A Trip to Canada can be a wonderful thing; especia

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A Trip To Canada Can Be A Wonderful Thing

I guess I should introduce myself my name is James. The other important
person in this story is of course my mom and her name
is Elizabeth. She has huge tits at 34F and a wonderful
large ass. We aren't the smallest of people in more
ways than one. This is my story of how far a mother and
son relationship can go. Well than one with the story.

Every year my Dad goes to California to spend Memorial
Day weekend with his mother. Also to run a 6 mile race.
That was never a problem for me or my mom. My mom and I
spend this time just relaxing, which usually include
going to see a movie. Well this year we decided to go
up to Canada for the weekend. Since this was Memorial
Day weekend, we called ahead for a reservation for this
nice hotel on the bay.

So we get on the ferry and eventually get though
customs. After an hour we finally get to the hotel. We
go up to the front desk and start getting are room
figured out when the clerk tells us that we have a
room, but it's not the kind we expected. It was a small
suite, the bed was small, and everything was small. It
did have a kitchen though.

Well we get to the room and it's actually really late.
We go to check out the bed and it only fits one. So
being a teenager and didn't mind sl**ping on the couch,
but the couch was tiny. I couldn't even stretch out.
Well after a couple of hours I and my mom go to bed. So
I'm trying to get comfortable on the piece of shit
couch and my mom walks out in this night gown, that
even though it really big, I can still see her huge

She tells me to come and sl**p with her in the bed. We
argue, but I eventually. I say I will be right in.

It was a small bed, because it was such a cheap room.
So the only way for both me and my mom to fit is we
both have to lie on are sides. Now I never did like
sl**ping on my back so it wasn't a problem. When I
finally get in to bed where my beautiful mother was,
she was already asl**p. She was lying on her right
side, so I climb into bed and turnover to my right
side, another thing about this bed being so small we
had to get close.

So as I get right up to my mom's back, I feel something
move and it's my shorts because I cock is getting to
get so hard being so close to the woman's ass, I have
loved and fantasized over for so many years. So now my
rock hard cock is pushing into my mom's ass. She
doesn't seem to notice, but I can't sl**p because I
have so many thoughts going in my mind. Everything
seems to going well until my dick twitches and so does
my mom.

I can't do anything because I could make things worse.
My only thought right now is to get up and leave, but I
can't do that either. So all of the sudden I see my
mom's hand move and I thought she was going to hit me,
but instead her hand moves down to my cock buried in
her night gown covered ass and starts to stroke it. I
get so confused at this point because it doesn't seem
to bother my mom, but only makes her excited.

So my mom is stroking my dick and I have no idea what
to do except on thing. I reach over her and start
fondling her lovely motherly big tits. So this goes on
for about another 10 minutes before anything happens
again. So she stops stroking my cock, so I immediately
stop fondling her tits. To my surprise my mom turns
over and faces me.

So I stare deeply into her beautiful moonlight blues
eyes. What she does next catches me by surprise she
sits up and takes off her night gown. Then lays back
down. She completely now, naked except for her
wonderful pink panties. Now she slips both hands down
my pants and plays with my rock solid cock. So I move
my head forward and start kissing those wonderful
lovely motherly big tits. I kiss each wonderful breast
for what for felt like 10 minutes. I start slowly
moving up my mom's neck still kissing her until I reach
her lips.

We start the most wonderful kiss that I have ever
experienced. Her tongue goes in to my mouth then mine
into hers. I reach down and get the biggest handful of
her big wonderful ass and grab. My hands move up and
down her ass feeling every last inch of it. I feel
every curve of that wonderful big ass .This kiss and
fondling lasts for the better part of an hour. To my
amazement I still haven't cummed into her hands from
all of the playing she has been doing. All of the
sudden she pulls back her head and takes her hands out
of my pants to utter two words. "I'm Ready".

So I roll out of the bed practically rip my clothes
off. I pull the covers off of my wonderful mom. In the
process of pulling off the covers just opens the
curtains and lets in just a sliver of silver moonlight.
I look at my beautiful mother one last time as my mom.
I move up to her from the end of the bed and reach to
her waist and grab her panties and rip them off. After
that she opens her legs as far as she can to give me
access. I start to climb back on to the bed until I'm
in the right position and I slowly lower my self so I'm
resting myself on top of my mom. She reaches down and
guides my waiting cock into her pussy.

This is the best feeling I have ever felt. Her pussy is
so warm and wet. I'm surprised that I didn't cum when I
entered her pussy. I push my cock all of the way in as
far it could go. She tells me to go slow. I start
humping as slowly and as loving as I could. I lower her
head start kissing her; this kiss is wet and sloppier
than previous one.

She yells out, "FUCK ME HONEY, FUCK ME!"

I start going at. I last for about another minute or
two before I feel like I'm going to cum. I groan, "I'm
going to cum mom!"

FASTER!" she yells.

Within seconds of each other we cum. I unload gallons
and gallons of cum in to her womb. The same womb I came
out 17 years ago. My mom is shaking violently as I
collapse onto her. My cock is spurting what is left of
my cum in to my mom as I fall asl**p onto her and use
those tits as pillow.


I wake up alone and crawl of bed, my head spinning. I
get dressed, but don't put my underwear on. As I leave
the small room where the bed is there she is my mom, my
lover. She's still naked and I can't stop looking at
her ass. She turns to face me and walks over to me and
gets on her knees, pulls out my cock and swallows it.
This is an amazing feeling as my cocks goes all the way
down her throat. I could stay like this for hours until
she starts whipping her tongue around the head of my
cock I almost immediately exploded. She swallows all,
but a few drops of my cum. The rest drops on to her
tits. She gets up and tells me there is one last hole
for me to cum in, but that will have to wait till

She tells me that we are going out has a couple and not
as mother and son. So get dressed. We do act as a
couple as we go through Canada, but only around people
who didn't see us as mother and son. This day was
great. We acted has a newly wedded couple. She tells me
that before I woke up; she had called her s****r and
told her all about what happened between us. I thought
my aunt would have been disgusted, but she wanted to
come over and spend the night with me and my mom. But
that's another story…

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2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Part 2 pls!
2 years ago
Good story part 2 please
2 years ago
loved it,realy hot,looks forward to more,dont leave us hanging to long now
2 years ago
Mmmmmm....Good stuff!