Jess the lesbian slut part 2

Jess watched as the tennis ball hit the back wall and the crowd
erupted. Anna Kournikova had won yet another match. Jess collected the ball
and rolled it to one of the ballboys. Jess had black hair with a brown
tint, long and sexy. She was taller now than when she had lost her lesbian
virginity to Sally, but for a 15 year old she was very attractive. She had
perfect tanned legs, nice breasts and a perfect ass.

She had applied to be a ballgirl at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, and
had been accepted. She was wearing her green shirt and short green skirt,
white ankle socks and white trainers. Her hair was as it always was, sexy
and long. She had been watching Anna Kournikova for the last 50 minutes
under the searing heat, and now she was tired of standing by the back wall
and collecting the balls. The advantage was, however, that she could gaze
at Anna's tits, ass and legs as she moved about the court.

Jess had moved over to England with her parents, and now lived in
London. Since that last night of passion with Sally, she hadn't had any
lesbian sex in two months. She wanted to try and seduce Anna Kournikova,
after she had been sent to fetch Anna's things before the match and found
her laptop on her desk in her private trailer. Jess had searched on the
laptop for anything interesting and found loads of lesbian porn, which gave
her a chance.

Her mom was in the crowd, but her dad remained in California after a row
over her mother turning lesbian, so they were on their own. Her mom, Steph,
was 38, with brown hair that was always tied back with a scrunchie, large
breasts and a good body for a woman who would be 40 in a couple of
years. Middle-aged, Jess said. Young for her age, her mom said.

Jess followed Anna down the tunnel and then through the maze that was
Wimbledon to her trailer. The rest of the area was deserted because of
matches being played everywhere. She was Pete Sampras wandering over to his
trailer, but he turned and walked off when his phone rang.

Jess was carrying all Anna's things in a sports bag. When they got to the
trailer Anna unlocked it and they stepped inside. It was a real luxury
trailer, with a big TV screen, power shower and leather sofas. The
incriminating laptop was humming away over at the far end.

"Thanks," Anna said to Jess. "No problem," Jess replied. "Do you wanna hang
about here for a bit? There's nobody around?" "Uh, sure," Jess said. She
didn't think it would be that easy.

They sat on the sofa and talked, and Anna poured her some wine, with Jess
promising not to tell her mother. They sat opposite each other, and Jess
relaxed and casually opened her legs, noticing that Anna kept glancing at
her. Then Jess moved beside the tennis star, and rested a hand on her knee.

"Um..." Anna began, but Jess slid her hand up her thigh and pulled her
skirt up with it, stopping only to pull the blonde's thong away so that she
had access to a perfectly shaven pussy. Anna closed her eyes and moaned
softly as Jess pushed two fingers into Anna's pussy and slowly began to
fuck her.

"Mmm..." was all that Anna could muster as she was pleasured by this
teenage girl. Then, all of a sudden, the door crashed open. Jess looked and
saw her mom standing in the doorway. She wore a short white skirt, ankle
socks and trainers, with a white Nike tennis top on aswell.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?" She yelled. "Mom, what are you doing
here?" Jess asked. "The security guys let me through," Steph
explained. "But what the hell are you...oh...shit."

"Look..." Anna began, then stopped. "Would you like to join in?" she
asked. "Um..." Steph began, but Anna stood and approached her. She put her
hands on Steph's waist and kissed her on the lips. Steph replied by kissing
back, then Anna stopped and pulled her over to the sofa. The sofa was in an
L shape, and Anna sat on the long part and Jess the short part. Anna bent
Steph over her lap. Steph's face was inches away from Jess' crotch. Jess
pulled her clothes off and sat, naked. Steph stared at her daughter's
shaven pussy.

"Now," Anna commanded. "Eat your daughter's pussy whilst I spank you for
coming in on us!"

Steph lowered her face and Jess spread her legs to allow her mom's tongue
access. Steph pushed her tongue into her daughter's pussy and licked, then
began to suck on Jess' clit, making her moan. Jess sat back and relaxed to
watch her mom get punished.

Anna pulled Steph's skirt down and then her thong. She brought her hand up
and then down hard on Steph's ass, making her cry out with pain. SMACK!
SMACK! SMACK! again and again Anna spanked Steph. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!
SMACK! Her ass was quite red now. SMACK! SMACK! Jess got close to
cumming. SMACK! SMACK! Jess moaned as she came into her mom's mouth. The
liquid ran from the teen's pussy like a flowing river. Steph swallowed the
girl honey and then Anna asked for Jess to take her place.

Jess sat and Steph was made to bend over her lap. "Now, Jess, I want you to
spank your mom hard, quite fast. She needs to be properly punished for
being so rude earlier. I am going to sit over there and finger myself
whilst you do it."

Jess smiled at the thought, and watched as Anna took off her clothes. She
also had a perfectly shaven pussy which was quite moist, and perfect

Jess imitated Anna in raising her arm, then smacking her mom's ass with the
palm of her hand. Steph cried out and Jess smacked her again and again
until her ass was red. Anna was rubbing her pussy ferociously, and she came
before Jess could raise her arm again.

"That was great!" she exclaimed. "Get onto the table," she instructed to
Jess. Jess lay on her back on the collapsible table and opened her
legs. Anna went into the back room and then returned with five belts. She
gave two to Steph and instructed her to tie Jess down.

Jess' arms were tied to the table next to her body, and her legs the same,
but spread, her legs below the knees hanging off the table so that her
pussy was at the edge, ready to be fucked. Then Anna used the final belt to
fasten around her stomach, so that Jess was firmly strapped to the
table. She tried to sit up but couldn't move. Anna went through her bag and
pulled out a nine inch blue strapon dildo and handed it to Steph. "You fuck
her hard and I will make her look like a slut," Anna said to Steph. Steph
fixed the strapon onto herself and then put her hands on Jess' waist. She
slid the dildo in slowly, allowing for her daughter's pussy to adjust to
the girth.

When Jess' pussy had spread, Steph began to fuck her slowly, then harder
and faster. Jess moaned with pleasure as she was filled by the big
cock. Anna, meanwhile, had pulled out another dildo, six inches long and
skin coloured, a creamy pink. She put the dildo to Jess' lips and Jess took
it into her mouth. The teen found it hard to moan with pleasure whilst she
was f***ed to suck on this new cock and gagged on it. Anna began to fuck
Jess' throat with the dildo and with her other hand she rubbed her own clit
and smiled at the teen.

Steph's fucking got harder and faster, and she came hard, making Jess have
a mind-blowing orgasm. The sight of this made Anna cum aswell, and the
three took a few moments to get their breath back. Anna undid Jess' straps
then made her get down onto her knees.

Steph stood in front of her daughter with the dripping strapon and pushed
it against Jess' face. Jess opened her mouth again and sucked on the big
cock. Steph put her hands on Jess' head and f***ed herself upon her
daughter. Jess made groaning sounds as she struggled to keep the cock in
her mouth. She felt her throat widen and then Steph shoved her hips
forward, making two inches of rubber cock slide down the teen's
throat. Jess gagged but continued to work on the cock as Anna fingered
herself again. She brought herself to a very quick orgasm, and then Steph
finally came, her legs giving way and she fell to the ground panting. Jess
gasped for air and stayed on her knees on the floor.

They heard footsteps approaching the trailer, then a knock on the
door. "Coming," Anna panted. The three quickly dressed then Jess and her
mom left, leaving a surprised Serena Williams standing on the
doorstep. Jess looked back as her mom walked her away and saw Anna allow
Serena in to the trailer, then give a grin and a wink, and the door closed.
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3 years ago
wwwoooowwwww this is outstanding
4 years ago
I've always though Anna Kournikova was equisitely sexy and I LOVE how portray her mastubating while watching such kinky and taboo type of actions. As I'm trying to type this comment, I'm thinking of teenage Anna, with that famously beautiful clitoris, so fucking erect that when she pulls back the sheath it's poking out like angry little miniature hard-on while flips it side-to-side and she's so fucking excited by what she's seeing that she cums really hard really fast and all this yummy-looking sweet white cream comes oozing from inside her sweet young cunt. Thank you for putting her in this hot fucking story!
4 years ago
Another example of how sports can be very sexy indeed. An unusual turn Jess took to show her slutty side. The end is a nice surprise.
I wonder how well Anna could dominate Serena, or would it rather be the other way around.

From watching Wimbledon, I prefer the looks and long legs running all over court of Venus to the power and big boobs of her younger sister.
No other choice for slutty young less to obey to this level of strength.
To my estimate, more women, who are into serious sport, might be lesbian than the average outside.
4 years ago
I really loved your story!!!
4 years ago
thats rely hot