cheerleader kristy

Krissy went to a public school in a small town outside of Dallas.
She had long blonde hair and icy blue eyes. Along with those qualities, she
had a near-perfect complexion that the boys couldn't resist. She was also a
cheerleader and one of the hottest girls in her middle school. She was
walking to cheerleading practice one Saturday morning. HEY KRISSY! Someone
yelled from behind her. Krissy turned around and saw it was her friend
Jackie, who is also on the cheerleading squad. Jackie had brown hair and
green eyes. Many of the guys were attracted to her because of her long silky
smooth legs. She was definitely one of the sexiest girls in the school. "Hey
Jackie," Krissy said as Jackie caught up with her. "This practice is gonna
be really long, I heard. And it's supposed to be really hot today" Jackie
said in a whining voice. They got to cheerleading practice and changed into
their tight cheerleading uniforms in the locker room.

They walked out into the humid air and started with their stretches.
Fifteen minutes later, they were doing their routines. Krissy was now
sweating like the rest of the squad as their practice had reached three
hours. The Coach told them to take a break as they slowly made their way to
the water coolers. Jackie and Krissy each took a cup and filled it with
water. Jackie took a sip of her drink and laid down on the ground. Krissy
took a seat across from her and started drinking her water. "I am sooooo
tired" Jackie whined as she stared up. Krissy groaned back since she was too
tired to speak. Then Krissy looked at Jackie's skirt and saw a small portion
of her silky pink panties. She took a closer look and saw that the panties
were soaked with sweat and were sticking to her smooth skin. Krissy started
to feel warmness between her legs and took another sip of her water as the
coach started practice back up.

One hour later, practice ended and the girls changed back into their
normal clothes. Jackie then asked Krissy if she wanted to walk home with
her. Krissy agreed and they both left. On the way home, Jackie's panties
were still sticking to her. "I am like so uncomfortable" Jackie complained
as she reached onto her jeans and pulled them away. Yeah I noticed Krissy
said as she giggled. They turned the corner as they reached Jackie's house.
"Do you wanna come in and hang out for a while?" Jackie said. "Sure." Krissy
replied. Jackie opened her door and they went up to her bedroom. Jackie
plopped down on her bed and Krissy fell into the bean bag chair. "I'm goin'
to bed at like seven tonight." Jackie said as she rolled over to face
Krissy. "Me too." Krissy groaned. "I'm getting these panties off!" Jackie
said as she climbed off her bed and walked over to her drawer. She pulled
off her jeans... "Do you want me to leave?" Krissy asked. "Nah, it's ok were
both girls ya know." "Yea." Krissy replied. Jackie pulled off her soaked
panties revealing a shaved pussy. "Wow you shave?" Krissy asked. "Yea it
made it even hotter down there during practice." "Oh," Krissy said. "Don't
you shave too?" "Nah I'm scared I'm gonna cut myself." "Well why don't ya
let me shave it for ya?" Krissy laughed and said "If u want." Jackie opened
her bottom drawer and pulled out a shaver and shaving cream. "Lets go!" she
said excitedly. "I thought u were just k**ding," Krissy said shyly. "C'mon
just let me do it and see how u like it." "Oh well ok, I guess." Jackie led
her to the bathroom and told Krissy to sit on the edge of the bathtub.
Krissy sat down, and Jackie told her to take off her pants and panties.
Krissy slid them off slowly, seeing as she was a little nervous. Jackie
stared at Krissy's bush and started rubbing shaving cream over it. Krissy
felt weird at first but then started feeling warmth between her legs. Jackie
took the shaver and started shaving her pussy. "So, umm, Krissy have you
ever thought of being with another girl?" "Not really why?" "Because
whenever I'm near another girl, I feel a warmness between my legs. Does that
happen to you?" Krissy blushed and said "Well I'm kinda warm now." Jackie
giggled and said "Do u wanna see what it's like to kiss another girl?"
Without thinking, Krissy blurted out "ok." Jackie slowly started to lean in
and their lips met. Krissy felt herself get really warm and she thrust her
tongue into Jackie's mouth. Jackie was surprised and turned on as she felt
Krissy's tongue in her mouth. They broke away and stared into each other's
eyes for a second.

"Did you get really warm too?" Krissy said quietly. "Yea." Jackie replied
as she looked at Krissy's now shaved pussy. "Can I umm, touch it?" Jackie
said. "Sure." Krissy said; she was really horny by this point. Jackie
slowly extended her hand and felt Krissy's pussy. Krissy moaned. "Do you
wanna go back to my bedroom?" Jackie said, as she was also very horny now.
They ran back to Jackie's room and fell onto the bed in a passionate kiss.
Jackie took off Krissy's shirt and unhooked her bra revealing Krissy's well
developed 32b breasts. "Can I?" Jackie said as she leaned in and licked
Krissy's breast. Krissy moaned and laid down on the bed. Jackie got on top
of her and started sucking on her breast. Jackie loved the taste of Krissy's
breast and wanted her pussy. Jackie slid down Krissy kissing her stomach as
she went. She reached her pussy and immediately started feasting on it.
Krissy let out a long loud moan as Jackie shoved her tongue into her wet
pussy. Jackie loved the taste of Krissy's hot pussy. Krissy felt herself
about to climax and thrust her pussy into Jackie. She came and Jackie felt
Krissy's cum flow into her mouth. Jackie swallowed all she could as she
looked into Krissy's exhausted face. "I want you now." Krissy said as she
got up and quickly removed Jackie's clothes. She went after Jackie's pussy
and licked her up and down. Krissy slid three fingers into Jackie's cunt as
she moaned two times louder than Krissy. Krissy then took them out and
licked them. Krissy then went back to eating Jackie out. Jackie started
bucking her hips into Krissy's face as she came on Krissy. Krissy slurped
up her cum and crawled up to Jackie's side. And they kissed tasting their
own cum on each other's lips. They laid there in silence holding each other
for about ten minutes. "You were great." Jackie said. "We gotta do this
again." Krissy answered back.
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4 years ago
nice story hope u hav another!