, seeing her smiling back
at me, gently circled my tongue around her little
nipple, rubbing the other between my finger and thumb
at the same time. I continued to play with her breasts
for a moment, then she sat up and pulled me close to
her. She pulled my top off over my head and then the
bra, then pulled me on top of her as we kissed
properly for the first time. The feeling of her soft,
warm little tongue inside my mouth and her amazing
breasts pushed up against mine sent shivers down me
and I knew this was what I wanted. I slid my hand down
her tummy and to her trousers, carefully undoing the
button. I backed away from her and knelt on the floor
between her legs and slid the trousers down to her
ankles, then off. My heart was racing now as I took
the final step and slid my hand into her thong,
feeling the smooth skin around her pussy. I ran my
finger down her slit, then touched inside as she
wriggled slightly. Then she stood up so I could slide
her thong down and I knelt down, my eyes in line with
her sweet pussy. I stuck my tongue out just a little
and touched it against her, tasting her. By this time
I was less nervous, sure that it was what she wanted.
I slid my tongue inside her as I slid my hands from
her ankles up past her thighs and to her bum. I
touched my tongue against her clit and she moaned
quietly. I kissed down to her thighs, then up past her
pussy to her tummy, then back and kissed gently around
her special place. She moved her hips slightly, trying
to make me lick her again but I kept going around for
another moment, preparing myself for what was going to
happen. Then, I ran a finger around her thighs and up
and down her slit, then slid it in. I touched against
the sides of her pussy, exploring around, then slipped
in another finger. She was by this time moving her
hips towards me and away so I took up her rhythm,
slowly making love to her as I licked her clit again.
She began to moan a little louder but we were both
sure we would hear if anyone came home so she kept
going. She sat down on the bed as I continued making
love to her, laying back as she reached the edge. I
increased the speed of circling her clit and pushed my
fingers a lil further, careful not to be too rough.
She gripped the bedclothes harder and pulled them
towards herself as I licked faster and faster,
listening to her moan with pleasure. I looked up at
her face and saw a smile keep flickering across it
mixed with concentration, biting her bottom lip. After
another moment she squeezed her knees around my head
and then relaxed as I felt her moist pussy fill with
her love. She tasted amazing and I kept licking around
inside of her as she lay back. I looked up again and
saw a huge smile on her face, the rapture of love.
When she was done, I kissed up her tummy, lingering on
her breasts, then reached her lips and she pulled me
onto her and kissed me, long and tenderly. I stroked
her cheek and looked into her eyes as she whispered
`thank you'.
`My pleasure I replied' After we lay in each others
arms for a few moments, she kissed my ear softly and
whispered `your turn'.
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