Jess the lesbian slut part 1

Sally and Jess stepped off the bus and walked together down the slow and
quiet street. Sally was blonde, 16 and very sexy. She had nice legs, and
big breasts. Hair golden blonde hair was just below shoulder length, and
she was very pleased with her looks. Jess had black hair with a brown tint,
long and sexy. She was average height for a 14 year old, but she was very
attractive. She had perfect tanned legs, nice breasts and a perfect
ass. She wore a short black school skirt, a white shirt and red tie. She
also had high heeled black school shoes. Sally wore the same but had black
trousers. It was quite hot, and the girls had just gotten off the bus after
school and were walking towards a cafe not five minutes from their street.

They went inside, bought ice creams, then came out to sit in the shade at
the little white metal tables, enjoying the weather. They were both
secretly lesbians, but neither of them knew it. Sally wanted so desperately
to fuck Jess, and Jess longed to see Sally's breasts and sexy body. The
tables were round a corner from the cafe so nobody could see them, and
there was a field behind, so they were on their own, listening to the
annoying pop music quietly emanating from the front of the cafe.

The ice creams melted quickly, and the girls licked fast. Sally at one
point bent down to zip up her bag, and Jess got a glimpse of her cleavage,
and it made her think. As she was thinking, she wasn't concentrating much
on the melting ice cream in her hand, and a teaspoon's worth of ice cream
fell onto her exposed thigh. It was cold, and she giggled.

Sally looked at it, then looked at Jess. Something went off between them,
and the seal was broken all of a sudden. "Let me help you with that," Sally
said to the younger girl.

She got onto her knees before Jess and licked her thigh, getting all the
ice cream off. Jess was suddenly really horny, and felt her pussy moisten
under her skirt. Sally stood, and Jess caught a very quick glimpse of
Sally's large breasts, and she found herself fantasizing again. The two
girls finished their ice creams and then stood.

"Why dont you come to my house?" Sally asked. "There's nobody there for
hours yet, and I would be lonely otherwise."

"Sure," Jess said without thinking. She didn't need to. She wanted to have
passionate sex with Sally and she wanted it soon, or it would be another
night masturbating in the shower.

When the girls got into Sally's house, they kicked their shoes off and went
into the living room. Sitting themselves down on the big cream sofa, they
began to chat. Because Sally was a year older than Jess they had different
gossip, and soon they were chatting away until the topic came to sex, and
they both shied away from talking about guys. Sally leaned back to smooth
her hair and thrust her breasts forwards. Jess could see the nipples erect
and poking through the bra material, and she felt her pussy dampen
again. Both girls had shaven pussies, which meant that they got wetter.

Then Sally moved towards Jess and kissed her fully on the lips. Jess was a
little surprised, and replied by opening Sally's mouth with her tongue.
Sally pulled away apologetically and said, "sorry, I don't...I..."

Jess answered by pulling Sally's head down again, this time to her neck.
Sally kissed Jess' neck and as she did so, fumbled with the buttons on her
school shirt, finally opening it to reveal Jess' perfect breasts. The bra
clasp came undone and Jess' breasts came out, nipples erect. Sally made
sure by bending her head and wrapping her lips around each one and sucking
so that they were really hard, then licked her way down Jess' flat stomach,
circling a few times around her belly button. Jess was breathing heavily,
and her chest rose and fell, nipples glistening with Sally's saliva.

Sally was a tease, however, and got up on her knees, legs spread either
side of Jess' waist, and slowly unbuttoned her shirt and slid it from her
shoulders and dropped it onto the floor. Then she undid her bra and threw
that aside aswell. Her big breasts swung in front of Jess, who sucked on
the nipples until they were hard, and massaged them in her hands, rubbing
the nipples and allowing her teeth to graze against the nipples, causing
much pleasure for the blonde.

Sally then pulled down her trousers, removed them and her shoes and socks,
and stood in front of Jess in just her pink thong. Her crotch area was
damp, and Jess saw this, making her even wetter. She removed her sock,
shoes and then then slid her skirt down her thighs to the ground and kicked
it away. She was wearing a white thong, and it was considerably wetter than

Sally got to her knees between Jess' thighs, and Jess spread her legs
wide. Sally bent her head and licked Jess' thong, making her moan with
delight. Sally applied more and more pressure with her tongue, and licked
the length of Jess' slit, exciting her virgin pussy more. Jess was
groaning, and had her hands to Sally's head, holding her there, enjoying
the sensations. Sally then hooked her fingers into the thong and pulled it
down and threw it aside. She looked at Jess' totally hairless pussy, wet
and sensative, and then went in for the kill.

She licked up and down the pussy lips until Jess began to grip her breasts
and rub them, then slid her tongue as deep as she could into the younger
girl's pussy, stretching it to accomodate for the first time anything wider
than a marker pen, which Jess used to masturbate with.

Sliding her tongue around inside Jess' pussy made her wet, and Jess began
creaming just a few seconds into the ministrations given by Sally. Sally
swallowed Jess' sweet girl honey and licked her lips. She then slid two
fingers into her pussy and began to thrust her arm back and forth, fucking
the younger girl's hot cunt as she moaned and shut her eyes. Sally's
pumping gradually got faster and deeper, and Jess' moaning got louder and
louder until she began to moan very loud indeed.

"Ohhhh,!!!!!!!!" she
cried out as her juices exploded into Sally's mouth, the sweet liquid
setting Sally's taste buds alight with passion, and she slid up Jess' body
to kiss her again.

"Feeling really horny?" Sally asked Jess. "Yeah, definately," Jess
agreed. "Well, why dont we try something then?" Sally said. "I've been
trying to do this but I just cant, it's so big!"

She went into the kitchen and returned with a canister of whipped cream, an
tray of ice cubes, a banana and a cucumber. The cucumber was very
impressive. It was about 9 inches long and an inch and a half in
girth. Jess looked at it longingly, she was never able to get anything at
home, because her parents were usually in and didn't buy bananas. The
banana was about 6.5inches long and almost an inch in girth. Jess had never
taken anything in the ass before apart from her finger, so she wanted to
try that.

"Come on then," Sally said. "Get onto all fours on the carpet."

Jess got down onto all fours and spread her legs slightly. Her thighs had
her cum dribbling down them and she watched as Sally went behind her. She
smacked Jess' ass hard to see if she was ready. She was, because Jess cried

Sally put the end of the cucumber to Jess' pussy and then slid it in
slowly, watching as Jess' pussy was stretched to more than ever
before. Jess moaned as she felt the makeshift dildo penetrate her, feeling
it deeper inside her body. She went past the 6 inch mark, then 7, 8 and
finally nine inches, all the way in with Sally holding the bit at the end.

"Ooooohhhh, fuck. I feel so full..." Jess moaned and then groaned some more
as Sally slid it out and then back in again, fucking Jess' pussy. It made a
sexy slurping sound as it fucked Jess deep and hard, and Jess could feel it
in her belly, fucking her and rampaging through her body.

Then Sally, as she slowly fucked the younger teen, picked the banana up and
sucked on it like she was giving it a blowjob, then put it to Jess' ass and
slid it in. Jess was, for the first time, properly anally penetrated, and
it felt great, she was so full and then took the whole length of the
banana. Jess groaned as she was stretched to the limit.

"Fuck this is good. Oh, shit, yeah..." she moaned as Sally began to
simultaenously fuck her pussy and ass. Jess felt herself being ravaged by
the older teen, and soon felt herself beginning to cum. "Oh
shiiitttttt......!!!" she cried out as she came, and her juices exploded
from her pussy and down her thighs. Sally pulled the makeshift toys out
from Jess' body and put them aside.

"I think that's enough of that hardcore stuff," she whispered. "Let's do
something horny."

Jess laid on her back on the carpet with her legs open, and Sally got onto
her knees beside her. Sally pulled an ice cube from the tray and put it on
Jess' right nipple. Jess let out a whimper, and her nipples were instantly
very hard. Sally slid the ice cube around Jess' nipple and breast, the
younger girl's body heat making it melt.

Sally, as she did this, bent her head to lick the melted ice on Jess'
nipple and breast, and Jess moaned softly. When the ice cube was melted
Sally got another one and did the same to the left breast and nipple, only
this time with her right hand she slid two fingers into Jess' pussy and
began to slowly fuck her. Jess' breathing grew more intense, and her chest
rose and fell.

The moans got slightly louder, and Sally slid deeper and deeper inside and
then sucked hard on Jess' nipple, making her cry out. "Oh, babe, I really
want to fuck you..." Sally said, and began to ram her fingers into Jess'
making her groan in ecstasy. The playing with the ice cubes had really
turned the younger teen on, and she came hard, her pussy tightened on the
three fingers now in her pussy and her juices dribbled out.

The two lay beside each other, kissing passionately for the next few
minutes, until Jess jumped up and said, "I've gotta parents will
wonder where I am."

"Ok," Sally said. "But same time tomorrow, yeah?"

"Sure, hun," Jess replied, gathered her clothes and went home, leaving
Sally to masturbate whilst thinking about the lovely young girl that she
had just seduced.
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2 years ago
so sensual and sexy.............
3 years ago
very good
4 years ago
This was hot, but Jess was not slutty yet.
Let's see, how she behaves next evening ;)