Once inside mum’s bedroom i watched as sharon was in the act of licking mum’s pussy.
Mum was on her back, facing me. Sharon’s arse and pussy were wide open and exposed to me as i walked forward to claim my prize. It was the filthiest and sexiest thing I'd ever seen!. Her cunt lips spread and her arsehole puckered and struggled to stay closed as she bent forward. I climbed onto the bed behind her upturned arse.
My cock started to grow absolutly rock hard from the sight of the two sexy women infront of me.
Mum looked up at me, moaning loudly from the licking she was getting from sharon.
The look on her face was of pure lust. She was teasing her own nipples with each hand as she looked me square in the eye.
I raised my eyebrows, “This is it" i thought i was finally going to have a threesome and it was with my own mother!
I squeezed sharons butt, then pulled her cheeks apart exposing her fat pussy lips and luscious pink arsehole

I took hold of my cock and started rubbing it up and down her wet pussy.
Sharon moaned loudly (if a little muffed), as i pushed forward, her lips parted and my cock head began to ease into her velvety wet pussy.
Her reaction was to rock back and completely impale herself on me in one fluid motion.
I tilted my head back, closing my eyes “ aah fuck!” i cried as i took hold of her hips.
I settled into a slow rhythm, trying to pace myself against the sight before me.
Meanwhile, sharon was now using her mouth in tandem with her hands on mum, and the effect was both obvious and instantaneous.
Mum was almost panting with desire and alternated between looking at me and dreamily closing her eyes.

I began to fuck sharon harder and harder spured on by the sight of mum’s passion.
Sharon began to cry out that she was about to cum, i stuck my thumb in my mouth, covering it in saliva and pushed it into sharon’s tight arsehole.
This was all to much for her and she cried out, holding on to mum’s tits. “AAHH FUCK ME OH..IM CUMMING AAH YES!!...AH YES!”

I pulled out of sharons pussy as she calmed down, her juices dribbled out onto the bed, Sharon moved to lay down, catching her breath, with this i could see mum’s naked body before me, her legs spread and her pussy, open and dripping, where sharon’s tongue had just been.

I crawled forward between her legs and pressed my lips against her pussy, licking at her, first her clit then around her lips, then back to her clit.
Mum began to moan as i thrust my tongue into her drenched cunt, lapping at her pussy walls, causing her to push her crotch further into my face.
God! she was so wet! i moved a hand towards her pussy, and snuck two of my fingers in there as far as I could, and started circling them around.
My fingers bumped against a small, hard lump inside her pussy, that made her legs twitch and spasm slightly.
I felt around, trying to find it again. As soon as I touched it, I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers and she bagan to moan loudly.
I quickened my fingering of her, making short and fast movements with my hand and she let loose a burst of screams.
“Ahh aaah right there! aaah aahhh yes! aaah” she cried as a jet of warm fluid shot out of her pussy, and hit me on my neck.

Another spurt leapt from her pussy and hit me in the cheek as I continued to rub against the small bump. A final shot dribbled out of her pussy onto the bed covers.
Sharon was now kissing mum as her quivering body ripped through her orgasm, the sight was so hot! making my cock grow harder as it dug into the matress.

I had to fuck or have it sucked or something!, i got up waving my cock infront of mum
Mum got up and grabbed my cock with her hand, before angling herself so her mouth was on my cock suckimng me hard, as if to thank me for her shuddering orgasm.

“ Oh god, you're such a little slut!” i said as grabbed her hair pulling her harder onto my raging hardon she was whimpering while she sucked and drool was running down her chin.
I moved to lay on my back , by now i was pretty exhausted!, mum carried on sucking, she was certainly good at sucking cock!. I looked over at sharon, her legs spread leasurely rubbing her clit as she watched us.
“come here, sit on my face, let me lick that pussy” i ordered. She placed her knees next to my shoulders and I found myself staring at her golden bush, smelling her pungent aroma as it flowed from between her hairy cunt.
Then she lowered herself until her pussy rested gently against my lips. I lapped at her slippery outer folds parting them with my tongue to press it against her clit, sharon began to moan softly from my oral stimulation.
Shortly after I felt mum’s mouth leave my cock, she moved and engulfed my raging hard dick inside her snug, slippery pussy.
I couldn't believe it. I was performing oral sex on mum's best friend on mum's bed as mum was fucking me, i felt so dirty!.
I took hold of sharons butt and parted her cheeks slowly licking the rim of her anus."Aaaahh... .. That feels good justin... Lick it again... Lick my arsehole you dirty little boy!”.
I burried my tongue inside and licked her arse for all i was worth.
Feeling close to cumming as mum rode me.
“Oh feels so good...mmm, you should let him fuck you in the arse dee, go on mmm”.
“Oh god...thats so dirty.....but my pussy is getting really maybe i should”
“Oh yes do it you dirty little slut!" Sharon replied
Then i felt mum move off my cock and slide it towards her anus, when she was happy that she had it in just the right position.
She put all of her weight onto her hips, and my dick burst up past her anal opening, with just my head stretching her tight bum.
Mum let out a loud whimper as i slowly pushed further, my hard cock inching up her butt right up to the hilt, she held it there, impaling herself onto my hard dick.
“Oh my God... It's huge... ... Mmmmmm... You're so deep inside me, justin..OH GOD!"
She started moving up and down, getting faster and harder with each thrust.

I started moaning, i couldnt believe mum was actually letting me fuck her arse!.
I went back to licking sharon’s clit with fast hurried strokes, all three of us were moaning loudly, then i felt my balls begin to tighten, unable to hold back i felt myself shooting thick jets of spunk right up mum’s tight arsehole.

Mum cried out “Aaaaagghhh...oh god!...aaah ahhh”

And then i felt sharon violently shake “aah oh god!... yes lick my pussy... oh dont stop!....... oh god! aaahh fuuuuuck!” her orgasm felt so fucking intense!.

After what felt like a life time, mum and sharon got off of me and i just lay there, covered in mum and sharons pussy and arse juice, i was a complete mess!.

We all were!, all we could do was get under the covers holding each other and drift off to sl**p.
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