A Trip to Canada part 2

A trip to Canada part 2

We get back to the hotel room after a long day of shopping in Canada, and within seconds of the door closing, me and my mom were making out and taking our clothes off. I pick her up and take her to the bed, she lays does, stares at me with the beautiful blue eyes and once again guides me in to her sopping wet pussy. This maybe just the 5th time we have ever fucked, but it still feels as good every single time. The feeling of having sex with ones mother is amazing. She pulls me close, whispers in my ear and tells me to get on my back. In one swell swoop, I put my hands around her, and flipped both of us. I am not on my back, and my mother was riding me. Her amazing motherly full tits were hanging in my face; I was going back and forth from sucking and kissing each nipple. She then stands up, and sits back on my cock, and she was riding me harder than before, and every time she worked her amazing big ass on my cock; she was forming the sexy dimples right above her ass. Within seconds my mom yells out that she is cuming, and for I don’t know how many times today, I empty out my balls, in to my mom again. With my cock sliding out of her with a pop as it comes out of her, she collapses on top of me, and we both pass out. I wake up to my cock in my mother’s mouth, when she sees me awake, she stops, gives the head a nice when sloppy kiss. While I was asl**p she tells me that my Aunt is coming soon and to go get her from the lobby, she also tells me she needs to get everything ready. So I get up find a shirt and a pair of shorts to put on. I don’t even bother with underwear, because I am sure they wouldn’t even be on for much longer.
I ride the elevator down, and it’s been a while since I have seen my aunt. When I step into the lobby, I see walking through the door; I am amazed about how hot she looks. She is wearing a extremely tight red dress, that left nothing to the imagination. She has a tight ass that I am sure had many guys look at her as she walked down the street. The ass looked like it was trying to break out of the dress. The same went for the tits. The very very perky, and she was already excited .As she walks towards me and can feel my heart beat as I get excited for the night to come, I hug her and act as if is everything is normal, as we end our embrace, she looks at me and plunges her tongue down into my mouth, while be make-out in the lobby to the elevator, she sticks her hand down my shorts, does a quick fondle of my semi-hard dick and whispers into my ear, “your mom wasn’t lying”. We make out some more as we wait for the elevator , we step in the elevator, and as soon as the door closes, my hands goes to her tight ass, she lift her dress up just above the waist, opens up my fly and sticks my dick inside her tight tight pussy. (she never had k**s). We hear the beep of out floor arriving, she starts to step away, but I stop her and lift her up and she gets the cue and wraps her legs around me. I already had the room key in my hand, I open the door and walk right to the bed where we finish our fuck session, as just I had with my mom, I shoot my seed into her womb.
Later that evening, after a nice energy building meal. My mom asks me a simple question, are you ready for the best night of your life, I couldn’t even get a word out when she told me to go to the bedroom where my Aunt was waiting, and she also tells me that she will be there in a few minutes. I walk into the bedroom and my aunt is standing there completely naked. Her tits were amazing and so was her ass, I couldn’t stop staring, just like before she come towards me and sticks her tongue down my mouth and I push her down onto the bed, my cock goes right into her, and I am slowly fucking her, just making sure she enjoys this as much as I am. My mom walks through the door with a bag in her hand, puts that down and climbs up onto the bed and sits on her s****r’s face. So as I am fucking my aunt, and making out with my mom, she is sitting her s****r’s face and is getting eaten out, and in a gigantic orgasmic triangle, I cum into my aunts pussy, as she comes all over my cock as I find out the my mom is a squirter and squirts all over her face.
Later that night, more like early morning, after a break for all of us. We go at it again, this time I am on my back on the bed and my aunt is slowly riding me, this fuck session is amazing, while she is grinding her pussy on my cock, my mom comes in again wearing a strap-on. She stands on the bed and makes her s****r suck on the plastic cock, gets in all lubed up with her spit, gets on the bed. She pushes on my aunts back and f***es her down closer to me, and plunged the plastic cock into her s****r’s ass. My aunt lets out a little welp of pain, put the pain welp turns into very loud moaning, I didn’t want to her to get to loud, so I put my arms around her back, bring her to me and our tongues start doing battle. I pick up the pace of my fucking, me and my mom getting into a rhythm, as I went out of the pussy; she went into the ass of her s****r. I can feel my cum start to boil and I just harder than I have all night, my aunt screams as another orgasm hits her. She collapses on top of my, my mom pulls out of her ass, sticks into her mouth makes her clean it off. My mom then takes off the strap-on and joins me and my aunt in the bed, she pulls covers over all three of us as we all drift into a i****tuous c***. I wake up to an amazing feeling, I look down and my mom and her s****r’s tongues are doing battle over the head of my cock, my aunt tells me the she as to go to work, but she wants one last fuck, so she sits on my cock, my mom this time sits on my face. So as I eat her out, she makes out with s****r, as my aunt rides, me. A few minutes later I grab her hips, and f***e her down on top of me as far as I could stick my dick inside of her and I cum as much I could into her.
She gets up, puts on a much more conservative work outfit, kisses me and my mom one more time and walks out the door. Saying she had amazing night of her life, as the door closes, I see some of my come is dripping down her leg. My mom looks at me and starts to clean my cock off. She recommends we go take a shower. We step into the shower and we lather each other up and start to make out, as the warm water rinses the soap off. We get out of the shower and put actual clothes on for the first time since the we got back from shopping yesterday. We pack up, go to the front desk and check out of the hotel. We exit the hotel as a couple, holding hands as we go down to the ferry dock. The ferry ride was nice, I slept most of it. We eventually get home, and to our surprise my dad wasn’t home yet, so as the door closes, our clothes come off, and we make love on the her bed. The phone rings and its my dad, my mom talks to him as she tell directs me to fuck her ass. I enter ass, she makes a noise on the phone, but she plays it off. My dad tells her that he will be a few days more in Cali. She hangs up, and tells me the good news. So from the moment she hangs up the phone till my dad pulls into the drive way, we spend all that time together. Every hole she has been filled multiple times. My dad asks our week was and without missing a beat, my mom goes it was fucking great, and winks at me as I go down stairs to play some video games.
I hope you enjoyed this.

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