I being the typical teenage male, all I ever thought about and all I ever wanted was SEX. All though the object of my infatuation at the moment to achieve my goal of having sex as much as possible was my wonderful big titty, big ass lovely mother. Every time I masturbated all I could think of was fucking my mom. I loved her like any son does, but I was also in love with her.

I was slowly getting obsessed with wanting to fuck her. I started taking her dirty panties and absorbing the wonderful smell they had. The smell of her pussy was unbearable; it drove me wild every time I took a whiff of her panties. I loved when she did laundry because I could usually take a pair of her panties for an extended time. One night I really lucked out, she had started doing her laundry late afternoon after she got home from work, so since the laundry machines was downstairs she was already tired so she did want to go up and down stairs that much, so after she brought down her hamper, she told me that she would just do it tomorrow. I looked through that pile of laundry and it was like it was by i****tuous birthday, there was so many pairs of her panties and barely slept that night. I could just not waste this great opportunity and jacked off so much. Sometimes even into the panties.

After that night, I got bolder; I still loved the smell of my mom’s panties, but could not be totally satisfied with them anymore. I wanted to see her titties and ass. I was doing anything I could to see them, if was just slowly following her up the stair to get a look up her night gown, or go for extra long hug and feeling those big mother tits on my me. The morning her best she would sometimes wake up and not fully button her nightgown, I was able to get a glance at her tits. It was then; I hatched my master plan to finally move on
from fantasying about fucking my mom to actually fucking my mother.

My plan was to use my mom addiction to opening every e-mail she is sent to my advantage. So I started my plan off my making a “fake” e-mail account, but yet real at the same time. Not wanting to ruin any chance of this ever happening so decided to go with an identity of being a single mother, just my mom. I knew I had to start off slow; these exchanges were simple, mostly about getting to know each other. Both “women” has a son and similar tastes in almost everything. It was funny how that worked. Well I wanted to gain my mother’s trust, and as these exchanges started to become more frequent. I started asking about my mother’s son, it was actually kind of weird to ask about myself. I was asking my mom about me physically, and in turn my mom asked about the fictional son. That is when I started telling my mom all about this other woman’s wonderful affair with her son. I was scared to say the least, I had a feeling that she would not respond and I would have to come up to with a new plan, but no need to worry, sitting in front of my computer I hear a beep, and in my inbox was a new e-mail from my mom asking for more information on the affair, also she wanted to know how it went. I knew I had her hooked. I replied quickly, using snippets of stories I found online. As quickly as I had replied, her reply came, and it said “would my son like it’’? I almost came right then and there.

I replied saying OF COURSE HE WOULD! What son wouldn’t want to fuck his mom? She seemed a little reluctant saying something about age gap and commenting on her own physical features. I said that is ridiculous, why you don’t send me some extremely sexy pictures of you. I should let you know that this took a course of about 2 weeks to get to this point. Anyway, I hear my mom ask from the top of the stairs, she was asking for my camera, I had NO problem giving it to her, when I get upstairs she has her night gown on, and she hasn’t tied it, I could see that she was not wearing any panties, It was an amazing site, her wonderful pussy was in plain view, I could see her tits as well… it was amazing. My mom was taking the e-mails to heart. So I gave her that camera, she gives me a BIG hug as she lets go I get one last view of those big motherly tits. About an hour after that, I get the e-mail with the pictures. Oh god did she look AMAZING!!!!! She had sent me about 5 pictures and she was wearing her sexiest lingerie. Her tits her overflowing and her ass was nice, plump and so very hot. I came right then and there. So I replied to my mother, and told her the basically the same thing I said, her response came moments later. She seemed still a little reluctant. I really wanted to see what my mom would do if I stopped giving her advice, so I said that this fake mom and son couple were going on a little week long getaway, and that she should start making advances towards her son. So there, it was in my mom’s hands to see what would happen, about 20 minutes after I sent that e-mail, I her my mom call me up for dinner. So before went upstairs, I changed into a very loose pair of boxers and shorts. So up I go to dinner, acting as calm as I could, but really my heart was racing.

As I walk into the kitchen, is my mom with her back to me at the stove. She was still wearing the same outfit she had on to take the pictures, but I did have a semi-transparent gown on, that is how I knew what she had on. So walk up behind her and give her I nice big hug from behind, and my dick gets instantly hard and goes right between her ass crack. I was kind of worried, but not worried for long, as she push very hard back in me, not like she was pushing me away, but almost trying to feel more of my hard dick which I knew she wanted. She turns around, gives me a great big smile, and plants an amazing kiss on my lips. She tells me dinner is ready, and to make sure to save room for dessert. It was the longest dinner I had ever had, my mom was going to let me fuck her tonight, but man did I have to wait for it. Dinner was quite good, though I do not actually remember much of it. After we both had finished off our plates, she told me to in the other room until she called me in, she sent me off with another big kiss, though this one lasted much longer.

Though the wait only lasted for 5 minutes, it seemed much, MUCH longer. When I heard my name called, I casually walked back into the kitchen; I did not want to seem OVER eager. There was my beautiful, sexy mom, spread eagle on the table. She was totally and completely naked her big 48DD tits were now free from anything that could hold me back from going to town on them, her pussy was not completely shaved, but just had a little hair left, and of course I could see her big, plump ass. I knew that this was ALL mine for the taking. On her pussy was small dab of whip cream, I remember her saying this, your dessert is ready, I basically dive at her, and start eating away at her pussy, my mom tasted so sweet, her honey was the most amazing this I have ever tasted and never wanted to taste another thing again. As I plunged my tongue deep into the crevice of her pussy, I could feel her hands on the back of my head pulling me closer, and holding me tighter. My mom started bucking harder and faster, every time she bucked, I licked harder, and her hold on my head was getting stronger, and her thighs now felt like a vice grip around my head. Licked and licked my mom’s sweet and succulent pussy until she came so hard she almost fell of the table. After she recovered from her mind blowing orgasm, she gets up and starting kissing my face all over, she sticks her tongue in my mouth, and we starting full on French kissing, this goes on for about a good 5-10 minutes. She pulls away and grabs my shorts and boxers, and in one fell swoop takes them off, she grabs my dicks and starts walking away, but I fall very close behind. I cannot stop staring at her ass, as she walks, it looks fucking amazing. We enter her bedroom; she tells me to lie down on the bed, I do. Next this she does is takes my very hard dick into her mouth, she plays with the tip of my dick with her very skillful tongue, I wanted this to go on forever, but I was already close to blowing my load. I kind of had a feeling she knew that. She stops blowing me, gets up and straddles my dick, and slowly, my dick disappears into my mother. I can feel her surprisingly tight pussy around my dick, this was the best feeling in the whole wide world. Her pussy muscles started to get used my dick in there, and so did my mom, the look on her face was pure satisfaction and joy. She sinks all the way down to the base of my dick, and slowly starts to move up and down, she slowly fucks me. I wanted to just take charge and fuck the daylights out of her, but I was overcome with joy with the fact I am finally fucking my mom. My mom looks at me, leans down plants a big kiss, and tells me to fuck her has hard as I can. So I sit up, grab her and in one fluid motion, I put her on her back. I start fucking her as hard as I can, her pussy muscles start to tighten even more, as she tells me she is about to climax, I am also about too as well. As she hits her orgasm, I start pumping my cum into her, I must have cum for so long, I did not stop cumming for at least 5 minutes. I collapse on top of her, and we both fall to sl**p, my dick deflating inside my mom. I wake up about 3 hours later, to my mom giving me a fantastic blow job. After she is done, she asks me how did I like desert, I say that it was the best ever and can I have seconds? Well her response was to climb on top of my face and almost suffocate me.

The first time was the most magical of all the times to follow, but I still cherished every time me and my mom would fuck. Our relationship went on only in the house. Inside the house , we were basically like a newlywed couple, fucking every chance we got, also we stopped wearing clothes al together, but we kept a robe by the front door just in case. This went on for about two years until my 18th birthday, when my mother presented me with a most fantastic gift.

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Thanks for sharing the lovely story, look forward to reading the next part!
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fucking hell
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OMG!!!!! so horny.
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It is a very lovely and beautiful lovestory, between a mother and her son.
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Very hot stuff!
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this is sexy as hell