I woke up the next morning in mums bed, the sunlight hit my face as i opened my eyes and had to close them again due to the brightness in the room. I felt the warmth of a body behind me and looked over to see mum being spooned by sharon, both were sound asl**p and mum was snoring.
The smell of stale sweat and sex lingured in the room as images of last night entered my head, my cock rock hard with morning wood.
I wanted to wake them up and do it all over again, but thought of the last place my cock was burried, in my mothers arse!.
Right now mum was laying there sound asl**p with my cum up her butt, i coudlnt believe she actually did that!.
Now i was covered in mum’s arse juices, i needed to wash before i did anything else.
I crawled out of bed quitly leaving the two sl**ping vixens and headed to the bathroom.

The hot water relaxed my shoulder muscles as it ran down my neck and back, i picked up a tube of shower gel and washed my shoulders chest and groin making sure to wash all of last nights fucking off of my slippery cock.

Once i was clean i dried myself off, wrapped myself in a towel and started brushing my teeth, that was when mum knocked on the door.

I opened it to find both her and sharon standing there naked “Good morning, …...Did you sl**p well?” mum asked.
“Oh Yeah, I slept really well after enjoying last night,” I replied.
“Oh” she said blushing slightly, “ That’s good.... mind if we take a shower?”
“go ahead” i replied
They walked in and mum turned the shower on. “you dont mind if i you?” i said “Not at all!" they both giggled before stepping into the bath.

I sat on the toilet seat and took a moment to take in their nakedness. both chests were reddened from the hot water. nipples swollen and claret colored, streams of water coming off them like waterfalls. Their skin looked wet and slick like a seal, and pubic hair was dangling and spread like seaweed around eachVulva.

They started started stroking each others shoulders and breasts, looking at me as they did so.
My cock started hardening under my towel and i had to take it off, giving it soft strokes as i watched the sight before me.

Mum turned around and straightened out her arms and leaned with her palms against the tile wall. Sharon soaped her buttocks and as she parted her legs, moved her hand between them, Washing the skin from her inner thighs to the crease of her pussy.
I got up and walked to the side of the shower to get a closer look. Sharons hand was making firm contact with her labia and with a gentle motion her finger pressed the entry of her vagina.
Mum let out a soft whimper as sharon moved back and forth over that area, soaping her well kissing her on the neck.
I watched as a slippery thumb found its way into mums anus and she let out a loud moan.
Mum turned around and they began to kiss passionately, rubbing eachothers pussies In tandem with soapy water.
Their hands were a blur as they moaned their way through orgasm, cumming over eachothers fingers, it was an awesome sight!.
I was brought back down to earth as sharon called out for me to pass them towels, after i’d handed them over, mum told me to go back to the bedroom.
I didnt need to be told twice and headed back there laying in the middle of mum’s bed totally naked, waiting for them to join me.
I looked over at the clock, twelve o clock, we still had six hours before james, (my b*****r) would arrive!.
Mum and sharon walked in both completely naked, sharon crawled on the bed and positioned herself between my legs, smiling up at me with lusty blue eyes.
I caressed the sides of her head as her cheeks puckered in and she sucked.
I sighed and told her, "That's good!, take it nice and slow. " She allowed me to guide her head back and forth.
Until mum remarked, "Why dont you take him all the way down, show him how good you are at it?".
Sharon got a fire in her eyes and tried to ram my engorged cock down her throat. Of course she gagged over my dick, But she kept on rocking back and fourth as her saliva ran down her lips over her chin.
I was close, but mum moved in and took my cock from sharon, then sucked me pushing my cock down her throat, i couldnt believe she managed it but her lips hit my pubic hair!.
She pulled off and started coughing.
The two of them looked at each other and started laughing, then lay down either side of me. “Who do you want first?” mum said “Fuck me!” sharon said “No!, fuck me!” mum cried.
“I..I dont know erm..get on all fours, let me have a look, ill decide then” i ordered getting up and kneeling on the end of the bed.
They both looked at eachother, slightly confused, but knelt down before me, laying there heads on the bed, sticking there arses in the air.
I went to mum first, sticking my dick right in, she was so wet and hot, that i couldnt help fucking her at full f***e.
They started kissing and it looked so hot!, i lent over and started fingering sharons pussy, as i fucked mum.
They both started moaning, i pulled out of mum and moved over, sliding my dick into sharon. Standing up slightly, i was able to fuck her like a dog fucking a bitch in heat!.
I pulled on her hair and she started screaming “OH GOD FUCK ME...FUCK MEEE!”.
Before she could hit orgasm, i pulled out and did the same to mum. Pulling her hair, fucking her harder and harder.
She started screaming she was going to cum, but so was i and i didnt want to just yet. I needed help, with these two horny sluts.
“Stay there!" I ordered, walking over to the bedside drawer, I picked up a jar of petroleum jelly and two dildo’s.
I walked back round and slid the two dildo’s into there dripping wet pussies, sliding them in and out, fucking the pair of them.
They started kissing again, moaning and purring, i left the dildo’s lodged in there hairy cunts. The pair of them reached under, grabbing the dildo’s, fucking themselves as they kissed.
I watched on, taking a large glob of jelly on the end of each fore finger and rubbed the jelly around the two arse holes. I stuck my fingers a little way inside of there bums and they started moaning louder.
I couldnt wait any longer!, I positioned myself behind sharon’s big arse, standing up slightly.
I took hold of my dick and moved it around her anus spreading the jelly around. When I was happy that I had it in just the right position, I slowly pushed further, my hard cock inching up her butt till i got half way in.
I held it there, before fucking her. I began to thrust in and out, getting faster and harder with each thrust.
After a couple of minutes, sharon started screaming, “OH FUCK, OH MY ARSE OH FUCK ME, OH IM CUMMING, FUCK MY ARSE OH GOD YES!”
I fucked her harder and harder, feeling her arse spasm around my dick as she screamed her way through orgasm.
Looking over i could see mum shudder and i knew, she too, was climaxing.
I pulled out with a pop, sharons arse was gaping! and she fell flat, breathing heavily and shaking.
Before mum had a chance, my cock, was at her back door, again standing up slightly.
I pushed forward and the head popped in, her muscles squeezed around my cock as i edged inside. “OH GOD OH OH"
I began to slowly withdraw, then pushed foward, feeling mum’s butt opening right up, this being the second time my cock was inside her arse.
Sharon had knelt up beside me now, kissing me passionatly on the lips, then move down to kiss mum, this caused mum to let go of the dildo and it slipped out, falling to the floor.
“pick up that dildo, i want you to Fuck her with it” i ordered.
Sharon picked it up and slid it back into mum’s pussy, immediately mum started screaming.
Clasping the bedsheets tightly in her hands. “OH OH FUCK! OH FUCK OH GOD!!”
I saw sharon pick up the dildo she left on the bed, “you like being inside your mothers arse, you dirty little boy?”
Sweat was dripping off my forehead, then i felt the dildo at my own arsehole and it pushed forward stretching me wide.
It f***ed me to fall forward onto mum’s back, my dick still burried inside her hairy twat.
Sharon fucked us both, a dildo in each hand, now i was moaning, just like mum. “OH FUCK! OH SHIT!”
I rocked my hips back and fourth, as i felt the most intence orgasm building, my arse was on fire, but i didnt care!.
And i started spurting load after load of cum inside mum as my arse spasmed around the dildo inside me.
I suddenly felt faint and fell to the bed with a thud, exhausted, the dildo still stuffed up my arse.
Before i knew what was happening mum had moved, sitting on my face. Her cunt was pressed against my mouth as cum run out of her arse down over my nose and into my eyes.
I lay there licking her pussy, wiping the cum from my eyes, then my legs were being lifted.
Mum was holding my legs up, then sharon began to fuck me with the dildo again!.
My arse was beginning to hurt, but i wasnt able to tell them, again and again, sharon shoved the dildo inside me.
My cock started to get hard again despite the pain. “look, he’s enjoying this, look!” sharon cried and began stroking me as she fucked my arse.
I was moaning loudly into mum’s pussy, as she moved back so my tongue was on her clit.
This caused my nose to slip inside her vagina and her arsehole directly above my eyes.
Mum started to cum again, climaxing all over my face.
As she calmed down and started to get of i was face with sharons pussy over my face.
This at least stopped the relentless fucking of my arse.
But all i was doing was licking her pussy, until again my legs were being lifted.
This time mum was fucking me, while sucking my balls, sharon again started stroking me.
It must have been around five minutes until i felt any sign of an orgasm building. When it came it was so intense that i launched myself into sharon, sucking and licking her for all i was worth .
My legs started shaking, wobbling all over the place, as i felt mum take my cock in her mouth. Shit!, my cock had been inside hers and sharon’s arse and now she was sucking it!
I couldnt take it any longer, neither could sharon as she sent her orgasm echoing around the room.
And i sent my orgasm echoing inside her pussy, as my cum shot down mum’s dirty throat and my arse clasped onto the phalis inside me. I was well and truly fucked!

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5 months ago
very good, good enough to repost. To bad madismaximus doesn't give you the credit for a fine blog....
1 year ago
very good
1 year ago
Great story, intense, vivid, and so damn hot and dirty.
I came well before the end........

Thanks for posting!