lesbian act

My name is Mandy and the first and only girl I have ever had sex with was
my best friend Amanda. We were 16 years old.

Amanda and I had gotten in to my older b*****rs porn's. We picked out one
called Lesbian Sluts. We where laying on my bed watching this porn when
she looked at me and said I was to try that. I didn't know what to think
a first but I said well lets try it. She pulled in close and stared
kissing me I kissed back. I rubbed my hands all over her body across her
tits and on. She began to pull my Shirt off of me and hers we crested
each others and started licking tits. She slid her hand between my legs
and up my skirt. She was rubbing my pussy. It felt so good. Then she told
me to lay back. she began licking my pussy I stared using my hands to
push her face in to my pussy I had never feel something like it. Finally
I came all over her face she came up and stared kissing me again I told
her she had to feel this so she laid back and I started licking here
pussy. I could feel her legs shacking and her breathing became heaver.
She was about to cum. After that we when to go take a shower we washed
each others body. Amanda told me to get out and fill the bath tub up with
warm water and that she would be right back. So I did I add a little
bubble bath to it. When she came back she had Wine, Candles, Box, and a
dildo. In the box where little papers that said something like, Lick my
pussy, Suck on my tits, Finger my pussy, Finger my ass, Lick my ass, Fuck
me with the dildo, Fuck my ass with the dildo and do 69, We were going to
play a game. She we sat in the tub together and she when first. She got
fuck me with the dildo. She got on her hands and knees and I shoved that
dildo up her pussy and fucked her with it. She loved it. She moaned and
pushed back on it. faster and faster till she yelled out I'm cumin. Then
I was my turn. My paper said Finger my ass. I was scared at first. I had
never done that. I got on my hands and knees and she licked her finger
and slow pushed it against my thigh little ass hole. She push her way in.
It felt so good I yelled more she stuck two fingers in my ass I stared
playing with my pussy. It felt so good I cum so hard. The next thing she
got out the box was do 69 So she laid on the bottom of the tub and I got
on top of her. We eat each other out for a good half hour after we both
came. We got up cleaned up. After that we have always done it. To This
day she comes over and stays the night with me at 21 years old.
91% (6/1)
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9 months ago
Wow, this is some of the worst grammar I've ever seen. Hot nonetheless.
4 years ago
now thats hot