I have always wondered what it would be like to be with a girl, you know.
Often I will find myself looking around and comparing girls to myself. It all
happened this one time she slept over.

I have this friend named Tiffany. She is 18, 5'5 with dark dyed red hair
and piercing green eyes. She's about 130 lbs and a 34C. She is so hot with
peircings all through her ears and dark makeup. Everyone knows she's a
lesbian. Me, Liz, I'm 17,5'8 with long blonde hair and blue eyes. I am 135
lbs and have 34DD boobs. I've never been with a girl before.

Our night started with going to play pool at the local billiard hall. It
was a friday night and the place was deserted. It was very odd. Tiffany is
always suggestive with me sexually, usually in a k**ding manner, but for some
reason I was interested this time. The guys in the Billiard hall(the ones
that worked there) were really open and let us play whatever we wanted on the
jukebox, in the hope they'd get some lesbian action. While we were playing
both of us got horny, I could tell. But I knew she wouldn't make the first
move because she didnt know if i wanted her to. After the game was over, I
got into the drivers side of the car. She, in the passengers. I turned and
deeply kissed her. She was sort of shocked and excited at the same time. I
could feel myself getting wet. The first thing she did when i let her lips
loose was go for my breasts. She has mentioned many times before how sexy she
though they were and how she would love to suck on them. The drive home she
sucked on my right boob, and her hand mechanically unbuttoned my pants and
probed my slit. Oh My God! I'd never had a guy to do it like she did. I
wanted her to lick me and make me orgasm, I was getting so horny the entire
drive. When we got home she released my boob and i realized my pants were
wet. It had never happened before. We stumbled into my room and she ripped my
pants of and flung me into my bed. Luckily my parents were on the other side
of the house and sound asl**p. She went straight for my pussy and inserted 3
fingers! 3 Fingers! I'd been tight with 2 before, but this time I was so
loose she said. There was something about they way she fingered me, she
played with my g-spot, twitching her fingers violently, instead of most guys
who just thrust in and out. Then she went for my clit, she licked it a way I
have never felt before. After about 5 seconds I orgasmed. She wouldn't stop.
She promised me another one. On and on she kept moving and sucking until all
my muscles tensed up and uhhh..... oh...oh my god.... i fucking love you....
you are are so sexy.. harder.. .and I went again. After this i
begged to return the favor. she wouldn't let me. so I grabbed her arms and
kissed her passionately, slowly moving lower and lower, sucking on her
nipples and then her belly button, and by the time I got to her kitty, i told
her, "you dont want me to?" and she was moaning 'please, please, you make me
want you". so i started slowly licking around, probing each inch of her
swollen pussy. her moaning for more. I got 2 fingers in and tried to imitate
what she was doing and she started moaning louder and louder, making me want
her more. I then went for her clit licking it, and she got tighter and
tighter and started squirming in my mouth telling me she loves me. and she
orgasmed. it was so wet and yummy, her flavor so sweet, i licked it all up.
For a while we rolled in bed naked telling eachother how nice it would be to
do this more often, and later that night we did it again in my pool, in my
car, in my tree, on my roof, and in my bath. I love that fucking girl.
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