cheerleader lovers chpt.2

"Jessalyn, my mom is my part time lover." Jessi said to me as we all sat

I looked over at Janice and took in all her beauty. She definitely didn't
look like a mom of a girl in high school. She was tone, firm and very well
endowed with breasts that were the largest I ever saw. I guess that I was
so into my idol that her mom taking part didn't freak me out. I looked at
her sex as she shifted to give me a better look. She was completely
hairless and even had a nice little tattoo right above her pussy folds of a
butterfly in flight.

I looked back at Jessi to take in my new 'special' friend's body
again. Gosh, it was so incredible and her eyes just melted my heart.

"I hope that you don't mind." Jessi said in her southern accent. "I have
wanted you so much that my mom was getting frustrated with how much I would
talk about you. That she wanted you as much."

Now it was my turn to get embarrassed. I knew my face was very flush and I
was glowing all over.

"I guess it's okay. It's a lot for me at the moment." I countered. "I have
idolized you since I met you and to share a special It's more than a dream come true. Now, to add the
mother of my idol...well... I like the idea, it's just a lot for me."

"Honey, I understand" her mom said to me patting my arm. "I will leave you
two to share each other. Just let me know if you want anything more."

"Thank you" I said. "I think that all of us will be able to have some fun
times together in time."

She smiled and left Jessi and I on the bed shoulder to shoulder.

"Please don't be mad at me. My mom thought it would be fun for you if she
joined us." Jessi said pleading to me.

"Oh no... I'm not mad at all. I'm actually very excited. It's just a little
weird... But this doesn't change my feelings for you..." I said smiling at
her. "Well, maybe a little."

I saw Jessi's face go cold from that last comment.

"Yea... I think it has made me want you even more."

The gleam on her face lit up the room and my lips lit up her mouth as I
pressed them onto hers and we fell back on the bed.

I went home a few hours later. I was bouncing with excitement the whole
way. My mom even picked up on it when I walked in the house.

"Jessalyn, you really are in such a great mood. Maybe you and Jessi need to
spend more time together."

"I think so too, mom."

Smiling, I headed into my bedroom and disrobed. When I was fully undressed,
I looked at my body in the mirror. Thoughts of Jessi were flooding my head
as I looked over my breasts and down the folds between my legs. My hands
found my sex and slowly opened my passion box. Almost subconsciously, I
started fingering myself as I watched in the mirror. I was thinking about
how good it felt to go down on Jessi and have her mom eating my pussy. I
kept thinking the scenario over and over while watching my fingers massage
the wetness of my clit to a powerful orgasm.


I fell back on the bed.

"Jessalyn, are you okay?" my mom called from the kitchen.

I woke right up and called back. "Yea, sorry I was just yelling at myself."

'Wow, that was close. I didn't realize I was that loud.' I thought to
myself as I put on different clothes. I sat on the bed and just
thought... This thing with Jessi's mom might be okay... It isn't anything
bad AND I have Jessi!! What could be better?

The next two weeks didn't allow us much private time together with all the
meets we had to do our cheerleading. Of course, I enjoyed any time with
Jessi; but it was better that she was really enjoying the time with me. On
Wednesday, Jessi came running up to me just prior to our practice.

"Jessalyn, I have some great news. Mom got the cabin for the entire
weekend. We can go up Friday, mom won't be able to join us till Saturday
night, but we can spend whole weekend together."

Jessi told me that her mom had a cabin at this private little camp she
could get every now and then and we talked about going up there sometime. I
loved the idea but I never heard of the camp before.

"Great... sounds good to me" I answered back jumping up and down. "What do
I need to bring? What do I wear up there?"

Jessi suddenly looked sheepish and started to hide her
face. " Jessalyn... this camp is... uh... a nudist camp."

"A nudist camp?" I answered dumbfounded.

"Yea...Mom knows everybody up there and she gets special treatment."

Wow, this was certainly different. In a way, I wasn't really that modest,
but I haven't been naked in front of too many people. Of course, Jessi
would be naked with me. And her mom would also be naked. That, in itself,
was comforting. Maybe this would be good. I just couldn't tell my parents
that I was going to a nudist camp. I must have been thinking too long
because when I looked up into Jessi's eyes she was pleading to the point of
almost tears.

"Jessi, I would go anywhere with you. I just haven't been to a nudist camp

"It's really not bad at all. I was afraid the first time I went, but I got
over it quick and then it was really fun. I know you'll like it... And
you'll love to meet some of my mom's friends, they are so cool."

I gave her a quick hug and agreed. Friday afternoon came and I made up a
small bag to fool my parents as I was heading out the door. Jessi picked me
up and we headed to the camp. When we got there, it wasn't anything like I
had thought. There were a few naked people walking around as we made our
way to the cabin. They all said hi in a friendly manner. The cabin was a
nice size with two rooms as well as a big bathroom. There was a huge
king-size bed and a smaller twin size bed. I sat on the bed and removed my
shoes. I looked up at Jessi and she was taking her clothes off while
walking around the cabin. When in Rome... do like... so.. naked I got.

We hugged and kissed for a little while. There was something about being so
free that made it feel...different... more exciting.

"Let's go to the pool." She told me as we grabbed a towel and flip-flops.

The pool wasn't anything special but there were several people around it,
mostly older people, but I did see a couple k**s playing in it. There was
one older man that was hung like a horse. I tried not to stare but it
looked so... weird. I guess I was getting a little freaked out because I
didn't feel Jessi pull me into the pool until I was under water. We horsed
around for a little while. Jessi helped me understand about the camp and
being naked around people. It wasn't too long before I wasn't
self-conscious of my surroundings. It helped that Jessi was being a little
naughty and teasing me. A few times she would grab my breasts or pussy
under water. I would do it right back. One time my finger slid right into
her pussy and she pushed down on it. I was getting excited and she was
too. It was time to take our play inside where we could explore
freely. Drying off on the walk back to the cabin, Jessi was whispering
naughty things to me. I was getting very wet and not from the pool. I got
her inside and I spanked her bum.

"Oh... naughty...nice" she cooed at me.

She stuck her perfect ass out at me and I spanked her again.

Smack, Smack, smack...

"Oh... that's so nice..."

With that I planted a little kiss on her bum and I ran my fingers through
the moist folds. I jumped on the bed beckoning her to join me. Walking
slowly with a sway in her step, Jessi approached me. Her breasts were
swaying to each counter step and I didn't know what to watch, her hips or
her breasts. She sat on the bed and brought her face to mine. My hands
cupped her face and drew her in closer are our mouths explored each
other. Eyes closing and bodies meshing, we kissed passionately and
feverously. There was a little chlorine taste from the pool, but it was
secondary to the taste of my idol, well, more my lover. Working her way
down, Jessi soon had my right nipple in her mouth and suckled it softly.


Taking my left breast in her hand, she rolled my very erect nipple in
between her fingers. Slow and methodically Jessi caressed my breasts with
mouth and hand. It was so beautiful. I was enjoying the feeling so much. I
didn't have an orgasm ready to explode, but it felt like I was riding a
very nice wave of pleasure with Jessi taking me as she pleased. Grinding
her teeth across the tip of my taunt nipple sent chilled down my spine and
tickle my lower back.

"Oh, so nice..."

I could just let Jessi do this all weekend. She was so incredibly sexy as I
looked down at her. Her rosy cheeks blended nicely with my skin. I leaned
my head back, closed my eyes and let Jessi take me on this incredible
daydream ride. Jessi brought the passion into me with her incredible
caressing, but it was time for honey as she moved south over my honey
pot. With as much grace as a horny teen could muster, she had opened my
legs to allow complete access to the folds of my womanhood. She let her
tongue glide though my tight folds, across my lips and up to the little
button under the hood.

"Oh, mmmmmm..."

With her hands spreading open my sex, Jessi brought her whole mouth over my
lips and sucked in. It was a weird sensation at first, but really felt
great when her tongue snaked into my pussy.


Using her entire face, she ran her tongue and lips up and down sucking,
licking, caressing and kissing her way all around my tiny pussy. I was
already built up before she started her playing, but it took on a new
meaning as her face fucked my pussy.


I started to buck my hips at her as I was about to cum and she slid a
finger into my pussy as far as she could go and I lost it.


My whole body tensed up as the juice just flowed from between my legs. At
one point I couldn't feel my legs because I was so tensed from the
eruption. It took a while for me to come down and melt on the bed. Jessi
just sat beside me fingering her pussy. It was only a few seconds before
she let loose with a nice little orgasm of her own. She fell back next to
me and smiled.

"I got a nice little virgin here."

Shyness took over and I went flush. "Yes, I am."

"Do you want me to take your cherry tonight?"

There was no hesitation whatsoever. "Oh, yes I do!!!"

"Well, then I have the perfect toy to do it." She said with pure excitement
written all over her face.

"But first, can I try...between your legs?" I begged.

I guess the innocence in my face made Jessi giggle. She was glowing with
the thought that I wanted to go down on her, but she found it funny the way
I asked.

"Honey, you can eat my little ol' pussy any time you want."

Oh, that accent was so exhilarating. She placed herself on the bed just
right for me to dive between her legs, Jessi opened her treasure chest to
me and I moved in. As my face moved close, I could smell a slight pungent
odor that was beckoning me further. Again, I was so close to my idol, no
lover's, pussy that its beauty entranced me. Her smooth as silk skin on her
mound gave way to tender ruby lips that protruded just enough to almost
make it look like her mound was sticking out her tongue. There was a slight
shine to her lips and I could see moisture drooling down the crack to her
ass. My lips parted and my tongue made its way to the rosy lips. I pressed
into the folds to the pleasure of Jessi's delight.


I licked all the way up tasting the cum from her fingers playing a few
minutes ago. Mmm, I thought. A slight bittersweet taste that was
invigorating. I could feel my heart beating faster as I picked further and
deeper. Jessi's legs were tensing up the quicker I glided my tongue through
the folds of zeal.

Mmmmm...oooohhh... Jessalyn... ooohhh.... I'm cumming..."

And she did! Her legs tightened up, her back arched and her head flung back
as she let out the shriek of ardor into the pillow near her face. I did
well. I made her cum ferociously. It was a while before she was coherent
enough to cuddle in my arms. Her soft skin was covered in a fine mist of
sweat as my body spooned into hers. It was incredibly comforting to be in
her arms. Slumber took over and we fell into a little catnap.

We woke up late and went to grab a bite to eat. On the way back to the
cabin, Jessi kept teasing me about how she was going to take my
virginity. She was like a k** in a candy store. Of course, I was the same
way, probably more so. I know I should save my virginity for the future,
but everything inside of me was telling me that Jessi was the right person
to give it away to. She was so much to me that I was a better person
because of her. After bantering back and forth, Jessi told me that her mom
had a strap-on brace that she could mount this...dildo onto it and it was
perfect to take my cherry. It sounded a little unusual, but I was no
expert. We discussed the details before we got back and how I should expect
a little sharp pain breaking my hymen, but it would change quickly and I
would be flooded with wave after wave of raw sensual power. The fact that
Jessi was going to do it, her incredible sensual accent, and Jessi just
being Jessi; I didn't mind at all about the pain... I wanted to give her my
virginity as a gift of our love.

Back in the cabin, Jessi and I took a shower together. It was the most
sensual shower I ever took. We didn't do anything sexual. I took my time
washing every inch of Jessi and she washed every inch of me. From washing
in between each toe, through the crack of our asses, to the tip of our
head, each took the washcloth and soap to clean our erotic bodies. After we
washed our hair, we got out and dried off completely. Jessi went into a
dresser and pulled out this...thing. It looked like a pair of thick panties
with a hook on one side. In her other hand she had a blue dildo. It was
big, at least to me. It was fairly thin and about six inches long. It
seemed to be smooth with little ridges in it. When she handed it to me, it
felt funny. I looked up at her and she smiled.

"We will start with this one. This is a great de-virginizer."

I just smiled and nodded.

"Later, we can get creative with other dildos and various toys."

We both decided that it would be best if she took my virginity when we
could look in each other's eyes at the special moment. We positioned
pillows where the small of my back would be and at the base of my
head. Jessi wanted it to be perfect. She set me on the bed, positioned me
right and ran into the other room for a second. Coming back she put on the
strap-on pants and mounted the dildo. I didn't see it at first but she had
grabbed some lube and she was coating the entire dildo. I was getting wet
just watching her. She looked so cute in only strap-on pants and a dick
pointing out. I was rubbing myself to the picture in front of me and
getting turned on by the second. Climbing into her position between my
legs, Jessi started to playfully rub the tip of the head barely over my
outer lips. I know I was tensing up, but Jessi seemed to bring me at
ease. Grabbing my legs and opening me further the head of the dildo was now
at the entrance to my pussy. She was in position and ready to take me. Her
eyes locked on mine. I looked through her eyes and into eternity. Her eyes
read me stories as she pressed in. For what seemed like eternity, I didn't
feel anything. Then, it broke me out of my gazed in her eyes. It felt like
pressure building inside my stomach. Jessi's eyes never left mine and she
pushed hard and I swear I heard a little pop and a sharp pain.

"Ouch!....Ooooooo..." I cried.

There was a little more pain and a very warm feeling between my legs. I
squinted as I felt the pain, but Jessi never lost her focus on me. A few
seconds later the pain was gone and I felt a flow of pleasure inside me. I
smiled. Then Jessi smiled as well.

"Jessalyn, I am all the way inside you right now. The dildo is completely
buried deep in your pussy."

"Oh, my... this is ... so incredible."

With that she leaned down to me and our lips met. The flood of passion
flowed both ways from our lips. Breaking the kiss but not losing eye
contact, she whispered.

"Are you ready to be fully fucked, sweetie?"

I nodded and smiled.

With a motion of her hips, Jessi pulled the dildo out of me and slid it
right back in. God, this felt incredible. But she hadn't even started as
her hips started pumping in and out of me. Picking up speed, Jessi was now
rocking me in a frenzy. I was far beyond heaven as my whole insides felt
like it was exploding and erupting with passion never before experienced.

"Aaaaaaa...! OMG, OMG... AAAARRRRrrrrr...."

I couldn't see straight and my head was bucking back and forth.

"OOOhhh...ooohhh...oohhhh... OMG!!!!"

In my screams of intensity, I thought I heard Jessi laughing passionately
as she slammed harder and faster into me. I exploded and exploded and


The intensity took complete hold of me and I think I lost
consciousness. Then next thing I remember is Jessi kissing my cheek and
calling out my name.


I looked up and she was beaming with love. She was still deep in my pussy
and I felt so incredibly full.

"How was that, honey?"

"Gggg...ggg...great." I croaked

"Jessalyn, that was so very special for me. I cannot express how incredible
taking your cherry has made me feel. I don't know what to say!"

With that she pulled out of me slowly. It felt like my inside were pouring
out onto the bed. I could see a creamy juice with a touch of bl**d on the
dildo. Jessi stood up and peeled the strap-on pants off. She went of to the
other room for a second. I tried to move but my legs were so freaking sore
I just stayed there. She came back smiling and giggling. She crawled into
bed with me and helped me see the puddle of cum and a little bl**d between
my legs. I couldn't believe how much there was. Helping my legs close,
Jessi peeled me over on top of her. We kissed and ran our hands over each
other. I could feel cum leaking out of my pussy and making its way onto
Jessi's mound. There wasn't anything I could do but leak on her. I think
she knew it too because she was humping up at me and I could feel her
building up. I knew she was very hot and intense from her fucking my cherry
away.. I think she was going to hump me to a rocking orgasm. It didn't take
long as she exploded biting my lip in the process. It hurt a little but the
gush of passion from her made it worthwhile.

When we could get up, we pulled the towels from the bed where I had spurted
a ton of cum. We put it in the laundry basket and climbed into the
shower. Sore and tender we showered again, kissing and suckling on each
other. After drying off I went to bed with Jessi, but I don't think she was
tired as she went into the other room when she thought I was asl**p. I was
too sore to go spend time with her and I decided to let sl**p take over. As
I faded, I thought of the pleasant day it was going to be... naked with my
lover... and her mom...
87% (13/2)
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simply to wonderful
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Sports friends, nudism camp. Excellent story of Jessi 'popping' - she even thought she heard the sound - the virgin pussy of younger slender Jessalyn.