The funny thing about unemployment is not only do you get paid to sit on your ass and play with yourself all day, but you get to spend a lot of time reflecting on life. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, but rather reflecting on how I got where I am today and the fact that I'm still living at home...with mommy.

We really do have a great relationship, not only as mother and son, but also as lovers. Much of it has to with our over active sex drives, and our deep love for one another. When it began it was more about lust and pent-up sexual tension than anything else, but it truly evolved into something more.

Samantha, my mom, is a great person. She has a huge heart, and a strong will, but just don't cross her. Me? Well, my name is Danny, and I am not much to talk about. I am fairly average, or slightly above it in certain areas, and I turn heads from time to time. You may not believe this, but my mom is the only woman I have had in my life, sexually as well as intimately. When I speak of intimacy, there are different aspects to it. To me intimacy is something two people can share, but for them to do so, they need to be more than friends, which in our case means more than mother and son. We are that, and we are anything but ashamed of it.

I am sure you're thinking we're some redneck couple living in an area where i****t runs wild. That couldn't be further from the truth. Here on the east coast, the naughtiest or most taboo thing you may hear about is some teacher fucking one of her students. Beyond that i****t if at all practiced is never mentioned, nor known to happen in this area. So it's kind of funny it takes place in our home.

Our home is a respectable two bedroom condo. One bedroom we sl**p in and the other is filled with just about every sex toy you can imagine. Mom and I are as sexual as any porn stars you have fantasized about. Some people knit, some people play instruments, we fuck with just about anything and in any way. That is our thing, and short of death, we have no plans to stop.

But like I was saying, I have so much time on my hands while Mom is at work, so between looking for a new job, and exercising, I have been spending a lot of time reading stories on Literotica, and watching movies on Redtube amongst other sites. While doing so, I stumbled across someone offering a free clip of "Taboo," which is by far my favorite adult movie of all time (it should be obvious why that is). It brought me back to how it all began between my mother and I. It all got started by a choice, a choice that I made, and never regretted.


Depending on how you look at it, it started when I was about twelve years old. Now don't freak out, nothing happened between the two of us until I turned eighteen. I didn't plan it, it just happened at that point in my life. If I had any say in the matter I would have done it much sooner, or rather let it happen sooner. You will understand what I mean as the story progresses.

Back to when I was twelve. Mom wasn't physically the same woman as today. Since then she has lost a ton of weight, quit drinking, and cleaned up her act. It was her drinking that I am convinced let her be careless, not just in her mannerisms, but in her lack of discretion. The fact is my mom is very much a screamer during sex, especially when she is getting it in the rear. The ironic part is that she isn't screaming in pain, but rather just the opposite, her screams are sounds of pure ecstasy that she feels when she is getting it good in the pooper.

I couldn't tell you how many times I heard her from the next room screaming at the top of her lungs. There were times that I actually knocked on the door to make sure everything was alright, which usually resulted in her yelling at me to go to bed and mind my own business.

Thinking about it now, if I knew then what I know now, I would probably have walked in and reamed her a new one about how she is a fucked up mother yelling at me for checking on her, while she is the one screaming from sexual enjoyment, loud enough for her only son to hear, and she fully knows it. Our walls are so thin you can hear just about everything; we might as well have been living in a paper house. Still, I loved her just the same. Along with all the bad shit there were good times as well, and sometimes better times. Like during the time we had only one TV in the house, which was kept in Mom's bedroom. As a result of having one TV there were times I would be in the room playing my video games while she was in bed. In fact, there was at least two times, if not more, where mom had her boyfriend of the month going to bed with her. One time in particular I remember clear as day. Now I understand what I was seeing, but at the time I honestly had no clue. Here, let me bring you back many years.

Picture it, bed against the wall facing the TV, me sitting on the floor without a care in the world playing my video. While focusing on the task at hand I had no idea what was going on behind me, until I looked in the mirror which was right behind the TV (knowing what I know now of my mother, I realize why she had it there). While playing away, I would at times just catch glimpses of my mother. I couldn't tell you why, I doubt it was for sexual reasons, but you just need to understand it's something I did. During one of those times my mother, for whatever reason, went down on her man (under the covers) while as I was playing the game. At the time I really had no idea what was going on, but like a train wreck I couldn't take my eyes off it. In fact, I didn't stop watching till my mom finally came out from under the covers, and wiped her mouth. This was also shortly after I witnessed the guy who was with her shaking and letting out what looked like his last breath. So without any clue to what was actually occurring before my eyes, I can only speculate what I was thinking then, since it was a very long time ago. My guess was he was in some sort of pain that Mom was inspecting and she helped relieve somehow, because at some point he started to shake and eventually let out a deep breath, and shortly after Mom pulled her head out and wiped the corner of her mouth.

Jumping ahead a year or more later, I came to realize what actually occurred before my very eyes. That was just one of many things that began to take me on the path to the life I was destined for.


Since then days, months, and years came and went, but not much changed other than my knowledge of sex. Well, not hands-on knowledge, but if you are persistent, there is a lot of information out there, and I was eating it all up. However, not much changed with my mom, who was still the alcoholic mother that I had come to know and love. It's the alcohol, and the movie "Bambi" that led me to the next major phase in my life--my first BJ.

My mom was in one of her moods, not really angry, but more of just feeling worthless, and that the world is out to get her. Hating to see her like this I asked if she would like to watch "Bambi," one of her favorite movies. Apparently she did because she gave me a huge smile, followed by a hug, and quickly ran to get popcorn and Coke for me, and a Jack-and-Coke for her. During the movie, I was bored out of my mind. If it wasn't for my mother lying with her head resting on my leg (I was wearing a pair of shorts at the time), I probably would have gotten up and left a while ago. Maybe I am a pervert, or just like every other k**, but something feels so good having your mother's cheek pressed against your bare leg.

During the movie I begin to zone out, and thoughts of my mother roam through my brain. Pictures of her sl**ping under the covers with me as I lie sl**ping, taking my morning hard-on and waking me up with a BJ, slowly bringing me to the brink, but to stop so suddenly and leaving me gyrating begging for release. Other thoughts of finding her home d***k and passed out on the floor wearing a robe with nothing underneath, taking advantage of the situation and tasting the sweet juices that she has shared with so many, but never with me.

It's these pathetic thoughts that are usually my downfall. With the combination of my mother being so close, feeling the touch of skin on skin, I begin to feel the change in my cock. Ever so slowly filling with bl**d causing it to push further and further down my shorts, just nudging against the back of her head pleading for room to expand and expose itself to the open air.

As if reading my mind, or rather my cock's mind, my mother lifts her head slightly and just long enough to give my cock room to expand further down my leg. Then as quickly as she lifted she resumes her position on me, but instead of skin on skin, it's now her cheek resting against my cock. Even at the ripe age of 18 I still get hard as easy as the gentle wind blowing just right as if I was 12 again.

Ignoring the movie completely, I become quite lost in the feeling that my mother is now resting her head on my cock, the very cock that lies beneath her, and with it leaks the juices summoning her, hoping to wake her senses, those sexual senses that I not only assume but know she has. For no woman could be that sexual, and not feel that sexual attraction, tension, or in this case the smell that a cock puts out when it needs the attention it so desperately aches for. It is moments like these that I see my cock as its own living part of my body; a part that has its own brain, needs and wants, and whenever it wants to take away all reason from the larger brain.

Becoming so lost in the feeling I don't even realize that not only was I right about my thoughts about my mother's senses, but they also began to take action. As if some sort of clarity has come through the clouds I begin to notice an extra wetness, a gentle touch but just barely at the tip of my cock. Trying to figure out if this is fantasy or reality I widen my eyes to get a better view of what lays before me; looking down I come to notice that my mother while obviously asl**p is also extending her tongue, and just barely making contact with my cock head and the pre-cum it is slowly disposing on my leg.

"Mmmm..." I hear from my mother when she turns her head facing my leg and cock, and begins to place gentle kisses with suction on my cock. While doing so she switches between that and licking up pre-cum as it's being disposed by the flesh that resides between my legs but at this very moment pressed against my right leg restricted by the shorts.

"Mmmmm," hearing the sounds of pure enjoyment from my mother I reach down and begin to pull the leg of my shorts further up exposing more of my flesh that she so desperately is hungry for. Taking in what is given to her at that moment she begins to trail kisses down to the base where it all started for the two of us.

***Taking Initiative***

With no help from me, Mother repositions her body in such a way that her head is once again laying on my leg, but this time her mouth is making direct contact to the pee hole of my cock. Without any movement from me, I begin to feel my mother pushing her head forward enveloping the shaft inch by inch sliding further and further into her mouth, past her throat till the only resistance she faces is her lips pressed firmly against my pubes. It's at this moment I begin to feel her make what I can best describe as a feeling of someone swallowing as they are trying to get that last piece of food down their throat.

With this being my mother, my first BJ, and on top of it she is deep throating me just was too much for me. I begin to unload one of the biggest orgasms I ever experienced. The results was seeing for several seconds but felt more like minutes of these small flashing lights: more like stars. Not having the ability to move or even stop what is happening to me I lay my head back and make the loudest hardest groan I could have ever made.

Somewhere between getting sucked off by my mother and coming I begin to notice that while I no longer feel the need to cum, I also no longer feel her swallowing. Looking down I see my mother's eyes with tears flowing from them, and this look of anguish on her face. Not only that, I look over to my right and find obvious movement coming from her crotch which at some point during this whole event she had her hand down her pants.

***Thanks to alcohol***

I would like to say that after that moment that she realized she was sucking on my cock that we ended up in a night of kinky sex; in fact that couldn't be farther from the truth. In the end after she started bawling we went from arguing, to accusations, to hugs, to God knows how many apologies, to the point we went to our separate rooms and cried ourselves to sl**p: her for actually sucking my cock and for me to finally get so close to what I wanted for so long to have it taken right from me and on top of it letting it happen and possibly fucking up my relationship with my mother.

The following days there was very little contact as well as conversation between us. Maybe a quick "hi" here and there, and the typical "your dinner is ready," but other than that we have been avoiding one another, well actually she has been avoiding me. To make matters worse her drinking went into overdrive; I think she has been spending the better half of her paycheck on vodka and bourbon.

Several weeks after the incident, school ended and an unknown future stretched out before me. Not the kind of future most k**s would even consider, then again I am not like most k**s. Still mother remains distant and d***k, in fact she had to call in sick many times at work due to hangovers and in my opinion depression as well. I was really growing concerned. I want her sexually, but I still want my mother and I really don't want her to let her life as well as her career fall apart over this. If I had a choice of sex with her, or her keeping her sanity, I love her enough to choose the sanity.

Several days later I was in my room, it was around 9:00 P.M., and my mother was d***k, as usual. How do I know this? Well while I was playing Halo I saw her stumbling to her room, mumbling to me, "Eeeehh, goodnight I am going to bed."

"Goodnight mom. Hope you feel better later."

"Don't worry honey; mommy knows what she needs tonight."


That damn door is so light, if you aren't careful it slams so easily. Anyway, focusing on my game, and kicking ass like usual time begins to slip away to the point that I notice it's around 10:30, and seems like it was only moments ago that my mom was heading to bed. As I was playing I heard a bang, and then shortly after a constant noise, sort of something vibrating. Not thinking much of it, or for the most part not really caring, I continue with the game. But as I am playing I can't help but feel this slight vibration on the floor, and that vibrating noise that remains constant. I finally get frustrated enough that I begin to listen and walk barefoot on the floor feeling and listening for the source.

I take a peek around the corner of my room, noticing there is a slight dim light underneath my mom's door, no light at all from the stairway, and it seems the noise is getting slightly louder, and coming from her room. I begin to tip toe to her room, and very carefully get down on my hands and knees and try to see anything; unfortunately all I can see is the light coming from inside her room, and not much else. I make a slight rap to the door; wait a few moments and no response. I go from a rap to a knock and little louder, and still no response. So between annoyance of this noise disturbing my game, and my curiosity getting the best of me I try to open the door. As I am turning the knob slightly, I surprisingly find it unlocked and begin to slightly open the door peeking in a little at a time to the point I notice my dad's desk, empty, and no one on that side of the room. Expecting my mom to be on the other side I slowly creep to take a peek, and get a visual of something I have dreamed of for so long, but never thought in my wildest dreams would ever see. Not only did I find the cause of the noise, I found something so much better.

The cause of the disruption was this weird contraption that I'd never seen before in my life. It was white for the most part, with some blue on it, Sort of looked like a very large microphone, and on the side of it after I got closer was the word: Hitachi. What I can best describe as a microphone which was the source of the noise: vibrations that is. Examining the device, naturally I think one might use it as a back massager, but something tells me that isn't what it was being used for based on what else I saw in the room or, more specifically, on the bed.

As I begin to bend down to pick up this contraption with the intention of turning it off, I can't seem to peel my eyes off what lays, well not exactly lays before me, but rather kneels before me, sort of. Now this might get kind of confusing, but let me say this before I try to explain what caught my undivided attention. I had my suspicions in the past that my mother was into anal and kinky shit due to stuff I found in her private drawers from my snooping days, but I never had solid proof till now. Before me on the bed was indeed my mother, but in a position that I have fantasized about time and time again; my mother was in sort of a "downward dog" position for those that know yoga. The right side of her face is on the pillow, back arched pushing her luscious breasts on the bed, and her ass high up in the air. But what really sticks out (no pun intended) is this bright red dildo with a black end to it, sticking out of not her pussy, but her ass. YES, HER FUCKING ASS.

Look I might be 18, and not experienced with sex, but thanks to free porn sites I have seen my share of movies. Now besides a good cock, I have seen girls use what is known as butt plugs, but a dildo, I don't know why but never crossed my mind for a girl to use that. Apparently it did cross my mother's mind, for indeed being that there is no one else in the room, and I never saw anyone go in, she must have put it in. Not only that but her juices are basically dripping off her pussy, and on top of that, she is completely passed out, but that is no surprise to me being that how much she has been drinking since the incident.

Now my love for my mom says just turn off this contraption on the floor, close the door, and leave everything else how I found it so she has no clue I was in there. Then there is the little guy, that says, "DUDE...seriously what are the odds of you getting another chance like this? Not only with your mom, but in general." I have to say, my dick had a point. Let's be honest, if you're a young guy, mom or no mom, and you find her sl**ping with a dildo sticking out her ass, are you really going to pass that up? I am not. Yeah, I know, I sound mature for my age; don't let my grades fool you, I am just lazy, BUT I am very intelligent as well as very horny too.

Examining the situation and the opportunity here, and thinking about all the movies I watch, I am debating how I should approach this. I finally decide for whatever reason to begin to rub her clit, but gently. I have no intention of waking her up; that would be bad, probably even worse than when she woke up after swallowing my load.

I begin to feel (not look but feel) around her pussy around the area where I believe the clit to be, and finally find something sort of sticking out, and slightly firm. Thinking I found what I was looking for I being to play with it, but gently. A little press here, a rub there, and a little squeeze using the insides of my fore and middle finger. As I am doing this I hear my mother start to murmur and her pussy begins to open up like a flower, and juices, more juices for that matter, begin to appear. While I am working her clit I reach over with my other hand to grasp the dildo that is sticking out of her ass, and begin to spin it using the black cap, but much to my surprise the dildo doesn't move, just the black cap, and all of a sudden a vibrating noise begins to develop, and shortly after that my mother really starts to moan. Turns out this contraption that is in her ass is not only a dildo but also doubles as a vibrator. So instead of interfering with what clearly is working for her, I continue with my ministrations of her clit, and let the vibrator/dildo do its job in her ass, while listening her moan louder and louder.

As I am having my fun the urge to play with my cock becomes almost overwhelming. It eventually gets to the point that I just can't ignore it; so using my free hand I begin to slide down my PJs, and with little effort expose my cock to the air in the room. As I am sliding my hands slowly up and down using a combination of my mother's juices and my pre-cum, I begin not only lubing my cock but cause a nice natural feel to my stroking.

***Forbidden Zone***

So here I am stroking my cock, playing with my mom's clit, and on top of it, never ever had sex before. Now if you were me what would you do in my situation? Seriously, could you do it knowing how she acted before just from a BJ, I can't help but wonder if she would be suicidal if she realized her son fucked her. As I am thinking these things, playing with her clit, and jerking my cock, I notice the dildo begins to slide slowly but almost at a steady pace out of her ass to the point I hear a pop and the vibrator/dildo lands on the bed with some slight brown stuff on it, and still working on the bed. I stop what I am doing completely, turn it off, wipe it down with some tissues, dispose of them and place the toy on the counter.

After doing so I take another look at my mom's ass, and notice one of the most gapping holes I have ever seen; well based on what I've seen in movies. It was almost hypnotizing. Looking at this beautiful hole of my mom's all I can hear in my head is: "PUT IT IN! PUT IT IN! PUT IT IN BEFORE IT CLOSES! NOW!" Without even realizing it, I begin to stand slightly and bend my cock just at the right angle and enter my mom's ass with very little effort as well as resistance. I begin to push more and more of my cock in her till I am pubes to ass, and just stop and absorb the moment.

At some point I lose all sense of reality, what is right versus what is wrong, and just go with the moment. Grabbing my mother by the hips I begin to slam not thrust but slam my mother's ass like she is some kind of meat. I begin to feel this sudden range of anger for her behavior since the incident, and let it all out on her. At some point I begin to scream,

"Take that you whore, that's it take it."


"Giving you what the whore of the house needs."


As she is screaming at me and pleading with me to stop, I just begin to really lose it, I reach over with my right hand, take a handful of hair, twist it a couple of times, and pull with all my might pulling her head as far back as it will allow.

"AAAaaaaaa Danny you are hurting me!"

"Take it you fucking whore....take this up your fucking shithole...fucking take it!"

I then begin to lean over just slightly and wrap my free hand around her waist and begin rubbing her clit as hard as I can.

"Ohhhhh Danny please stop...please stooooo..."

"Please what you whore?"


"Please what mother, or should I say whore?"


She begins to shake like she just put her finger in an electric socket, and out comes this scream that I heard so many times before but from a closed door while I was in my room. It's that sound that I now come to realize only comes from a woman when she is getting it so good. What a way to lose your virginity. Not only am I losing it to my mother, but I truly lost it not in her pussy, but in her ass.

She finally stops shaking, even though I continue to pump her ass, and I haven't even cum yet; probably has to do with me jerking off at least three times a day. At some point, she turns her head, looks at me with these pleading eyes and says, "Honey, please, PLEASE stop, and pull it out." It's at that point I finally see my mother, the mother that I known and love for all those years, so it's that love that helps me respect her wishes, and I slowly pull out of her ass, leaving that gaping hole, but from what I can tell it is now a little bit wider, and much redder.

After pulling out I sit on my knees, she turns around, and goes to town on my cock, using her mouth cleaning my cock of any remnants of what I may picked up fucking her in the ass. Sucking and moaning, slurping, and licking, and feeling that suction feeling once again.

Several minutes later I finally cum, down my mother's throat again for the second time, but thanks to Mom there is no evidence of it, unless you do a biopsy of her stomach.

Exhausted, I fall across the bed, with my mother quickly moving up to cuddle with me wrapping her arms around me. As we are snuggling and coming to after our intense orgasms, she looks up at me and says, "I love you."

***3rd hole is a charm***

After catching our breath and just staring into each others eyes we begin to talk. She confides to me that while what she did before when we saw the movie was just a result of her instincts kicking in when she has a cock in front of her face, with alcohol in her system, she actually enjoyed it that much more knowing it was her boy that she pleased. The reason for her tears was that she not only felt guilty for what she had done, but that I would think less of her, for losing me would just break her heart.

When she was done telling me about this, I informed her that I enjoyed every minute of it, and I could never ever leave her, for even with all the shit in our lives, we were always there for each other, to leave the one person that loves me for me, would be the biggest mistake I could ever make.

We might have spent hours or only minutes talking; I really have no idea for time didn't matter right then, but we finally got on the topic if this was my first time. I admitted to my mother it was, but I still feel like I am a virgin. This resulted in a laugh from her and asking what I meant by that. I began to tell her while I loved the BJ and the anal sex, I always thought you're truly not a virgin till you fucked a pussy or/and a pussy gets fucked by a cock. At least that is how I see it. Let's just say she smiled, got that devious look in her eye, and I'm willing to bet anyone who is reading this can pretty much figure out what happens next. But I'll leave that up to you figure out. Let's just say, before we finally fell asl**p in each others arm, I no longer consider my self part of the virgin community.
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1 year ago
"Bambi": Samantha (mother) and Danny (son) have a contentious mother and son life under the same roof. My first question of Danny, the self-righteous cum-slut of a deadbeat blood-sucker, is when was the last time he made a good faith effort with his mother to find out her opinion of her own debasement of her life, why is she killing herself with her overdosing on alcohol (and possibly on the verge of losing her job)!!! Any son worth a grain of salt having any feelings, caring or respect for the woman that gave him life would make EVERY effort to salvage her life, her lifestyle and redeem her love!!

His talk is fucking bigger than his bite; he's all talk and bullshit--he's just pounding sand up everyone's ass!!! I'm not a fan of bondage, especially if one is not willing participants, but I would bound my mother, take her to work and pick her up after work, to make damned sure she kicks the bottle! Not especially difficult for one that is living free on the government dole!

She knows she has a problem and is aware that her son does have some level of love for her, maybe not on a sexual level, but she knows there is a love connection to some degree. She just might be a willing participant to alcohol recovery, but Danny will never know since he doesn't give a crap!

The story does detail her gutter, slutty whoring existence in depth; obviously it's not an admirable existence!! Danny would not have to make much effort in aiding his mother to recover to show his kindness caring, total love for her as a person first, a mother second and eventually as a lover!
2 years ago
One tough Momma! However, if it brings Mother and Son together--a united family is always worth the climb regardless of the pathway--the uniting of the participants is always worthy!

The story is somewhat hard to follow, however, all things considered it is a good read with a lurid, contentious theme.
4 years ago
This comment is for Sexysonof...

Dude, if you really think that story is too long then you have a really short attention span for if you read the stories on Literotica, some of the best stories are a hell of a lot longer than mine. Look for Barondesade: his stuff is fucking awesome.
4 years ago
and your comment was right, your Mommy is a whore!
4 years ago
You are a sick little puppy and your story was far too long, almost lost interest halfway through...
4 years ago
Mmmmmmmmm, you lucky boy
4 years ago
excellent hope there is more